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This group exists to support the development of the 1001 Books List Virtual Book Box in Australia, for Australian BookCrossers. It is indebted to the broader Oz VBB Group - after which it is modelled (in a general sense).

Group guidelines:
* Books suitable for exchange in this VBB will be any book listed in the first 3 editions of the '1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die' book
* Members must be registered with BookCrossing and resident within Australia
* This VBB will run every 8 weeks (even months), with Round 6 to commence in August 2013
* Members are not required to read the books they have selected by the following round. Members are encouraged however to return books they have selected back to the VBB in later rounds so that other members may have the opportunity to read as many books as possible from the list
* Please respond to all PMs or emails within 5 days and post all books owing within 2 weeks
* Newbies will be added at the beginning of each round, at the end of the existing participant list.
* Newbies will be asked to commit 2 'seed' books to the box at the beginning of their involvement. Any books subsequently exchanged will be in addition to these books.

From the fifth round, new rules will apply:
*Books remaining unselected after five rounds should be replaced by members and will be removed from the active circulation list. If the holder of the book wishes, they can continue to make the replaced book available to members via a 'Replaced' list.
*Members can ask to temporarily skip a round if required but they will still be required to leave their books in the pool for selection during their absence. Other members requesting books from the temporarily absent member should be aware that it may be a lengthy wait for their books until the member is back in circulation.
*Members who are departing the group permanently may do so without having to replace the exact number of books they have taken out of the pool. This is too difficult an issue to police given that some members contribute above their required quota of books. The moderator will leave it up to those members who are leaving the group permanently to consider whether they feel they have left the group with a balanced contribution, and adjust accordingly.

Instructions at your turn:
* Make your selection from the available books on the bookshelf (all books marked 'Available' are so, regardless of their round number.)
Our bookshelf is here: http://www.librarything.com/catalog/1001booksvbb_aus
*Post on the relevant discussion thread with the book/s you have selected and the book/s you will be replacing it with
* PM or email the book owners with your address and request they be sent to you
* I will then alert the next member that it is their turn to select a book.

Participant order of play (Round 10 - April 2014):
* running-gal (participating Round 10)
* dolphin-au(unconfirmed Round 10)
* crimson-tide (participating Round 10)
* Carole888 (unconfirmed Round 10)
* Davros-10 (unconfirmed Round 10)
* luckaye (participating Round 10)

* Please note - crimson-tide is travelling for a bit after round 10 and so there may be a delay in receiving books from her

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