Books and Mormons

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For LDS Thingamabrarians, those interested in Mormon Studies, or anyone with Mormon neighbors.

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Top Ten LDS Authors on LibraryThing10 ulæste / 10cmbohn, maj 2017
I'm new and an author too!3 ulæste / 3christineplouvier, april 2014
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Physical Quality of Greg Kofford books5 ulæste / 5cpg, marts 2013
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Popular Book of Mormon review here in LibraryThing6 ulæste / 6tanstaafl, juli 2011
A Chronological Reading List of Historical Pro- and Anti-LDS Literature - for Free!9 ulæste / 9jbfideidefensor, juni 2011
Did The Church Change, and if so how4 ulæste / 4lawecon, juni 2011
What's Everyone Reading in May 2011?7 ulæste / 7jbfideidefensor, maj 2011
Does Anyone here Blog? Post it here!7 ulæste / 7jbfideidefensor, maj 2011
A very short introduction3 ulæste / 3brewbooks, marts 2011
Available on E-book readers2 ulæste / 2tjsjohanna, februar 2011
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tag combination proposal1 ulæst / 1Katya0133, juli 2010
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What are you reading in June?9 ulæste / 9tjsjohanna, juli 2010
Being a Mormon Librarian?8 ulæste / 8BookFemme, juni 2010
What are you reading in May?13 ulæste / 13tjsjohanna, juni 2010
Biographies of the Prophets12 ulæste / 12cmbohn, februar 2010
Favorite LDS-related books: Fiction17 ulæste / 17yootawman, januar 2010
seminary2 ulæste / 2cmbohn, november 2009
Identifying Mormon authors14 ulæste / 14Spazzy_Jazzy, september 2009
Robert Farrell Smith and Obert Skye combined3 ulæste / 3cmbohn, juli 2009
Mormon author watch1 ulæst / 1Katya0133, maj 2009
My New LDS Novel1 ulæst / 1markbasker, april 2009
Short stories by LDS authors13 ulæste / 13cmbohn, februar 2009
What is your fave book/author?2 ulæste / 2Mud, januar 2009
Book of Mormon Study Aids6 ulæste / 6TheaMak, december 2008
Books and Mormons Message Board9 ulæste / 9TheaMak, november 2008
This group Does not seem to be doing much.5 ulæste / 5Katya0133, oktober 2008
Following the Light of Christ into His Presence by John M. Pontius2 ulæste / 2cmbohn, september 2008
Legacy Libraries2 ulæste / 2cmbohn, august 2008
Authorship of the Book of Mormon4 ulæste / 4cmbohn, juli 2008
Anyone have ward reading groups?5 ulæste / 5cmbohn, januar 2008
Favorite LDS-related books: Spiritual/doctrinal7 ulæste / 7tjsjohanna, januar 2008
i'll join1 ulæst / 1iwuvedward, oktober 2007
Lynn Gardner5 ulæste / 5cmbohn, oktober 2007
Scripture Study Helps3 ulæste / 3lacefairy, august 2007
Combining various editions of the BoM1 ulæst / 1Katya0133, maj 2007
Non-LDS Books That Confirm LDS Beliefs3 ulæste / 3sluggomatic, oktober 2006
Favorite LDS-related books: Historical/non-fiction3 ulæste / 3marvmax, oktober 2006
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