6 months + 56 Fiction Pulitzers left = a finished list

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Can the back of my Barnes & Noble calendar page marked Pulitzer Prize for fiction be highlighted before next year's 2012 calendar purchase?
# of total winners on Pulitzer Prize for Fiction list noted in B & N calendar: 83
# of winners read before knowing of list: 12
# of winners, read in 2011, now highlihted in orange:14
# of winners yet to read before 2012: 56
# of winners read not listed but a winner: 1 (Tinkers)

Can a working teacher find the time to read 56 books before the new year and "have a life"... I don't know, let's find out.

This is not so much about reviewing the book, but reviewing the process of trying to finish the list.
{Please note, also working on the Pulitzer Prizes for Autobiography list when needing a 'break' from fiction.}

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Ironweed1 ulæst / 1danielledefrank, juli 2011
The Keepers of the House by Shirley Ann Grau2 ulæste / 2danielledefrank, juli 2011
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