Once a Month Zombie Reads

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WARNING!! Just like Zombies appearing to be alive, this group's title may be misleading!

That's right we are not all about Zombies, We have many eclectic interests and are just trying to find some like minded folks to share them with. Now mind you, (wags a finger in your direction) one of our passions is finding a excellent apocalyptic tale featuring zombies of some form, but we read much much more! Some features we have are Reading Challenges, Book Journals, and General Discussions. Zombie Lovers Unite!!

Remember May is Zombie Awareness Month. Join in on the fun by posting your favorite Zombie books and Sites!! And don't forget to wear your Grey Ribbon!

Current Group Challenges:

Once a Month Zombie:
This challenge for those who would like to read at least one book a month that contains some form of zombies and post a review on the story to share with other Zombie lovers.
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A Book a Week:
This is a Challenge for those who have way too many books and needs a bit of motivation to read them. So this is it! Grab a book off your stack and reading! Any Genre Goes!
| How to Join the Challenge | List of Participants | Books Read in Challenge |

Book Journals

What is a personal book journal? This is ideal for those who don't want a time commitment of a challenge but still want to share the books they read with everyone in the group. Any and all Genres welcome.
| How to Create Your Own Book Journal | List of Ongoing Journals |

Interesting Group Threads:

New to Group? Introduce Yourself Here.
Zombies Online - Interesting Zombie Lore sites.
Zombies in Literature - Recommended Reading.

Useful Posts:

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Group Stats:

EmneEmneKommentarerSeneste Meddelelse 
titania86's Once a Month Zombie Reads17 ulæste / 17titania86, september 2013
The Last Day in the Life of Jillian1 ulæst / 1JulieCooperbrown, juni 2013
Zombies In Literature9 ulæste / 9tyler32, marts 2013
magnumpigg's once-in-a-while zombie read17 ulæste / 17magnumpigg, februar 2013
Becky's Once a Week (Or So) Book Log23 ulæste / 23BeckyJG, september 2012
Alone With The Dead2 ulæste / 2BeckyJG, juli 2012
Scout: Survive The Night. The Dead War Chapter 1 [Kindle Edition]1 ulæst / 1glciiii, januar 2012
Introductions: Come Say Hello!14 ulæste / 14leeemerick, oktober 2011
New favorite zombie book2 ulæste / 2BeckyJG, september 2011
September Zombies1 ulæst / 1titania86, september 2011
Zombies Online14 ulæste / 14BeckyJG, august 2011
Once a Month Zombie read: May6 ulæste / 6RudyP, juli 2011
Once A Month Zombie Challenge Index5 ulæste / 5BeckyJG, juli 2011
Appliquetion's Book Journal21 ulæste / 21Appliquetion, juni 2011
Elwood_Mom "I know I'm late updating it" Book Journal3 ulæste / 3Appliquetion, juni 2011
Personal Book Journal Index2 ulæste / 2Appliquetion, maj 2011
Appliquetion's A Book A Week Log8 ulæste / 8Appliquetion, maj 2011
What do you think? Zombies and Dogs.7 ulæste / 7Appliquetion, maj 2011
Appliquetion's Once a Month Zombie Reads1 ulæst / 1Appliquetion, maj 2011
May is Zombie Awareness Month!7 ulæste / 7Appliquetion, maj 2011
Book a Week Challenge Index2 ulæste / 2Appliquetion, maj 2011
Omg! End of the World May 21st, 2011 - Zombie Apocalypse!!!3 ulæste / 3Appliquetion, maj 2011
Creating a Personal Book Journal1 ulæst / 1Appliquetion, maj 2011
How to join a challenge1 ulæst / 1Appliquetion, maj 2011
How to do Fancy Things in Your Posts1 ulæst / 1Appliquetion, maj 2011
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