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Akashic Books is a Brooklyn-based independent company dedicated to publishing urban literary fiction and political nonfiction by authors who are either ignored by the mainstream, or who have no interest in working within the ever-consolidating ranks of the major corporate publishers.
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Alcove Press is published by Crooked Lane Books, and focuses on upmarket book club fiction that explores family, friendship, and community.

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All We Need Publishing is a publishing house that empowers people to live life to the full.

How do we do this? With top-quality books, written from real-life experience and expert knowledge, we equip readers to become more self-reliant.

We take you by the hand and help you do things like grow your own organic food, create gardens that regenerate themselves, and tap into the wealth of resources hidden “right in your own backyard.”

Our motivation is that you would make powerful, life-changing shifts, and you would know how to harness the power that’s all around you, as well as inside you!

We focus on topics like permaculture, gardening, homesteading, renewable energy, and all things related to sustainable, self-reliant living.

And what’s great is, we believe that anyone can take part.

Our motto is “we grow together,” and that’s our mission, too.

We have a strong team of writers and creators who are passionate and dedicated, and are all constantly growing in their knowledge so they can offer better help. Help that’s accessible to anyone, at any skill level, in any environment.

Everyone has a powerful part to play. Let’s make the world better. Let’s make each other better.

Let’s tap into the well of abundance and share it, and continue to help each other grow, so we can take our next steps toward the dream.

The simple life. The overflowing life. The life where we have all we need.

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Anaphora Literary Press was started as an academic press with the publication of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal (PLJ) in 2009. In the Winter of 2010, Anaphora began accepting book-length submissions. Anaphora has now published over 300 creative and non-fiction books.

Yermiyahu Ahron Taub’s novel Beloved Comrades won Second Place/Silver of the 2021 CIPA EVVY Award in the category of LGBTQ Fiction from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association. Bob Van Laerhoven’s short story collection, Heart Fever, became the Finalist for the 2018 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award. Jere Krakoff’s novel, Something is Rotten in Fettig, was a finalist in the 2016 Foreword Indies: Humor (Adult Fiction) competition. John Paul Jaramillo’s collection of short stories, The House of Order, received an honorable mention in Latino Literacy Now’s Mariposa Best First Fiction Book Award. Professors have used Anaphora’s books in their courses.

Most Anaphora writers schedule readings, and several have booked top venues like Barnes and Nobles, AWP, and major libraries. Stories about Anaphora’s books have been featured in newspapers and magazines (including reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal) and on major network broadcasts across the world (NPR/ Fox). PLJ and CCR have published interviews with best-selling and award-winning writers such as Geraldine Brooks and Larry Niven, as well as interviews with the winners of the Sundance and Brooklyn Film festivals. Anaphora has exhibited its titles at SIBA, ALA, SAMLA and many other international conventions.

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Baker Books has a vision for building up the body of Christ through books that are relevant, intelligent, and engaging. We publish titles for lay Christians on topics such as discipleship, apologetics, spirituality, relationships, marriage, parenting, and the intersection of Christianity and culture. We also publish books and ministry resources for pastors and church leaders, concentrating on topics such as preaching, worship, pastoral ministries, counseling, biblical reference, and leadership.

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Beaches and Trails Publishing is a small Canadian publishing company based in Quebec, Canada.

We publish books that make you feel good, as well as practical notebooks and planners.

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Bethany House has been publishing high-quality books for more than 60 years. From humble beginnings as the publishing arm of a missions organization, we are now a division of Baker Publishing Group, the industry’s largest independent Christian book publisher.

Recognized as the leader in inspirational fiction, we publish many of the bestselling names in historical and contemporary romance, Amish fiction, romantic suspense, and many other genres.

Bethany House nonfiction includes award-winning and New York Times bestselling authors who are influential teachers, pastors, and ministry leaders. Our list encompasses a variety of subjects that help readers deepen their faith, including Christian living, devotions, family resources, and many more.

Bethany House books are available in print, ebook, and audio editions and are available everywhere books are sold. We are also committed to taking Christian writing to the wider world. To date, Bethany House titles have been translated into more than 60 languages.

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BHC Press is an award-winning independent publisher of fiction and nonfiction, based in southeast Michigan and founded in 2016. 

We publish the best in independent books in the adult, teen, and children's market. We’re always looking for new, fresh and innovative work. We enjoy discovering talented, emerging writers and also working with more established authors interested in growing their platform.

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Broadleaf Books is the new adult nonfiction imprint of 1517 Media.

Our books inspire transformation in readers and their communities to foster a more open, just, and compassionate world.

Rooted in the progressive Christian tradition and reflecting the diversity of human creativity, we publish books that engage readers in fresh, substantive, timely, and inspiring reflection on what it is to live with meaning and connection.

We are committed to publishing authors who bring thoughtful perspective to explorations in religion, spirituality, social justice, culture, and personal growth with credibility and authenticity.

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Founded in 1993, CarTech, Inc has become one of the leading publishers of how-to automotive titles for the hardcore enthusiast. In 1995 CarTech purchased the S-A Design line of books from Larry Schreib and Larry Atherton, who had published their first book in 1975, titled The Chevrolet Racing Engine, by Bill Grumpy Jenkins. This single title gained wide recognition as “the bible” of high performance engine design and assembly.

CarTech has continued to expand on this tradition and now has nearly 150 titles available for the enthusiast, in a wide variety of formats – from print to digital to video. Today, our publishing efforts include our traditional performance “S-A Design” titles along with race histories, biographies of industry icons; in addition to a number of series that further assist readers with their projects:

Restoration Series for total restorations

Workbench Series for rebuilders,

Projects Series for in-depth coverage of major tasks

Pro Series for subjects requiring a more in-depth, technical review

CarTech is a company run by enthusiasts…for enthusiasts. No matter what the trends, from pro street to pro touring, from tire shredding big blocks to high revving electronically controlled turbo mills, CarTech will bring it to you.

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We are Cinnabar Moth, a majority Black owned press. We publish novels and anthologies, treating each as its own work of art.

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City Owl Press is a cutting edge indie publishing company, bringing the world of romance and speculative fiction to discerning readers. Co-founded by award-winning authors, Yelena Casale and Tina Moss, the City Owl Press team brings together more than a decade of business, writing, editing, design, marketing, advertising, and publishing experience.
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We are a small indie press that strives to amplify marginalized and underrepresented voices in dark fiction.

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GladEye Press is an independent book publishing business. We are a husband and wife team with more than 50 years combined professional experience as editors and writers. We’re also deeply rooted in the region, both of us are native Oregonians and have lived, worked, and played along the coast, in the cities, smaller towns, and many of the places populated by little more than moss, ferns, and trees, or jackrabbits, juniper, and cattle. We love the Northwest. We understand that there are a great many special stories and so much we can all share about this place and we look forward to being a part of the storytelling.

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Hewlett-Beighton is a small, family-run publishing house in Nottinghamshire established in 2021. The company predominantly creates and publishes children's and young-adult fiction books.

Sarah and Katy - the founders of HB Publishing House - met whilst teaching in Primary Education. Their passion for all things 'books' brought them together to form a strong friendship. Together, they have over 20 years of educational experience. Their love of all things wordy and passion for creating new books help bore the company and as they say ... the rest is history. So welcome avid readers and writers.

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Founded in 2019 by Minnesota author and historian Colin Mustful, History Through Fiction is an independent press publishing high quality fiction that is rooted in accurate and detailed historical research. The mission of History Through Fiction is to provide readers with a compelling narrative that also acts as a valuable historical resource. Our books, though fictionalized, include important primary and secondary source materials that are disclosed to readers through a variety of traditionally nonfiction elements such as footnotes, endnotes, or a bibliography. This way, readers may enjoy a fictional narrative while also examining the historical foundation upon which that narrative is based. By combining elements of fiction and nonfiction, our authors provide readers with an immersive experience that is both entertaining and educational.

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Islandport Press is a dynamic, award-winning publisher dedicated to stories rooted in the essence and sensibilities of New England. We strive to capture and explore the grit, heart, beauty, and infectious spirit of the region by telling tales, real and imagined, that can be appreciated in many forms by readers, dreamers, and adventurers everywhere.

In 2020, Islandport Press celebrated its 20th anniversary, and we couldn't be more proud given the radical and disruptive change that has swept through the book industry since we published Hauling by Hand: The Life and Times of a Maine Island in the spring of 2000. Publisher Dean Lunt started the company in his Yarmouth basement and shipped early book orders from his garage, at times in temperatures so cold he had to plug in spot heaters so the tape would stick to the cardboard boxes. Today we have published more than 200 titles, not only original works, but also out-of-print books that we have revived and brought new attention to both the book and the author. Finding hidden gems whether in the guise of a new author or a forgotten classic is something we treasure and take great pride in doing.

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Kakkle is a publishing company that produces non-fiction books on various topics. Kakkle Publications' authors and their work are at the center of everything we do.

We are proud our authors are provided with unprecedented editorial excellence. Consistently at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement with long-standing connections with booksellers, and industry-leading insight into reader and consumer behavior.

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Lighted Lake Press is based in Topeka, Kansas. It was founded in 2015 to publish poetry that explores both the broader struggles and the day-to-day stresses of the human experience, though often with a note of hope amidst the darkness. As it expands its focus to include prose, Lighted Lake Press is seeking poetry collections and novels that touch the mind as well as the heart with writing that crackles when it speaks.

We are currently accepting submissions. Contact us at letters@lightedlakepress.com.

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Who Are We?

We’re a non-fiction book publisher based in Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in publishing short informational reads on Amazon.

Who Are We Here For?

For people who want to be well-read but don’t have the time to spend hours pouring through 300-page books. We produce short informational reads that give you the information you need in a reasonable under 100-page book. We have over 30 books for sale on Amazon right now.

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A division of eSpec Books focusing on cryptid, horror, and paranormal fiction.

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Petra Books is a Canadian publisher with a model that aims to benefit the Author and Publisher equally, achieving goals which are of value — to the Author, quality of design, dissemination through personal networks, bookstores in the community and the Internet — and to the Publisher, expansion of the catalogue and exposure in the marketplace.

We provide design, editing and master production, promotion, print and sales management.

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We provide easy and affordable self publishing, marketing, and editorial services for writers.

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We are an independent book publishing company bringing informative, creative, diverse, and inclusive stories to children everywhere.

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Currently a division of Baker Publishing Group, Revell began over 125 years ago when D. L. Moody and his brother-in-law Fleming H. Revell saw the need for practical books that would help bring the Christian faith to everyday life. From there, Fleming H. Revell Publishing developed consistently solid lists which have enjoyed the presence of many notable Christian writers over the years. This same vision for books that are both inspirational and practical continues to motivate the Revell publishing group today. Whether publishing fiction, Christian living, self-help, marriage, family, or youth books, each Revell publication reflects relevance, integrity, and excellence.

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Rootstock Publishing is an innovative, hybrid partnership publishing company that collaborates with authors, whom we think of as the rootstock—the primary source. We are not unique, modeling ourselves after other relatively new, non-traditional hybrid publishing-partnership houses that have met with success for many new writers.

We seek writers who want more control over their work, who seek higher earnings per book sold, and who are willing to invest toward that end. But just as important, we seek authors who have solid marketing ideas about their book, who understand their audience(s), and who are willing to self-promote and work hard to publicize and market their book.

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Somewhat Grumpy Press is a small publishing company, founded in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, in 2020.

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True Crime Seven is about creating content that explores the dark corners of the world. With a small group of diverse writers, we tackle stories about everything from unknown murderers to infamous serial killers. We share the stories and the details of our findings, and we will have you, the reader, reach your conclusion.

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Vibrant Publishers is focused on presenting the best texts for learning about technology and business as well as books for test preparation. Categories include programming, operating systems and other texts focused on IT. In addition, a series of books helps professionals in their own disciplines learn the business skills needed in their professional growth.
Vibrant Publishers has a standardized test preparation series covering the GMAT, GRE and SAT, providing ample study and practice material in a simple and well organized format, helping students get closer to their dream universities.
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Since 2009, Wise Media Group has published over 300 books. We specialize in non-fiction, but do have a few fiction titles as well.