BegivenhederSecond Sino-Japanese War

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American, Chinese, and Japanese Perspectives on Wartime Asia, 1931-1949 (America in the Modern World) af Akira Iriye
Bomba! af Osamu Tezuka
Grass af Keum Suk Gendry-Kim
The Library of Legends af Janie Chang
Pigerne fra Shanghai af Lisa See
Red Sorghum af Mo Yan
Short Trips: The Centenarian af Ian Farrington
Terry and the Pirates - Volume Five, 1938-1939 af Milton Caniff
Terry and the Pirates - Volume Seven, 1940-1941 af Milton Caniff
Terry and the Pirates - Volume Six, 1939-1940 af Milton Caniff
The Way Forward: From Early Republic to People's Republic, 1912–1949 (Understanding China Through Comics, Vol. 5) af Jing Liu
Aerology and Naval Warfare: Carrier Strikes on the China Coast, January 1945 af Chief of Naval Operations Aerology Section1945-09-09
American Volunteer Group Colours and Markings af Terrill Clements1945-09-09
Chennault: Giving Wings to the Tiger af Ms. Martha Byrd1945-09-09
China Pilot af Felix Smith1945-09-09
The China tangle; the American effort in China from Pearl Harbor to the Marshall mission af Herbert Feis1945-09-09
China's Wings: War, Intrigue, Romance, and Adventure in the Middle Kingdom During the Golden Age of Flight af Gregory Crouch1945-09-09
Chinese Capitalists in Japan's New Order: The Occupied Lower Yangzi, 1937-1945 af Parks M. Coble1945-09-09
City of Dragons af Kelli Stanley 1945-09-09
Ding Hao, America's Air War in China, 1937-1945 af Wanda Cornelius1945-09-09
A Flying Tiger's Diary af Charles R. Bond Jr.1945-09-09
The Flying Tiger: The True Story of General Claire Chennault and the U.S. 14th Air Force in China af Jack Samson1945-09-09
The Flying Tigers af John Toland1945-09-09
Flying Tigers: Chennault in China af Ronald Heiferman1945-09-09
Flying Tigers: Claire Chennault and His American Volunteers, 1941-1942 af Daniel Ford1945-09-09
The Flying Tigers: The Story Of The American Volunteer Group af Russell Whelan1945-09-09
Forgotten Ally: China's World War II, 1937-1945 af Rana Mitter1945-09-09
Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan af Herbert P. Bix1945-09-09
Into the Teeth of the Tiger af Don Lopez1945-09-09
Japan's Total Empire: Manchuria and the Culture of Wartime Imperialism af Louise Young1945-09-09
Japanese Armor 1931-45 (Camoflage & Markings 8) af Markowski Wawrzyniec1945-09-09
Japanese Army Air Force Aces, 1937-45 af Henry Sakaida1945-09-09
The Japanese Wartime Empire, 1931-1945 af Peter Duus1945-09-09
Lille kvinde i Kina, Skingrende skøre skruer, Den ensomme ulv, Sænk "Potemkin" af Alan Burgess1945-09-09
Een man van drie levens : biografie van diplomaat/schrijver/geleerde Robert van Gulik af Carl Barkman1945-09-09
The Man Who Loved China: The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist Who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kingdom af Simon Winchester1945-09-09
Nanjing Requiem af Ha Jin1945-09-09
The Nanking Atrocity, 1937–38: Complicating the Picture af Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi1945-09-09
New Fourth Army: Communist Resistance Along the Yangtse and the Huai, 1938-1941 af Gregor Benton1945-09-09
The Pacific War, 1931-1945 af Saburō Ienaga1945-09-09
Passivity, Resistance, and Collaboration: Intellectual Choices in Occupied Shanghai, 1937-1945 af Poshek Fu1945-09-09
Phoenix: The Life of Norman Bethune af Roderick Stewart1945-09-09
Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers af Larry M. Pistole1945-09-09
The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel af Maureen Lindley1945-09-09
The Puppet Governmental Bodies of Occupied North China af Office of Strategic Services (OSS)1945-09-09
The Ragged, Rugged Warriors af Martin Caidin1945-09-09
The Rising Sun in the Pacific: 1931-April 1942 af Samuel Eliot Morison1945-09-09
The Rising Sun: the Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire, 1936-1945. af John Toland1945-09-09
Sharks over China: The 23rd Fighter Group in World War II af Carl Molesworth1945-09-09
Sunburst: The Rise of Japanese Naval Air Power, 1909-1941 af Mark R. Peattie1945-09-09
The U. S. Crusade in China, 1938-1945 af Michael Schaller1945-09-09
Unit 731: Japan's Secret Biological Warfare in World War II af Peter Williams1945-09-09
War, Occupation, and Creativity: Japan and East Asia, 1920-1960 af Marlene J. Mayo1945-09-09
The Wars for Asia, 1911-1949 af S. C. M. Paine1945-09-09
Watching the sun rise : Australian reporting of Japan, 1931 to the fall of Singapore af Jacqui Murray1945-09-09
Once Our Lives af Qin Sun Stubis1945
The Second World War af Antony Beevor1945
Through China's Wall af Graham Peck1937-1945