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The 1917 revolution in Latvia af Andrew Ezergailis
1917: Lenin, Wilson, and the Birth of the New World Disorder af Arthur Herman
About Myself, Ideology, and Other Things [short essay] af Mikhail Zoshchenko
The Accidental Anarchist af Bryna Kranzler
Ace of Spies: The True Story of Sidney Reilly af Andrew Cook
After the Lockout af Darran McCann
After the Romanovs: Russian Exiles in Paris from the Belle Époque Through Revolution and War af Helen Rappaport
Alice: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, from White House Princess to Washington Power Broker af Stacy A. Cordery
ALIX & MINNIE: A Royal Trilogy – Book Three: Widowhood, War, Revolution and Exile af James-Charles Noonan
Alix and Nicky: The Passion of the Last Tsar and Tsarina af Virginia Rounding
I Am Anastasia: The Autobiography of the Grand-Duchess of Russia af Roland Krug von Nidda
Am Hof des letzten Zaren 1896-1919 af Roman Prinz Romanow
American Girls in Red Russia: Chasing the Soviet Dream af Julia L. Mickenberg
Anastasia [1956 film] af Anatole Litvak
Anastasia [1997 film] af Don Bluth
Anastasia's Album: The Last Tsar's Youngest Daughter Tells Her Own Story af Hugh Brewster
Anastasia's Secret af Susanne Dunlap
Anastasia: Original 1997 Motion Picture Soundtrack af David Newman
Anastasia: Original 2017 Broadway Cast Recording af Stephen Flaherty
Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess, Russia, 1914 af Carolyn Meyer
Anastasia: The Riddle of Anna Anderson af Peter Kurth
The Anatomy of Revolution af Crane Brinton
Angel on the Square af Gloria Whelan
An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto af Alex Callinicos
Armour Against Fate: British Military Intelligence in the First World War and the Secret Rescue from Russia of the Grand Duchess Tatania af Michael Occleshaw
At Stalin's Side : His Interpreter's Memoirs From the October Revolution to the Fall of the Dictator's Empire af Valentin Berezhkov
The attitude of American Jews to World War I, the Russian Revolutions of 1917, and Communism (1914-1945) af Zosa Szajkowski
The autobiography of Arthur Ransome af Arthur Ransome
Autour de l'assassinat des grands-ducs : Ekaterinbourg, Alapaievsk, Perm, Pétrograd af Serge Nicolaévitch Smirnoff
The Battleship Potemkin [1925 film] af Sergei Eisenstein
Beauty in Exile: The Artists, Models, and Nobility Who Fled the Russian Revolution and Influenced the World of Fashion af Alexandre Vassiliev
The Best of Sholom Aleichem af Sholom Aleichem
Black Sea af Neal Ascherson
Blood and Sable af Carol J. Kane
Blood Red, Snow White af Marcus Sedgwick
The Bloody White Baron: The Extraordinary Story of the Russian Nobleman Who Became the Last Khan of Mongolia af James Palmer
The Bolshevik Revolution, 1917-1923, Vol. 1 af E. H. Carr
The Bolshevik Revolution, 1917-1923, Vol. 2 af E. H. Carr
The Bolshevik Revolution, 1917-1923, Vol. 3 af E. H. Carr
A Brief History of 1917: Russia's Year of Revolution af Roy Bainton
Carbon Democracy: Political Power in the Age of Oil af Timothy Mitchell
Communism: A History af Richard Pipes
The Complete Wartime Correspondence of Tsar Nicholas II and the Empress Alexandra: April 1914-March 1917 (Documentary Re af Joseph T. Fuhrmann
The Conduct Of War, 1789-1961 af J. F. C. Fuller
The Correspondence of the Empress Alexandra of Russia with Ernst Ludwig and Eleonore, Grand Duke and Duchess of Hesse, 1878-1916 af Petra H. Kleinpenning
Coup D'Etat: The Technique of Revolution af Curzio Malaparte
Critical Companion to the Russian Revolution, 1914-1921 af Edward Acton
The Czech and Slovak Legion in Siberia, 1917-1922 af Joan Mcguire Mohr
The Diamond Secret: A Retelling of "Anastasia" af Suzanne Weyn
The Diaries of Nikolay Punin: 1904-1953 af Nikolay Punin
The Diaries of Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart, Volume 1 af Sir Robert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart
Diplomaat van de tsaar de ballingen van de Russische revolutie af Angela Dekker
Dr. Zhivago: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack af Maurice Jarre
Emily af Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Emperor Nicholas II and his Family af Pierre Gilliard
The End of Tsarist Russia: The March to World War I and Revolution af Dominic Lieven
The Escape of Alexei, Son of Tsar Nicholas II: What Happened the Night the Romanov Family Was Executed af Igor Lysenko
The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia af Candace Fleming
Faraway campaign af f. 1948 James
Farewell to the Don: The Journal of Brigadier H.N.H. Williamson; af H N H Williamson
The Fate of Admiral Kolchak af Peter Fleming
Felix Dzerzhinsky: A biography af Anon
The Fifth Doll af Charlie N. Holmberg
The Flight of the Romanovs: A Family Saga af John Curtis Perry
Flight Without End af Joseph Roth
Former People: The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy af Douglas Smith
The Four Graces: Queen Victoria's Hessian Granddaughters af Ilana D. Miller
La France des Romanov : de la villégiature à l'exil af Cyrille Boulay
From Splendor to Revolution: The Romanov Women, 1847-1928 af Julia P. Gelardi
Futility af William Gerhardie
The Game of Diplomacy af European Diplomat
A Gentleman in Moscow af Amor Towles
Le grand-duc Paul Alexandrovitch de Russie : fils d'empereur, frère d'empereur, oncle d'empereur : sa famille, sa descendance : chronique et photographies af Jacques Ferrand
Gut Greifenau - Morgenröte: Roman (Die Gut-Greifenau-Reihe 3) (German Edition) af Hanna Caspian
Historically Inevitable?: Turning Points of the Russian Revolution af Tony Brenton
A History of Modern Europe, Second Edition: From the Renaissance to the Present (One-Volume Edition) af John Merriman
A History of Modern Russia: From Nicholas II to Vladimir Putin, Revised Edition af Robert Service
History of the World, Part II [2023 TV miniseries] af Mel Brooks
Hitler og Stalin : beretningen om to af dette århundredes grusomste magtmennesker af Alan Bullock
Hollywood Bohemia: The Roots of Progressive Politics in Rob Wagner's Script af Rob Leicester Wagner
Hospital in the Winter Palace 1915-1917 (Госпиталь в Зимнем Дворце 1915-1917)
The House by the Dvina: A Russian Childhood af Eugenie Fraser
The House of Government: A Saga of the Russian Revolution af Yuri Slezkine
Hugh Walpole af Rupert Hart-Davis
The Ice Swan af J'nell Ciesielski
Imperial Dancer: Mathilde Kschessinska and the Romanovs af Coryne Hall
Jean Sibelius: Life, Music, Silence af Daniel M. Grimley
John Frank Stevens: American Trailblazer af Odin Baugh
Kingdoms Fall - The Korniloff Affair af Edward Parr
The Kitchen Boy: a Novel of the Last Tsar af Robert Alexander
The Last Days of the Romanovs: Tragedy at Ekaterinburg af Helen Rappaport
The last of the Romanofs af Charles Rivet
The Last Tiara af M. J. Rose
The Latvian impact on the Bolshevik Revolution : the first phase : September 1917 to April 1918 af Andrew Ezergailis
Lenin and the Russian revolution af Christopher Hill
Lenin the Dictator: An Intimate Portrait af Victor Sebestyen
Lenin: A Biography af Robert Service
Lenin: Biography af Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute
Lenin: The Man Behind the Mask af Ronald W. Clark
A Lifelong Passion af Sergei Mironenko
Like Hidden Fire: The Plot to Bring Down the British Empire af Peter Hopkirk
The Line af Olga Grushin
The Lost Crown af Sarah Miller
Mannerheim 1867-1951 af Stig Jägerskiöld
Mattéo, Book Two: 1917-1918 af Jean-Pierre Gibrat
Memoirs af Vera Dmitrievna Nabokova Pikhacheva
Memoirs of a British Agent af Sir Robert Bruce Lockart
Memories in The Marble Palace af Gabriel Constantinovich, Prince of Russia
Michael and Natasha: The Life and Love of Michael II, the Last of the Romanov Tsars af Donald Crawford
The Midwife of St. Petersburg af Linda Lee Chaikin
Minority Bolshevism af Zuriel Redwood
Moscow, 1905 af Laura Engelstein
The Murder of Grigorii Rasputin : A Conspiracy That Brought Down the Russian Empire af Margarita Nelipa
My Life in Russia's Service--Then and Now af H.I.H. the Grand Duke Cyril
My mission to Russia and other diplomatic memories af Sir George Buchanan
My Mission to Russia and Other Diplomatic Memories Vol. I af George Buchanan
My Mission to Russia and Other Diplomatic Memories Vol. II af Sir George Buchanan
The Mystery of Olga Chekhova af Antony Beevor
A Nagy Október : Az 1917-es szocialista forradalom története af Péter Földes
Nicholas & Alexandra: The Last Imperial Family of Tsarist Russia af George Sergei Vilinbakhov
Nicholas and Alexandra af Robert K. Massie
Nicholas and Alexandra [1971 film] af Franklin J. Schaffner
Nicholas And Alexandra: The Last Tsar and Tsarina af Scottish & Newcastle
Nicolas II et son époque à la lumière des archives des émigrés russes en France af V. A. Apreleva
Nikolai Sukhanov: Chronicler of the Russian Revolution (St. Antony's) af Israel Getzler
Ninotchka [1939 film] af Ernst Lubitsch
Noble's Savior af Jerry Sacher
Not Saying Goodbye af Boris Akunin
October Revolution: Before and After af E. H. Carr
October: The Story of the Russian Revolution af China Miéville
The Oil Road: Journeys From The Caspian Sea To The City Of London af James Marriott
Olga Romanov: Russia's Last Grand Duchess af Patricia Phenix
Olga's Story: Three Continents, Two World Wars and Revolution--One Woman's Epic Journey Through the Twentieth Century af Stephanie Williams
A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution 1891-1924 af Orlando Figes
Petrograd the City of Trouble, 1914-1918 (1919) af Meriel Buchanan
A Poet Among The Romanovs af Jorge F. Sáenz
A Poet Among The Romanovs: Prince Vladimir Paley (Expanded Edition) af Jorge F. Sáenz
The political history of Finland 1809-1966 af Lauri Aadolf Puntila
The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism af Bertrand Russell
The Race to Save the Romanovs: The Truth Behind the Secret Plans to Rescue the Russian Imperial Family af Helen Rappaport
Ransome in Russia : Arthur's adventures in eastern Europe af C. E. Alexander
Rasputin af Douglas Smith
Rasputin and the Russian revolution af Catherine Radziwill
Rasputin's Revenge af John Lescroart
Reilly: Ace of Spies af Robin Bruce Lockhart
The Revolution of 1905 in Odessa: Blood on the Steps af Robert Weinberg
The Revolution of 1905: Authority Restored af Abraham Ascher
Revolution! The Russian Revolution af Adrian Gilbert
Revolution!: Sayings of Vladimir Lenin af V. I. Lenin
Revolutionary Days: Recollections of Romanoffs and Bolsheviki 1914-1917 af Princess Julia Cantacuzene
Revolutionary Russia af Arthur Ransome
Revolutionary Russia: 1891-1991 af Orlando Figes
Romanov : fragments de vie : la famille de grand-duc Alexandre Mikhaïlovitch de Russie en 1914, 1915, 1916 & 1919 : 150 photographies par le prince Feodor Alexandrovitch de Russie af Jacques Ferrand
Romanov Autumn. The Last Century of Imperial Russia af Charlotte Zeepvat
The Romanov Bride af Robert Alexander
A Romanov Diary: The Autobiography of H.I.& R.H. Grand Duchess George af Großfürstin Maria Georgiewna von Russland
The Romanov Royal martyrs : what silence could not conceal af Sisters of St John The Forerunner Monastery
The Romanov Sisters: The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra af Helen Rappaport
The romanovs under house arrest : from the 1917 diary of a palace priest af Afanasy I. Belyaev
The Romanovs: Love, Power and Tragedy af Manfred Knodt
Russia in Revolution af E. M. Halliday
Russia's Greatest Enemy?: Harold Williams and the Russian Revolutions (International Library of Twentieth Century History) af Charlotte Alston
Russia: a short history af Abraham Ascher
Russian Princess Remembers, A af Екатерина Александровна Мещерская
The Russian Revolution af Alan Moorehead
The Russian Revolution af Sheila Fitzpatrick
The Russian Revolution af Stewart Ross
The Russian Revolution af Richard Pipes
The Russian Revolution af Anthony Wood
The Russian Revolution af SparkNotes Editors
Russian Revolution (Sources of Civilization in the West) af Robert Vincent Daniels
The Russian Revolution, 1917 (Uncovered Editions) af Tim Coates
The Russian Revolution, 1917: A Personal Record af N. N. Sukhanov
The Russian Revolution: 1917-1921 af Ronald Kowalski
The Russian Revolution: A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guides) af Abraham Ascher
Russian Revolution: A Concise History From Beginning to End (October Revolution, Russian Civil War, Nicholas II, Bolshevik, 1917. Lenin) (One Hour History Revolution Book 3) af Henry Freeman
The Russian Revolution: A Very Short Introduction af Stephen Anthony Smith
The Russian Revolution: History in an Hour af Rupert Colley
The Russian Revolution: The Essential Readings (Blackwell Essential Readings in History) af Martin A. Miller
The Russian Revolution; the Jugo-Slav Movement af Robert Joseph Kerner
The Russian Tapestry af Banafsheh Serov
Russische Revolution 1917, die af Manfred Hellmann
The Russlander af Sandra Birdsell
Den ryska revolutionen af Adrian Gilbert
La Révolution russe af Illustration
The sealed train af Michael Pearson
Setting the East Ablaze : Lenin's Dream of an Empire in Asia af Peter Hopkirk
Spies and Commissars: The Early Years of the Russian Revolution af Robert Service
A splendid little war af Derek Robinson
Stalin in Power: The Revolution from Above, 1928-1941 af Robert C. Tucker
Stalin: New Biography of a Dictator af Oleg V. Khlevniuk
Stille flyder Don af Mikhail Sholokhov
The Story of a Life af Konstantin Paustovski
The Summer of the Barshinskeys af Diane Pearson
Ten months in Bolshevik prisons af Irina Feodorovna Dubasova
Theatre Street: The Reminiscences of Tamara Karsavina af Tamara Karsavina
Three "Whys" of the Russian Revolution af Richard Pipes
Time After Time af Allen Appel
To Free the Romanovs: Royal Kinship and Betrayal in Europe 1917-1919 af Coryne Hall
Trailing the Bolsheviki Twelve Thousand Miles with the Allies in Siberia af Carl W. Ackerman
Trotsky: A Graphic Biography af Rick Geary
The Truth of the Russian Revolution: The Memoirs of the Tsar's Chief of Security and His Wife af Konstantin Ivanovich Globachev
Le tsarévitch : enfant martyr
Le tsarévitch, enfant martyr af Princess Eugenie, granddaughter of George I, King of the Hellenes
The Twelve Chairs [1970 film] af Mel Brooks
The two revolutions : an eye-witness study of Russia, 1917 af Sir Robert Bruce Lockart
The Unfinished Revolution: Russia, 1917-1967 af Isaac Deutscher
Unge Stalin af Simon Sebag Montefiore
The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov: A Novel af Paul Russell
V. D. Nabokov and the Russian Provisional Government, 1917 af Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov
Venäjän vallankumous ja Suomi : 1917-1920 af Tuomo Polvinen
Walking Since Daybreak : A Story of Eastern Europe, World War II, and the Heart of Our Century af Modris Eksteins
The War That Ended Peace: The Road to 1914 af Margaret MacMillan
The Way People Live - Life during the Russian Revolution af Victoria Sherrow
When Miss Emmie was in Russia: English governesses before, during and after the October Revolution af Harvey Pitcher
The White Night of St. Petersburg af Prince Michael of Greece
willi münzenberg. eine politische biographie af B. Gross
The Wine of Solitude af Irène Némirovsky
Witnesses of the Russian Revolution af Harvey Pitcher
A Writer's Notebook af W. Somerset Maugham
You Must Know Everything af Isaac Babel
Zarinaens datter af Carolly Erickson
Детское Село : Александровский Дворец : самообразовательная экскурсия
Казароза af Леонид Юзефович
Покинутая царская семья : 1917-1918 гг. af Sergey von Markow
I cinque af Vladimir Evgenʹevič Žabotinskij1905
The Mass Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions af Rosa Luxemburg1905
Petersborg af Andrei Bely1905
Red Mutiny: Eleven Fateful Days on the Battleship Potemkin af Neal Bascomb1905
The Revolution of 1905: Russia in Disarray af Abraham Ascher1905
Russian social democracy and the legal labour movement, 1906-1914 af Geoffrey Swain1905
Workers, strikes, and pogroms : the Donbass-Dnepr Bend in late imperial Russia, 1870-1905 af Charters Wynn1905
The Abkhazians : a handbook = [Aphsuaa] af George Hewitt1917
The Anarchists in the Russian Revolution af Paul Avrich1917
The Bolsheviks & Workers' Control, 1917 to 1921: The State and Counterrevolution af Maurice Brinton1917
The Bolsheviks Come to Power: The Revolution of 1917 in Petrograd af Alexander Rabinowitch1917
Bread and justice : state and society in Petrograd 1917-1922 af Mary McAuley1917
Buddha's Little Finger af Viktor Pelevin1917
Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution: A Political Biography, 1888-1938 af Stephen F. Cohen1917
A Concise History of the Russian Revolution af Richard Pipes1917
Death of a Past Life af Robert N. Reincke1917
Deathless af Catherynne M. Valente1917
Doktor Zivàgo : I - II af Boris Pasternak1917
Echoes of the Marseillaise: Two Centuries Look Back on the French Revolution af Eric Hobsbawm1917
Ella: Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna of Russia af Christina Croft1917
The Foreign Field af Cynthia Harrod-Eagles1917
The German Revolution and the Debate on Soviet Power: Documents, 1918-1919; Preparing the Founding Congress af John Riddell1917
The Great Utopia: The Russian and Soviet Avant-Garde, 1915-1932 af Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum1917
History of the Russian Revolution af Leon Trotsky1917
The Impact of the Russian Revolution 1917-1967: The Influence of Bolshevism on the World Outside Russia af Arnold J. Toynbee1917
Interpreting the Russian Revolution: The Language and Symbols of 1917 af Orlando Figes1917
John Reed and the Russian Revolution: Uncollected Articles, Letters, and Speeches on Russia, 1917-1920 af John Reed1917
Kronstadt 1917-1921 af Israel Getzler1917
The Kronstadt Revolt: The Flower of the Revolution Crushed by the Bolsheviks af Ante Ciliga1917
Kronstadt, 1921 af Paul Avrich1917
The Last Englishman: The Double Life of Arthur Ransome af Roland Chambers1917
Lenin and the Making of the Soviet State af Jeffrey Brooks1917
Lenin for Beginners af Richard Appignanesi1917
Lenin, A Political Life: The Strengths of Contradiction (Vol. 1) af Robert Service1917
Liberals in the Russian Revolution; the Constitutional Democratic Party, 1917-1921 af William G. Rosenberg1917
Mørke midt på dagen af Arthur Koestler1917
Making Workers Soviet: Power, Class, and Identity af Lewis H. Siegelbaum1917
The Master Craftsman af Kelli Stuart1917
Mastering Twentieth Century Russian History af Norman Lowe1917
The Menshevik leaders in the Russian Revolution : social realities and political strategies af Ziva Galili1917
Midnight in the Century af Victor Serge1917
Moscow workers and the 1917 Revolution af Diane Koenker1917
My Disillusionment in Russia af Emma Goldman1917
Nestor Makhno--Anarchy's Cossack: The Struggle for Free Soviets in the Ukraine 1917-1921 af Alexandre Skirda1917
Nijinsky af Richard Buckle1917
October [1928 film] af Sergei Eisenstein1917
October [1928] by Sergei Eisenstein af Kino Klassika1917
Peasant Russia Civil War: The Volga Countryside in Revolution 1917-21 af Orlando Figes1917
The People's Act of Love af James Meek1917
Petersburg : Crucible of Cultural Revolution af Katerina Clark1917
The Prophet Armed: Trotsky 1879-1921 af Isaac Deutscher1917
Red Petrograd: Revolution in the Factories, 1917-1918 af Stephen Anthony Smith1917
Red Princess: A Revolutionary Life af Sofka Zinovieff1917
Republic of labor : Russian printers and Soviet socialism, 1918-1930 af Diane Koenker1917
Revolutionary Dreams: Utopian Vision and Experimental Life in the Russian Revolution af Richard Stites1917
Revolutionary Russia: New Approaches to the Russian Revolution of 1917 (Rewriting Histories) af Rex A. Wade1917
The Romanovs: 1613-1918 af Simon Sebag-Montefiore1917
The Romanovs: The Final Chapter af Robert K. Massie1917
Romantic Revolutionary: A Biography of John Reed af Robert A. Rosenstone1917
Russia's revolutionary experience, 1905-1917 : two essays af Leopold H. Haimson1917
The Russian Revolution, 1917 af Rex A. Wade1917
The Russian Revolution, 1917-1921: Volume One, 1917-1918: From the Overthrow of the Czar to the Assumption of Power by the Bolsheviks af William Henry Chamberlin1917
The Russian Revolution, 1917-1921: Volume Two, 1918-1921: From the Civil War to the Consolidation of Power af William Henry Chamberlin1917
The Russian Revolution: World War to Civil War 1917-1921 af Nik Cornish1917
Rådsbevægelsen i Rusland 1905-1921 af Oskar Anweiler1917
Sergei Eisenstein's October [programme] af Kino Klassika1917
The sickle under the hammer; the Russian Socialist Revolutionaries in the early months of the Soviet rule af Oliver H. Radkey1917
Stalin: A Biography af Robert Service1917
States and Social Revolutions af Theda Skocpol1917
Strikes, Wars, and Revolutions in an International Perspective: Strike Waves in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries af Leopold H. Haimson1917
Tant que la terre durera tome 2 af Henri Troyat1917
Ti dage der rystede verden af John Reed1917
The Unknown Civil War in Soviet Russia: A Study of the Green Movement in the Tambov Region 1920-1921 af Oliver H. Radkey1917
The Vanquished: Why the First World War Failed to End af Robert Gerwarth1923
Voices of Revolution, 1917 af Mark D. Steinberg1917
White Shanghai A Novel of the Roaring Twenties in China af Elvira Baryakina1917
Witnesses to the Russian Revolution af Roger Pethybridge1917
Women, War, and Revolution af Carol R. Berkin1917
A Young Doctor's Notebook: The Complete First Season af Alex Hardcastle1917
রুশ বিপ্লব কী ঘটেছিল?1917
Angel Valence af Max Davine1918