Almen VidenSkyer

Afghanistan(758) Africa(2,500) Alabama, USA(698) Alaska, USA(1,568) American Southwest(479) American West(828) Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands(607) Ancient Greece(484) Ancient Rome(492) Antarctica(739) Argentina(445) Arizona, USA(2,552) Arkansas, USA(752) Asia(699) Assyria(483) Athens, Greece(553) Atlanta, Georgia, USA(843) Atlantic Ocean(994) Australia(8,180) Austria(690) Babylon(772) Baltimore, Maryland, USA(668) Belgium(555) Berlin, Germany(1,416) Book of Life(628) Boston, Massachusetts, USA(2,340) Brazil(707) British Columbia, Canada(819) Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA(587) Cairo, Egypt(475) California, USA(6,478) Canada(4,332) Caribbean Region(1,199) Chicago, Illinois, USA(3,338) China(3,045) Colorado, USA(1,563) Connecticut, USA(867) Cornwall, England, UK(1,492) Cuba(733) Dallas, Texas, USA(636) Denmark(548) Denver, Colorado, USA(631) Detroit, Michigan, USA(580) Devon, England, UK(523) Dublin, Ireland(686) Earth(587) Earth, created by God(884) Edinburgh, Scotland, UK(718) Egypt(2,736) England, UK(7,044) Europe(2,696) Florence, Tuscany, Italy(724) Florida, USA(2,630) France(5,526) Georgia, USA(1,230) Germany(2,899) Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA(496) Gotham City, New Jersey, USA(580) Great Britain(510) Greece(2,005) Haiti(487) Hawai'i, USA(1,132) Hell(813) Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA(802) Hong Kong(525) Houston, Texas, USA(438) Hundred Acre Wood(669) Hungary(508) Iceland(581) Idaho, USA(1,043) Illinois, USA(1,265) India(2,573) Indiana, USA(696) Indonesia(508) Iowa, USA(580) Iran(630) Iraq(608) Ireland(3,063) Israel(1,455) Italy(2,437) Jamaica(503) Japan(4,118) Jericho(576) Jerusalem(1,976) Jordan River(531) Judah, Kingdom of(562) Judea(577) Kansas, USA(519) Kent, England, UK(438) Kentucky, USA(702) Kenya(444) Korea(483) Lake District, Cumbria, England, UK(443) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA(1,180) Latin America(680) London, England, UK(11,349) Los Angeles, California, USA(3,369) Louisiana, USA(1,040) Maine, USA(1,032) Manhattan, New York, New York, USA(1,298) Mars(705) Maryland, USA(1,131) Massachusetts, USA(1,458) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia(526) Mexico(2,122) Miami, Florida, USA(660) Michigan, USA(843) Middle East(838) Minnesota, USA(883) Mississippi, USA(685) Missouri, USA(720) Montana, USA(1,333) Montréal, Québec, Canada(487) Moscow, Russia(637) Mount Gilead(589) Mount Sinai(468) Nazareth(566) Nebraska, USA(524) Nevada, USA(996) New England, USA(833) New Hampshire, USA(615) New Jersey, USA(1,227) New Mexico, USA(2,855) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA(1,591) New South Wales, Australia(1,242) New York, New York, USA(9,898) New York, USA(3,053) New Zealand(2,623) Newfoundland, Canada(482) Normandy, France(660) North America(1,070) North Atlantic Ocean(560) North Carolina, USA(1,582) Norway(645) Nova Scotia, Canada(1,120) Ohio, USA(1,012) Oklahoma, USA(626) Ontario, Canada(886) Oregon, USA(1,571) Ottoman Empire(456) Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK(706) Pacific Ocean(672) Palestine(1,220) Paris, France(4,176) Pennsylvania, USA(2,823) Peru(491) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA(2,687) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA(1,855) Poland(816) Portland, Oregon, USA(607) Portugal(689) Queensland, Australia(603) Rhode Island, USA(519) Rome, Italy(1,853) Russia(1,518) San Diego, California, USA(556) San Francisco, California, USA(2,874) Scotland, UK(2,436) Seattle, Washington, USA(1,497) Singapore(587) South Africa(2,220) South America(479) South Carolina, USA(830) Spain(2,020) St. Louis, Missouri, USA(467) St. Petersburg, Russia(441) Sweden(630) Switzerland(823) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia(1,002) Syria(757) Tennessee, USA(824) Terra(520) Texas, USA(3,840) Thailand(681) The Moon(659) The Netherlands(1,068) The Philippines(578) Tibet(571) Tokyo, Japan(928) Toronto, Ontario, Canada(1,335) Turkey(1,196) USA(17,445) USSR(904) United Kingdom(2,452) Utah, USA(1,668) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada(501) Venice, Veneto, Italy(1,206) Vermont, USA(636) Victoria, Australia(586) Vienna, Austria(1,041) Vietnam(1,003) Virginia, USA(2,176) Wales, UK(1,283) Washington, D.C., USA(3,236) Washington, USA(1,472) West Virginia, USA(542) Wisconsin, USA(757) Wyoming, USA(691) Yemen(475) Yorkshire, England, UK(527)
Abba "God the Father"(526) Abel, son of Adam and Eve, killed by Cain(346) Abraham Lincoln(1,251) Adam(350) Adolf Hitler(837) Albert Einstein(441) Aleister Crowley(589) Alice(371) Andrew Jackson(330) Angel(384) Angel of the Lord, God(818) Anna(382) Annas, high priest, questioned Jesus(330) Asaph, psalmist(355) Barabbas, criminal released instead of Jesus(379) Barack Obama(419) Barnabas, a Levite from Cyprus "also named Joseph"(350) Bartholomew, the Apostle "Nathaniel"(501) Batman(1,039) Beast(482) Beelzebub, prince of demons(441) Ben(333) Benjamin Franklin(547) Bill Clinton(326) Caesar, Roman Emperor "Tiberius Caesar Augustus"(523) Caiaphas, high priest who plotted against Jesus(577) Cain, son of Adam and Eve, killed his brother Abel(351) Caleb, son of Jephunneh(351) Captain America(550) Cephas "Simon Peter"(372) Cerebus the Aardvark(428) Charles Darwin [Charles Robert: 1809-1882](377) Charlie(391) Cherubim, angels(762) Christopher Robin(331) Colossus(418) Creator "God" "Lord"(741) Cyclops(556) David(510) David Lloyd George(430) Diana, Princess of Wales(330) Donald Duck(373) Donald Trump(331) Dorcas, Peter raised from the dead "Tabitha"(336) Dwight D. Eisenhower(494) Dylan Dog(325) Eeyore(476) Elizabeth I, Queen of England(714) Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom(372) Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist(342) Enoch, father of Methuselah, walked with God, did not die - taken by God(332) Father "God the Father"(1,533) Flash(360) Franklin Delano Roosevelt(774) Garfield(487) George W. Bush(375) George Washington(962) God "Elohim" "Yahweh"(2,408) Green Lantern(408) Hagar, Sarah's servant, mother of Ishmael(334) Harry S. Truman(350) Henry VIII, King of England(536) Herod Agrippa I "Marcus Julius Agrippa"(329) Herod Antipas, son of Herod the Great "Antipater"(457) Herod, the Great, King of Judea(338) Holy Spirit "Holy Ghost"(1,133) Hulk(361) I Am, God's response when Moses asked for His name(373) Immanuel, the Virgin's Son, seed of David, Prince of Peace(413) Iron Man(465) Isaac, son of Abraham and Sarah(583) Ishmael, son of Abraham and Hagar(329) Israel "God's chosen people"(579) Jack(517) Jacob, husband of Rachel, son of Isaac "Israel"(369) Jairus, daughter raised by Jesus(351) Jake(344) James Madison(372) James T. Kirk(373) James, the Apostle, son of Zebedee "James the Greater"(443) Jane Austen(347) Jesus, of Nazareth "Christ"(3,195) Joel, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible(370) John(432) John Adams(421) John Constantine(346) John F. Kennedy(734) John H. Watson(607) John Lennon(331) John Mark, son of Mary(435) John, the Apostle, son of Zebedee and Salome(700) John, the Baptist, son of Zacharias and Elizabeth(350) Jonah, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible, swallowed by a large fish(342) Joseph Stalin(463) Joseph, of Arimathea, Jesus placed in his tomb(344) Joseph, of Nazareth, Jesus' father(343) Judas Iscariot, betrayed Jesus(517) Jude, brother of James(339) Julius Caesar(331) Kanga(369) King Arthur(448) King of kings(388) Lamb of God(350) Lazarus, brought back to life by Jesus(356) Levi, son of Jacob(347) Lord "Yahweh"(490) Lord God Almighty(499) Lord God of Israel(760) Lucy(338) Luke, the Evangelist, the physician(327) Lyndon Baines Johnson(366) Magi, astrologers from the east who visited Jesus(327) Marilyn Monroe(534) Mark, the Evangelist, associate of Peter "John Mark"(345) Martha, sister of Mary and Lazarus(403) Martin Luther King, Jr.(434) Mary(356) Mary Magdalene, went to Jesus' tomb Easter morning(508) Mary, Queen of Scots(324) Mary, mother of Jesus(463) Matthew, the Apostle, brother of James "Levi"(526) Matthias, the Apostle(345) Max(345) Michael(387) Michael, the Archangel(664) Mickey Mouse(419) Mohandas Gandhi(364) Moses, wrote the first 5 books of the Bible(634) Napoleon Bonaparte(891) Nicodemus, the Pharisee(350) Noah, of the Flood and the Ark, walked with God(647) Oscar Wilde(327) Owl [in Winnie-the-Pooh](364) Paul(327) Paul, the Apostle, of Tarsus "Saul"(532) Peter(345) Peter, the Apostle, "Simon Peter" "Cephas"(424) Pharaoh's daughter, found baby Moses(363) Pharaoh, several at different times(499) Philip, the Apostle(676) Piglet(589) Pontius Pilate, judge at the trial of Jesus(559) Priscilla, wife of Aquila(431) Professor X(373) Rabbit [in Winnie-the-Pooh](477) Rachel, daughter of Laban, wife of Jacob(336) Rebekah, wife of Isaac "Rebecca"(328) Reuben, firstborn son of Jacob and Leah(390) Richard M. Nixon(466) Robert E. Lee(407) Robin(491) Rogue(386) Ronald Reagan(475) Roo(448) Ruth, wife of Boaz(328) Sam(459) Sanhedrin, assembly of men from each city in Israel(436) Santa Claus(381) Sarah(415) Sarah, wife of Abraham, mother of Isaac "Sarai"(347) Sarai, wife of Abraham "Sarah"(323) Satan(1,544) Saul, of Tarsus(328) Savior, the one who saved us from eternal damnation "Jesus"(1,138) Scooby-Doo(427) Shepherd, shepherd of us, whom he describes as his sheep(479) Sherlock Holmes(1,011) Sigmund Freud(378) Simeon, high priest, recognized baby Jesus as the Messiah(331) Simon, of Cyrene, carried Jesus' cross(491) Son of God(1,352) Son of Man(654) Spider-Man(807) Spirit "Holy Spirit"(1,886) Spock(357) Storm(630) Superman(772) The Doctor(2,097) Theodore Roosevelt(669) Thomas Jefferson(751) Thomas, the Apostle "doubting Thomas"(340) Thor(476) Thummim, decision stone(367) Tigger(520) Timothy, companion of Paul(525) Titus, bishop of Crete(428) Tom(328) Trinity "Father, Son, Holy Spirit"(816) Ulysses S. Grant(475) Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom(521) William Shakespeare(712) Winnie the Pooh(623) Winnie-the-Pooh(700) Winston Churchill(970) Wolverine(976) Wonder Woman(519) Woodrow Wilson(453) Yahweh "Lord" "God of Israel" "YHWH"(335) Zebedee, father of James and John(550) Zechariah, father of John the Baptist "Zacharias"(397)
1000 Books to Read Before You Die(991) 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die(1,354) 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up(1,051) A Horn Book Fanfare Best Book(2,028) AISLE Read-Aloud Books Too Good To Miss(1,164) ALA Best Books for Young Adults(2,748) ALA Notable Books for Adults(2,741) ALA Notable Children's Book(2,063) ALA Notable Government Documents(798) ALA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults(1,951) ALA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers(1,909) Amelia Bloomer List(799) Anthony Award Nominee(604) Audie Award Finalist(2,283) Audie Winner(645) Aurealis Award Finalist(747) B.R.A.G. Medallion(806) BCCB Blue Ribbon Book(973) Bank Street CBC Best Children's Book of the Year(4,823) Bram Stoker Award Nominee(1,013) British Fantasy Award Nominee(748) CCBC Choices(7,579) CSCBC Children's Book of the Year(750) CWA Shortlist(959) Capitol Choices Noteworthy Book for Children and Teens(2,129) Charlie May Simon Children's Book Award Nominee(593) Edgar Award Nominee(1,505) Globe and Mail Top 100 Book(779) Goodreads Choice Award Nominee(897) Governor General's Literary Award(822) Governor General's Literary Award Finalist(692) Grammy Award(1,567) Grand Prix d’Académie de l'Académie française(663) Guardian 1000(1,007) Harenberg Buch der 1000 Bücher(1,050) Hawai'i Nēnē Award Nominee(575) Historical Novel Society Editors' Choice(1,740) Hugo Nominee(1,681) IBBY Honour Book(2,972) IPPY(637) IPPY Bronze(864) IPPY Finalist(910) IPPY Gold(1,044) IPPY Silver(1,036) IRA Children's Choices Reading List(2,075) IRA Teachers' Choices Reading List(793) Independent Author Network Book of the Year Award Finalist(1,361) International Book Awards Finalist(1,058) International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award Longlist(1,754) Lambda Literary Award(829) Lambda Literary Award Finalist(2,049) Lambda Literary Award Nominee(1,540) Library of Congress Children's Literature Center Children's Books(2,970) Locus Award Finalist(1,090) Locus Recommended Reading(959) Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist(1,129) Minnesota Book Awards Finalist(825) NCSS/CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People(3,067) NCTE Adventuring with Books: A Booklist for Pre-K—Grade 6(3,910) NCTE Books For You: An Annotated Booklist for Senior High(839) NCTE Kaleidoscope: A Multicultural Booklist for Grades K-8(1,489) NCTE/CLA Notable Children's Book in the English Language Arts(622) NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students K–12(1,155) National Book Award finalist(1,447) National Book Critics Circle Award finalist(973) National Jewish Book Award(695) National Jewish Book Award Finalists(758) Nebula Nominee(1,245) New York Times Best Books of the Year(587) New York Times Notable Book of the Year(919) New York Times bestseller(10,942) Newark Public Library's 1904 List of a Thousand of the Best Novels(1,015) Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist(942) PROSE Award(1,614) Parents' Choice Book Award(758) Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award Nominee(786) Prix Broquette-Gonin de l'Académie française(868) Prix Montyon de l'Académie française(909) Publishers Weekly Bestseller(801) Pulitzer Prize(684) Rainbow Award(634) Readers' Favorite Book Award Honorable Mention(929) Readers' Favorite Book Awards(2,951) Readers' Favorite Book Awards Finalist(926) Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award Nominee(577) SB&F Best Science Books for Children(837) SB&F Best Science Books for Junior High and High School Readers(713) Sequoyah Book Award Nominee(1,661) Spin's Best Albums of the Year(819) Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Nominee(786) TLA Tayshas High School Reading List(1,298) Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominee(727) The White Ravens(6,176) Utah Beehive Book Award Nominee(1,475) VDL Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award Nominee(1,869) William Allen White Children's Book Award Nominee(1,282) World Fantasy Award Nominee(930) YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults(1,060) YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens(851) Young Hoosier Book Award Nominee(1,306)
Abbott, Megan(44) Anderson, Kevin J.(55) Anderson, Poul(45) Asimov, Isaac(43) Atwood, Margaret(61) Banville, John(56) Bear, Greg(42) Benford, Gregory(44) Berry, Steve(52) Beschloss, Michael(43) Briggs, Patricia(40) Brin, David(74) Brinkley, Douglas(70) Brokaw, Tom(45) Burgess, Anthony(52) Burns, Ken(40) Byatt, A. S.(42) Card, Orson Scott(77) Chabon, Michael(58) Child, Lee(147) Clarke, Arthur C.(52) Coben, Harlan(88) Coetzee, J.M.(40) Connelly, Michael(87) Conroy, Pat(42) Cussler, Clive(50) Davis, Fiona(40) DeMille, Nelson(52) Deaver, Jeffery(57) Diaz, Junot(44) Dirda, Michael(42) Doctorow, Cory(120) Eggers, Dave(56) Ehrenreich, Barbara(43) Elliott, Kate(50) Ellison, Harlan(63) Fowler, Karen Joy(73) Gabaldon, Diana(51) Gaiman, Neil(166) Gardner, Lisa(68) Gates, Henry Louis, Jr.(45) Gerritsen, Tess(81) Gibson, William(83) Gilbert, Elizabeth(55) Goodwin, Doris Kearns(50) Grossman, Lev(46) Harris, Charlaine(120) Hillerman, Tony(53) Isaacson, Walter(99) Jacobs, A.J.(43) Kakutani, Michiko(76) King, Stephen(337) Kline, Christina Baker(44) Koontz, Dean(60) Krentz, Jayne Ann(55) Le Guin, Ursula K.(97) Leavitt, Caroline(45) Lehane, Dennis(43) Lethem, Jonathan(60) Link, Kelly(66) Livesey, Margot(51) Mantel, Hilary(45) Martin, George R.R.(73) Maslin, Janet(57) McCaffrey, Anne(68) McCann, Colum(43) McDermid, Val(66) McKibben, Bill(84) McPherson, James M.(64) Meacham, Jon(55) Mitchard, Jacquelyn(41) Moorcock, Michael(47) Oates, Joyce Carol(73) Patchett, Ann(58) Patterson, James(55) Perrotta, Tom(49) Picoult, Jodi(61) Pierce, Tamora(56) Pinker, Steven(54) Preston, Douglas(44) Pullman, Philip(61) Quinn, Julia(49) Robinson, Kim Stanley(44) Rollins, James(50) Rushdie, Salman(53) Russo, Richard(53) Sacks, Oliver(48) Sawyer, Robert J.(51) Shteyngart, Gary(72) Sides, Hampton(49) Slaughter, Karin(42) Straub, Peter(102) Trigiani, Adriana(48) Updike, John(84) White, Edmund(45) Winchester, Simon(58) Yardley, Jonathan(51) Zelazny, Roger(51) Zinn, Howard(45) de Lint, Charles(41)
19th century(375) Abraham justified by faith(332) African-American Civil Rights Movement(385) American Civil War(3,909) American Revolution(1,337) Ananias and Sapphira(332) Ark of the Covenant(278) Armageddon(391) Ascension(489) Baptism of Jesus of Nazareth(548) Battle of Gettysburg(407) Battle of the Atlantic(312) Beheading of John the Baptist(440) Birth of Jesus(347) Birth of Jesus foretold(335) Birth of John the Baptist(335) Birth of John the Baptist promised(333) Christ and Antichrist(379) Christ and Satan(377) Christ rebukes Pharisees and Scribes(335) Christmas(2,053) Christ’s sacrifice once for all(312) Cold War(854) Creation(371) Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth(572) D-Day(375) Day of Atonement(275) Death of Moses(278) Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah(346) Doubting Thomas(349) Easter(947) End of the World(423) Fall of Jerusalem(275) Fall of Man(353) False teachers and their destruction(309) Feast of Tabernacles(361) French Revolution(657) Garden of Gethsemane(541) Georgian Era(306) Gettysburg Campaign(392) Godlessness in the Last Days(303) Golden Calf(279) Great Depression(503) Halloween(291) Holocaust(1,277) Israel crossing the Red Sea(282) Israel's exodus from Egypt(281) Jacob wrestles with God(341) Jesus and disciples prepare for Passover(460) Jesus anointed in Bethany(489) Jesus appears to Peter(409) Jesus before Herod(285) Jesus before Pilate(540) Jesus blesses small children(460) Jesus calls his disciples(550) Jesus calms the stormy sea(463) Jesus feeds 4,000(401) Jesus feeds the 5,000(546) Jesus heals 10 lepers(333) Jesus heals a blind man(343) Jesus heals a leper(462) Jesus heals a man with dropsy(334) Jesus heals deformed woman on Sabbath(334) Jesus heals man with palsy(464) Jesus heals the Centurion's servant(399) Jesus heals the blind and mute(335) Jesus purges the Temple(460) Jesus purging the temple(355) Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead(463) Jesus raises the widow of Nain’s son(333) Jesus restores a lunatic(461) Jesus restores the sight of 2 blind men(460) Jesus revealed to his disciples(487) Jesus sends the 12 Apostles(462) Jesus sentenced to death by Pilate(539) Jesus taken captive(541) Jesus walks on the sea(492) Jesus' temptation in the desert(456) Jesus’ burial(538) Jesus’ death(541) Jesus’ parable of the net(333) Jesus’ parable of the sower(466) Jesus’ parable of the weeds(335) Jesus’ parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl(335) Jesus’ parables of the mustard seed and the yeast(401) Jesus’ prophecy of His suffering(462) Jesus’ resurrection(539) Jesus’ trial(541) Jesus’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem(543) Jesus’ words on the cross(539) John preaches and baptizes(463) John’s vision of Christ on the island of Patmos(380) Joseph Sold to Egypt(343) Joseph in charge of Egypt(342) Joseph takes Mary as his wife(336) Joseph's brothers go to Egypt(342) Joseph's dreams(341) Judas Iscariot hangs himself(414) Judas agrees to betray Jesus(461) Judgement pronounced on Jerusalem(335) Korean War(370) Last Judgement(379) Last Supper(616) Manna from Heaven(281) Matthias chosen to replace Judas(334) Middle Ages(404) Moses and the burning bush(281) Napoleonic Wars(777) Operation Overlord(443) Parable of the lost coin(335) Parable of the lost sheep(399) Parable of the prodigal son(335) Parable of the talents(334) Parable of the ten virgins(335) Parable of the unjust steward(335) Paradise restored(377) Passover(300) Paul accepted by the apostles(331) Paul and Silas in prison(336) Paul called by God(329) Paul in chains(309) Pentecost(384) Peter denies Jesus(542) Peter’s confession of Christ(463) Peter’s escape from prison(335) Philip and the Ethiopian(334) Plagues in Egypt(281) Priscilla, Aquila and Apollos(335) Renaissance(303) Resurrection of Christ(326) Resurrection of the Dead(319) Road to Emmaus(410) Russian Revolution(326) Sacrifice of Isaac(344) Sampson and Delilah(273) Sampson kills 1000 Philistines(273) Saul’s conversion(335) Second coming of Christ(321) September 11 Attacks(299) Sermon on the mount(399) Sinking of the Titanic(330) Spanish Civil War(292) Spanish-American War(294) Stephen stoned(335) Sun stands still(320) Tabernacle(280) Ten Commandments(293) The 144,000 with the Lamb(379) The Church’s final victory(379) The Church’s victory(379) The Flood(393) The Great Commission(396) The Rainbow(346) The Rider on the White Horse(378) The Sanhedrin conspires to kill Jesus(356) The angels with the seven last plagues(379) The anti-Christ revealed(315) The army from the Euphrates(378) The barren fig tree(332) The beast from the Earth(379) The beast from the sea(379) The catch of 153 fish(349) The cursing of the fig tree(398) The defeat of Babylon(378) The defeat of Satan(378) The dragon and the child(380) The dragon persecutes the woman(380) The harvest(379) The locusts out of hell(379) The marriage supper of the Lamb(378) The new Heaven and the new Earth(411) The new Jerusalem(375) The raising of Lazarus from the dead(354) The rich man and poor Lazarus(334) The rich young man(459) The seven letters(378) The seven seals(381) The seven trumpets(380) The seven visions(380) The shipwreck of Paul(338) The sin and doom of godless men(310) The thousand year reign(378) The three angels(379) The unjust judge and the widow(336) The vision of the great harlot(379) The war in the sky(380) The widow’s mite(406) Tower of Babel(344) Transfiguration(461) Tudor Era(275) Victorian Era(476) Vietnam War(797) War of 1812(430) Wars of the Roses(291) Wedding at Cana(355) World War I(4,409) World War II(10,866) World War II, Eastern Front(307) World War II, Pacific Theater(1,533) Zacchaeus the tax collector(334)
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia(184) Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA(186) Alexandria, Virginia, USA(131) Amsterdam, Netherlands(547) Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA(271) Arizona, USA(216) Athens, Greece(182) Atlanta, Georgia, USA(587) Auckland, New Zealand(330) Austin, Texas, USA(512) Australia(473) Baltimore, Maryland, USA(444) Barcelona, Spain(170) Beijing, China(153) Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK(141) Berkeley, California, USA(550) Berlin, Germany(1,394) Bethesda, Maryland, USA(132) Birmingham, Alabama, USA(148) Birmingham, England, UK(134) Boston, Massachusetts, USA(1,299) Boulder, Colorado, USA(239) Brighton, Sussex, England, UK(179) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia(179) Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, UK(171) Brooklyn, New York, USA(1,294) Brussels, Belgium(261) Budapest, Hungary(269) Buenos Aires, Argentina(244) Buffalo, New York, USA(188) Cairo, Egypt(208) Calgary, Alberta, Canada(187) California, USA(1,399) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK(467) Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA(652) Canada(367) Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia(168) Cape Town, South Africa(260) Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA(141) Charlottesville, Virginia, USA(150) Chicago, Illinois, USA(2,217) China(147) Christchurch, New Zealand(184) Cincinnati, Ohio, USA(274) Cleveland, Ohio, USA(291) Colorado, USA(328) Columbus, Ohio, USA(164) Connecticut, USA(309) Copenhagen, Denmark(189) Dallas, Texas, USA(350) Denver, Colorado, USA(402) Detroit, Michigan, USA(372) Dublin, Ireland(570) Dunedin, New Zealand(137) Durham, North Carolina, USA(134) Edinburgh, Scotland, UK(611) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada(205) England(145) England, UK(955) Eugene, Oregon, USA(184) Evanston, Illinois, USA(135) Florence, Italy(229) Florida, USA(477) France(684) Geneva, Switzerland(213) Georgia, USA(138) Germany(469) Glasgow, Scotland, UK(327) Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada(172) Hamburg, Germany(279) Hawaii, USA(175) Helsinki, Finland(237) Hollywood, California, USA(225) Hong Kong(223) Houston, Texas, USA(395) Illinois, USA(185) India(260) Indiana, USA(146) Indianapolis, Indiana, USA(161) Iowa, USA(128) Ireland(179) Israel(238) Italy(288) Ithaca, New York, USA(204) Japan(299) Jerusalem, Israel(330) Johannesburg, South Africa(285) Kansas City, Missouri, USA(170) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA(155) Leipzig, Germany(140) Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK(143) London, England(386) London, England, UK(6,674) Long Island, New York, USA(174) Los Angeles, California, USA(2,896) Louisville, Kentucky, USA(146) Madison, Wisconsin, USA(278) Madrid, Spain(279) Maine, USA(212) Manchester, England, UK(223) Manhattan, New York, USA(335) Maryland, USA(228) Massachusetts, USA(362) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia(725) Memphis, Tennessee, USA(152) Mexico(166) Mexico City, Mexico(244) Miami, Florida, USA(243) Michigan, USA(277) Milan, Italy(217) Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA(229) Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA(443) Minnesota, USA(274) Missouri, USA(131) Montreal, Quebec, Canada(263) Montréal, Québec, Canada(477) Moscow, Russia(474) Munich, Bavaria, Germany(261) Munich, Germany(154) Nashville, Tennessee, USA(327) Netherlands(132) New Hampshire, USA(145) New Haven, Connecticut, USA(346) New Jersey, USA(462) New Mexico, USA(148) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA(401) New York City, New York, USA(494) New York, New York, USA(7,941) New York, USA(737) New Zealand(354) North Carolina, USA(286) Oakland, California, USA(304) Ohio, USA(284) Oklahoma, USA(131) Ontario, Canada(140) Oregon, USA(226) Oslo, Norway(169) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada(384) Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK(669) Palo Alto, California, USA(153) Paris, France(3,460) Paris, Île-de-France, France(132) Pasadena, California, USA(166) Pennsylvania, USA(347) Perth, Western Australia, Australia(163) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA(1,055) Phoenix, Arizona, USA(209) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA(388) Portland, Oregon, USA(675) Prague, Czechoslovakia(164) Princeton, New Jersey, USA(290) Providence, Rhode Island, USA(179) Provo, Utah, USA(206) Richmond, Virginia, USA(203) Rochester, New York, USA(182) Rome, Italy(866) Sacramento, California, USA(147) Salt Lake City, Utah, USA(564) San Antonio, Texas, USA(180) San Diego, California, USA(419) San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA(183) San Francisco, California, USA(1,546) Santa Barbara, California, USA(205) Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA(226) Santa Monica, California, USA(160) Scotland, UK(200) Seattle, Washington, USA(952) Singapore(153) South Africa(223) Southern California, USA(135) Spain(219) St. Louis, Missouri, USA(368) St. Paul, Minnesota, USA(180) St. Petersburg, Russia(200) Stockholm, Sweden(446) Switzerland(213) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia(816) Tel Aviv, Israel(194) Tennessee, USA(134) Texas, USA(554) The Hague, Netherlands(144) Tokyo, Japan(367) Toronto, Ontario, Canada(1,900) Tucson, Arizona, USA(279) UK(465) USA(856) Utah, USA(262) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada(548) Vermont, USA(220) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada(144) Vienna, Austria(773) Virginia, USA(315) Warsaw, Poland(278) Washington, D.C., USA(1,595) Washington, DC, USA(184) Washington, USA(181) Wellington, New Zealand(433) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada(251) Wisconsin, USA(194) Zurich, Switzerland(167)
Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands, New York, USA(11) Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, USA(273) Ascension Parish Burial Ground, Cambridge, UK(12) At sea(9) Begraafplaats Zorgvlied, Amsterdam, Netherlands(54) Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri, USA(15) Berlin, Germany(16) Brompton Cemetery, London, England, UK(35) Brookwood Cemetery, Brookwood, Surrey, England, UK(20) Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, California, USA(9) Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky, USA(11) Cimetière de Montmartre, Paris, France(27) Cimetière du Montparnasse, Paris, Île-de-France, France(58) Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, Paris, France(117) Cimitero Monumentale, Milan, Italy(11) Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C., USA(11) Cremated(199) Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA(10) Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA(10) Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, California, USA(10) Deansgrange Cemetery, Dublin, Ireland(10) Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof, Berlin, Germany(26) East Lawn Memorial Hills, Provo, Utah, USA(17) Elmwood Memorial Park, Abilene, Taylor County, Texas, USA(10) Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado, USA(9) Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum, Hartsdale, New York, USA(10) Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale, New York, USA(16) Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Glendale, California, USA(77) Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, California, USA(29) Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills Cemetery, Los Angeles, California, USA(9) Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Hawthorne, New York, USA(14) Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin, Ireland(47) Golders Green Crematorium, London, England(25) Golders Green Jewish Cemetery, London, England, UK(9) Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois, USA(18) Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK(11) Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland, USA(9) Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, USA(42) Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut, USA(23) Hampstead Cemetery, London, England, UK(11) Hietaniemi cemetery, Helsinki, Finland(27) Highgate Cemetery, London, England, UK(54) Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, Culver City, California, USA(12) Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, USA(28) Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, California, USA(43) Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California, USA(17) Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California, USA(9) Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England, UK(58) Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla, New York, USA(11) Kremlin Wall Necropolis, Moscow, Russia(11) Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA(10) Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA(24) Laurel Land Memorial Park, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA(9) Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky, USA(11) London, England, UK(21) Moscow, Russia(9) Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA(84) Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin, Ireland(24) Mount Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA(12) New York, New York, USA(12) Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats, Amsterdam, Netherlands(16) Norra begravningsplatsen, Stockholm, Sweden(13) Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow, Russia(42) Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, D.C., USA(10) Oud Eik en Duinen, The Hague, Netherlands(10) Panthéon, Paris, France(14) Paris, France(22) Phillips Academy Cemetery, Andover, Massachusetts, USA(17) Powązki Cemetery, Warsaw, Poland(17) Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey, USA(19) Protestant Cemetery, Rome, Italy(17) Provo City Cemetery, Provo, Utah, USA(14) Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France(12) Restland Memorial Park, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA(11) Rome, Italy(19) Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA(120) Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, Massachusetts, USA(17) Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, New York, USA(17) Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA(16) St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England, UK(15) St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City(27) Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, Rhode Island, USA(12) Texas State Cemetery, Austin, Texas, USA(12) Uppsala gamla kyrkogård, Uppsala, Sweden(11) Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA(28) West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, USA(20) West Norwood Cemetery, West Norwood, Lambeth, London, England(19) West Point Cemetery, West Point, New York, USA(11) Westminster Abbey, London, England, UK(76) Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, Los Angeles, California, USA(47) Wiener Zentralfriedhof, Wien, Österreich(18) Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford, England, UK(14) Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York, USA(42) Woodlawn Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA(13) Zentralfriedhof, Vienna, Austria(22) cremated(51) cremated, ashes scattered(11) female(10) male(29) memorial at Munich, Friedhof am Perlacher Forst(9)
Academy Award(189) Académie française(95) Air Medal(75) American Academy of Arts and Letters(312) American Academy of Arts and Letters Academy Award(673) American Academy of Arts and Sciences(334) American Philosophical Society(170) Australian Living Treasure(64) Baseball Hall of Fame(95) Bialik Prize(64) British Academy(133) Bronze Star(221) CBE(229) Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur(68) Commander of the Order of the British Empire(175) Congressional Gold Medal(84) Copley Medal(67) Croix de Guerre(108) Distinguished Flying Cross(117) Distinguished Service Order(86) Eisner Award(119) Emmy Award(111) FBA(75) FRS(66) Fellow of the American Academy in Rome(103) Fellow of the British Academy(88) Fellow of the Royal Society(291) Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature(62) Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences(119) Fellow, British Academy(269) Fellow, Royal Historical Society(97) Fellow, Royal Society of Literature(205) Fellow, Society of Antiquaries of London(75) Fulbright Fellowship(136) Fulbright Scholarship(66) Georg Büchner Preis(63) Gold Glove Award(93) Golden Globe Award(66) Grammy Award(96) Grand Prix de Littérature de l'Académie française(81) Granta's Best of Young British Novelists(68) Guest of Honour, Eastercon, UK(96) Guggenheim Fellowship(608) Hollywood Walk of Fame(299) Honorary Doctorate(358) Hugo(75) Hugo Nominee(111) Israel Prize(69) Kennedy Center Honors(143) Knight Bachelor(344) Knighthood(150) Laetare Medal(68) Lannan Literary Award(120) Legion d'Honneur(151) Legion of Merit(157) Leroy P. Steele Prize(67) Lester R. Ford Award(147) Life Peerage(98) Linnean Medal(119) Légion d'honneur(68) MBE(174) MacArthur Fellowship(241) Member of the Order of the British Empire(78) Military Cross(161) Molson Prize(73) Most Valuable Player(66) National Academy of Sciences(122) National Book Award(69) National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship(94) National Humanities Medal(160) National Medal of Arts(193) National Medal of Science(278) Nobel Prize(434) OBE(226) Officer of the Order of the British Empire(103) Order of Australia(359) Order of Canada(489) Order of Merit(125) Order of St Michael and St George(89) Order of the Bath(115) Order of the British Empire(1,146) Phi Beta Kappa(338) Presidential Medal of Freedom(349) Pulitzer Prize(452) Pulitzer Prize finalist(75) Purple Heart(141) Retired Jersey(144) Rhodes Scholar(182) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame(79) Romantic Times Career Achievement Award(109) Royal Society(146) Royal Society of Literature(84) Royal Victorian Order(72) SF Hall Of Fame(65) Shelley Memorial Award(77) Silver Star(96) Tony Award(73) Whiting Writers' Award(217) Wolf Prize(123) Wollaston Medal(107)
American University(169) Amherst College(256) Antioch College(112) Arizona State University(184) Art Students League of New York(117) Australian National University(189) Barnard College(332) Boston College(172) Boston University(596) Brandeis University(322) Brigham Young University(1,616) Brooklyn College(241) Brown University(817) Bryn Mawr College(262) California Institute of Technology(172) Cambridge University(1,284) Carnegie Mellon University(148) Catholic University of America(125) City College of New York(373) City University of New York(207) College of William and Mary(138) Columbia University(3,607) Cornell University(1,224) Courtauld Institute of Art(121) Dartmouth College(363) Duke University(518) Durham University(153) Emerson College(115) Emory University(218) Eton College(335) Florida State University(194) Fordham University(232) George Washington University(359) Georgetown University(340) Harvard(123) Harvard College(585) Harvard Divinity School(110) Harvard Law School(291) Harvard University(4,270) Haverford College(123) Hebrew University of Jerusalem(235) Howard University(142) Hunter College(204) Indiana University(590) Johns Hopkins University(661) Kenyon College(178) King's College, London(187) London School of Economics(554) Louisiana State University(177) Massachusetts Institute of Technology(679) McGill University(437) McMaster University(120) Michigan State University(330) Middlebury College(145) Monash University(136) Moscow State University(227) Mount Holyoke College(125) New School for Social Research(146) New York University(1,480) Northwestern University(738) Oberlin College(370) Ohio State University(498) Ohio University(140) Oxford University(2,675) Pennsylvania State University(362) Pomona College(112) Pratt Institute(177) Princeton Theological Seminary(158) Princeton University(1,603) Purdue University(228) Radcliffe College(292) Reed College(121) Rhode Island School of Design(140) Rice University(142) Royal Academy of Dramatic Art(158) Royal College of Art(159) Royal College of Music(120) Rutgers University(424) San Francisco State University(221) Sarah Lawrence College(206) Smith College(315) Sorbonne(360) Southern Methodist University(147) Stanford University(1,402) Swarthmore College(243) Syracuse University(475) Temple University(225) Trinity College, Cambridge(142) Trinity College, Dublin(371) Tufts University(227) Tulane University(187) Union Theological Seminary(213) United States Military Academy(185) United States Naval Academy(139) University College Dublin(206) University College London(531) University of Aberdeen(132) University of Adelaide(171) University of Alabama(157) University of Alberta(184) University of Amsterdam(266) University of Arizona(315) University of Auckland(156) University of Berlin(231) University of Birmingham(206) University of Bristol(179) University of British Columbia(324) University of California(132) University of California, Berkeley(2,070) University of California, Davis(171) University of California, Irvine(140) University of California, Los Angeles(1,080) University of California, San Diego(189) University of California, Santa Barbara(203) University of California, Santa Cruz(182) University of Cambridge(2,206) University of Cape Town(205) University of Chicago(1,919) University of Cincinnati(165) University of Colorado(207) University of Connecticut(144) University of Denver(128) University of East Anglia(197) University of Edinburgh(689) University of Florida(236) University of Georgia(232) University of Glasgow(305) University of Göttingen(115) University of Heidelberg(144) University of Helsinki(116) University of Houston(125) University of Illinois(427) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign(250) University of Iowa(642) University of Kansas(245) University of Kentucky(135) University of Leeds(191) University of Leiden(191) University of Leipzig(144) University of Liverpool(145) University of London(949) University of Manchester(277) University of Manitoba(165) University of Maryland(325) University of Massachusetts, Amherst(175) University of Melbourne(374) University of Michigan(1,429) University of Minnesota(662) University of Missouri(231) University of Munich(163) University of Nebraska(143) University of New Mexico(175) University of North Carolina(233) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill(281) University of Notre Dame(264) University of Oklahoma(206) University of Oregon(292) University of Otago(113) University of Oxford(2,062) University of Paris(196) University of Pennsylvania(1,056) University of Pittsburgh(325) University of Queensland(144) University of Reading(112) University of Rochester(368) University of South Carolina(134) University of Southern California(569) University of St Andrews(155) University of Sussex(200) University of Sydney(430) University of Tennessee(154) University of Texas(254) University of Texas at Austin(290) University of Texas, Austin(217) University of Toronto(979) University of Utah(563) University of Utrecht(127) University of Vienna(313) University of Virginia(534) University of Washington(584) University of Western Ontario(152) University of Wisconsin(563) University of Wisconsin, Madison(118) University of Wisconsin-Madison(405) University of York(133) University of the Witwatersrand(200) Utah State University(173) Vanderbilt University(320) Vassar College(299) Victoria University of Wellington(118) Wayne State University(136) Wellesley College(237) Wesleyan University(266) Wheaton College(147) Williams College(239) Yale College(239) Yale Law School(149) Yale University(2,713) York University(159) at home(137)
ACM(251) Académie française(160) American Academy of Arts and Letters(801) American Academy of Arts and Sciences(323) American Academy of Religion(207) American Association for the Advancement of Science(275) American Association of University Professors(196) American Historical Association(942) Australian National University(196) Authors Guild(204) BBC(261) Boston University(165) Brigham Young University(864) British Army(486) British Broadcasting Corporation(238) British Museum(168) Brown University(161) Cambridge University(188) Catholic Church(183) Church of Christ(141) Church of England(350) City University of New York(147) Columbia University(631) Cornell University(299) Council on Foreign Relations(153) Democratic Party(149) Duke University(182) Episcopal Church(334) Freemasons(192) Georgetown University(144) Harvard University(822) Indiana University(157) International Astronomical Union(200) Johns Hopkins University(219) Labour Party(136) Massachusetts Institute of Technology(250) Metropolitan Museum of Art(204) Mystery Writers of America(218) National Academy of Sciences(243) National Aeronautics and Space Administration(240) New York Times(198) New York University(409) Northwestern University(202) Ohio State University(158) Organization of American Historians(382) Oxford University(311) Pennsylvania State University(161) Phi Beta Kappa(345) Princeton University(418) RAND Corporation(141) Republican Party(147) Roman Catholic Church(851) Romance Writers of America(199) Royal Air Force(300) Royal Historical Society(157) Royal Navy(258) Royal Society(339) Rutgers University(208) Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America(551) Sisters in Crime(140) Society of Biblical Literature(365) Society of Jesus(374) Southern Historical Association(175) Stanford University(475) Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas(190) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(3,002) The Guardian(155) The New York Times(335) The New Yorker(223) U.S. Army(169) US Army(215) United States Air Force(294) United States Army(1,163) United States Marine Corps(203) United States Navy(585) University College London(311) University of Arizona(152) University of California, Berkeley(540) University of California, Los Angeles(364) University of California, San Diego(138) University of Cambridge(372) University of Chicago(489) University of Edinburgh(187) University of London(230) University of Manchester(166) University of Maryland(202) University of Melbourne(137) University of Michigan(315) University of Minnesota(169) University of Oxford(390) University of Pennsylvania(291) University of Southern California(168) University of Sydney(137) University of Texas at Austin(160) University of Toronto(323) University of Utah(213) University of Virginia(176) University of Washington(183) University of Wisconsin-Madison(187) Yale University(574)
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