Personer/FigurerThomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford

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1633 af Eric Flint
1634: The Baltic War af David Weber
Archbishop Laud, 1573-1645 af Hugh Trevor-Roper
A briefe, and perfect relation, of the answeres and replies of Thomas earle of Strafford; to the articles exhibited against him, by the House of Commons on the thirteenth of Aprill, an. Dom 1641 af Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford
Britain in Revolution: 1625-1660 af Austin Woolrych
British Orations af Ernest Rhys
British statesmen af Ernest Barker
The Civil Wars of England af John Kenyon
The Crisis of Parliaments: English History, 1509-1660 af Conrad Russell
Cromwell, Our Chief of Men af Antonia Fraser
The early Stuarts, 1603-1660 af Godfrey Davies
The English Civil War: A People's History af Diane Purkiss
Great Tales from English History Omnibus af Robert Lacey
The history of remarkable events in the kingdom of Ireland : exhibiting the very extraordinary transactions of ... af Thomas Leland
King Charles I af Pauline Gregg
The King's Revenge: Charles II and the Greatest Manhunt in British History af Don Jordan
The King's Peace, 1637-1641 af C. V. Wedgwood
A Monarchy Transformed: Britain, 1603-1714 af Mark Kishlansky
The New World af Winston S. Churchill
The Personal Rule of Charles I af Kevin Sharpe
Reformation and Revolution, 1558-1660 af Robert Ashton
The Stuart Constitution, 1603-1688: Documents and Commentary af J. P. Kenyon
Stuart England af J. P. Kenyon
Thomas Wentworth: First Earl of Strafford 1593-1641: A Revaluation af C. V. Wedgwood
The Tower of London in the History of England af A. L. Rowse
The tryal of Thomas Earl of Strafford, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, upon an impeachment of high treason by the Commons then assembled in Parliament, in the name of themselves and of all the commons in England: begun in Westminster-Hall the 22th of March 1640. And continued before judgment was given until the 10th of May 1641. Shewing the form of parliamentary proceedings in an impeachment of treason. af Earl of Thomas Wentworth Strafford
Women All on Fire: The Women of the English Civil War af Alison Plowden