Florida Literacy Association Children's Book Award

Uddelt af Florida Literacy Association

Andre Navne: Florida Reading Association Children's Book Award (Engelsk), Florida Reading Association Children’s Book Award (Engelsk)
162 Værker 90,112 Bøger 4,525 Anmeldelser 4.2
Alle, Winner (36), Honor (29), Second Place (4), Third Place (4), Nominee (89)
Alle, Grades 3-5 (17), Grades K-2 (17), Ingen kategori (128)
Alle, 2024 (20), 2023 (6), 2022 (6), 2021 (2), 2019 (1), 2018 (1), 2017 (1), 2016 (8), 2015 (8), 2014 (8), 2013 (8), 2012 (8), 2011 (8), 2010 (8), 2009 (8), 2008 (8), 2007 (8), 2006 (8), 2005 (8), 2004 (8), 2003 (3), 2002 (3), 2001 (3), 2000 (1), 1999 (1), 1998 (1), 1997 (1), 1996 (1), 1995 (1), 1994 (1), 1993 (1), 1992 (1), 1991 (1), 1990 (1), 1989 (1)

Winner 36

The Sorry Life of Timothy Shmoe af Stephanie Simpson McLellanGrades 3-52023
The Very True Legend of the Mongolian Death Worms af Sandra FayGrades K-22023
Marjory Saves the Everglades: The Story of Marjory Stoneman Douglas af Sandra Neil WallaceGrades 3-52022
Swing af Michael HallGrades K-22022
The Seekers af Hari PanickerGrades 3-52021
Dragons Get Colds Too af Rebecca RoanGrades K-22021
Hattie & Hudson af Chris Van Dusen2019
Don't Call Me Choochie Pooh! af Sean Taylor2018
Because I Stubbed My Toe (Fiction Picture Books) af Shawn Byous2017
Interrupting Chicken af David Ezra Stein2015
The World's Greatest Lion af Ralph Helfer2014
Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival af Kirby Larson2013
Christian, the Hugging Lion af Justin Richardson2012
Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library! af Vicki Myron2011
Help Me, Mr. Mutt!: Expert Answers for Dogs with People Problems af Janet Stevens2010
Martina the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale af Carmen Agra Deedy2009
The Gingerbread Girl af Lisa Campbell Ernst2008
The Three Silly Billies af Margie Palatini2007
Winter's Gift af Jane Monroe Donovan2006
How I Became a Pirate af Melinda Long2005
Epossumondas af Coleen Salley2004
Bark, George af Jules Feiffer2003
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? af Jane Yolen2002
Mr. Tanen's Ties af Maryann Cocca-Leffler2001
Mouse, Look Out! af Judy Waite2000
Parts af Tedd Arnold1999
The Toll-Bridge Troll af Patricia Rae Wolff1998
Officer Buckle and Gloria af Peggy Rathmann1997
Can I Have a Stegosaurus, Mom? Can I? Please!? af Lois G. Grambling1996
The Rainbow Fish af Marcus Pfister1995
Zomo the Rabbit af Gerald McDermott1994
Rhinos for Lunch and Elephants for Supper! af Tololwa M. Mollel1993
Weird Parents af Audrey Wood1992
The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks af Joanna Cole1991
There's an Alligator under My Bed af Mercer Mayer1990
The Jolly Postman, or, Other People's Letters af Janet Ahlberg1989

Honor 29

Third Place 4

Second Place 4

Nominee 89

Sing, Aretha, Sing!: Aretha Franklin,"Respect," and the Civil Rights Movement af Hanif AbdurraqibGrades 3-52024
When the Sky Glows af Nell Cross BeckermanGrades 3-52024
Remixed: A Blended Family af Arree ChungGrades 3-52024
Zoobilations!: Animal Poems and Paintings af Douglas FlorianGrades 3-52024
Bobcat Prowling af Maria GianferrariGrades 3-52024
Copycat: Nature-inspired Design Around the World af Christy HaleGrades 3-52024
Bonnie's Rocket af Emeline LeeGrades 3-52024
Scrap Metal Swan: A River Clean-up Story af Joanne LindenGrades 3-52024
Blood! Not Just a Vampire Drink af Stacy McAnultyGrades 3-52024
The Wishing Balloons af Jonathan D. VossGrades 3-52024
Ten blocks to the Big Wok : a Chinatown counting book af HuGrades K-22024
My Football Family af Andy HollowayGrades K-22024
The Pet Potato af Josh LaceyGrades K-22024
Tomatoes in My Lunchbox af Costantia ManoliGrades K-22024
Our Planet! There's No Place Like Earth af Stacy McAnultyGrades K-22024
A Park Connects Us af Sarah NelsonGrades K-22024
D is for Drool: My Monster Alphabet (I Need My Monster) af Amanda NollGrades K-22024
A Little Ferry Tale af Chad OtisGrades K-22024
School Is Wherever I Am af Ellie PetersonGrades K-22024
If Tigers Disappeared (If Animals Disappeared) af Lily WilliamsGrades K-22024
Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla af Katherine Applegate2016
Two Little Birds af Mary Newell DePalma2016
Tiny Rabbit's Big Wish af Margarita Engle2016
The Loch Mess Monster af Helen Lester2016
Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond Between a Soldier and His Service Dog af Luis Carlos Montalvn2016
Sea Slime: It's Eeuwy, Gooey and Under the Sea af Ellen Prager2016
A Boy and a Jaguar af Alan Rabinowitz2016
The Grudge Keeper af Mara Rockliff2016
Prairie Chicken Little af Jackie Mims Hopkins2015
A Butterfly Called Hope af Mary Alice Monroe2015
Lucky Ducklings af Eva Moore2015
Balloon Trees af Danna Smith2015
Who Goes There? af Karma Wilson2015
Mossy af Jan Brett2014
Little Nelly's Big Book af Pippa Goodhart2014
Lost and Found af Bill Harley2014
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore af William Joyce2014
Eight Days Gone af Linda Mcreynolds2014
The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town af Mary Casanova2013
The Voyage of Turtle Rex af Kurt Cyrus2013
Pierre the Penguin: A True Story af Jean Marzollo2013
Blackout af John Rocco2013
Bear's Loose Tooth af Karma Wilson2013
Going Around The Sun: Some Planetary Fun af Marianne Berkes2012
Oscar and the Very Hungry Dragon af Ute Krause2012
Green Tree Frogs: Colorful Hiders (Disappearing Acts) af Natalie Lunis2012
Ugly Pie af Lisa Wheeler2012
What's in the Egg, Little Pip? af Karma Wilson2012
Butterflies in My Stomach and Other School Hazards af Serge Bloch2011
Where Teddy Bears Come From af Mark Burgess2011
In the Trees, Honey Bees! af Lori Mortensen2011
Hurricane Wolf af Diane Paterson2011
Art From Her Heart af Kathy Whitehead2011
Grace for President af Kelly DiPucchio2010
The Happiness Tree: Celebrating the Gifts of Trees We Treasure af Andrea Alban Gosline2010
Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg & Three Cups of Tea af Greg Mortenson2010
One af Kathryn Otoshi2010
Eisenstein: A documentary portrait af Norman Swallow2010
Max's Words af Kate Banks2009
Emma's Turtle af Eve Bunting2009
Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners af Laurie Keller2009
Winston the Book Wolf af Marni McGee2009
Toad by the Road: A Year in the Life of These Amazing Amphibians af Joanne Ryder2009
This Jazz Man af Karen Ehrhardt2008
One More Sheep af Mij Kelly2008
What a Day It Was at School! af Jack Prelutsky2008
Carmine: A Little More Red af Melissa Sweet2008
Moose Tracks! af Karma Wilson2008
Catching the Moon: The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream af Crystal Hubbard2007
Wild About Books af Judy Sierra2007
Groundhog Gets a Say af Pamela Curtis Swallow2007
Dad, Jackie, and Me af Myron Uhlberg2007
Our Tree Named Steve af Alan Zweibel2007
Knockin' on Wood: Starring Peg Leg Bates af Lynne Barasch2006
Ellison the Elephant (with Audio CD) af Eric Drachman2006
Pumpkins af Jacqueline Farmer2006
Henry Works af D. B. Johnson2006
Perfect Man af Troy Wilson2006
Marsh Morning af Marianne Berkes2005
Boxes for Katje af Candace Fleming2005
Mr. Peabodys æbler af Madonna2005
The Perfect Thanksgiving af Eileen Spinelli2005
Up the Learning Tree af Marcia Vaughan2005
The Night Worker af Kate Banks2004
Daisy Comes Home af Jan Brett2004
Frightful's Daughter af Jean Craighead George2004
Bring on that Beat af Rachel Isadora2004
Atlantic af G. Brian Karas2004
Over the Candlestick: Classic Nursery Rhymes and the Real Stories Behind Them af Michael G. Montgomery2004


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