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Since 2002, the Amelia Bloomer Project committee has reviewed children’s books to create the Amelia Bloomer List of recommended books for children. Notable books with strong female characters vis mere are recognized in its annual list of books for ages birth through 18. The Amelia Bloomer Project is sponsored by the Feminist Task Force of the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association.

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Selection 1,382

Flower Girl af Amy BloomEarly Readers–Fiction2024
Big af Vashti HarrisonEarly Readers–Fiction2024
My Powerful Hair af Carole LindstromEarly Readers–Fiction2024
The Wrestling Cholitas of Bolivia (Against All Odds) af Claudia BellanteEarly Readers–Fiction2024
Me and My Dysphoria Monster: An Empowering Story to Help Children Cope With Gender Dysphoria af Laura Kate DaleEarly Readers–Fiction2024
Heart Berry Bling af Jenny Kay DupuisEarly Readers–Fiction2024
Everybody Has a Body af Molli Jackson EhlertEarly Readers–Fiction2024
La Mariachi (Own Voices, Own Stories) af Isabel EstradaEarly Readers–Fiction2024
A Is for Ambitious (Ambitious Girl, 2) af Meena HarrisEarly Readers–Fiction2024
Cinderella and a Mouse Called Fred af Deborah HopkinsonEarly Readers–Fiction2024
Mother of Sharks af Melissa Cristina MárquezEarly Readers–Fiction2024
Let her be af MacKenzie PorterEarly Readers–Fiction2024
Girls on Wheels af Srividhya VenkatEarly Readers–Fiction2024
Autumn Peltier, Water Warrior af Carole LindstromEarly Readers–Nonfiction2024
Lion on the Inside: How One Girl Changed Basketball (CitizenKid) af Bilqis Abdul-QaadirEarly Readers–Nonfiction2024
Want a Hug?: Consent and Boundaries for Kids af Christine BabinecEarly Readers–Nonfiction2024
What Your Ribbon Skirt Means to Me: Deb Haaland's Historic Inauguration af Alexis BuntenEarly Readers–Nonfiction2024
Ketanji Brown Jackson: A Justice for All af Tami CharlesEarly Readers–Nonfiction2024
The Brilliant Calculator: How Mathematician Edith Clarke Helped Electrify America af Jan LowerEarly Readers–Nonfiction2024
Every Body: A First Conversation About Bodies af Megan MadisonEarly Readers–Nonfiction2024
Door by Door: How Sarah McBride Became America's First Openly Transgender Senator af Meeg PincusEarly Readers–Nonfiction2024
Holding Her Own: The Exceptional Life of Jackie Ormes af Traci N. ToddEarly Readers–Nonfiction2024
Love Is Loud: How Diane Nash Led the Civil Rights Movement af Sandra Neil WallaceEarly Readers–Nonfiction2024
Barely Floating af Lilliam RiveraMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
Stories of the Islands af Clar AngkasaMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
The Little Match Girl Strikes Back af Emma CarrollMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
Rain Rising af Courtne ComrieMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
Maggie Lou, Firefox af Arnolda Dufour BowesMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
Hazel Hill Is Gonna Win This One af Maggie HorneMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
Code Red af Joy McCulloughMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
Clouds over California af Karyn ParsonsMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
Calling the Moon: 16 Period Stories from BIPOC Authors af Aida SalazarMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
Three Strike Summer af Skyler SchremppMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
Sir Callie and the Champions of Helston af Esme Symes-SmithMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
Just Lizzie af Karen WilfridMiddle Grade–Fiction2024
Muzoon: A Syrian Refugee Speaks Out af Muzoon AlmellehanMiddle Grade–Nonfiction2024
Deb Haaland: First Native American Cabinet Secretary (Gateway Biographies) af Matthew J. MartinezMiddle Grade–Nonfiction2024
Play Like a Girl: A Graphic Memoir af Misty WilsonMiddle Grade–Nonfiction2024
Spin af Rebecca CapraraYoung Adult–Fiction2024
The Blackwoods af Brandy ColbertYoung Adult–Fiction2024
I Kick and I Fly af Ruchira GuptaYoung Adult–Fiction2024
The Moonlit Vine af Elizabeth SantiagoYoung Adult–Fiction2024
All the Fighting Parts af Hannah V. SawyerrYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Nightbirds af Kate J. ArmstrongYoung Adult–Fiction2024
The Making of Yolanda La Bruja af Lorraine AvilaYoung Adult–Fiction2024
To Shape a Dragon's Breath af Moniquill BlackgooseYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Warrior Girl Unearthed af Angeline BoulleyYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Dear Medusa: (A Novel in Verse) af Olivia A. ColeYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Huda F Cares? af Huda FahmyYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Those Pink Mountain Nights af Jen FergusonYoung Adult–Fiction2024
The Second Death of Edie and Violet Bond af Amanda GlazeYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Throwback af Maurene GooYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Rust in the Root af Justina IrelandYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Mall Goth af Kate LethYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Forever Is Now af Mariama J. LockingtonYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Enter the Body af Joy McCulloughYoung Adult–Fiction2024
A Long Stretch of Bad Days af Mindy McGinnisYoung Adult–Fiction2024
The Luis Ortega Survival Club af Sonora ReyesYoung Adult–Fiction2024
The Queens of New York af E. L. ShenYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Harvest House af Cynthia Leitich SmithYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Didn't See That Coming af Jesse Q. SutantoYoung Adult–Fiction2024
16 & Pregnant af LaLa ThomasYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Nigeria Jones af Ibi ZoboiYoung Adult–Fiction2024
Inaugural Ballers: The True Story of the First US Women's Olympic Basketball Team af Andrew MaranissYoung Adult–Nonfiction2024
You or Someone You Love: Reflections from an Abortion Doula af Hannah MatthewsYoung Adult–Nonfiction2024
From Here af Luma MuflehYoung Adult–Nonfiction2024
Our Red Book: Intimate Histories of Periods, Growing & Changing af Rachel Kauder NalebuffYoung Adult–Nonfiction2024
Child of the Flower-Song People: Luz Jiménez, Daughter of the Nahua af Gloria AmescuaEarly Readers–Fiction2023
The Turquoise Room / El Cuarto Turquesa (English and Spanish Edition) af Monica BrownEarly Readers–Fiction2023
Smile, Sophia af Amann SkylaarEarly Readers–Fiction2023
I Love My Body Because af Shelly AnandEarly Readers–Fiction2023
The Katha Chest af Radhiah ChowdhuryEarly Readers–Fiction2023
Everything in Its Place: A Story of Books and Belonging af Pauline David-SaxEarly Readers–Fiction2023
Maya and the Beast af Maya GabeiraEarly Readers–Fiction2023
Berry Song af Michaela GoadeEarly Readers–Fiction2023
This Book Is Not for You! af Shannon HaleEarly Readers–Fiction2023
Twas the Night Before Pride af Joanna McClintickEarly Readers–Fiction2023
Loujain Dreams of Sunflowers af Uma Mishra-NewberyEarly Readers–Fiction2023
A Sky-Blue Bench af Bahram RahmanEarly Readers–Fiction2023
What I Am af Divya SrinivasanEarly Readers–Fiction2023
The Me I Choose To Be af Natasha Anastasia TarpleyEarly Readers–Fiction2023
A History of Me af Adrea TheodoreEarly Readers–Fiction2023
Herizon af Daniel W. VandeverEarly Readers–Fiction2023
I Love You Because I Love You af Muon Thi VanEarly Readers–Fiction2023
I Love My Beautiful Hair af Elissa WenttEarly Readers–Fiction2023
Phoenix Gets Greater af Marty Wilson-TrudeauEarly Readers–Fiction2023
Three little Vikings af Bethan WoollvinEarly Readers–Fiction2023
Mama's Home af Shay YoungbloodEarly Readers–Fiction2023
Yes! No!: A First Conversation about Consent af Megan MadisonEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
The Astronomer Who Questioned Everything: The Story of Maria Mitchell af Laura AlaryEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Splash! Ethelda Bleibtrey Makes Waves of Change af Elisa BoxerEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Not Done Yet: Shirley Chisholm's Fight for Change af Tameka Fryer BrownEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight: Patsy Takemoto Mink and the Fight for Title IX af Jen BryantEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Choosing Brave: How Mamie Till-Mobley and Emmett Till Sparked the Civil Rights Movement af Angela JoyEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Taking Off: Airborne with Mary Wilkins Ellis af Emily Arnold McCullyEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Sanctuary: Kip Tiernan and Rosie's Place, the Nation's First Shelter for Women af Christine McDonnellEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Breaking through the clouds : the sometimes turbulent life of meteorologist Joanne Simpson af Sandra NickelEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Mae Makes a Way: The True Story of Mae Reeves, Hat & History Maker af Olugbemisola Rhuday-PerkovichEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
The Girl Who Could Fix Anything: Beatrice Shilling, World War II Engineer af Mara RockliffEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
A Perfect Fit: How Lena “Lane” Bryant Changed the Shape of Fashion af Mara RockliffEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Sweet Justice: Georgia Gilmore and the Montgomery Bus Boycott af Mara RockliffEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
A Storm of Horses (The Ruth Sanderson Collection) af Ruth SandersonEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Stitch by Stitch: Elizabeth Hobbs Keckly Sews Her Way to Freedom af Connie Schofield-MorrisonEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
A Life of Service: The Story of Senator Tammy Duckworth af Christina SoontornvatEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
The Tower of Life: How Yaffa Eliach Rebuilt Her Town in Stories and Photographs af Chana StiefelEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Finding My Dance af Ria ThundercloudEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
Mama in Congress: Rashida Tlaib's Journey to Washington af Rashida TlaibEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
One Wish: Fatima Al-Fihri and the World's Oldest University af M. O. YukselEarly Readers–Nonfiction2023
A Seed in the Sun af Aida SalazarMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Thirst af Varsha BajajMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Shine On, Luz Véliz! af Rebecca BalcárcelMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Caprice af Coe BoothMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Dream, Annie, Dream af Waka T. BrownMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Swim Team af Johnnie ChristmasMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Across a Field of Starlight af Blue DelliquantiMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Rima's Rebellion: Courage in a Time of Tyranny af Margarita EngleMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Alice Austen Lived Here af Alex GinoMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Shirley and Jamila's Big Fall af Gillian GoerzMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
The Secret Diary of Mona Hasan af Salma HussainMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
A Kind of Spark af Elle McNicollMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Candidly Cline af Kathryn OrmsbeeMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Frizzy af Claribel A. OrtegaMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Tumble af Celia C. PérezMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
The Kaya Girl af Mamle WoloMiddle Grade–Fiction2023
Speak Up, Speak Out!: The Extraordinary Life of Fighting Shirley Chisholm af Tonya BoldenMiddle Grade–Nonfiction2023
You Know, Sex: Bodies, Gender, Puberty, and Other Things af Cory SilverbergMiddle Grade–Nonfiction2023
Star Child: A Biographical Constellation of Octavia Estelle Butler af Ibi ZoboiMiddle Grade–Nonfiction2023
Vinyl Moon af Mahogany L. BrowneYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Confessions of an Alleged Good Girl af Joya GoffneyYoung Adult–Fiction2023
TJ Powar Has Something to Prove af Jesmeen Kaur DeoYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Billboard (Breakbeat Poets) af Natalie Y. MooreYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Well, That Was Unexpected af Jesse Q. SutantoYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Inheritance: A Visual Poem af Elizabeth AcevedoYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Hollow Fires af Samira AhmedYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Harley Quinn: Reckoning af Rachael AllenYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Scout's Honor af Lily AndersonYoung Adult–Fiction2023
No Stopping Us Now af Lucy Jane BledsoeYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Dauntless af Elisa A. BonninYoung Adult–Fiction2023
How to Succeed in Witchcraft af Aislinn BrophyYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Medusa af Jessie BurtonYoung Adult–Fiction2023
A Thousand Steps into Night af Traci CheeYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Color of the Sky Is the Shape of the Heart af ChesilYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Does My Body Offend You? af Mayra CuevasYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Book Eaters af Sunyi DeanYoung Adult–Fiction2023
That's Debatable af Jen DollYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The One True Me and You af Remi K. EnglandYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Huda F Are You? af Huda FahmyYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Summer of Bitter and Sweet af Jen FergusonYoung Adult–Fiction2023
My Mechanical Romance af Alexene Farol FollmuthYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Other Ever Afters af Melanie GillmanYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Even When Your Voice Shakes af Ruby Yayra GokaYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Gaps af Leanne HallYoung Adult–Fiction2023
We Deserve Monuments af Jas HammondsYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Lawless Spaces af Corey Ann HayduYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Clark and Division af Naomi HiraharaYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Silence that Binds Us af Joanna HoYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Lost Dreamer af Lizz HuertaYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Red Palace af June HurYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Girls in Queens af Christine Kandic TorresYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Murder for the Modern Girl af Kendall KulperYoung Adult–Fiction2023
One for All af Lillie LainoffYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Sugar Town Queens af Malla NunnYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea af Axie OhYoung Adult–Fiction2023
How You Grow Wings af Rimma OnosetaYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Little Thieves af Margaret OwenYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Lia and Beckett's Abracadabra af Amy Noelle ParksYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Lesbiana's Guide to Catholic School af Sonora ReyesYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Ghosts of Rose Hill af R. M. RomeroYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Wash Day Diaries af Jamila RowserYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Travelers Along the Way: A Robin Hood Remix af Aminah Mae SafiYoung Adult–Fiction2023
The Other Merlin af Robyn SchneiderYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Breathe and Count Back from Ten af Natalia SylvesterYoung Adult–Fiction2023
This Place Is Still Beautiful af XiXi TianYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Nothing Burns as Bright as You af Ashley WoodfolkYoung Adult–Fiction2023
Toufah af Toufah JallowYoung Adult–Nonfiction2023
Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands af Kate BeatonYoung Adult–Nonfiction2023
Unbound: My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too Movement af Tarana BurkeYoung Adult–Nonfiction2023
Black Internet Effect (Pocket Change Collective) af Shavone CharlesYoung Adult–Nonfiction2023
Gender Inequality in Sports: From Title IX to World Titles af Kirstin Cronn-MillsYoung Adult–Nonfiction2023
Movements & Moments af Sonja EismannYoung Adult–Nonfiction2023
Girls That Never Die: Poems af Safia ElhilloYoung Adult–Nonfiction2023
Fine: A Comic About Gender af Rhea EwingYoung Adult–Nonfiction2023
Fat Girls Hiking: An Inclusive Guide to Getting Outdoors at Any Size or Ability af Summer Michaud-SkogYoung Adult–Nonfiction2023
Bless the Daughter Raised by a Voice in Her Head: Poems af Warsan ShireYoung Adult–Nonfiction2023
Crying in the Bathroom: A Memoir af Erika L. SánchezYoung Adult–Nonfiction2023
Laxmi's Mooch af Shelly Anand2022
Firekeeper's Daughter af Angeline Boulley2022
Bodies Are Cool af Tyler Feder2022
Somebody's Daughter: A Memoir af Ashley C. Ford2022
Sistersong af Lucy Holland2022
If I Go Missing af Brianna Jonnie2022
Last Night at the Telegraph Club af Malinda Lo2022
The Big Bath House af Kyo Maclear2022
So Many Beginnings: A Little Women Remix af Bethany C. Morrow2022
Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century af Alice Wong2022
Perfectly Parvin af Olivia Abtahi2022
Misfit in Love af S. K. Ali2022
The Wild Ones af Nafiza Azad2022
Letters from Cuba af Ruth Behar2022
Jane Against the World: Roe v. Wade and the Fight for Reproductive Rights af Karen Blumenthal2022
Chlorine Sky af Mahogany L. Browne2022
Indelible Ann: The Larger-Than-Life Story of Governor Ann Richards af Meghan P. Browne2022
One Great Lie af Deb Caletti2022
Muted af Tami Charles2022
Sharice’s Big Voice: A Native Kid Becomes a Congresswoman af Sharice Davids2022
A Girl Named Rosita: The Story of Rita Moreno: Actor, Singer, Dancer, Trailblazer! af Anika Aldamuy Denise2022
Legendborn af Tracy Deonn2022
Period. End of Sentence. af Anita Diamant2022
Ida B. the Queen: The Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Ida B. Wells af Michelle Duster2022
Ten Little Dumplings af Larissa Fan2022
The Life I'm In af Sharon G. Flake2022
Curls af Ruth Forman2022
The Gilded Ones af Namina Forna2022
Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms af Crystal Frasier2022
Shaped By Her Hands: Potter Maria Martinez (She Made History) af Anna Harber Freeman2022
Grace Banker and Her Hello Girls Answer the Call: The Heroic Story of WWI Telephone Operators af Claudia Friddell2022
Lobizona af Romina Garber2022
Off the Record af Camryn Garrett2022
How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe af Raquel Vasquez Gilliland2022
The Woman All Spies Fear: Code Breaker Elizebeth Smith Friedman and Her Hidden Life af Amy Butler Greenfield2022
Secrets of the Sea: The Story of Jeanne Power, Revolutionary Marine Scientist af Evan Griffith2022
Legacy: Women Poets of the Harlem Renaissance af Nikki Grimes2022
Samira Surfs af Rukhsanna Guidroz2022
Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts af Rebecca Hall2022
Ambitious Girl af Meena Harris2022
The Lost Girls af Sonia Hartl2022
The Curie Society af Janet Harvey2022
The Ones We're Meant to Find af Joan He2022
Mamie on the Mound: A Woman in Baseball's Negro Leagues af Leah Henderson2022
This Will Be Funny Someday af Katie Henry2022
The True Story of a Mouse who Never Asked for It af Ana Cristina Herreros2022
Rolling Warrior: The Incredible, Sometimes Awkward, True Story of a Rebel Girl on Wheels Who Helped Spark a Revolution af Judith E. Heumann2022
Eyes That Kiss in the Corners af Joanna Ho2022
Rissy No Kissies af Katey Howes2022
The Forest of Stolen Girls af June Hur2022
Ocean Speaks: How Marie Tharp Revealed the Ocean's Biggest Secret af Jess Keating2022
Poison Ivy: Thorns af Kody Keplinger2022
Amina's Song af Hena Khan2022
Walking in Two Worlds af Wab Kinew2022
Josie Dances af Denise Lajimodiere2022
She Caught the Light: Williamina Stevens Fleming: Astronomer af Kathryn Lasky2022
The Fearless Flights of Hazel Ying Lee af Julie Leung2022
Like Other Girls af Britta Lundin2022
Being You: A First Conversation About Gender af Megan Madison2022
Mighty Justice: The Untold Story of Civil Rights Trailblazer Dovey Johnson Roundtree (Young Readers' Edition) af Katie McCabe2022
We Wait for the Sun af Katie McCabe2022
We Can Be Heroes af Kyrie McCauley2022
Across the Pond af Joy McCullough2022
We Are the Ashes, We Are the Fire af Joy McCullough2022
Nubia: Real One af L. L. McKinney2022
The Mirror Season af Anna-Marie McLemore2022
Latinitas: Celebrating 40 Big Dreamers af Juliet Menéndez2022
Stella's Stellar Hair af Yesenia Moises2022
One of the Good Ones af Maika Moulite2022
Thirty Talks Weird Love af Alessandra Narvaez Varela2022
The Stuff Between the Stars: How Vera Rubin Discovered Most of the Universe af Sandra Nickel2022
Wanda af Sihle Nontshokweni2022
Beautifully Me af Nabela Noor2022
Gimme Everything You Got af Iva-Marie Palmer2022
Summer of Brave af Amy Noelle Parks2022
Not Here to Be Liked af Michelle Quach2022
Own Your Period: A Fact-filled Guide to Period Positivity af Chella Quint2022
The Library Bus af Bahram Rahman2022
Your Mama af NoNieqa Ramos2022
Maryam’s Magic: The Story of Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani af Megan Reid2022
Send a Girl!: The True Story of How Women Joined the FDNY af Jessica M. Rinker2022
Private Lessons af Cynthia Salaysay2022
Corazon Aquino (Little People, BIG DREAMS (43)) af Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara2022
Don't Judge Me af Lisa Schroeder2022
Chasing the Truth: A Young Journalist's Guide to Investigative Reporting: Young Readers Edition af Ruby Shamir2022
The Girls I've Been af Tess Sharpe2022
Classified: The Secret Career of Mary Golda Ross, Cherokee Aerospace Engineer af Traci Sorell2022
I Sang You Down from the Stars af Tasha Spillett-Sumner2022
Between Two Worlds: The Art & Life of Amrita Sher-Gil (3) (Amazing Women) af Meera Sriram2022
Artie and the Wolf Moon af Olivia Stephens2022
Bea Is for Blended af Lindsey Stoddard2022
Drawn That Way af Elissa Sussman2022
Nina: A Story of Nina Simone af Traci N. Todd2022
The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy af Anne Ursu2022
More Than Fluff af Madeline Valentine2022
When We Make It af Elisabet Velasquez2022
Little Witch Hazel: A Year in the Forest af Phoebe Wahl2022
Ottilie Colter and the Narroway Hunt af Rhiannon Williams2022
In One Ear and Out the Other: Antonia Brico and her Amazingly Musical Life (Amazing Women) af Diane Worthey2022
The Prettiest af Brigit Young2022
Last Gamer Standing af Katie Zhao2022
Iron Widow af Xiran Jay Zhao2022
Clap When You Land af Elizabeth Acevedo2021
Red Hood af Elana K. Arnold2021
Consent (for Kids!): Boundaries, Respect, and Being in Charge of YOU af Rachel Brian2021
Say Her Name af Zetta Elliott2021
The Women Who Caught The Babies: A Story of African American Midwives af Eloise Greenfield2021
Every Body Looking af Candice Iloh2021
It Began with a Page: How Gyo Fujikawa Drew the Way af Kyo Maclear2021
Know My Name: A Memoir af Chanel Miller2021
Ritu Weds Chandni af Ameya Narvankar2021
Ruth Objects: The Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Big Words) af Doreen Rappaport2021
Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know af Samira Ahmed2021
The Companion af Katie Alender2021
Lizzie Demands a Seat!: Elizabeth Jennings Fights for Streetcar Rights af Beth Anderson2021
Grasping Mysteries: Girls Who Loved Math af Jeannine Atkins2021
How Women Won the Vote: Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and Their Big Idea af Susan Campbell Bartoletti2021
All the Way to the Top: How One Girl's Fight for Americans with Disabilities Changed Everything af Annette Bay Pimentel2021
Cinderella is Dead af Kalynn Bayron2021
Sofia Valdez, Future Prez af Andrea Beaty2021
Changing the Equation: 50 US Black Women in STEM af Tonya Bolden2021
Fighting Words af Kimberly Brubaker Bradley2021
Black Girl Unlimited af Echo Brown2021
Girl, Unframed af Deb Caletti2021
Shirley Chisholm (You Should Meet) af Laurie Calkhoven2021
How to Be a Girl in the World af Caela Carter2021
Finish the Fight! The Brave and Revolutionary Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote af Veronica Chambers2021
The Power of Her Pen: The Story of Groundbreaking Journalist Ethel L. Payne af Lesa Cline-Ransome2021
A Girl in Three Parts af Suzanne Daniel2021
I Can Make This Promise af Christine Day2021
Gravity af Sarah Deming2021
Lifting as We Climb: Black Women's Battle for the Ballot Box af Evette Dionne2021
She Came to Slay: The Life and Times of Harriet Tubman af Erica Armstrong Dunbar2021
Dress Coded af Carrie Firestone2021
Cubs in the Tub: The True Story of the Bronx Zoo's First Woman Zookeeper af Candace Fleming2021
Go, Girls, Go! af Frances Gilbert2021
Almost American Girl: An Illustrated Memoir af Robin Ha2021
Revenge of the Red Club af Kim Harrington2021
Awesome artists : 15 women who made their mark on the world af Kari Herbert2021
The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned to Read af Rita Lorraine Hubbard2021
The International Day of the Girl: Celebrating Girls Around the World (CitizenKid) af Jessica Dee Humphreys2021
The Silence of Bones af June Hur2021
Grown af Tiffany D. Jackson2021
Body Talk: 37 Voices Explore Our Radical Anatomy af Kelly Jensen2021
A Girl Like Me af Angela Johnson2021
This Is My America af Kim Johnson2021
You Should See Me in a Crown af Leah Johnson2021
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Baby Feminists Too af Libby Babbott-Klein2020
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Full Cicada Moon af Marilyn HiltonMiddle Grade–Fiction2016
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Lumberjanes Vol. 2: Friendship to the Max af ND StevensonMiddle Grade–Fiction2016
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My Notorious Life af Kate Manning2015
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Dear Malala, We Stand with You af Rosemary McCarney2015
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Women's right to vote af Peter Benoit2015
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Insecure at Last: Losing It in Our Security-Obsessed World af Eve EnslerGr. 10-up2008
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Ayaan af Ayaan Hirsi AliGr. 10-up2008
The Cliff House Strangler af Shirley TallmanGr. 10-up2008
Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman's Guide to Why Feminism Matters af Jessica ValentiGr. 10-up2008
Civil War Doctor: The Story of Mary Walker (Social Critics and Reformers) af Carla JoinsonGr. 4-62008
Marie Curie af Kathleen KrullGr. 4-62008
Rickshaw Girl af Mitali PerkinsGr. 4-72008
Jyotirmayee Mohapatra (Young Heroes) af Adam WoogGr. 4-72008
Victoria Woodhull: Fearless Feminist (Trailblazer Biographies) af Kate HavelinGr. 4-82008
Silent in an Evil Time: The Brave War of Edith Cavell af Jack BattenGr. 5-82008
War, Women, and the News: How Female Journalists Won the Battle to Cover World War II af Catherine GourleyGr. 5-82008
In Their Shoes: Extraordinary Women Describe Their Amazing Careers af Deborah ReberGr. 5-82008
The Case of the Left-Handed Lady af Nancy SpringerGr. 5-82008
Jeannette Rankin: Political Pioneer af Gretchen WoelfleGr. 5-82008
Up Close: Rachel Carson, Environmentalist af Ellen S. LevineGr. 6-92008
Fearless af Tim LottGr. 7-102008
The Plain Janes af Cecil CastellucciGr. 7-122008
Uprising af Margaret Peterson HaddixGr. 7-122008
Anahita's Woven Riddle af Meghan Nuttall SayresGr. 7-122008
Women Who Write af Stefan BollmannGr. 8-122008
Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature af Robin BrandeGr. 8-122008
A Nameless Witch af A. Lee MartinezGr. 9-up2008
Yatandou af Gloria WhelanGr. K-22008
Hiromi's Hands af Lynne BaraschK-32008
Princess Pigsty af Cornelia FunkePreK-22008
Rough, Tough Charley af Verla KayPreK-Gr. 22008
Anne Hutchinson's Way af Jeannine AtkinsPreK-Gr. 32008
Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen af Cari BestAges 3-72007
Iranske erindringer af Shirin EbadiGr. 10-122007
How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America: Freedom, Politics and the War on Sex af Cristina PageGr. 10-122007
The Whole World Was Watching: Living in the Light of Matthew Shepard af Romaine PattersonGr. 10-122007
Abigail Adams: First Lady of the American Revolution (Ready-to-Read. Level 3) af Patricia LakinGr. 2-42007
The 19th Amendment (We the People: Modern America) af Michael BurganGr. 3-52007
Hayley Wickenheiser: Born to Play af Elizabeth EtueGr. 3-62007
You Come to Yokum af Carol Otis HurstGr. 3-62007
The Paper Bag Princess 25th Anniversary Edition: The Story Behind the Story af Robert MunschGr. 3-62007
Freedom Cannot Rest: Ella Baker and the Civil Rights Movement af Lisa Frederiksen BohannonGr. 4-72007
Regarding the Trees af Kate KliseGr. 4-72007
Jeannette Rankin: First Lady of Congress af Trish MarxGr. 4-72007
Mella and the N'anga: An African Tale af Gail NyokaGr. 4-72007
Nature's Machines: The Story of Biomechanist Mimi Koehl (Women's Adventures in Science) af Deborah ParksGr. 4-72007
The Dream-Maker's Magic af Sharon ShinnGr. 4-72007
The Case of the Missing Marquess af Nancy SpringerGr. 4-72007
That Girl Lucy Moon af Amy TimberlakeGr. 4-72007
Gloria Steinem: Champion of Women's Rights (Signature Lives) af Nancy Garhan AtteburyGr. 5-82007
The Girls' Guide to Life: Take charge of your personal life, your school time, your social scene, and much more! af Catherine DeeGr. 5-82007
Flight or Fight (Jane Ray's Wildlife Rescue Series) af Diane HaynesGr. 5-82007
Women of the Roaring Twenties af Clarice SwisherGr. 5-82007
Frances Perkins: First Woman Cabinet Member (20th Century Leaders) af Emily KellerGr. 6-102007
Something Out of Nothing: Marie Curie and Radium af Carla Killough McClaffertyGr. 6-102007
El Lector af William DurbinGr. 6-92007
Ladies First: 40 Daring American Women Who Were Second to None af Elizabeth Cody KimmelGr. 6-92007
The Rhyming Season af Edward AverettGr. 7-102007
Oh Danny Boy af Rhys BowenGr. 7-102007
My Last Skirt: The Story of Jennie Hodgers, Union Soldier af Lynda DurrantGr. 7-102007
Jane Addams: Champion of Democracy af Judith Bloom FradinGr. 7-102007
Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet af Kashmira ShethGr. 7-102007
Wind Rider af Susan WilliamsGr. 7-102007
Stolen Voices af Ellen Dee DavidsonGr. 7-112007
The Amethyst Road af Louise SpieglerGr. 7-112007
Winning the Vote: The Triumph of the American Woman Suffrage Movement af Robert P. J. Cooney Jr.Gr. 7-122007
The Matchless Six: The Story of Canada's First Women's Olympic Team af Ron HotchkissGr. 7-122007
Wintersmith af Terry PratchettGr. 7-122007
Firehorse af Diane Lee WilsonGr. 9-112007
I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You af Ally CarterGr. 9-122007
Sold af Patricia McCormickGr. 9-122007
The Burning Time af Robin MorganGr. 9-122007
Dear Miss Breed af Joanne OppenheimGr. 9-122007
American Social Movements - The Abortion Rights Movement (American Social Movements) af Meghan PowersGr. 9-122007
A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life af Dana ReinhardtGr. 9-122007
A Hunt for Justice: The True Story of a Woman Undercover Wildlife Agent af Lucinda SchroederGr. 9-122007
Julia Morgan Built a Castle af Celeste Davidson MannisK-Gr. 32007
Marvelous Mattie: How Margaret E. Knight Became an Inventor af Emily Arnold McCullyK-Gr. 32007
Meggie Moon af Elizabeth BaguleyPreS-Gr. 22007
Abbie in Stitches af Cynthia CottenPreS-Gr. 22007
The Best Beekeeper of Lalibela: A Tale from Africa af Cristina KesslerPreS-Gr. 22007
Of Numbers and Stars: The Story of Hypatia af D. Anne LovePreS-Gr. 22007
Keep Climbing, Girls af Beah E. RichardsPreS-Gr. 22007
Berenice Abbott, Photographer: An Independent Vision af George SullivanYoung Adult2007
Grassroots: A Field Guide for Feminist Activism af Jennifer BaumgardnerGr. 10-122006
A Bad Woman Feeling Good: Blues and the Women Who Sing Them af Buzzy JacksonGr. 10-122006
Mama Went to Jail for the Vote af Kathleen KarrGr. 2-42006
I Could Do That!: Esther Morris Gets Women the Vote af Linda Arms WhiteGr. 2-42006
Operation Clean Sweep af Darleen Bailey BeardGr. 3-62006
How the Amazon Queen Fought the Prince of Egypt af Tamara BowerGr. 3-62006
From Rags to Riches: A History of Girls' Clothing in America af Leslie SillsGr. 3-72006
Diary of a Fairy Godmother af Esme Raji CodellGr. 4-72006
Getting in the Game af Dawn FitzGeraldGr. 4-72006
Hillary Rodham Clinton (A&E Print Biography) af Joann Bren GuernseyGr. 4-72006
The Day Joanie Frankenhauser Became a Boy af Francess Lin LantzGr. 4-72006
Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You af Dorian CirroneGr. 7-102006
Mira, Mirror af Mette HarrisonGr. 7-102006
Sangeren af Jean ThesmanGr. 7-102006
Let Me Play: The Story of Title IX: The Law That Changed the Future of Girls in America af Karen BlumenthalGr. 7-122006
The Secret Under My Skin af Janet McNaughtonGr. 7-122006
Our Eleanor: A Scrapbook Look at Eleanor Roosevelt's Remarkable Life af Candace FlemingGr. 8-122006
The No-Nonsense Guide to Women's Rights af Nikki van der GaagGr. 8-122006
Midnight Assassin: A Murder in America's Heartland af Patricia L. BryanGr. 9-122006
Obsessive Genius: The Inner World of Marie Curie af Barbara GoldsmithGr. 9-122006
Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her af Melanie RehakGr. 9-122006
Adrienne Rich af Amy SickelsGr. 9-122006
Alice Walker: A Life af Evelyn C. WhiteGr. 9-122006
The Pirate Meets the Queen af Matt FaulknerGr. K-22006
Amelia to Zora: Twenty-Six Women Who Changed the World af Cynthia Chin-LeeGr. K-42006
Punxsutawney Phyllis af Susanna Leonard HillPreS-Gr. 22006
A fire engine for Ruthie af Lesléa NewmanPreS-Gr. 22006
The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq af Jeanette WinterPreS-Gr. 22006
Catching the Moon: The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream af Crystal HubbardPreS-Gr. 32006
Levende brændt af SouadGr. 10-122005
Women Who Fly af Lynn HomanGr. 3-72005
A Woman for President: The Story of Victoria Woodhull af Kathleen KrullGr. 3-72005
Feminism (Ideas of the Modern World) af Kaye StearmanGr. 3-72005
Madam President: The Extraordinary, True (and Evolving) Story of Women in Politics af Catherine ThimmeshGr. 3-72005
Great Women Leaders af Heather BallGr. 5-92005
The Education of Patience Goodspeed af Heather Vogel FrederickGr. 5-92005
Mable Riley: A Reliable Record of Humdrum, Peril, and Romance af Marthe JocelynGr. 5-92005
Nancy Pelosi (Women in Politics) af Hal MarcovitzGr. 5-92005
En hat fuld af himmel af Terry PratchettGr. 5-92005
Becoming Naomi León af Pam Muñoz RyanGr. 5-92005
The Shadows of Ghadames af Joelle StolzGr. 5-92005
My Guardian Angel af Sylvie WeilGr. 5-92005
Chu Ju's House af Gloria WhelanGr. 5-92005
Society Sisters : Stories of Women Who Fought for Social Justice in America af Catherine GourleyGr. 6-92005
Restless Genius: The Story of Virginia Woolf af Virginia BrackettGr. 7-102005
Hymnernes Hersker: Chanters of Tremaris (1) af Kate ConstableGr. 7-102005
The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big, Round Things af Carolyn MacklerGr. 7-102005
No Horizon Is So Far: Two Women And Their Extraordinary Journey Across Antarctica af Liv ArnesenGr. 7-122005
Bobbie Rosenfeld: The Olympian Who Could Do Everything af Anne DublinGr. 7-122005
The Garden af Elsie V. AidinoffGr. 9-122005
All-Night Party: The Women of Bohemian Greenwich Village and Harlem, 1913-1930 af Andrea BarnetGr. 9-122005
Girls Rock!: Fifty Years of Women Making Music af Mina CarsonGr. 9-122005
The Fattening Hut af Pat Lowery CollinsGr. 9-122005
The Raging Grannies: Wild Hats, Cheeky Songs, and Witty Actions for a Better World af Carole RoyGr. 9-122005
Birds of a Feather af Jacqueline WinspearGr. 9-122005
The Princess Knight af Cornelia FunkeGr. K-32005
Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen af Marissa MossGr. K-32005
Elena's Serenade af Campbell GeeslinPreS-Gr. 22005
Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving af Laurie Halse AndersonGr. 1-52004
Bitches, Bimbos, and Ballbreakers: The Guerrilla Girls' Illustrated Guide to Female Stereotypes af Guerrilla GirlsGr. 10-122004
Honor Lost: Love and Death in Modern-Day Jordan af Norma KhouriGr. 10-122004
It Can't Be Done, Nellie Bly!: A Reporter's Race Around the World af Nancy ButcherGr. 2-52004
A Library for Juana: The World of Sor Juana Ines af Pat MoraGr. 2-52004
The Woods Scientist (Scientists in the Field) af Stephen SwinburneGr. 2-52004
Amelia Earhart: More than a Flier (Ready-To-Read: Level 3) af Patricia LakinGr. 3-52004
Judy Moody Saves the World! af Megan McDonaldGr. 3-52004
Mother to Tigers af George Ella LyonGr. 3-62004
Amelia Earhart: Legend of Flight af Lynda PfluegerGr. 3-62004
Luba: The Angel of Bergen-Belsen af Luba Tryszynska-FrederickGr. 3-82004
Wings and Rockets: The Story of Women in Air and Space af Jeannine AtkinsGr. 4-102004
The Puppeteer's Apprentice af D. Anne LoveGr. 4-62004
Rodzina af Karen CushmanGr. 4-72004
Rabble Rousers: Twenty American Women Who Made a Difference af Cheryl HarnessGr. 4-82004
For Freedom: The Story of a French Spy af Kimberly Brubaker BradleyGr. 5-92004
Super Women in Science af Kelly DiDomenicoGr. 5-92004
Fight On!: Mary Church Terrell's Battle for Integration af Dennis Brindell FradinGr. 5-92004
The Whale Rider af Witi IhimaeraGr. 5-92004
Secrets in the Fire af Henning MankellGr. 5-92004
De små blå mænd : en fortælling fra Diskverden af Terry PratchettGr. 5-92004
Gilbert & Sullivan Set Me Free af Kathleen KarrGr. 6-92004
A Northern Light af Jennifer DonnellyGr. 7-102004
Uncommon Faith af Trudy KrisherGr. 7-102004
Inanna: From the Myths of Ancient Sumer af Kim EchlinGr. 7-up2004
Keeping You a Secret af Julie Anne PetersGr. 8-122004
Atta Girl!: A Celebration of Women in Sport af Alexandra Powe AllredGr. 9-122004
Behind Every Choice Is a Story af Gloria FeldtGr. 9-122004
Womankind: Faces of Change Around the World af Donna NebenzahlGr. 9-122004
Persepolis af Marjane SatrapiGr. 9-122004
Women in Pants: Manly Maidens, Cowgirls, and Other Renegades af Catherine SmithGr. 9-122004
Girl Wonder: A Baseball Story in Nine Innings af Deborah HopkinsonGr. K-32004
The Daring Nellie Bly: America's Star Reporter af Bonnie ChristensenGr. PreS-32004
Players in Pigtails af Shana CoreyGr. PreS-32004
They Called Her Molly Pitcher af Anne RockwellGrades 1-32003
Far beyond the garden gate : Alexandra David-Neel's journey to Lhasa af Don BrownGrades 3-62003
Talkin' about Bessie: The Story of Aviator Elizabeth Coleman af Nikki GrimesGrades 3-62003
Bull's-Eye: A Photobiography of Annie Oakley af Sue MacyGrades 3-62003
Under the Ice: A Marine Biologist at Work af Kathy ConlanGrades 3-72003
A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson af Michelle Y. GreenGrades 4-72003
The Shrouding Woman af Loretta EllsworthGrades 4-82003
The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed af Heather Vogel FrederickGrades 4-82003
Together Apart af Dianne GrayGrades 4-82003
Scholastic Encyclopedia Of Women af Sheila KeenanGrades 5-122003
Hannah, Divided af Adele GriffinGrades 5-72003
Rejsen til Amazonas af Eva IbbotsonGrades 5-82003
Numbering All the Bones af Ann RinaldiGrades 5-82003
Jericho Walls af Kristi CollierGrades 5-92003
The Strength of Saints af A. LaFayeGrades 5-92003
The Sky's the Limit: Stories of Discovery by Women and Girls af Catherine ThimmeshGrades 5-92003
Bloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary "Jacky" Faber, Ship's Boy af L. A. MeyerGrades 6-102003
Daughter of Venice af Donna Jo NapoliGrades 6-102003
33 Things Every Girl Should Know About Women's History: From Suffragettes to Skirt Lengths to the E.R.A. af Tonya BoldenGrades 6-122003
Ashes of Roses af Mary Jane AuchGrades 6-92003
Where the Action Was: Women War Correspondents in World War II af Penny ColmanGrades 6-92003
Fannie Lou Hamer: Fighting for the Right to Vote af Laura Baskes LitwinGrades 6-92003
Ms. the story of Gloria Steinem af Elizabeth WheatonGrades 6-92003
Simply Alice af Phyllis Reynolds NaylorGrades 7-102003
Lucy the Giant af Sherri L. SmithGrades 7-102003
Blue Jean: What Young Women are Thinking, Saying, and Doing af Sherry S. HandelGrades 7-122003
Sticks and Stones af Beth GoobieGrades 8-122003
The Ropemaker af Peter DickinsonGrades 9-122003
Zoya's Story: An Afghan Woman's Struggle for Freedom af John FollainGrades 9-122003
No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and the Future of Women af Estelle FreedmanGrades 9-122003
Daisy Comes Home af Jan BrettGrades K-32003
School Picture Day af Lynn PlourdeGrades K-32003
The Red Wolf af Margaret ShannonGrades K-32003
Girls A to Z af Eve BuntingGrades PreS-22003
Dahlia af Barbara McClintockGrades PreS-22003
I Want to Be a Cowgirl af Jeanne WillisGrades PreS-22003
Ruby's Wish af Shirin Yim BridgesGrades PreS-32003
Down Cut Shin Creek: The Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky af Kathi AppeltIntermediate2002
Aria of the Sea af Dia CalhounIntermediate2002
The Breadwinner af Deborah EllisIntermediate2002
Fiesta Femenina: Celebrating Women in Mexican Folktale af Mary-Joan GersonIntermediate2002
Find Where The Wind Goes: Moments From My Life af Mae JemisonIntermediate2002
The Color of My Words af Lynn JosephIntermediate2002
Girls Got Game: Sports Stories and Poems af Sue MacyIntermediate2002
Black Angels af Rita MurphyIntermediate2002
Let It Shine: Stories of Black Women Freedom Fighters af Andrea Davis PinkneyIntermediate2002
Cowgirls af Candace SavageIntermediate2002
At the Sign of the Star af Katherine SturtevantIntermediate2002
The Serpent Slayer: and Other Stories of Strong Women af Katrin TchanaIntermediate2002
Some Kind of Pride af Maria TestaIntermediate2002
Love, Ruby Lavender af Deborah WilesIntermediate2002
Fly High!: The Story of Bessie Coleman af Louise BordenPicture Books2002
A Voice From the Wilderness: The Story of Anna Howard Shaw af Don BrownPicture Books2002
Olivia Saves the Circus af Ian FalconerPicture Books2002
First Painter af Kathryn LaskyPicture Books2002
The Caged Birds of Phnom Penh af Frederick LippPicture Books2002
Freedom School, Yes! af Amy LittlesugarPicture Books2002
Brave Harriet: The First Woman to Fly the English Channel af Marissa MossPicture Books2002
Only Passing Through: The Story of Sojourner Truth af Anne RockwellPicture Books2002
The Other Side af Jacqueline WoodsonPicture Books2002
When Esther Morris Headed West: Women, Wyoming, and the Right to Vote af Connie Nordhielm WooldridgePicture Books2002
Nobody Particular: One Woman's Fight to Save the Bays af Molly BangYoung Adult2002
Hope Was Here af Joan BauerYoung Adult2002
Things I Have To Tell You: Poems and Writings by Teenage Girls af Betsy FrancoYoung Adult2002
A History of Basketball for Girls and Women: From Bloomers to Big Leagues af Joanne LanninYoung Adult2002
Women with Wings af Jacqueline McLeanYoung Adult2002
Night Flying af Rita MurphyYoung Adult2002
A Step From Heaven af An NaYoung Adult2002
The Other Side of Truth af Beverley NaidooYoung Adult2002
Yentl's Revenge: The Next Wave of Jewish Feminism af Danya RuttenbergYoung Adult2002
In Real Life: Six Women Photographers af Leslie SillsYoung Adult2002
The Edge on the Sword af Rebecca TingleYoung Adult2002
Learning To Swim af Ann Warren TurnerYoung Adult2002


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