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Awarded by the English-Speaking Union of the United States
The ESU Ambassador Book Awards (ABA) recognize important literary works that contribute to the understanding and interpretation of American vis mere life and culture. ABA winners become 'literary ambassadors' providing people around the world with an important window on America's past and present in the best contemporary English.
Awards have been made since 1986 in a variety of categorie
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Winner 115

Henrietta Lacks' udødelige liv af Rebecca SklootAmerican Studies2011
The Publisher: Henry Luce and His American Century af Alan BrinkleyBiography/Autobiography2011
The Collected Stories of Deborah Eisenberg af Deborah EisenbergFiction2011
Every Riven Thing: Poems af Christian WimanPoetry2011
The Memory Chalet af Tony JudtSpecial Distinction Award2011
Dancing in the Dark: A Cultural History of the Great Depression af Morris DicksteinAmerican Studies2010
The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan: A History of the End of the Cold War af James MannAmerican Studies2010
Louis D. Brandeis: A Life af Melvin I. UrofskyBiography/Autobiography2010
Lad kun verden tumle sig : roman af Colum McCannFiction2010
Mercury Dressing: Poems af J. D. McClatchyPoetry2010
Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original af Robin D. G. KelleySpecial Distinction Award2010
A Summer of Hummingbirds: Love, Art, and Scandal in the Intersecting Worlds of Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Martin Johnson Heade af Christopher BenfeyAmerican Studies2009
A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir af Donald WorsterBiography/Autobiography2009
The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How The War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals af Jane MayerCurrent Affairs2009
Dangerous Laughter: Thirteen Stories af Steven MillhauserFiction2009
Old War: Poems af Alan ShapiroPoetry2009
Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics af Rebecca SolnitAmerican Studies2008
Prime Green: Remembering the Sixties af Robert StoneAutobiography2008
Edith Wharton af Hermione LeeBiography2008
Den modvillige fundamentalist af Mohsin HamidFiction2008
Blackbird and Wolf: Poems af Henri ColePoetry2008
The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl af Timothy EganAmerican Studies2007
The Afterlife af Donald AntrimAutobiography2007
The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher af Debby ApplegateBiography2007
Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq af Thomas E. RicksCurrent Affairs2007
The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel af Amy HempelFiction2007
Averno: Poems af Louise GlückPoetry2007
A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America af Stacy SchiffAmerican Studies2006
American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer af Kai BirdBiography/Autobiography2006
Liberation af Joanna ScottFiction2006
Migration: New & Selected Poems af W. S. MerwinPoetry2006
Washington's Crossing af David Hackett FischerAmerican Studies2005
de Kooning: An American Master af Mark StevensBiography/Autobiography2005
Gilead af Marilynne RobinsonFiction2005
Collected Poems af Donald JusticePoetry2005
They Marched Into Sunlight: War and Peace Vietnam and America October 1967 af David MaranissAmerican Studies2004
Hawthorne: A Life af Brenda WineappleBiography/Autobiography2004
The Time of Our Singing af Richard PowersFiction2004
Collected Poems af Robert LowellPoetry2004
In the Devil's Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692 af Mary Beth NortonAmerican Studies2003
Jesse James, Last Rebel of the Civil War af T. J. StilesBiography/Autobiography2003
Middlesex af Jeffrey EugenidesFiction2003
Springing: New and Selected Poems af Marie PonsotPoetry2003
Carry Me Home: Birmingham, Alabama, the Climactic Battle of the Civil Rights Revolution af Diane McWhorterAmerican Studies2002
John Adams af David McCulloughBiography/Autobiography2002
Empire Falls af Richard RussoFiction2002
The Darkness and the Light: Poems af Anthony HechtPoetry2002
In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex af Nathaniel PhilbrickAmerican Studies2001
The Chief: the Life of William Randolph Hearst af David NasawBiography/Autobiography2001
The Angel on the Roof: The Stories of Russell Banks af Russell BanksFiction2001
American Poetry: The Twentieth Century, Volume One: Henry Adams to Dorothy Parker af Robert HassPoetry2001
American Poetry: The Twentieth Century, Volume Two: E. E. Cummings to May Swenson af Robert HassPoetry2001
Freedom from Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945 af David M. KennedyAmerican Studies2000
Morgan: American Financier af Jean StrouseBiography/Autobiography2000
Close Range af Annie ProulxFiction2000
Vita Nova af Louise GlückPoetry2000
Slaves in the Family af Edward BallAmerican Studies1999
N. C. Wyeth: A Biography af David MichaelisBiography/Autobiography1999
Jeg blev gift med en kommunist af Philip RothFiction1999
The Collected Poems of Robert Penn Warren af Robert Penn WarrenPoetry1999
American Visions: The Epic History of Art in America af Robert HughesAmerican Studies1998
Burning the Days: Recollection af James SalterAutobiography1998
American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson af Joseph J. EllisBiography1998
Underworld af Peter ConradFiction1998
Underverden : roman af Don DeLilloFiction1998
Black Zodiac: Poems af Charles WrightPoetry1998
God and the American Writer af Alfred KazinSpecial Prize1998
Undaunted Courage af Stephen E. AmbroseAmerican Studies1997
Taking on the World: Joseph and Stewart Alsop, Guardians of the American Century af Robert W. MerryBiography/Autobiography1997
In the Beauty of the Lilies af John UpdikeFiction1997
The Figured Wheel: New and Collected Poems, 1966-1996 af Robert PinskyPoetry1997
Moving Violations af John HockenberryAmerican Studies1996
Walt Whitman's America: A Cultural Biography af David S. ReynoldsBiography/Autobiography1996
All the days and nights: the collected stories af William MaxwellFiction1996
Atlantis: Poems by af Mark DotyPoetry1996
The Liars' Club: A Memoir af Mary KarrSpecial Award1996
Speak Now Against The Day: The Generation Before the Civil Rights Movement in the South af John EgertonAmerican Studies1995
No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II af Doris Kearns GoodwinBiography/Autobiography1995
The Collected Stories af Grace PaleyFiction1995
Like Most Revelations af Richard HowardPoetry1995
W. E. B. Du Bois, 1868-1919: Biography of a Race af David Levering LewisBiography/Autobiography1994
The Oracle at Stoneleigh Court : Stories af Peter TaylorFiction1994
Tesserae and Other Poems af John HollanderPoetry1994
Up in the Old Hotel af Joseph MitchellAmerican Arts & Letters1993
Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America af Garry WillsAmerican Studies1993
Archibald MacLeish; an American Life af Scott DonaldsonBiography/Autobiography1993
Outerbridge Reach af Robert Stone1993
The Journals of John Cheever af John CheeverAmerican Arts & Letters1992
The Crisis Years: Kennedy and Khrushchev, 1960-1963 af Michael R. BeschlossAmerican Studies1992
Woodrow Wilson af August HeckscherBiography/Autobiography1992
A Thousand Acres af Jane SmileyFiction1992
American Views: Essays on American Art af John WilmerdingSpecial Prize1992
The House of Barrymore af Margot PetersAmerican Arts & Letters1991
New York Life: Of Friends and Others af Brendan GillAmerican Studies1991
The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance af Ron ChernowBiography/Autobiography1991
Killing Mister Watson af Peter MatthiessenFiction1991
The Writing Life af Annie DillardAmerican Arts & Letters1990
Among Schoolchildren af Tracy KidderAmerican Studies1990
This Boy's Life af Tobias WolffBiography/Autobiography1990
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All af Allan GurganusFiction1990
At Home: Essays 1982-1988 af Gore VidalAmerican Arts & Letters1989
A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam af Neil SheehanAmerican Studies1989
Parting the Waters: America in the King Years 1954–63 af Taylor BranchBiography/Autobiography1989
Her hvor jeg ringer fra : 34 noveller af Raymond CarverFiction1989
The Collected Prose af Robert LowellAmerican Arts & Letters1988
Miami af Joan DidionAmerican Studies1988
Many Masks: A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright af Brendan GillBiography/Autobiography1988
Forfængelighedens bål af Tom WolfeFiction1988
Cities on a Hill: A Brilliant Exploration of Visonary Communities Remaking the American Dream af Frances FitzGeraldAmerican Studies1987
The Cycles of American History af Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.American Studies1987
The Life of Langston Hughes. Volume 1, 1902–1941, I, Too, Sing America af Arnold RampersadBiography/Autobiography1987
Roger's Version af John UpdikeFiction1987
The Story of English af Robert McCrumSpecial Citation1987
Lake Wobegon Days af Garrison KeillorFiction1986
Turist ved et tilfælde af Anne TylerFiction1986


Awarded by the English-Speaking Union of the United States
The ESU Ambassador Book Awards (ABA) recognize important literary works that contribute to the understanding and interpretation of American life and culture. ABA winners become 'literary ambassadors' providing people around the world with an important window on America's past and present in the best contemporary English.
Awards have been made since 1986 in a variety of categorie
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