Children's Favorites AwardsSelection1992-1994

Given by The Children's Book Council

Andre Navne: Children's Choice Book Award (Engelsk), ILA Children's Choices Reading List (Engelsk), Children's Book Choice Selction - International Reading Association (Engelsk), Children's Book Council Children's Choice Book Award for Author of the Year (Engelsk), Children's Choice Book Award Nominee for Teen Choice Book of the Year (Engelsk), ILA-CBC Children's Choice (Engelsk), IRA Children's Choice (Engelsk), IRA Children's Choices Reading List (Engelsk), IRA-CBC Children's Choice (Engelsk), Kids' Choice Book Awards (Engelsk)
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Children's Choices Reading List

Children’s Choices is a reading list with a twist, in which children themselves evaluate the books and write reviews of their favorites. Since 1974, Children’s vis mere Choices has been a trusted source of book recommendations used by teachers, librarians, parents, and children themselves.

The project is cosponsored by the International Literacy Association and the Children’s Book Council.

Goals  Give young readers an opportunity to voice their opinions about books written for them  Develop an annual annotated reading list of new books that young readers enjoy  Help teachers, librarians, booksellers, parents, and others find books that will encourage young readers to read more

Children’s Choices began as an annual joint project of the International Literacy Association (ILA) and the Children’s Book Council (CBC) in 1974. Each year, approximately 10,000 children (grades K–6) from different regions of the United States read and choose 100 favorites from books donated by North American children’s book publishers.
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Selection 230

More Kids' Favorite Books: A Compilation of Children's Choices 1992-1994 af No Author StatedRecursively included1992-1994
Happy Thanksgiving Rebus (Viking Kestrel picture books) af David A. Adler1992-1994
Go Hang a Salami! I'm a Lasagna Hog!: and Other Palindromes af Jon Agee1992-1994
The Jolly Christmas Postman af Janet Ahlberg1992-1994
John F. Kennedy (Just the Facts Biographies) af Catherine Corley Anderson1992-1994
Christopher Columbus af Joan Anderson1992-1994
De tre Bukke Bruse af Peter Christen Asbjørnsen1992-1994
The Easter Egg Farm af Mary Jane Auch1992-1994
Peeping Beauty af Mary Jane Auch1992-1994
Old Black Fly af Jim Aylesworth1992-1994
No Plain Pets! af Marc Ian Barasch1992-1994
Did You Hear about Amber? (Surviving Sixteen) af Cherie Bennett1992-1994
Wonders of Science af Melvin Berger1992-1994
The Super Book of Baseball af Ron Berler1992-1994
A Southern Time Christmas af Robert Bernardini1992-1994
Klart skib! af Stephen Biesty1992-1994
Pearl Harbor! (World War II 50th Anniversary Series) af Wallace B. Black1992-1994
Children's Classics to Read Aloud (Classic Collections) af Edward Blishen1992-1994
Hidden Pictures af Linda Bolton1992-1994
Planes of the Aces af Joan Bowden1992-1994
Walt Disney's 101 Dalmatians with Pictures From The Movie af Ann Braybrooks1992-1994
Clifford, We Love You af Norman Bridwell1992-1994
The Random House Book of How Things Were Built af David J. Brown1992-1994
Where's the Bus? af Eileen Browne1992-1994
Arthur Babysits af Marc Brown1992-1994
Arthur Meets the President: An Arthur Adventure (Arthur Adventure Series) af Marc Brown1992-1994
Summer Wheels af Eve Bunting1992-1994
Light (Eyewitness Books) af David Burnie1992-1994
Coast to Coast af Betsy Byars1992-1994
Today Is Monday af Eric Carle1992-1994
How Do You Say It Today, Jesse Bear? af Nancy White Carlstrom1992-1994
Spill!: The Story of the Exxon Valdez af Terry Carr1992-1994
175 More Science Experiments to Amuse and Amaze Your Friends af Terry Cash1992-1994
Pets Of The Presidents af Janet Caulkins1992-1994
Making Books (Information books - project books) af Gillian Chapman1992-1994
A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History af Lynne Cherry1992-1994
The Kingfisher Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals af Michael Chinery1992-1994
From Sea to Shining Sea A Treasury of American Folklore and Folk Songs af Amy L. Cohn1992-1994
Black Rage: Malcolm X (People in Focus) af David R. Collins1992-1994
Granny Greenteeth and the Noise in the Night af Joanne Compton1992-1994
Window on the Deep: The Adventures of Underwater Explorer Sylvia Earle (New England Aquarium Books) af Andrea Conley1992-1994
Matter (Eyewitness Books) af Christopher Cooper1992-1994
My Co-star, My Enemy (Hollywood Wars) af Ilene Cooper1992-1994
Talking With Artists: Volume 1 af Pat Cummings1992-1994
When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth af Jamie Lee Curtis1992-1994
Don't Read This Book, Whatever You Do!: More Poems About School af Kalli Dakos1992-1994
Manatee (On Location) af Kathy Darling1992-1994
Birds (First Discovery Books) af Claude Delafosse1992-1994
Whales (First Discovery Books) af Claude Delafosse1992-1994
Inside the Whale and Other Animals af Ted Dewan1992-1994
Kristi Yamaguchi: Artist on Ice (Achievers) af Shiobhan Donohue1992-1994
Don't Blink Now! Capturing the Hidden World of Sea Creatures af Ann Downer1992-1994
The Willow Pattern Story (A North-South Paperback) af Allan Drummond1992-1994
How to Be Cool in the Third Grade af Betsy Duffey1992-1994
Aunt Isabel Tells a Good One af Kate Duke1992-1994
Go Away, Big Green Monster! af Ed Emberley1992-1994
No Milk! af Jennifer A. Ericsson1992-1994
On the Tracks of Dinosaurs af James Orville Farlow1992-1994
Macmillan Animal Encyclopedia for Children af Roger Few1992-1994
In the Tall, Tall Grass af Denise Fleming1992-1994
How On Earth Do We Recycle Paper? af Helen Jill Fletcher1992-1994
George Washington's Mother af Jean Fritz1992-1994
The Moon of the Alligators af Jean Craighead George1992-1994
The Moon of the Gray Wolves af Jean Craighead George1992-1994
The Moon of the Mountain Lions af Jean Craighead George1992-1994
Whales af Gail Gibbons1992-1994
What's on the Menu? af Bobbye S. Goldstein1992-1994
Diane Goode's Book of Silly Stories & Songs af Diane Goode1992-1994
Bingo af Beth Goodman1992-1994
Two Badd Babies af Jeffie Ross Gordon1992-1994
Die for Me (An Avon Flare Book) af Carol Gorman1992-1994
Gobble!: The Complete Book of Thanksgiving Words af Lynda Graham-Barber1992-1994
An Alligator Named... Alligator af Lois G. Grambling1992-1994
Slombo the Gross af Rodney Alan Greenblat1992-1994
The Old Ladies Who Liked Cats af Carol Greene1992-1994
The Man behind the Magic: The Story of Walt Disney af Katherine Greene1992-1994
Easy To See Why af Fred Gwynne1992-1994
175 Amazing Nature Experiments af Rosie Harlow1992-1994
Somebody Catch My Homework af David L. Harrison1992-1994
Westward Ho Ho Ho! (A Laugh-Aloud Puffin) af Victoria Hartman1992-1994
Knock! Knock! af Jacqui Hawkins1992-1994
Dad's Dinosaur Day af Diane Dawson Hearn1992-1994
Mama, Let's Dance af Patricia Hermes1992-1994
Tiger, Tiger, Growing Up af Joan Hewett1992-1994
Wind in the Long Grass: A Collection of Haiku af William J. Higginson1992-1994
Honey I Blew Up The Kid af B.B. Hiller1992-1994
Rising Voices: Writings of Young Native Americans af Arlene Hirschfelder1992-1994
Mona the Brilliant af Sonia Holleyman1992-1994
Sea Squares af Joy N. Hulme1992-1994
Ships: Sailors and the Sea af Richard Humble1992-1994
Cranberries af William Jaspersohn1992-1994
The Dog Who Found Christmas af Linda Jennings1992-1994
Worm's Eye View af Kipchak Johnson1992-1994
The Battle of Lexington and Concord af Neil Johnson1992-1994
Mistakes that Worked: 40 Familiar Inventions and How They Came to Be af Charlotte Foltz Jones1992-1994
Nature's Deadly Creatures af Frances Jones1992-1994
The Happy Hippopotami af Bill Martin, Jr.1992-1994
Civil War! af James I. Robertson Jr.1992-1994
The Christmas Witch af Steven Kellogg1992-1994
Jack and the Beanstalk af Steven Kellogg1992-1994
The Children's Space Atlas af Robin Kerrod1992-1994
Anansi Goes Fishing af Eric A. Kimmel1992-1994
Custer af Deborah King1992-1994
The Bear that Heard Crying af Natalie Kinsey-Warnock1992-1994
Junglebogen (book 1) af Rudyard Kipling1992-1994
The Sierra Club Book of Great Mammals af Linsay Knight1992-1994
Aunt Elaine Does the Dance from Spain af Leah Komaiko1992-1994
George Washington: The Man Who Would Not Be King af Stephen Krensky1992-1994
Roseanne Arnold: Comedy's Queen Bee (Achievers) af Katherine E. Krohn1992-1994
Gonna Sing My Head Off! American Folk Songs for Children af Kathleen Krull1992-1994
The Children's Animal Atlas af David Lambert1992-1994
Inside Story (Lighter Look Book) af Mike Lambourne1992-1994
Earthquake,Lampton,4-6,Gateway (Disaster! Book) af Christopher Lampton1992-1994
Insect Attack (Disaster! Book) af Christopher Lampton1992-1994
Volcano af Christopher Lampton1992-1994
Rumpelstiltskin af Jonathan Langley1992-1994
The Three Bears and Goldilocks af Jonathan Langley1992-1994
Good Days, Bad Days af National Football League1992-1994
Smart Dog af Ralph Leemis1992-1994
Best Enemies Again af Kathleen Leverich1992-1994
American Museum of Natural History: Tyrannosaurus af William Lindsay1992-1994
Voices of the Wild af Jonathan London1992-1994
The Giver af Lois Lowry1992-1994
Rosie's Baby Tooth af Maryann MacDonald1992-1994
Crosstown (An Avon Flare Book) af Kathryn Makris1992-1994
Chain Letter (The Baby-Sitters Club) af Ann M. Martin1992-1994
Now Everybody Really Hates Me af Jane Read Martin1992-1994
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? af Bill Martin Jr.1992-1994
Saving Endangered Mammals af Thane Maynard1992-1994
Meet Tricky Coyote! (Native American Trickster Tales) af Gretchen Will Mayo1992-1994
Somewhere Between Life and Death af Lurlene McDaniel1992-1994
Paper Magic af Ormond McGill1992-1994
The Worst Day I Ever Had af Fred McMane1992-1994
In a Cabin in a Wood af Darcie McNally1992-1994
The Sierra Club Book of Weatherwisdom af Vicki McVey1992-1994
Martha Speaks af Susan Meddaugh1992-1994
Amanda's Perfect Hair af Linda Milstein1992-1994
The Magic: Earvin Johnson af Bill Morgan1992-1994
Earthquake in the Third Grade af Laurie Myers1992-1994
Alice in April af Phyllis Reynolds Naylor1992-1994
All But Alice af Phyllis Reynolds Naylor1992-1994
King of the Playground af Phyllis Reynolds Naylor1992-1994
Magnification: A Pop-Up Lift-the-Flap Book af Beth B. Norden1992-1994
Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers af Laura Numeroff1992-1994
If You Give a Moose a Muffin af Laura Joffe Numeroff1992-1994
American Tall Tales af Mary Pope Osborne1992-1994
Rosa Parks: My Story af Rosa Parks1992-1994
The Courage of Magic Johnson af Peter Pascarelli1992-1994
The Kingfisher Children's Encyclopedia af John Paton1992-1994
Dogteam af Gary Paulsen1992-1994
Nightjohn af Gary Paulsen1992-1994
The River af Gary Paulsen1992-1994
Big Green Book af Fred Pearce1992-1994
Sam's Surprise af David Pelham1992-1994
Discovering Christopher Columbus: How History Is Invented af Kathy Pelta1992-1994
People in Art af Anthea Peppin1992-1994
It Happened in America: True Stories from the Fifty States af Lila Perl1992-1994
Cinderella Penguin, or, The Little Glass Flipper af Janet Perlman1992-1994
The Rainbow Fish af Marcus Pfister1992-1994
One Hundred Hungry Ants af Elinor Pinczes1992-1994
Thirteen: 13 Tales of Horror by 13 Masters of Horror af Tonya Pines1992-1994
Alone in the House af Edmund Plante1992-1994
Chicken Sunday af Patricia Polacco1992-1994
Mrs. Katz and Tush af Patricia Polacco1992-1994
Some Birthday! af Patricia Polacco1992-1994
Meet Addy: An American Girl af Connie Porter1992-1994
For Laughing Out Loud: Poems to Tickle Your Funnybone af Jack Prelutsky1992-1994
The Holiday Handwriting School af Robin Pulver1992-1994
Kris Kross Krazy af Anne M. Raso1992-1994
Ruby the Copycat af Peggy Rathmann1992-1994
Moonshiner's Son af Carolyn Reeder1992-1994
Hakeem Olajuwon: Tower of Power (The Achievers) af George R. Rekela1992-1994
Best Friends af Elisabeth Reuter1992-1994
Children in Art (The Story in a Picture) af Robin Richmond1992-1994
The Dog Who Had Kittens af Polly M. Robertus1992-1994
Shadow Theater (Rainy Days) af Denny Robson1992-1994
Monster Mama af Liz Rosenberg1992-1994
How Giraffe Got Such A Long Neck...and Why Rhino is So Grumpy af Michael Rosen1992-1994
Where on Earth: A Geografunny Guide to the Globe af Paul Rosenthal1992-1994
Trade-In Mother af Marisabina Russo1992-1994
Dogs Don't Tell Jokes af Louis Sachar1992-1994
Monkey Soup af Louis Sachar1992-1994
Ezra in Pursuit af Rosalyn Schanzer1992-1994
Who Are You? af John Schindel1992-1994
And the Green Grass Grew All Around: Folk Poetry from Everyone af Alvin Schwartz1992-1994
Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones af Alvin Schwartz1992-1994
The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales af Jon Scieszka1992-1994
Benjamin Bigfoot af Mary Serfozo1992-1994
BELLY'S DELI (REVIEW COPY) af R. L. Shafner1992-1994
Mrs. Bretsky's Bakery (The State of Punsylvania) af R. L. Shafner1992-1994
Sheep in a Shop af Nancy E. Shaw1992-1994
Sheep Out to Eat af Nancy E. Shaw1992-1994
I Am Really a Princess (Picture Puffins) af Carol Diggory Shields1992-1994
What Daddy Did af Neal Shusterman1992-1994
Our Solar System af Seymour Simon1992-1994
Nine O'Clock Lullaby af Marilyn Singer1992-1994
The Giant Zucchini af Catherine Siracusa1992-1994
Mickey & the Beanstalk af Teddy Slater1992-1994
Finding Buck McHenry af Alfred Slote1992-1994
The Bathwater Gang Gets Down to Business af Jerry Spinelli1992-1994
Coyote Steals the Blanket af Janet Stevens1992-1994
The Australian Echidna af Eleanor Stodart1992-1994
Alamo Across Texas af Jill Stover1992-1994
In-Line Skating: A Complete Guide For Beginners af George Sullivan1992-1994
Sluggers: Twenty-Seven Of Baseball's Greatest af George Sullivan1992-1994
Unsolved: Famous Real-Life Mysteries af George Sullivan1992-1994
Seven Little Hippos af Mike Thaler1992-1994
Volcano! (Nature's Disasters) af Margaret Thomas1992-1994
The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig af Eugene Trivizas1992-1994
The Widow's Broom af Chris Van Allsburg1992-1994
The Wretched Stone af Chris Van Allsburg1992-1994
The Earth and Sky (First Discovery Book) af Jean-Pierre Verdet1992-1994
Of Swans, Sugarplums and Satin Slippers: Ballet Stories for Children af Violette Verdy1992-1994
Hector's New Sneakers af A. Vesey1992-1994
Ghost Stories af Robert Westall1992-1994
Goodbye, Vietnam af Gloria Whelan1992-1994
Mummies and Their Mysteries af Charlotte Wilcox1992-1994
Vasilissa the Beautiful: A Russian Folktale af Elizabeth Winthrop1992-1994
Hiding Out: Camouflage in the Wild af Art Wolfe1992-1994
Silly Sally af Audrey Wood1992-1994
Piggies af Don Wood1992-1994
Storms: Nature's Fury (Wonderworks of Nature) af Jenny Wood1992-1994
The Ghost of Popcorn Hill af Betty Ren Wright1992-1994
Make a Splash! af T. Yardley1992-1994
Jane Yolen's Mother Goose Songbook af Jane Yolen1992-1994
Letting Swift River Go af Jane Yolen1992-1994
Christmas in July af Arthur Yorinks1992-1994
Pudmuddles af Carol Beach York1992-1994
Sports Cards (Collectibles) af Robert Young1992-1994
A Young Painter: The Life and Paintings of Wang Yani-- China's Extraordinary Young Artist af Zheng Zhensun1992-1994


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