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Why Book Awards? Reading and learning through books is a big part of the Please Touch Museum experience. Books help develop a life-long love of learning. For this reason, Please Touch Museum began vis mere honoring outstanding children’s literature with our very own Book Award. Please Touch Museum is proud to be the first children’s museum in the country to celebrate the wonderful world of children’s picture books. Since 1985, Please Touch Museum’s Book Awards have been unique in highlighting some of the best examples of storytelling for young children that help foster a life-long love of reading.  All book selections are distinguished in text, illustration, and ability to explore and clarify an idea or concept for young children 7 and under. The award was created to recognize and encourage the writing of publications that help young children enjoy the process of learning through books, while reflecting PTM’s philosophy of learning through play. The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation is the founding sponsor of PTM’s Book Award, Storybook Ball and Celebrate Stories Month. Judging The Book Award is given exclusively to children’s picture books published during the preceding year, and is judged by a diverse panel of qualified professionals.  Books are chosen by a panel of volunteer educators, booksellers, librarians, and children’s authors and illustrators in conjunction with museum staff as well as the ACES students. ACES is a teen enrichment program focusing on community services, education, and skill-building programs. The Kid’s Choice winners are chosen by hundreds of elementary school students in our target age range from area schools including those participating in PTM’s Books to Know, Books to Grow! program as well as young visitors that vote for their favorite stories on Election Day. History The first award was given in 1985 to just one book, What’s Inside? by Duanne Daughty, published by Knopf Books for Young Readers in 1984.  A decade later, in 1995, the Book Award expanded, and the decision was made to honor two books each year: one book for children ages 3 and under, and one book for children ages 4 to 7.  In 2012, PTM officially added the Kid’s Choice category to the Book Awards honoring My Side of the Car by Kate and Jules Feiffer and Where’s Walrus? by Stephen Savage.  Since its inception, PTM has proudly honored over 55 outstanding children’s picture books with the Book Award. vis mindre
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The Fly af Elise Gravel
[Disgusting Critters Series], Ages 6-72015
The Rat: The Disgusting Critters Series af Elise Gravel
[Disgusting Critters Series], Ages 6-72015
The Slug: The Disgusting Critters Series af Elise Gravel
[Disgusting Critters Series], Ages 6-72015
The Worm af Elise Gravel
[Disgusting Critters Series], Ages 6-72015
Countablock (Alphablock) af Christopher Franceschelli
Ages 2 & Under2015
Open This Little Book af Jesse Klausmeier
Ages 3 and Under2015
Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too af Anna Dewdney
Ages 3-52015
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks! af Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
Honorable Mention, Ages 3-52015
Buddy and the Bunnies in: Don't Play with Your Food! af Bob Shea
Kid's Choice2015
Inside Outside af Lizi Boyd
Ages 4 to 72014
Backseat A-B-See af Maria van Lieshout
Ages 3 and Under2013
Neville af Norton Juster
Ages 4 to 72013
Boy + Bot af Ame Dyckman
Kid's Choice2013
Listen to My Trumpet! af Mo Willems
Kid's Choice2013
Spring Is Here! af Will Hillenbrand
Ages 3 and Under2012
Immi's Gift af Karin Littlewood
Ages 4 to 72012
Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School af David Mackintosh
Ages 4 to 72012
My Side of the Car af Kate Feiffer
Kid's Choice2012
Where's Walrus? af Stephen Savage
Kid's Choice2012
Brontorina af James Howe
Ages 3 and Under2011
Interrupting Chicken af David Ezra Stein
Ages 4 to 72011
Higher! Higher! af Leslie Patricelli
Ages 3 and Under2010
Spoon af Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Ages 4 to 72010
Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? af Karen Beaumont
Ages 3 and Under2009
Zen Ties af Jon J. Muth
Ages 4 to 72009
Peanut Butter And Jellyfishes: A Very Silly Alphabet Book (Millbrook Picture Books) af Brian P. Cleary
Ages 3 and Under2008
Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners af Laurie Keller
Ages 4 to 72008
In the Fiddle Is a Song: A Lift-the-Flap Book of Hidden Potential af Durga Bernhard
Ages 3 and Under2007
I Love Our Earth af Bill Martin, Jr.
Ages 4 to 72007
Wiggle af Doreen Cronin
Ages 3 and Under2006
Kitten Red, Yellow, Blue af Peter Catalanotto
Ages 4 to 72006
Down on the Farm af Merrily Kutner
Ages 3 and Under2005
The Turn-Around, Upside-Down Alphabet Book af Lisa Campbell Ernst
Ages 4 to 72005
Babies on the Go af Linda Ashman
Ages 3 and Under2004
One Dark Night af Lisa Wheeler
Ages 4 to 72004
Hondo and Fabian af Peter McCarty
Ages 3 and Under2003
The Teddy Bear af David McPhail
Ages 4 to 72003
May There Always Be Sunshine af Jim Gill
Ages 3 and Under2002
Kiss the Cow! af Phyllis Root
Ages 4 to 72002
Cat and Mouse in the Snow af Tomasz Bogacki
Ages 3 and Under2001
Can You Do This, Old Badger? af Eve Bunting
Ages 4 to 72001
What Can You Do in the Rain? af Anna Grossnickle Hines
["What Can You Do" Series], Ages 3 and Under2000
What Can You Do in the Snow? af Anna Grossnickle Hines
["What Can You Do" Series], Ages 3 and Under2000
What Can You Do in the Sun? af Anna Grossnickle Hines
["What Can You Do" Series], Ages 3 and Under2000
What Can You Do in the Wind? af Anna Grossnickle Hines
["What Can You Do" Series], Ages 3 and Under2000
A-Hunting We Will Go! af Steven Kellogg
Ages 4 to 72000
My Very First Mother Goose af Iona Opie
Ages 3 and Under1998
Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp af Carol Diggory Shields
Ages 4 to 71998
Follow the Leader af Miela Ford
Ages 3 and Under1997
Baboon af Kate Banks
Ages 4 to 71997
Bear Play af Miela Ford
Ages 3 and Under1996
Sail Away af Donald Crews
Ages 4 to 71996
Prize in the Snow af Bill Easterling
Ages 3 and Under1995
Hippity Hop, Frog on Top af Natasha Wing
Ages 4 to 71995
Arnold always answers af Deborah Kotter
Ages 3 and Under1994
Fiddle-I-Fee: A Farmyard Song for the Very Young [Adapted by Melissa Sweet] af Melissa Sweet
Ages 3 and Under1993
In the Tall, Tall Grass af Denise Fleming
Ages 3 and Under1992
Maisy Goes to Bed af Lucy Cousins
Ages 3 and Under1991
Have You Ever Seen: An ABC Book af Beau Gardner
Honorable Mention, Ages 3 and Under1991
Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs af Byron Barton
Ages 3 and Under1990
Hello, Clouds af Dalia Hardof Renberg
Honorable Mention, Ages 3 and Under1990
Who's Sick Today? af Lynne Cherry
Ages 3 and Under1989
Claude and Sun af Matt Novak
Ages 3 and Under1988
Who's Counting af Nancy Tafuri
Ages 3 and Under1987
Is It Larger? Is It Smaller? af Tana Hoban
Ages 3 and Under1986
What's Inside? af Duanne Daughtry
Ages 3 and Under1985
No Fits, Nilson! af Zachariah OHora
Kid's Choice, 2014; Honorable Mention, 2014


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