SCBWI Crystal Kite Award

Uddelt af Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)

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The annual Crystal Kite Award is a peer-given award to recognize great books from 15 Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) regional divisions around the world. vis mere


1. You must be a current member before submissions open to nominate your book.

2. Nominated books must be a PAL book first published within the previous calendar year. Click here for more information on PAL publishers.

3. Self-Published books cannot be nominated.

US Divisions
· California, Hawaii
· West (Washington, Northern Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota)
· Southwest (Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Southern Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico)
· Midwest (Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio)
· New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island)
· New York
· Texas, Oklahoma
· Atlantic (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland)
· Mid-South (Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana)
· Southeast (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama)

International Divisions
· UK, Ireland
· Middle East, India, Asia
· Canada
· Australia, New Zealand
· Other International
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Alle, 2023 (14), 2022 (15), 2021 (15), 2020 (14), 2019 (15), 2018 (14), 2017 (15), 2016 (14), 2015 (16), 2014 (15), 2013 (15), 2012 (15), 2011 (15), 2003 (1)
Bev and Kev af Katrina Germein
International: Australia/New Zealand2023
One Tiny Bubble: The Story of Our Last Universal Common Ancestor af Karen Krossing
International: Canada2023
Shoham's Bangle af Sarah Sassoon
International: Middle East/India/Asia2023
Bailey and Blanket af Emily House
International: Other2023
Call Me Lion af Camilla Chester
International: UK/Ireland2023
Mushroom Rain af Laura K. Zimmermann
US: Atlantic2023
Leo Lea af Monica Wesolowska
US: California/Hawaii2023
Big and Small and In-Between af Carter Higgins
US: Midsouth2023
Bathe the Cat af Alice B. McGinty
US: Midwest2023
That Egg Is Mine!: A Silly Story about Sharing (Duck and Cluck) af Liz Goulet Dubois
US: New England2023
Moon Tree af Carolyn Fraiser
US: Southeast2023
Dark on Light af Dianne White
US: Southwest2023
Baa, Baa Tap Sheep af Kenda Henthorn
US: Texas/Oklahoma2023
Namaste Is a Greeting af Suma Subramaniam
US: West2023
Heroes of the Secret Underground af Susanne Gervay
International: Australia/New Zealand2022
Tough Like Mum af Lana Button
International: Canada2022
The Stuff Between the Stars: How Vera Rubin Discovered Most of the Universe af Sandra Nickel
International: Europe/Latin America/Africa2022
Temple Alley Summer af Sachiko Kashiwaba
International: Middle East/India/Asia2022
The Bear and Her Book af Frances Tosdevin
International: UK/Ireland2022
A Place to Hang the Moon af Kate Albus
US: Atlantic2022
Hello, Star af Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic
US: California/Hawaii2022
I'll Meet You in Your Dreams af Jessica Young
US: Midsouth2022
Headstrong Hallie!: The story of Hallie Morse Daggett, the First Female "Fire Guard" af Aimée Bissonette
US: Midwest2022
Red, White, and Whole af Rajani LaRocca
US: New England2022
Dumplings for Lili af Melissa Iwai
US: New York2022
The Longest Letsgoboy af Derick Wilder
US: Southeast2022
Watercress af Andrea Wang
US: Southwest2022
Dark and Shallow Lies af Ginny Myers Sain
US: Texas/Oklahoma2022
The Last Cuentista af Donna Barba Higuera
US: West2022
How To Make A Bird af Meg McKinlay
International: Australia/New Zealand2021
Night Walk af Sara O'Leary
International: Canada2021
The Hungry Ghost af H. S. Norup
International: Europe/Latin America/Africa2021
The Last Garden af Rachel Ip
International: Middle East/India/Asia2021
Boy, Everywhere af A. M. Dassu
International: UK/Ireland2021
Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away af Meg Medina
US: Atlantic2021
Efren Divided af Ernesto Cisneros
US: California/Hawaii2021
The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned to Read af Rita Lorraine Hubbard
US: Midsouth2021
Old Rock (is not boring) af Deb Pilutti
US: Midwest2021
Let's Dance! af Valerie Bolling
US: New England2021
The Boy and the Gorilla af Jackie Azua Kramer
US: New York2021
The Little Blue Cottage af Kelly Jordan
US: Southeast2021
Midnight at the Barclay Hotel af Fleur Bradley
US: Southwest2021
Dusk Explorers af Lindsay Leslie
US: Texas/Oklahoma2021
The Starkeeper af Faith Pray
US: West2021
Catch a Falling Star af Meg McKinlay
International: Australia/New Zealand2020
Small World af Ishta Mercurio
International: Canada2020
Indigo Girl af Suzanne Kamata
International: Middle East/India/Asia2020
The Tide af Clare Helen Welsh
International: UK/Ireland2020
Hedy Lamarr's Double Life: Hollywood Legend and Brilliant Inventor af Laurie Wallmark
US: Atlantic2020
The Downstairs Girl af Stacey Lee
US: California/Hawaii2020
Poetree af Shauna LaVoy Reynolds
US: Midsouth2020
Just Like Rube Goldberg: The Incredible True Story of the Man Behind the Machines af Sarah Aronson
US: Midwest2020
The Bridge Home af Padma Venkatraman
US: New England2020
The Little Green Girl af Lisa Anchin
US: New York2020
The Boy Who Grew a Forest: The True Story of Jadav Payeng af Sophia Gholz
US: Southeast2020
Truman af Jean Reidy
US: Southwest2020
Her Own Two Feet: A Rwandan Girl's Brave Fight to Walk (Scholastic Focus) af Meredith Davis
US: Texas/Oklahoma2020
Ghost Cat af Kevan Atteberry
US: West2020
At the end of holyrood lane af Dimity Powell
International: Australia/New Zealand2019
The Outlaw af Nancy Vo
International: Canada2019
The Night Lion af Sanne Dufft
International: Europe/Latin America/Africa2019
The Clever Tailor [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 2017] Srividhya Venkat af Srividhya Venkat
International: Middle East/India/Asia2019
Orphan Monster Spy af Matt Killeen
International: UK/Ireland2019
Hawk Rising af Maria Gianferrari
US: Atlantic2019
She Made a Monster: How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein af Lynn Fulton
US: California/Hawaii2019
A Hippy-Hoppy Toad af Peggy Archer
US: Midsouth2019
The Rabbit Listened af Cori Doerrfeld
US: Midwest2019
The Rough Patch af Brian Lies
US: New England2019
Pies from Nowhere: How Georgia Gilmore Sustained the Montgomery Bus Boycott af Dee Romito
US: New York2019
Evangeline of the Bayou af Jan Eldredge
US: Southeast2019
The 11:11 Wish af Kim Tomsic
US: Southwest2019
The Boy, the Boat, and the Beast af Samantha M. Clark
US: Texas/Oklahoma2019
Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have a Horse af Marcy Campbell
US: West2019
My Beautiful Birds af Suzanne Del Rizzo
International: Canada2018
Read a Book with Me af Lawrence Schimel
International: Europe/Latin America/Africa2018
Yossi and the Monkeys: A Shavuot Story af Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod
International: Middle East/India/Asia2018
Mold and the Poison Plot af Lorraine Gregory
International: UK/Ireland2018
7 Ate 9: The Untold Story af Tara Lazar
US: Atlantic2018
Lost Boys af Darcey Rosenblatt
US: California/Hawaii2018
A Dog Like Daisy af Kristin O'Donnell Tubb
US: Midsouth2018
Blue Sky White Stars af Sarvinder Naberhaus
US: Midwest2018
This House, Once af Deborah Freedman
US: New England2018
Beastly Brains: Exploring How Animals Think, Talk, and Feel af Nancy Castaldo
US: New York2018
Mouse af Zebo Ludvicek
US: Southeast2018
If Your Monster Won't Go To Bed af Denise Vega
US: Southwest2018
The Youngest Marcher: The Story of Audrey Faye Hendricks, a Young Civil Rights Activist af Cynthia Levinson
US: Texas/Oklahoma2018
The Book of Mistakes af Corinna Luyken
US: West2018
Smile Cry: Happy or sad, wailing or glad - how do you feel today? af Tania McCartney
International: Australia/New Zealand2017
Stories of the Aurora (Dot to Dot in the Sky) af Joan Galat
International: Canada2017
The Magic Garden: Take a journey through the magical world of nature af Lemniscates
International: Europe/Latin America/Africa2017
Somewhere Among af Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu
International: Middle East/India/Asia2017
More of Me af Kathryn Evans
International: UK/Ireland2017
I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark af Debbie Levy
US: Atlantic2017
Antsy Ansel : Ansel Adams, a Life in Nature af Cindy Jenson-Elliott
US: California/Hawaii2017
Salt to the Sea af Ruta Sepetys
US: Midsouth2017
The Quickest Kid in Clarksville af Pat Zietlow Miller
US: Midwest2017
Fearless Flyer: Ruth Law and Her Flying Machine af Heather Lang
US: New England2017
Saving Kate's Flowers af Cindy Sommer
US: New York2017
Wish af Barbara O'Connor
US: Southeast2017
Space Boy and the Space Pirate af Dian Curtis Regan
US: Southwest2017
Tiny Stitches: The Life of Medical Pioneer Vivien Thomas af Gwendolyn Hooks
US: Texas/Oklahoma2017
The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle af Janet Fox
US: West2017
A is for Australia af Frané Lessac
International: Australia/New Zealand2016
A Brush Full of Colour: The World of Ted Harrison af Margriet Ruurs
International: Canada2016
The Safest Lie af Angela Cerrito
International: Europe/Latin America/Africa2016
Mind games af Teri Terry
International: UK/Ireland2016
Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine af Laurie Wallmark
US: Atlantic2016
Under a Painted Sky af Stacey Lee
US: California/Hawaii2016
Top Secret Files: World War II: Spies, Secret Missions, and Hidden Facts from World War II (Top Secret Files of History) af Stephanie Bearce
US: Midsouth2016
Wherever You Go af Pat Zietlow Miller
US: Midwest2016
Fish in a Tree af Lynda Mullaly Hunt
US: New England2016
The Truth About Twinkie Pie af Kat Yeh
US: New York2016
Outer Space Bedtime Race af Rob Sanders
US: Southeast2016
Audacity af Melanie Crowder
US: Southwest2016
Poet: The Remarkable Story of George Moses Horton af Don Tate
US: Texas/Oklahoma2016
If You Ever Want To Bring An Alligator To School, Don't! af Elise Parsley
US: West2016
Hello from nowhere af Raewyn Caisley
International: Australia/New Zealand2015
Bog af Karen Krossing
International: Canada2015
A Dance Like Starlight: One Ballerina’s Dream af Kristy Dempsey
International: Europe/Latin America/Africa2015
Petu Pumpkin: Tooth Troubles af Arundhati Venkatesh
International: Middle East/India/Asia2015
The Year of the Rat af Clare Furniss
International: UK/Ireland2015
Pandemic af Yvonne Ventresca
US: Atlantic2015
Bombs over Bikini: The World's First Nuclear Disaster (Nonfiction - Young Adult) af Connie Goldsmith
US: California/Hawaii2015
Hurricane Boy af Laura Roach Dragon
US: Midsouth2015
Faking Normal af Courtney C. Stevens
US: Midsouth2015
I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! af Jill Esbaum
US: Midwest2015
Feathers: Not Just for Flying af Melissa Stewart
US: New England2015
Sniffer Dogs: How Dogs (and Their Noses) Save the World af Nancy Castaldo
US: New York2015
Just a Drop of Water af Kerry O'Malley Cerra
US: Southeast2015
All Four Stars af Tara Dairman
US: Southwest2015
Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood af Varsha Bajaj
US: Texas/Oklahoma2015
Be a Changemaker: How to Start Something That Matters af Laurie Ann Thompson
US: West2015
Zac and Mia af A. J. Betts
International: Australia/New Zealand2014
I Dare You Not to Yawn af Helene Boudreau
International: Canada2014
Chick-o-Saurus Rex af Lenore and Daniel Jennewein
International: Europe/Latin America/Africa2014
Bonkers! af Natasha Sharma
International: Middle East/India/Asia2014
Shine af Candy Gourlay
International: UK/Ireland2014
The Flame in the Mist af Kit Grindstaff
US: Atlantic2014
The Kite that Bridged Two Nations: Homan Walsh and the First Niagara Suspension Bridge af Alexis O'Neill
US: California/Hawaii2014
The 13th Sign af Kristin O'Donnell Tubb
US: Midsouth2014
Sophie's Squash af Pat Zietlow Miller
US: Midwest2014
The Story of Fish and Snail af Deborah Freedman
US: New England2014
Crankenstein af Samantha Berger
US: New York2014
The Ballad of Jessie Pearl af Shannon Hitchcock
US: Southeast2014
Tea Rex af Molly Idle
US: Southwest2014
Army Camels: Texas Ships of the Desert af Doris Fisher
US: Texas/Oklahoma2014
Once Upon a Memory af Nina Laden
US: West2014
Ten tiny things af Meg McKinlay
International: Australia/New Zealand2013
The Stamp Collector af Jennifer Lanthier
International: Canada2013
The Magyar conspiracy af Neil Malherbe
International: Europe/Latin America/Africa2013
Samurai Awakening af Benjamin Martin
International: Middle East/India/Asia2013
15 Days Without a Head af Dave Cousins
International: UK/Ireland2013
Boy + Bot af Ame Dyckman
US: Atlantic2013
The One and Only Ivan af Katherine Applegate
US: California/Hawaii2013
The Dark Unwinding af Sharon Cameron
US: Midsouth2013
Creepy Carrots! af Aaron Reynolds
US: Midwest2013
See You at Harry's af Jo Knowles
US: New England2013
Capture the Flag af Kate Messner
US: New York2013
Glory Be af Augusta Scattergood
US: Southeast2013
How to Babysit a Grandpa af Jean Reagan
US: Southwest2013
Chained af Lynne Kelly
US: Texas/Oklahoma2013
Pickle: The (Formerly) Anonymous Prank Club of Fountain Point Middle School af Kim Baker
US: West2013
The last Viking af Norman Jorgensen
International: Australia/New Zealand2012
Witchlanders af Lena Coakley
International: Canada2012
Finding aunt Joan af Jenny Hatton
International: Europe/Latin America/Africa2012
Orchards af Holly Thompson
International: Middle East/India/Asia2012
Dark Parties af Sara Grant
International: UK/Ireland2012
The Absolute Value of Mike af Kathryn Erskine
US: Atlantic2012
Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku af Lee Wardlaw
US: California/Hawaii2012
Between Shades of Gray af Ruta Sepetys
US: Midsouth2012
Bluefish af Pat Schmatz
US: Midwest2012
Pearl af Jo Knowles
US: New England2012
Thelonious Mouse af Orel Protopopescu
US: New York2012
Cleopatra's Moon af Vicky Alvear Shecter
US: Southeast2012
Black and White: The Confrontation between Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth and Eugene "Bull" Connor af Larry Dane Brimner
US: Southwest2012
Mine! af Shutta Crum
US: Texas/Oklahoma2012
The Friendship Doll af Kirby Larson
US: West2012
There Was an Old Sailor af Claire Saxby
International: Australia/New Zealand2011
Stolen Girl af Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
International: Canada2011
A Kite's Flight af William Gumede
International: Europe/Latin America/Africa2011
Saraswati's Way af Monika Schröder
International: Middle East/India/Asia2011
Tall Story af Candy Gourlay
International: UK/Ireland2011
Mockingbird af Kathryn Erskine
US: Atlantic2011
The Quiet Book af Deborah Underwood
US: California/Hawaii2011
Selling Hope af Kristin O'Donnell Tubb
US: Midsouth2011
Janis Joplin: Rise Up Singing af Ann Angel
US: Midwest2011
Sugar and Ice af Kate Messner
US: New England2011
Bats at the Ballgame af Brian Lies
US: New York2011
Rosa's Bus af Jo S. Kittinger
US: Southeast2011
Swoon at Your Own Risk af Sydney Salter
US: Southwest2011
Mostly Monsterly af Tammi Sauer
US: Texas/Oklahoma2011
A Bedtime for Bear af Bonny Becker
US: West2011
Don't Look Back: A Memoir of War, Survival, and My Journey from Sudan to America af Achut Deng
US: New York2003


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