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Given by Western Writers of America Inc. (WWA)

Andre Navne: Golden Spur Award (Engelsk)
661 Works / 671 Items 93,608 Books 3,649 Reviews 4.0

Western Writers of America annually honors writers for distinguished writing about the American West with the Spur Awards. Since 1953 the Spur Awards have been considered one of the most prestigious

vis mere awards in American literature. Spurs are given for the best western historical novel, best western traditional novel, best western contemporary novel, best short story, best short nonfiction. Also, best contemporary nonfiction, best biography, best history, best juvenile fiction and nonfiction, best drama, best documentary, best poem, best song, best children’s picture book and best first novel as well as best first nonfiction book. vis mindre
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Winner 435

The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show af Casey Day RislovChildren's Picture Book2023
American Hero, Kansas Heritage: Frederick Funston's Early Years, 1865-1890 af Clyde W. TolandFirst Nonfiction Book2023
Before Billy the Kid af Melody GrovesWestern Biography2023
A Place of Thin Veil: Life and Death in Gallup, New Mexico af Bob RosebroughWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2023
Beasts of the Earth af James WadeWestern Contemporary Novel2023
Saving Yellowstone: Exploration and Preservation in Reconstruction America af Megan Kate NelsonWestern Historical Nonfiction2023
Properties of Thirst af Marianne WigginsWestern Historical Novel2023
Wish Upon a Crawdad af Curtis W. CondonWestern Juvenile Fiction2023
Joe Foss, Fighter Pilot: American Ace af Hector CurrielWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2023
Dead Man's Trail (A Carson Stone Western Book 1) af Nate MorganWestern Mass Market Paperback Novel2023
Proving Her Claim: On the Dakota Frontier af CK Van DamWestern Romance Novel2023
The Secret in the Wall af Ann ParkerWestern Traditional Novel2023
Charlie Russell and the Gnomes of Bull Head Lodge af Emily Crawford WilsonChildren's Picture Book2022
Public Waters: Lessons from Wyoming for the American West af Anne MacKinnonFirst Nonfiction Book2022
The Loving Wrath of Eldon Quint af Chase PlettsFirst Novel2022
The Forgotten Botanist: Sara Plummer Lemmon's Life of Science and Art af Wynne BrownWestern Biography2022
Defending the Arctic Refuge: A Photographer, an Indigenous Nation, and a Fight for Environmental Justice (Flows, Migrations, and Exchanges) af Finis DunawayWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2022
Dark Sky af C. J. BoxWestern Contemporary Novel2022
Cheyenne Summer: The Battle of Beecher Island: A History af Terry MortWestern Historical Nonfiction2022
Ridgeline: A Novel af Michael PunkeWestern Historical Novel2022
Cow Boyhood: The Adventures of Wilder Good #7 af S. J. DahlstromWestern Juvenile Fiction2022
This Side of Hell (A Widowmaker Jones Western) af Brett CogburnWestern Mass Market Paperback Novel2022
Imperfect Promise (Wheeler Publishing Large Print Softcover Western) af Susanna LaneWestern Romance Novel2022
The Loving Wrath of Eldon Quint af Chase PlettsWestern Traditional Novel2022
Nighthawk Rising: A Biography of Accused Cattle Rustler Queen Ann Bassett of Brown's Park af Diana Allen KourisBiography2020
The Pale-Faced Lie: A True Story af David CrowFirst Nonfiction Book2020
On Swift Horses: A Novel af Shannon PufahlFirst Novel2020
Someplace to Call Home af Sandra DallasJuvenile Fiction2020
Spotted Tail af David Heska Wanbli WeidenJuvenile Nonfiction2020
Cherokee America af Margaret VerbleTraditional Novel2020
Country Music: An Illustrated History af Dayton DuncanWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2020
On Swift Horses: A Novel af Shannon PufahlWestern Contemporary Novel2020
Lakota America: A New History of Indigenous Power af Pekka HämäläinenWestern Historical Nonfiction2020
Let 'er Buck!: George Fletcher, the People's Champion af Vaunda Micheaux NelsonWestern Storyteller2020
The Line Becomes a River: Dispatches from the Border af Francisco CantúFirst Nonfiction Book2019
The River by Starlight: A Novel af Ellen NotbohmFirst Novel2019
White Hat: The Military Career of Captain William Philo Clark af Mark J. NelsonWestern Biography2019
The Line Becomes a River: Dispatches from the Border af Francisco CantúWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2019
The Flicker of Old Dreams af Susan HendersonWestern Contemporary Novel2019
Native but foreign : indigenous immigrants and refugees in the North American borderlands af Brenden W. RensinkWestern Historical Nonfiction2019
River of Porcupines af G. K. AalborgWestern Historical Novel2019
Taos Lightning af Johnny D. BoggsWestern Juvenile Fiction2019
Hawke's War af Reavis Z. WorthamWestern Mass Market Paperback Novel2019
The Return of Kid Cooper af Brad SmithWestern Traditional Novel2019
Frank Little and the IWW: The Blood That Stained an American Family af Jane Little BotkinFirst Nonfiction Book2018
Double Wide af Leo W. BanksFirst Western Novel2018
Silver City: A Novel of the American West (A Cash McLendon Novel) af Jeff GuinnTraditional Novel2018
Frank Little and the IWW: The Blood That Stained an American Family af Jane Little BotkinWestern Biography2018
A land apart : the Southwest and the Nation in the twentieth century af Flannery BurkeWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2018
Double Wide af Leo W. BanksWestern Contemporary Novel2018
Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI af David GrannWestern Historical Nonfiction2018
The Coming af David OsborneWestern Historical Novel2018
Stranded: A Story of Frontier Survival af Matthew P. MayoWestern Juvenile Fiction2018
Hell Hath No Fury af Charles G. WestWestern Mass Market Paperback Novel2018
The Promise Bride (A Montana Brides Romance) af Gina WelbornWestern Romance Novel2018
Fergus and the greener grass af Jean AbernethyWestern Storyteller2018
The Fire Line: The Story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots and One of the Deadliest Days in American Firefighting af Fernanda SantosFirst Nonfiction Book2017
Return to Red River af Johnny D. BoggsOriginal Mass Market Paperback Novel2017
Seasons of the Bear: A Yosemite Story af Ginger WadsworthStoryteller (Illustrated Children’s Book)2017
Black Elk: The Life of an American Visionary af Joe JacksonWestern Biography2017
New Deal Cowboy: Gene Autry and Public Diplomacy af Michael DucheminWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2017
Off the Grid af C. J. BoxWestern Contemporary Novel2017
The Apache Wars af Paul Andrew HuttonWestern Historical Nonfiction2017
Trouble Returns (Ruby and Maude Adventure) af Nancy OswaldWestern Juvenile Fiction2017
The Wolves of Currumpaw af William GrillWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2017
The Mustanger and the Lady (The Brandiron) af Dusty RichardsWestern Traditional Novel2017
American Copper af Shann RayFirst Novel2016
Lords of an Empty Land af Randy DenmonMass Market Paperback Novel2016
Custer's Trials: A Life on the Frontier of a New America af T. J. StilesWestern Biography2016
The Size of the Risk: Histories of Multiple Use in the Great Basin af Leisl Carr ChildersWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2016
Crazy Mountain Kiss af Keith McCaffertyWestern Contemporary Novel2016
William Wells and the Struggle for the Old Northwest af Prof. William Heath Ph.D.Western Historical Nonfiction2016
Paradise Sky af Joe R. LansdaleWestern Historical Novel2016
Walk on Earth a Stranger af Rae CarsonWestern Juvenile Fiction2016
This Strange Wilderness: The Life and Art of John James Audubon af Nancy PlainWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2016
Buckaroo Bobbie Sue af JoJo ThoreauWestern Storyteller (Illustrated Childrens' Book)2016
The Last Midwife af Sandra DallasWestern Traditional Novel2016
Red Light to Starboard: Recalling the Exxon Valdez Disaster af Angela DayWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2015
Bad Country af CB McKenzieWestern Contemporary Novel2015
American Carnage: Wounded Knee, 1890 af Jerome A. GreeneWestern Historical Nonfiction2015
Wild Ran the Rivers (Five Trails West) af James D. CrownoverWestern Historical Novel2015
Tasunka: A Lakota Horse Legend af Donald F. MontileauxWestern Storyteller (Illustrated Childrens' Book)2015
The Big Drift af Patrick DearenWestern Traditional Novel2015
Spider Woman's Daughter af Anne HillermanFirst Novel2014
Yosemite's Songster: One Coyote's Story af Ginger WadsworthStoryteller2014
Light of the World af James Lee BurkeWestern Contemporary Novel2014
Silent We Stood af Henry ChappellWestern Historical Novel2014
Papa's Gold af Ellen Gray MasseyWestern Juvenile Fiction2014
Jack London: An American Life af Earle LaborWestern Nonfiction Biography2014
Vacationland: Tourism and Environment in the Colorado High Country (Weyerhaeuser Environmental Books) af William PhilpottWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2014
Shot All to Hell: Jesse James, the Northfield Raid, and the Wild West's Greatest Escape af Mark Lee GardnerWestern Nonfiction Historical2014
Crossing Purgatory: A Novel af Gary SchanbacherWestern Traditional Novel2014
Panhandle af Brett CogburnFirst Novel2013
The Coyote Tracker (A Josiah Wolfe Novel) af Larry D. SweazyOriginal Mass Market Paperback2013
Wide Open af Larry BjornsonWestern Juvenile Fiction2013
Light on the Prairie af Nancy PlainWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2013
With Blood in Their Eyes af Thomas CobbWestern Long Novel2013
Geronimo af Robert M. UtleyWestern Nonfiction Biography2013
Desert Reckoning: A Town Sheriff, a Mojave Hermit, and the Biggest Manhunt in Modern California History af Deanne StillmanWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2013
With Golden Visions Bright Before Them: Trails to the Mining West, 1849-1852 (Overland West Series) af Will BagleyWestern Nonfiction Historical2013
Tucker's Reckoning af Matthew P. MayoWestern Short Novel2013
Double Crossing af Meg MimsFirst Novel2012
West Texas Kill af Johnny D. BoggsOriginal Mass Market Paperback2012
Tornado Slim and the Magic Cowboy Hat af Bryan LangdoStoryteller Award2012
Birdie af Candace SimarWestern Juvenile Fiction2012
Migrant mother : how a photograph defined the Great Depression af Don NardoWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2012
Remember Ben Clayton af Stephen HarriganWestern Long Novel2012
George Crook: From the Redwoods to Appomattox af Paul MagidWestern Nonfiction Biography2012
The Bitterroot and Mr. Brandborg: Clearcutting and the Struggle for Sustainable Forestry in the Northern Rockies af Frederick H SwansonWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2012
The Mormon Rebellion: America's First Civil War, 1857-1858 af David L. BiglerWestern Nonfiction Historical2012
Legacy of a Lawman: A Western Story (Five Star Western Series) af Johnny D. BoggsWestern Short Novel2012
Galveston af Nic PizzolattoFirst Novel2011
Damnation Road (Pinnacle Westerns) af Max McCoyOriginal Mass Market Paperback2011
Last Train from Cuernavaca af Lucia St. Clair RobsonWestern Long Novel2011
Wolf: The Lives of Jack London af James L. HaleyWestern Nonfiction Biography2011
The Frontier of Leisure: Southern California and the Shaping of Modern America af Lawrence CulverWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2011
The Killing of Crazy Horse af Thomas PowersWestern Nonfiction Historical2011
Snowbound af Richard S. WheelerWestern Short Novel2011
Stranger in Thunder Basin af John D. NesbittOriginal Mass Market Paperback2010
Echoes of Glory af Robert FlynnWestern Long Novel2010
Peg Leg : the improbable life of a Texas hero, Thomas William Ward, 1807-1872 af David C. HumphreyWestern Nonfiction Biography2010
Far Bright Star af Robert OlmsteadWestern Short Novel2010
The Wheat Doll af Alison RandallStoryteller2009
I Am Apache af Tanya LandmanWestern Juvenile Fiction2009
The Trial of Standing Bear af Frank KeatingWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2009
Shavetail af Thomas CobbWestern Long Novel2009
Frontiersman: Daniel Boone and the Making of America af Meredith Mason BrownWestern Nonfiction Biography2009
Full Court Quest: The Girls from Fort Shaw Indian School Basketball Champions of the World af Linda PeavyWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2009
Hunting the American West: The Pursuit of Big Game for Life, Profit, and Sport, 1800-1900 af Richard C. RattenburyWestern Nonfiction Historical2009
Another Man's Moccasins af Craig JohnsonWestern Short Novel2009
God's Thunderbolt: The Vigilantes of Montana af Carol Buchanan2009
The Night Birds af Thomas MaltmanFirst Novel2008
Doubtful Cañon af Johnny D. BoggsJuvenile Fiction2008
Sagebrush and Paintbrush: The Story of Charlie Russell, the Cowboy Artist af Nancy PlainJuvenile Nonfiction2008
Gall: Lakota War Chief af Robert W. LarsonNonfiction-Biography2008
Lone Star Lawmen: The Second Century of the Texas Rangers af Robert M. UtleyNonfiction-Contemporary2008
Creating Minnesota: A History from the Inside Out af Annette AtkinsNonfiction-Historical2008
Hellfire Canyon af Max McCoyOriginal Paperback2008
The God of Animals af Aryn KyleWestern Long Novel2008
Tallgrass af Sandra DallasWestern Short Novel2008
Broken Trail af Alan GeoffrionFirst Novel2007
Geronimo af Joseph BruchacJuvenile Fiction2007
Bleeding Kansas and the violent clash over slavery in the heartland af Jeff C. YoungJuvenile Nonfiction2007
Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life af Kingsley M. BrayNonfiction-Biography2007
Copper chorus : mining, politics, and the Montana press, 1889-1959 af Dennis L. SwiboldNonfiction-Contemporary2007
Blood and Thunder: The Epic Story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American West af Hampton SidesNonfiction-Historical2007
The Horse Creek Incident (Herschel Baker) af Dusty RichardsOriginal Paperback2007
Across the High Divide af Laurie Wagner BuyerPoetry2007
Tatanka And the Lakota People: A Creation Story af Donald F. MontileauxStoryteller2007
The Night Journal af Elizabeth CrookWestern Long Novel2007
Comanche Moon - Part 1Western Short Fiction2007
The Shape Shifter af Tony HillermanWestern Short Novel2007
Black Storm Comin' af Diane Lee WilsonJuvenile Fiction2006
The First Americans: The Story of Where They Came From and Who They Became af Anthony AveniJuvenile Nonfiction2006
Chief Joseph: Guardian of the People (American Heroes) af Candy MoultonNonfiction-Biography2006
Ringside Seat to a Revolution: An Underground Cultural History of El Paso and Juarez, 1893-1923 af David Dorado RomoNonfiction-Contemporary2006
High Country: A Novel (Literature of the American West) af Willard WymanNovel of the West2006
Dakota af Matt BraunOriginal Paperback Novel2006
The voice of the Borderlands af Drum HadleyPoetry2006
Klondike Gold af Alice ProvensenStoryteller2006
Buffalo Bill's America: William Cody and the Wild West Show af Louis S. WarrenWestern Historical Nonfiction2006
Camp Ford af Johnny D. BoggsWestern Novel2006
The Undertaker's Wife af Loren D. EstlemanWestern Novel2006
Field of Honor af D. L. BirchfieldFirst Novel2005
Fire In the Hole! af Mary Cronk FarrellJuvenile Fiction2005
Rattlesnake Mesa: Stories from a Native American Childhood af EdNah New Rider WeberJuvenile Nonfiction2005
Black Kettle : The Cheyenne Chief Who Sought Peace but Found War af Thom HatchNonfiction-Biography2005
The Texas Rangers and the Mexican Revolution: The Bloodiest Decade, 1910-1920 af III Harris Charles H.Nonfiction-Contemporary2005
Beasts of the Fields: A Narrative History of California Farmworkers, 1769-1913 af Richard Steven StreetNonfiction-Historical2005
People of the Raven af Kathleen O'Neal GearNovel of the West2005
Vengeance Valley af Richard S. WheelerOriginal Paperback2005
A Thousand Miles of Stars: Poems af Walt McDonaldPoetry2005
Apples to Oregon: Being the (Slightly) True Narrative of How a Brave Pioneer Father Brought Apples, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Grapes, and Cherries (and Children) across the Plains af Deborah HopkinsonStoryteller2005
Buy the Chief a Cadillac: A Novel af Rick SteberWestern Novel2005
The Sergeant's Lady af Miles Hood SwarthoutFirst Novel2004
Words West: Voices of Young Pioneers af Ginger WadsworthJuvenile Nonfiction2004
River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West af Rebecca SolnitNonfiction-Contemporary2004
One Vast Winter Count: The Native American West before Lewis and Clark af Colin G. CallowayNonfiction-Historical2004
So Wild a Dream af Win BlevinsNovel of the West2004
Plain Language: A Novel af Barbara WrightOriginal Paperback2004
Wolf Tracks on the Welcome Mat af Paul ZarzyskiPoetry2004
The Star People: A Lakota Story af S.D. NelsonStoryteller2004
I Should Be Extremely Happy in Your Company: A Novel of Lewis and Clark af Brian HallWestern Novel2004
The Big Burn af Jeanette IngoldJuvenile Fiction2003
Raising La Belle af Mark G. MitchellJuvenile Nonfiction2003
Sam Houston af James L. HaleyNonfiction-Biography2003
Diné: A History of the Navajos af Peter IversonNonfiction-Contemporary2003
Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows af Will BagleyNonfiction-Historical2003
Perma Red af Debra Magpie EarlingNovel of the West2003
Oblivion's Altar:: A Novel of Courage af David Marion WilkinsonOriginal Paperback2003
The Chili Queen af Sandra DallasWestern Novel2003
In the Days of the Vaqueros: America's First True Cowboys af Russell FreedmanJuvenile Nonfiction2002
Corps of Discovery: A Novel of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803-1806 af Jeffrey W. TenneyMedicine Pipe Bearer Award2002
American Character: The Curious Life of Charles Fletcher Lummis and the .... af Mark ThompsonNonfiction-Biography2002
Bone Wars: The Excavation Of Andrew Carnegie's Dinosaur af Tom ReaNonfiction-Contemporary2002
Andrew Jackson and His Indian Wars af Robert V. ReminiNonfiction-Historical2002
The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint: A Novel af Brady UdallNovel of the West2002
Drum's Ring (G K Hall Large Print Western Series) af Richard S. WheelerOriginal Paperback2002
Blood Sister, I Am to These Fields af Linda HussaPoetry2002
The Legend of Strap Buckner: A Texas Tale af Connie Nordhielm WooldridgeStoryteller2002
The Way of the Coyote af Elmer KeltonWestern Novel2002
The Midnight Train Home af Erika TamarJuvenile Fiction2001
Stories of Young Pioneers: In Their Own Words af Violet T. KimballJuvenile Nonfiction2001
The Chivalry of Crime af Desmond BarryMedicine Pipe Bearer Award2001
A River Running West: The Life of John Wesley Powell af Donald WorsterNonfiction-Biography2001
What You See in Clear Water: Life On the Wind River Reservation af Geoffrey O'GaraNonfiction-Contemporary2001
Pacific Destiny: The Three-Century Journey to the Oregon Country af Dale L. WalkerNonfiction-Historical2001
The Gates of the Alamo af Stephen HarriganNovel of the West2001
Bound for the Promise-Land af Troy D. SmithOriginal Paperback2001
Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella af Susan LowellStoryteller2001
Summer of Pearls af Mike BlakelyWestern Novel2001
Wrango af Brian BurksJuvenile Fiction2000
The Wild Colorado: The true adventures of Fred Dellenbaugh, age 17, on the second Powell Expedition into the Grand Canyon af Richard MaurerJuvenile Nonfiction2000
Knight Without Armor: Carlos Eduardo Castaneda, 1896-1958 af Félix D. AlmarázNonfiction-Biography2000
The Real Wild West af Michael WallisNonfiction-Contemporary2000
Prophet Annie af Ellen RecknorNovel of the West2000
Mine Work af Jim DavidsonOriginal Paperback2000
The Prairie Train af Antoine. �O FlathartaStoryteller2000
Masterson af Richard S. WheelerWestern Novel2000
Petey af Ben MikaelsenJuvenile Fiction1999
Duke: The Life and Image of John Wayne af Ronald L. DavisNonfiction-Biography1999
Devil's Bargains: Tourism in the Twentieth-Century American West af Hal K. RothmanNonfiction-Contemporary1999
The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton af Jane SmileyNovel of the West1999
Slim and Miss Prim af Robert KinerkStoryteller1999
Journey of the Dead af Loren D. EstlemanWestern Novel1999
Danger Along the Ohio af Patricia WillisJuvenile Fiction1998
Rattlesnake dance : true tales, mysteries, and rattlesnake ceremonies af Jennifer DeweyJuvenile Nonfiction1998
Keepers Of The Earth (Hell Yes, Texas Women's Series) af LaVerne Harrell ClarkMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1998
Big Trouble: A Murder in a Small Western Town Sets Off a Struggle for the Soul of America af J. Anthony LukasNonfiction-Contemporary1998
El Llano Estacado : exploration and imagination on the High Plains of Texas and New Mexico, 1536-1860 af John Miller MorrisNonfiction-Historical1998
Comanche Moon af Larry McMurtryNovel of the West1998
Leaving Missouri af Ellen RecknorOriginal Paperback1998
Bootmaker And The Elves af Susan LowellStoryteller1998
The Kiowa Verdict af Cynthia HaseloffWestern Novel1998
Far North af Will HobbsJuvenile Fiction1996
The Life and Death of Crazy Horse af Russell FreedmanJuvenile Nonfiction1996
Death of a Healing Woman: A Texana Jones Mystery af Allana MartinMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1996
John Wesley Hardin: Dark Angel of Texas af Leon Claire MetzNonfiction-Biography1996
New Westers: The West in Contemporary American Culture af Michael L. JohnsonNonfiction-Contemporary1996
Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West af Stephen E. AmbroseNonfiction-Historical1996
Sierra af Richard S. WheelerNovel of the West1996
Potter's Fields af Frank RoderusOriginal Paperback1996
The Worry Stone af Marianna DenglerStoryteller1996
Blood of Texas af Will CampWestern Novel1996
Indio af Sherry GarlandJuvenile Fiction1995
General Vallejo and the Advent of the Americans af Alan RosenusNonfiction-Biography1995
We Are a People in This World: The Lakota Sioux and the Massacre at Wounded Knee af Jr. Conger BeasleyNonfiction-Contemporary1995
Seeking Pleasure in the Old West af David DaryNonfiction-Historical1995
Stone Song: A Novel of the Life of Crazy Horse af Win BlevinsNovel of the West1995
Thunder in the valley af Jim R. WoolardOriginal Paperback1995
Dandelions af Eve BuntingStoryteller1995
The Dark Island af Robert J. ConleyWestern Novel1995
The Trail of Tears (American Events) af David K. FremonJuvenile1994
Hero of Beecher Island af David DixonNonfiction-Biography1994
Raven's Exile: A Season on the Green River af Ellen MeloyNonfiction-Contemporary1994
Precious Dust: The Saga of the Western Gold Rushes af Paula Mitchell MarksNonfiction-Historical1994
The Far Canyon af Elmer KeltonNovel of the West1994
Survival: A Novel of the Donner Party af K. C. McKennaOriginal Paperback1994
St. Agnes' Stand af Thomas EidsonWestern Novel1994
Leaving Eldorado af Joann MazzioJuvenile Fiction1993
Cowboys, Indians, and Gunfighters: The Story of the Cattle Kingdom af Albert MarrinJuvenile Nonfiction1993
People of the Whistling Waters af Mardi Oakley MedawarMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1993
Rivers in the Desert: William Mulholland and the Inventing of Los Angeles af Margaret Leslie DavisNonfiction-Contemporary1993
The Lance and the Shield: The Life and Times of Sitting Bull af Robert M. UtleyNonfiction-Historical1993
Empire of Bones af Jeff LongNovel of the West1993
The Gila River af Gary McCarthyOriginal Paperback1993
friends af Charles HackenberryWestern Novel1993
The Haymeadow af Gary PaulsenJuvenile Fiction1992
Children of the Dust Bowl af Jerry StanleyJuvenile Nonfiction1992
John Stone and the Choctaw Kid af Wayne DavisMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1992
Let Me Be Free: The Nez Perce Tragedy af David LavenderNonfiction1992
Slaughter af Elmer KeltonNovel of the West1992
The Golden Chance af Theodore V. OlsenOriginal Paperback1992
Nickajack af Robert J. ConleyWestern Novel1992
Rescue Josh McGuire af Ben MikaelsenJuvenile Fiction1991
The Sixth Rider af Max McCoyMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1991
Custer's Last Campaign: Mitch Boyer and the Little Bighorn Reconstructed af John S. GrayNonfiction1991
The Medicine Horn af Jory ShermanNovel of the West1991
Rage in Chupadera af Norman ZollingerOriginal Paperback1991
Journal of the Gun Years af Richard MathesonWestern Novel1991
Honey Girl af Madge HarrahJuvenile Fiction1990
Woodsong af Gary PaulsenJuvenile Nonfiction1990
Caesar of Santa Fe: A Novel from History af Tim MacCurdyMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1990
Helen Hunt Jackson and Her Indian Reform Legacy af Valerie Sherer MathesNonfiction1990
Home Mountain af Jeanne WilliamsNovel of the West1990
The Changing Wind af Don ColdsmithOriginal Paperback1990
Sanctuary af Gary D. SveeWestern Novel1990
My Daniel af Pam ConradJuvenile1989
Great Plains af Ian FrazierNonfiction1989
Panther in the Sky af James Alexander ThomNovel of the West1989
Fool's Coach af Richard S. WheelerWestern Novel1989
In The Face of Danger af Joan Lowery NixonJuvenile1988
Spirit of the Hills af Dan O'BrienMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1988
Hoover Dam: An American Adventure af Joseph E. StevensNonfiction1988
The Homesman af Glendon SwarthoutNovel of the West1988
Mattie af Judy AlterWestern Novel1988
Wanderer Springs af Robert FlynnHistorical Novel1987
A Family Apart af Joan Lowery NixonJuvenile1987
Jenny's Mountain af Elaine LongMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1987
Jessie Benton Frémont : a biography af Pamela HerrNonfiction1987
Skinwalkers af Tony HillermanWestern Novel1987
Roman af Douglas C. JonesHistorical Novel1986
Make Way for Sam Houston af Jean FritzJuvenile1986
Come Spring af Charlotte HingerMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1986
Paper Medicine Man: John Gregory Bourke and His American West af Joseph C. PorterNonfiction1986
The Blind Corral (Contemporary American fiction) af Ralph BeerWestern Novel1986
The Snowblind Moon af John Byrne CookeHistorical Novel1985
Prairie Songs af Pam ConradJuvenile1985
Phil Sheridan and His Army af Paul Andrew HuttonNonfiction1985
Lonesome Dove af Larry McMurtryWestern Novel1985
Gone the Dreams and Dancing af Douglas C. JonesHistorical Novel1984
Trapped in the Slickrock Canyon af Gloria SkurzynskiJuvenile1984
Winterkill af Craig LesleyMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1984
Hashknife Cowboy: Recollections of Mack Hughes af Stella HughesNonfiction1984
Sam Bass af Bryan WoolleyHistorical Novel1983
Thunder on the Tennessee af G. Clifton WislerJuvenile1983
Leaving Kansas af Frank RoderusNovel1983
Ride the Wind af Lucia St. Clair RobsonHistorical Novel1982
Before the Lark af Irene Bennett BrownJuvenile1982
Carry the Wind af Terry C. JohnstonMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1982
Albuquerque: A narrative history af Marc SimmonsNonfiction1982
Match Race af Fred GroveNovel1982
Aces and Eights af Loren D. EstlemanHistorical Novel1981
The Last Run af Mark Jonathan HarrisJuvenile1981
Ride down the wind (A Double D western) af Wayne BartonMedicine Pipe Bearer Award1981
Cowboy Culture: A Saga of Five Centuries af David DaryNonfiction1981
Eyes of the Hawk af Elmer KeltonNovel1981
Getting There: Frontier Travel Without Power af Suzanne HiltonJuvenile1980
The Peace Chiefs of the Cheyenne af Stan HoigNonfiction1980
The Valiant Women, Vol. 1 (The Arizona Saga) af Jeanne WilliamsNovel1980
The Apaches: Eagles of the Southwest (Civilization of the American Indian Series) af Donald Emmet WorcesterNonfiction1979
Holdouts af William DeckerNovel1979
The No-Return Trail af Sonia LevitinJuvenile1978
Pueblo, Hardscrabble, Greenhorn: Society on the High Plains, 1832-1856 af Janet LecompteNonfiction1978
Riders to Cibola af Norman ZollingerNovel1978
Swimming Man Burning: A Rip-Roaring Novel of the American West af Terrence KilpatrickHistorical Novel1977
A shepherd watches, a shepherd sings af Louis IrigarayJuvenile1977
The Cowgirls af Joyce Gibson RoachNonfiction1977
The Great Horse Race af Fred GroveNovel1977
The Kincaids af Matt BraunHistorical Novel1976
"All aboard!": The story of passenger trains in America af Phillip H. AultJuvenile1976
The vanishing white man af Stan SteinerNonfiction1976
The Spirit Horses af Lou CameronNovel1976
The Court-Martial of George Armstrong Custer af Douglas C. JonesNovel1976
Dust of the Earth af Vera CleaverJuvenile Fiction1975
Ride 'em cowgirl! af Lynn HaneyJuvenile Nonfiction1975
Lamy of Santa Fe af Paul HorganNonfiction1975
The Shootist af Glendon SwarthoutNovel1975
Susy's Scoundrel af Harold KeithJuvenile1974
Colonel Greene and the Copper Skyrocket af C. L. SonnichsenNonfiction1974
A Hanging in Sweetwater af Stephen OverholserNovel1974
Freedom Trail af Jeanne WilliamsJuvenile Fiction1973
Red Power on the Rio Grande: The American Revolution of 1680. af Franklin FolsomJuvenile Nonfiction1973
Burnt-out Fires, California's Modoc Indian War af Richard H. DillonNonfiction1973
The Time It Never Rained af Elmer KeltonNovel1973
Chiricahua af Will HenryHistorical Novel1972
Only Earth and Sky Last Forever af Nathaniel BenchleyJuvenile Fiction1972
The Tiguas: the lost tribe of city Indians af Stan SteinerJuvenile Nonfiction1972
The Time of the Buffalo af Tom McHughNonfiction1972
A Killing in Kiowa af Lewis B. PattenNovel1972
The Black Mustanger af Richard WormserJuvenile Fiction1971
Lords of the Earth: A History of the Navajo Indians. af Jules LohJuvenile Nonfiction1971
Western life and adventures, 1889 to 1970, af Elliott Speer BarkerNonfiction1971
The Day the Cowboys Quit af Elmer KeltonNovel1971
Cayuse courage af Evelyn Sibley LampmanJuvenile Fiction1970
Retreat to the Bear Paw; The story of the Nez Percé af Marian T. PlaceJuvenile Nonfiction1970
Search for the Seven Cities; the Opening of the American Southwest af John Upton TerrellJuvenile Nonfiction1970
The Buffalo: The Story of American Bison and Their Hunters from Prehistoric Times to the Present af Francis D. HainesNonfiction1970
The Last Days of Wolf Garnett af Clifton AdamsNovel1970
The White Man s Road af Benjamin CappsHistorical Novel1969
The Meeker Massacre af Wayne D. OverholserJuvenile Fiction1969
Conquistadors and Pueblos: The Story of the American Southwest 1540-1848 af Olga Hall-QuestJuvenile Nonfiction1969
Boss Cowman: The Recollections of Ed Lemmon, 1857-1946 af Ed LemmonNonfiction1969
Tragg's Choice af Clifton AdamsNovel1969
The Red Sabbath af Lewis B. PattenHistorical Novel1968
Middl'un af Elizabeth BurlesonJuvenile Fiction1968
Rifles and war bonnets af Marian T. PlaceJuvenile Nonfiction1968
Gold Rushes and Mining Camps of the Early American West af Vardis FisherNonfiction1968
Down the Long Hills af Louis L'AmourNovel1968
The Wolf Is My Brother af Chad OliverHistorical Novel1967
The dunderhead war; a novel af Betty BakerJuvenile Fiction1967
Half-breed af Evelyn Sibley LampmanJuvenile Fiction1967
American Heritage Junior Library: To the Pacific with Lewis and Clark af Ralph K. AndristJuvenile Nonfiction1967
America's Western Frontiers: The Exploration and Settlement of the Trans-Mississippi West af John Arkas HawgoodNonfiction1967
The Valdez Horses af Lee HoffmanNovel1967
Hellfire Jackson af Garland RoarkHistorical Novel1966
Valley of the Smallest: The Life Story of a Shrew af Aileen Lucia FisherJuvenile Nonfiction1966
America's Frontier Heritage af Ray Allen BillingtonNonfiction1966
My Brother John af Herbert PurdumNovel1966
Gold in California! af Todhunter BallardHistorical Novel1965
Mountain Man af Vardis FisherHistorical Novel1965
The Stubborn One af Rutherford George MontgomeryJuvenile1965
The Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the Northwest af Alvin M. Josephy Jr.Nonfiction1965
Sam Chance af Benjamin CappsNovel1965
Indian Fighter af E. E. HalleranHistorical Novel1964
Ride a Northbound Horse af Richard WormserJuvenile1964
The Trail to Ogallala af Benjamin CappsNovel1964
The Gates of the Mountains af Will HenryHistorical Novel1963
By the Great Horn Spoon! af Sid FleischmanJuvenile1963
The Story Catcher af Mari SandozJuvenile1963
The Bonanza West: The Story of the Western Mining Rushes, 1848-1900 af William S. GreeverNonfiction1963
Follow the Free Wind af Leigh BrackettNovel1963
Moontrap: A Novel af Don BerryHistorical Novel1962
The Western Horse :A Handbook af Natlee KenoyerJuvenile1962
Great Surveys of the American West (American Exploration and Travel Series) af Richard A. BartlettNonfiction1962
Comanche Captives af Fred GroveNovel1962
The Winter War af William Wister HainesHistorical Novel1961
The Lives and Legends of Buffalo Bill af Don RussellNonfiction1961
The Honyocker af Giles A. LutzNovel1961
From Where the Sun now Stands af Will HenryHistorical Novel1960
South Pass, 1868: James Chisholm's Journal of the Wyoming Gold Rush af James ChisholmNonfiction1960
The Nameless Breed af Will C. BrownNovel1960
The Buffalo Soldiers af John PrebbleHistorical Novel1959
Hold Back the Hunter af Dale WhiteJuvenile Nonfiction1959
The Day of San Jacinto af Frank X. TolbertNonfiction1959
Long Run af Nelson NyeNovel1959
The Fancher train af Amelia BeanHistorical Novel1958
Steamboat Up the Missouri af Dale WhiteJuvenile1958
Cripple Creek Days, A Nostalgic Reminiscence of the Last of the Great Gold Rush Towns af Mabel Barbee LeeNonfiction1958
Short cut to Red River af Noel M. LoomisNovel1958
The Silver Mountain af Dan CushmanHistorical Novel1957
Wolf Brother af Jim KjelgaardJuvenile1957
This is the West af Robert West HowardNonfiction1957
Buffalo Wagons af Elmer KeltonNovel1957
Generations of Men af John Clinton HuntHistorical Novel1956
Trapping the silver beaver af Charley NiehuisJuvenile1956
Men to Match My Mountains: The Opening of the Far West, 1840-1900 af Irving StoneNonfiction1956
High gun af Leslie ErnenweinNovel1956
Whoop-up country; the Canadian-American West, 1865-1885 af Paul F. SharpNonfiction1955
Somewhere They Die af L. P. HolmesNovel1955
Bent's Fort af David LavenderNonfiction1954
The Violent Land af Wayne D. OverholserNovel1954
The wheel and the hearth af Lucia MooreHistorical Novel1953
Sagebrush sorrel af Frank C. RobertsonJuvenile1953
Law Man af Lee LeightonNovel1953

Finalist 236

A Place for Harvest: The Story of Kenny Higashi af Lauren R. HarrisChildren's Picture Book2023
River Woman, River Demon af Jennifer GivhanWestern Contemporary Novel2023
The Widowed Ones: Beyond the Battle of the Little Bighorn af Chris EnssWestern Historical Nonfiction2023
The Earth Is All That Lasts: Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and the Last Stand of the Great Sioux Nation af Mark Lee GardnerWestern Historical Nonfiction2023
Pony Boys (Curse of the Niobrara Trilogy, 1) af Richard ProschWestern Historical Novel2023
Justice for All: The Search for Big Poker Tom af Wayne E. PurcellWestern Historical Novel2023
Tenmile af Sandra DallasWestern Juvenile Fiction2023
Elmer Kelton's The Unlikely Lawman: A Hewey Calloway Adventure (Hewey Calloway, 4) af Steve KeltonWestern Mass Market Paperback Novel2023
All My Sins Remembered: Classic Western Series (Bloody Joe Mannion Book 5) af Peter BrandvoldWestern Traditional Novel2023
A Man Called Justice: A Classic Western Series with Heart (Silent Justice) af John DeaconWestern Traditional Novel2023
Montana's Memory Day: a nature-themed foster/adoption story af Sue LawrenceChildren's Picture Book2022
Jim Bridger : trailblazer of the American West af Jerry EnzlerWestern Biography2022
Cockeyed Happy: Ernest Hemingway's Wyoming Summers with Pauline af Darla. WordenWestern Biography2022
Making Circles: The Memoir of a Cowboy Journalist af Barney NelsonWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2022
Brothers on Three: A True Story of Family, Resistance, and Hope on a Reservation in Montana af Abe StreepWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2022
Dissolution (The Wyoming Chronicles, #1) af W. Michael GearWestern Contemporary Novel2022
A Particular Madness af Sheldon RussellWestern Contemporary Novel2022
Iron Women: The Ladies Who Helped Build the Railroad af Chris EnssWestern Historical Nonfiction2022
War on the Border: Villa, Pershing, the Texas Rangers, and an American Invasion af Jeff GuinnWestern Historical Nonfiction2022
The Last Comanche Warrior af James D. CrownoverWestern Historical Novel2022
The Healing of Natalie Curtis af KirkpatrickWestern Historical Novel2022
Bats, Bandits & Buggies: Ruby and Maude Adventure Book 4 af Nancy OswaldWestern Juvenile Fiction2022
Maddie McDowell and the Rodeo Robbery af Luann M RodWestern Juvenile Fiction2022
Ralph Compton the Too-Late Trail (The Trail Drive Series) af Matthew P. MayoWestern Mass Market Paperback Novel2022
Lost Mountain Pass af Larry D. SweazyWestern Mass Market Paperback Novel2022
The Transformation of Chastity James af Kathleen MorrisWestern Romance Novel2022
The Comanche Kid af James Robert DanielsWestern Traditional Novel2022
Deputized (Five Star Western) af T L DavisWestern Traditional Novel2022
The Glovemaker af Ann WeisgarberHistorical Novel2020
The Fang of Bonfire Crossing: Legends of the Lost Causes af Brad McLellandJuvenile Fiction2020
The Cost of Dying (Lou Prophet, Bounty Hunter) af Peter BrandvoldMass Market Paperback Novel2020
Dark Territory af Terrence McCauleyMass Market Paperback Novel2020
The Telegraph Proposal (A Montana Brides Romance) af Gina WelbornRomance Novel2020
Rowdy Randy af Casey RislovStoryteller2020
The Pale-Faced Lie: A True Story af David CrowWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2020
Saving Grand Canyon: Dams, Deals, and a Noble Myth af Byron E. PearsonWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2020
Sweep Out the Ashes: A Novel af Mary Clearman BlewWestern Contemporary Novel2020
This Side of Night af J. Todd ScottWestern Contemporary Novel2020
Terror on the Santa Fe Trail: Kit Carson and the Jicarilla Apache af Doug HockingWestern Historical Nonfiction2020
The Mormon Handcart Migration: "Tounge nor pen can never tell the sorrow" af Candy MoultonWestern Historical Nonfiction2020
The Cowboy President: The American West and the Making of Theodore Roosevelt af Michael F. BlakeBiography2019
Line of Glory: A Novel of the Alamo (Thorndike Press Large Print Western) af Thomas D. ClagettHistorical Novel2019
This Scorched Earth: A Novel of the Civil War af Gear WilliamHistorical Novel2019
The Long Shadow (Winds of Freedom) af Beth KanellHistorical Novel2019
Hardscrabble af Sandra DallasJuvenile Fiction2019
Lust for Glory: An Epic Story of Early Texas and the Sacrifice That Defined a Nation af Stephen L. HardinJuvenile Nonfiction2019
Where the Bullets Fly af Terrence McCauleyMass Market Paperback Novel2019
No Justice in Hell af Charles G. WestMass Market Paperback Novel2019
Out of the Ashes af Tracie PetersonRomance2019
The River by Starlight: A Novel af Ellen NotbohmTraditional Novel2019
Born to the Badge (Wyatt Earp: An American Odyssey) af Mark WarrenTraditional Novel2019
The Last Cowboys: A Pioneer Family in the New West af John (Watusi) BranchWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2019
Folly Cove: A Smuggler's True Tale of the Pot Rebellion af Kermit SchweidelWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2019
Acid West: Essays af Joshua WheelerWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2019
Deep Fire Rise af Jon GoschWestern Contemporary Novel2019
Broken Field: A Novel af Jeff HullWestern Contemporary Novel2019
The Bonanza King: John Mackay and the Battle over the Greatest Riches in the American West af Gregory CrouchWestern Historical Nonfiction2019
West Like Lightning: The Brief, Legendary Ride of the Pony Express af Jim DeFeliceWestern Historical Nonfiction2019
Tom Jeffords, friend of Cochise af Doug HockingBiography2018
Tejano Tiger : José de los Santos Benavides and the Texas-Mexico borderlands, 1823-1891 af Jerry D. ThompsonBiography2018
Moon Hunt af W. Michael GearHistorical Novel2018
Copper Sky af Milana MarsenichHistorical Novel2018
Viva, Rose! af Susan KrawitzJuvenile Fiction2018
The True Story of Jim the Wonder Dog af Marty Rhodes FigleyJuvenile Nonfiction2018
Lotta Crabtree: Gold Rush Fairy Star af Lois HarrisJuvenile Nonfiction2018
Bold Women in Montana History af Beth JudyJuvenile Nonfiction2018
Buzzard Bait (A Widowmaker Jones Western) af Brett CogburnMass Market Paperback Novel2018
Valley of Bones (A Byrnes Family Ranch Novel) af Dusty RichardsMass Market Paperback Novel2018
Courting Carrie in Wonderland af Carla KellyRomance2018
Abraham (Mount Rushmore Presidential Series) af Frank KeatingStoryteller2018
Lexie the Word Wrangler af Rebecca Van SlykeStoryteller2018
Huck Out West: A Novel af Robert CooverTraditional Novel2018
Slate Creek: Journey to the White Clouds (Five Star Western Series) af Wallace J SwensonTraditional Novel2018
Lakota performers in Europe : their culture and the artifacts they left behind af Steve FriesenWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2018
Behind the Carbon Curtain: The Energy Industry, Political Censorship, and Free Speech af Jeffrey A. LockwoodWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2018
Murder on the Red River af Marcie R. RendonWestern Contemporary Novel2018
Cattle Kingdom: The Hidden History of the Cowboy West af Christopher KnowltonWestern Historical Nonfiction2018
Texas Ranger: The Epic Life of Frank Hamer, the Man Who Killed Bonnie and Clyde af John BoesseneckerBiography2017
Nobody Rich or Famous: A Family Memoir af Richard SheltonBiography2017
The Green Colt: The Adventures of Wilder Good #4 af S. J. DahlstromJuvenile Fiction2017
Entertaining Women: Actresses, Dancers, and Singers in the Old West af Chris EnssJuvenile Nonfiction2017
Widowmaker Jones (A Widowmaker Jones Western) af Brett CogburnOriginal Mass Market Paperback Novel2017
Voices of the western frontier af Sherry GarlandStoryteller (Illustrated Children’s Book)2017
News of the World af Paulette JilesTraditional Novel2017
The Contractor af James C. WorkTraditional Novel2017
The Fire Line: The Story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots and One of the Deadliest Days in American Firefighting af Fernanda SantosWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2017
Stories from Afield: Adventures with Wild Things in Wild Places (Outdoor Lives) af Bruce L. SmithWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2017
Hidden Star af Corinne Joy BrownWestern Contemporary Novel2017
The Gray Fox: George Crook and the Indian Wars af Paul MagidBiography2016
Juan Bautista de Anza: The King's Governor in New Mexico af Prof. Carlos R. HerreraBiography2016
Playing Custer af Gerald DuffHistorical Novel2016
The Memory Weaver: A Novel af Jane KirkpatrickHistorical Novel2016
Chili Queen: Mi historia af Marian MartinelloJuvenile Fiction2016
Rawhide Robinson Rides The Range: True Adventures Of Bravery af Rod MillerJuvenile Fiction2016
Wild at Heart: Mustangs and the Young People Fighting to Save Them af Terri FarleyJuvenile Nonfiction2016
Sitting Bull: Lakota Warrior and Defender of His People af S.D. NelsonJuvenile Nonfiction2016
Thunder at Dawn (Frontier) af S. K. SalzerMass Market Paperback Novel2016
Frontier af S. K. SalzerOriginal Mass Market Paperback Novel2016
The Hero Twins : A Navajo-English Story of the Monster Slayers (2015) af Jim KristoficStoryteller (llustrated Children’s Book)2016
The Long High Noon af Loren D. EstlemanTraditional Novel2016
Unruly Waters: A Social and Environmental History of the Brazos River af Kenna Lang ArcherWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2016
Unbranded af Ben MastersWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2016
The Darkness Rolling: A Novel (Yazzie Goldman) af Win BlevinsWestern Contemporary Novel2016
The Canyon: A Novel af Stanley CrawfordWestern Contemporary Novel2016
The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey af Rinker BuckWestern Historical Nonfiction2016
Ladies of the Canyons: A League of Extraordinary Women and Their Adventures in the American Southwest af Lesley Poling-KempesWestern Historical Nonfiction2016
Tom Horn in Life and Legend af Larry D. BallBiography2015
The Life and Legends of Calamity Jane af Richard W. EtulainBiography2015
Wilderburbs: Communities on Nature's Edge af Lincoln BramwellWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2015
Wild Idea: Buffalo and Family in a Difficult Land af Dan O'BrienWestern Contemporary Nonfiction2015
Any Other Name af Craig JohnsonWestern Contemporary Novel2015
The Red Bird All-Indian Traveling Band (Sun Tracks) af Frances WashburnWestern Contemporary Novel2015
South Pass: Gateway to a Continent af Will BagleyWestern Historical Nonfiction2015
Chasing the Santa Fe Ring: Power and Privilege in Territorial New Mexico af david l. caffeyWestern Historical Nonfiction2015
A Light in the Wilderness: A Novel af Jane KirkpatrickWestern Historical Novel2015
Backlands af Michael McGarrityWestern Historical Novel2015
Poison Spring (Five Star Western Series) af Johnny D. BoggsWestern Juvenile Fiction2015
Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky af Sandra DallasWestern Juvenile Fiction2015
Battle of Little Bighorn af John HamiltonWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2015
How the West Was Drawn: Women's Art af Linda OsmundsonWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2015
Tumbleweed Baby af Anna MyersWestern Storyteller, illustrated Children’s Book2015
Alice from Dallas af Marilyn SadlerWestern Storyteller, illustrated Children’s Book2015
Dance With the Devil (The Devil's Own) af JD MarchWestern Traditional Novel2015
The Poachers Daughter (Five Star Western Series) af Michael ZimmerWestern Traditional Novel2015
The Buffalo Rock (A Novel) af Bob FaulknerFirst Novel2014
Crossing Purgatory: A Novel af Gary SchanbacherFirst Novel2014
La Grulla af John R. WrightFirst Novel2014
May Finds Her Way - The Story of an Iditarod Sled Dog af Betty Selakovich CaseyStoryteller2014
Standing in for Lincoln Green af David MackintoshStoryteller2014
The Old Man's Love Story (Chicana and Chicano Visions of the Americas series) af Rudolfo AnayaWestern Contemporary Novel2014
Kind of Kin af Rilla AskewWestern Contemporary Novel2014
Greasy Grass: A Story of the Little Bighorn (Five Star Western Series) af Johnny D. BoggsWestern Historical Novel2014
The Promise af Ann WeisgarberWestern Historical Novel2014
Summer of the Star: A Western Story (Five Star Western Series) af Johnny D. BoggsWestern Juvenile Fiction2014
How I Became A Ghost af Tim TingleWestern Juvenile Fiction2014
Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Donner Dinner Party af Nathan HaleWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2014
Cowboy Stuntman: From Olympic Gold to the Silver Screen af Dean SmithWestern Nonfiction Biography2014
Trees in Paradise: A California History af Jared FarmerWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2014
Bright Light City: Las Vegas in Popular Culture af Larry GraggWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2014
The Heart of Everything That Is: The Untold Story of Red Cloud, An American Legend af Bob DruryWestern Nonfiction Historical2014
Destiny Made Them Brothers af Andrew J. FenadyWestern Traditional Novel2014
The Hardest Ride af Gordon L. RottmanWestern Traditional Novel2014
Wide Open af Larry BjornsonFirst Novel2013
The Secret of Lodestar af Tim ChamplinOriginal Mass Market Paperback2013
Redemption: Hunters af James ReasonerOriginal Mass Market Paperback2013
And There I'll Be a Soldier: A Western Story af Johnny D. BoggsWestern Juvenile Fiction2013
Country of the Bad Wolfes af James Carlos BlakeWestern Long Novel2013
The Orchardist af Amanda CoplinWestern Long Novel2013
Ho! For the Black Hills: Captain Jack Crawford Reports the Black Hills Gold Rush and Great Sioux War af Paul L. HedrenWestern Nonfiction Biography2013
"That Fiend in Hell": Soapy Smith in Legend af Catherine Holder SpudeWestern Nonfiction Biography2013
Desert America: Boom and Bust in the New Old West af Ruben MartinezWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2013
Terrible Justice: Sioux Chiefs and U.S. Soldiers on the Upper Missouri, 1854–1868 af Doreen ChakyWestern Nonfiction Historical2013
Deliverance from the Little Big Horn: Doctor Henry Porter and Custer's Seventh Cavalry af Joan Nabseth StevensonWestern Nonfiction Historical2013
Lonesome Animals af Bruce HolbertWestern Short Novel2013
City of Rocks: A Western Story (Five Star Western Series) af Michael ZimmerWestern Short Novel2013
Unbridled af Tammy HintonFirst Novel2012
The Long Hunt af Cameron JuddOriginal Mass Market Paperback2012
Between Hell and Texas: A Byrnes Family (A Byrnes Family Ranch Novel) af Dusty RichardsOriginal Mass Market Paperback2012
The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town af Mary CasanovaStoryteller Award2012
Henrietta King: A Queen Named King af Mary Dodson WadeStoryteller Award2012
South by Southwest: A Western Story (Five Star Western Series) af Johnny D. BoggsWestern Juvenile Fiction2012
Wolves in Blue: Stories of the North Brothers and Their Pawnee Scouts af Jean A. LukeshWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2012
How the West Was Drawn: Frederic Remington's Art af Linda OsmundsonWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2012
rode af Thomas Fox AverillWestern Long Novel2012
Narrenes fest : roman, krimi af James Lee BurkeWestern Long Novel2012
Ned Wynkoop and the Lonely Road from Sand Creek af Louis KraftWestern Nonfiction Biography2012
Will Rogers: A Political Life af Richard D. White, Jr.Western Nonfiction Biography2012
Navajos Wear Nikes: A Reservation Life af Jim KristoficWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2012
Line in the Sand: A History of the Western U.S.-Mexico Border af Rachel St. JohnWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2012
After Custer: Loss and Transformation in Sioux Country af Paul L. HedrenWestern Nonfiction Historical2012
Railroaded: The Transcontinentals and the Making of Modern America af Richard WhiteWestern Nonfiction Historical2012
'Nada af Daniel BoydFirst Novel2011
A Congregation of Jackals af S. Craig ZahlerFirst Novel2011
The Lawman: Avenging Angels af Lyle BrandtOriginal Mass Market Paperback2011
Wulf's Tracks (Herschel Baker) af Dusty RichardsOriginal Mass Market Paperback2011
Arbor Day Square af Kathryn O. GalbraithStoryteller Award2011
Jackson Hole Journey af Linda JacobsWestern Audiobook2011
Crosswire af Dotti EnderleWestern Juvenile Fiction2011
The Last Summer Of The Death Warriors af Francisco StorkWestern Juvenile Fiction2011
Black Elk's Vision: A Lakota Story af S.D. NelsonWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2011
Tecumseh: Shooting Star of the Shawnee af Dwight Jon ZimmermanWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2011
Gold Under Ice af Carol BuchananWestern Long Novel2011
Going Through Ghosts (WEST WORD FICTION) af Mary SojournerWestern Long Novel2011
Bandido: The Life and Times of Tiburcio Vasquez af John BoesseneckerWestern Nonfiction Biography2011
Wild Horse Annie and the Last of the Mustangs: The Life of Velma Johnston af David CruiseWestern Nonfiction Biography2011
Arizona's Little Hollywood: Sedona and Northern Arizona's Forgotten Film History 1923–1973 (Sedona Monthly Books) af Joe McNeillWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2011
Goodbye Wifes and Daughters af Susan Kushner ResnickWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2011
So Rugged and Mountainous: Blazing the Trails to Oregon and California, 1812-1848 (Overland West) af Will BagleyWestern Nonfiction Historical2011
Beyond Bear's Paw: The Nez Perce Indians in Canada af Jerome A. GreeneWestern Nonfiction Historical2011
Wild Penance af Sandi AultWestern Short Novel2011
Roy & Lillie: A Love Story af Loren D. EstlemanWestern Short Novel2011
A Cold Place In Hell af William BlinnOriginal Mass Market Paperback2010
The Lawman: Hanging Judge af Lyle BrandtOriginal Mass Market Paperback2010
Kick the Cowboy af Joe GribnauStoryteller Award2010
Bad News for Outlaws: The Remarkable Life of Bass Reeves, Deputy U. S. Marshal af Vaunda Micheaux NelsonStoryteller Award2010
Mundy's Law: The Legend of Joe Mundy af Monty McCordWestern Audiobook2010
Journey to Goliad (Mr. Barrington's Mysterious Trunk) af Melodie A. CuateWestern Juvenile Fiction2010
The Devil's Paintbox af Victoria McKernanWestern Juvenile Fiction2010
Arizona : Nations and Art af Annica BenningWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2010
Before Columbus: The Americas of 1491 af Charles C. MannWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2010
Tenderfoot af Mary E. TrimbleWestern Long Novel2010
Mormon Convert, Mormon Defector: A Scottish Immigrant in the American West, 1848-1861 af Polly AirdWestern Nonfiction Biography2010
As Big as the West: The Pioneer Life of Granville Stuart af Clyde A. Milner IIWestern Nonfiction Biography2010
Borderline Americans: Racial Division and Labor War in the Arizona Borderlands af Katherine Benton-CohenWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2010
The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America af Timothy EganWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2010
Crossing the Plains With Custer af Paul HorstedWestern Nonfiction Historical2010
Dodge City: The Early Years, 1872-1886 (Western Lands and Waters) af Wm. B. ShillingbergWestern Nonfiction Historical2010
Spoon: A Novel af Robert GreerWestern Short Novel2010
Undiscovered Country: A Novel af Lin EngerFirst Novel2009
Her Enemies, Blue & Gray af Ellen Gray MasseyJuvenile Fiction2009
The Gold Rush Kid af Mary WaldorfJuvenile Fiction2009
The Trespassers (Leisure Historical Fiction) af Andrew J. FenadyOriginal Mass Market Paperback2009
I, Quantrill af Max McCoyOriginal Mass Market Paperback2009
Ten-Gallon Bart and the Wild West Show af Susan Stevens CrummelStoryteller Award2009
Daniel Boone's Great Escape af Michael P. SpradlinStoryteller Award2009
Letter of the Law af C. K. CriggerWestern Audiobook2009
A Boy Named Beckoning: The True Story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, Native American Hero (Exceptional Social Studies Titles for Intermediate Grades) af Gina CapaldiWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2009
The Trouble Begins at 8: A Life of Mark Twain in the Wild, Wild West af Sid FleischmanWestern Juvenile Nonfiction2009
Wolves at Our Door af J.P.S. BrownWestern Long Novel2009
The Long Knives Are Crying af Joseph M. Marshall, IIIWestern Long Novel2009
Horses That Buck: The Story of Champion Bronc Rider Bill Smith (The Western Legacies Series) af Margot KahnWestern Nonfiction Biography2009
A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir af Donald WorsterWestern Nonfiction Biography2009
Stricken Field: The Little Bighorn Since 1876 af Jerome A. GreeneWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2009
What Men Call Treasure: The Search for Gold at Victorio Peak af David SchweidelWestern Nonfiction Contemporary2009
Frontier Medicine: From the Atlantic to the Pacific, 1492-1941 af David DaryWestern Nonfiction Historical2009
A Terrible Glory: Custer and the Little Bighorn--The Last Great Battle of the American West af Jim DonovanWestern Nonfiction Historical2009
Dreams Beneath Your Feet af Win BlevinsWestern Short Novel2009
Killstraight af Johnny D. BoggsWestern Short Novel2009
A Sudden Country af Karen FisherFirst Novel2005
Blood Kin af Henry ChappellNovel of the West2005
Where Skulls Speak Wind (Winner, 2004 Texas Review Poetry Prize) af Larry D. Thomas2005
The callings af Henry ChappellFirst Novel2003
Silver Lies af Ann Parker2003
Amazing Grace (Winner, 2001 Texas Review Poetry Prize) af Larry D. Thomas2002
Frank and Jesse James: The Story Behind the Legend af Ted YeatmanWestern Biography2001
More Than Moccasins: A Kid's Activity Guide to Traditional North American Indian Life af Laurie CarlsonFinalist1994


Western Writers of America annually honors writers for distinguished writing about the American West with the Spur Awards. Since 1953 the Spur Awards have been considered one of the most prestigious awards in American literature. Spurs are given for the best western historical novel, best western traditional novel, best western contemporary novel, best short story, best short nonfiction. Also, best contemporary nonfiction, best biography, best history, best juvenile fiction and nonfiction, best drama, best documentary, best poem, best song, best children’s picture book and best first novel as well as best first nonfiction book.

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