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A joint project of the Maine Library Association, Maine Association of School Libraries, and Maine Literacy Council In the decades since the Maine Student Book Award was initiated, more and more vis mere students across Maine have expanded their reading horizons. Join the fun! The award is determined each year by participating Maine students in grades four through eight. The winning book is selected from a reading list that is compiled by the MSBA committee. Any interested readers - student, teacher, parent, librarian - may submit a book review for the committee's consideration for any fiction or nonfiction title published in the current year. vis mindre
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Winner 34

Reading List 131

Thirst af Varsha Bajaj2024
The Life and Crimes of Hoodie Rosen af Isaac Blum2024
Voices of the People af Joseph Bruchac2024
Wild Ride af Keith Calabrese2024
Troublemaker af John Cho2024
The Name She Gave Me af Betty Culley2024
Gabe in the After af Shannon Doleski2024
Learning to Fall af Sally Engelfried2024
My Nest of Silence af Matt Faulkner2024
Killer Underwear Invasion!: How to Spot Fake News, Disinformation & Conspiracy Theories af Elise Gravel2024
Nowhere Better Than Here af Sarah Guillory2024
The Flamingo af Guojing2024
Wildoak af C. C. Harrington2024
Daisy Woodworm Changes the World af Melissa Hart2024
A History of Underwear with Professor Chicken af Hannah Holt2024
High Score af Destiny Howell2024
Sardines af Sashi Kaufman2024
Twelfth af Janet Key2024
Attack of the Black Rectangles af A. S. King2024
Answers in the Pages af David Levithan2024
The Road to After af Rebekah Lowell2024
Different Kinds of Fruit af Kyle Lukoff2024
This Appearing House af Ally Malinenko2024
Shuna's Journey af Hayao Miyazaki2024
We Are Wolves af Katrina Nannestad2024
Frizzy af Claribel A. Ortega2024
Dungeon Club: Roll Call af Molly Knox Ostertag2024
Tumble af Celia C. Pérez2024
Travelers Along the Way: A Robin Hood Remix af Aminah Mae Safi2024
I Must Betray You af Ruta Sepetys2024
The Switch af Roland Smith2024
Endlessly Ever After: Pick YOUR Path to Countless Fairy Tale Endings! af Laurel Snyder2024
Small Town Pride af Phil Stamper2024
A Million Views af Aaron Starmer2024
Skandar and the Unicorn Thief af A.F. Steadman2024
The Callers af Kiah Thomas2024
The Last Hope In Hopetown af Maria Tureaud2024
Cultured Donuts: Take a Bite Out of Art History af Chloe Tyler2024
A Rover's Story af Jasmine Warga2024
Alone af Megan E. Freeman2023
Amari and the Night Brothers af B. B. Alston2023
Willodeen af Katherine Applegate2023
Imaginary af Lee Bacon2023
Obie Is Man Enough af Schuyler Bailar2023
The Magical Imperfect af Chris Baron2023
Across the Desert af Dusti Bowling2023
Danny Chung Sums It Up af Maisie Chan2023
Down to Earth af Betty Culley2023
The Shadow Prince af David Anthony Durham2023
Nightingale af Deva Fagan2023
Starfish af Lisa Fipps2023
Carry Me Home af Janet Fox2023
All You Knead Is Love af Tanya Guerrero2023
The 1619 Project: Born on the Water af Nikole Hannah-Jones2023
The Last Cuentista af Donna Barba Higuera2023
The Way of the Hive: A Honey Bee's Story af Jay Hosler2023
Stella af McCall Hoyle2023
Strong as Fire, Fierce as Flame af Supriya Kelkar2023
When the World Was Ours af Liz Kessler2023
How to Change Everything: The Young Human's Guide to Protecting the Planet and Each Other af Naomi Klein2023
Deadman's Castle af Iain Lawrence2023
Six Crimson Cranes af Elizabeth Lim2023
This Is Our Rainbow: 16 Stories of Her, Him, Them, and Us af Katherine Locke2023
School of Phantoms (No Place for Monsters) af Kory Merritt2023
The Girl from the Sea af Molly Knox Ostertag2023
Summer of Brave af Amy Noelle Parks2023
Garlic and the Vampire af Bree Paulsen2023
Time Villains af Victor Piñeiro2023
The Strangest Thing in the Sea: And Other Curious Creatures of the Deep af Rachel Poliquin2023
One Small Hop af Madelyn Rosenberg2023
Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Academy: No Humans Allowed! af Madeleine Roux2023
Chickenology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia af Barbara Sandri2023
The Million Dollar Race af Matthew Ross Smith2023
Leonard (My Life as a Cat) af Carlie Sorosiak2023
The Kate In Between af Claire Swinarski2023
Erik vs. Everything af Christina Uss2023
Katie the Catsitter af Colleen A. F. Venable2023
The Ash House af Angharad walker2023
Last Gamer Standing af Katie Zhao2023
Once Upon an Eid: Stories of Hope and Joy by 15 Muslim Voices af S. K. Ali2022
The Girl and the Ghost af Hanna Alkaf2022
Alone in the Woods af Rebecca Behrens2022
A High Five for Glenn Burke af Phil Bildner2022
The Blackbird Girls af Anne Blankman2022
The Canyon's Edge af Dusti Bowling2022
Woke: A Young Poet's Call to Justice af Mahogany L. Browne2022
King and the Dragonflies af Kacen Callender2022
Efren Divided af Ernesto Cisneros2022
Kodi af Jared Cullum2022
The Great Pet Heist af Emily Ecton2022
96 Miles af J. L. Esplin2022
My Wild Life: Adventures of a Wildlife Photographer af Suzi Eszterhas2022
Dress Coded af Carrie Firestone2022
Rick af Alex Gino2022
Wink af Rob Harrell2022
The Mystwick School of Musicraft af Jessica Khoury2022
Me and Banksy af Tanya Lloyd Kyi2022
What Lane? af Torrey Maldonado2022
From the Desk of Zoe Washington af Janae Marks2022
Glitch af Laura Martin2022
Jinxed af Amy McCulloch2022
The Beast and the Bethany af Jack Meggitt-Phillips2022
No Place for Monsters af Kory Merritt2022
History Smashers: The Mayflower af Kate Messner2022
Accidental Trouble Magnet af Zanib Mian2022
Primer af Jennifer Muro2022
Bloom af Kenneth Oppel2022
Prairie Lotus af Linda Sue Park2022
Becoming Muhammad Ali af James Patterson2022
The Seventh Handmaiden af Judith Pransky2022
A Game of Fox & Squirrels af Jenn Reese2022
Ashlords af Scott Reintgen2022
Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Beginning af Jason Reynolds2022
Rise Up! The Art of Protest af Jo Rippon2022
All Thirteen: The Incredible Cave Rescue of the Thai Boys' Soccer Team af Christina Soontornvat2022
The Line Tender af Kate Allen2021
This Was Our Pact af Ryan Andrews2021
Orange for the Sunsets af Tina Athaide2021
The Last Human af Lee Bacon2021
The Important Thing About Margaret Wise Brown af Mac Barnett2021
Caught!: Nabbing History's Most Wanted af Georgia Bragg2021
The Forgotten Girl af India Hill Brown2021
Zenobia July af Lisa Bunker2021
New Kid af Jerry Craft2021
Maybe He Just Likes You af Barbara Dee2021
Captain Rosalie af Timothee de Fombelle2021
The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise af Dan Gemeinhart2021
Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation af Stuart Gibbs2021
Scary Stories for Young Foxes af Christian McKay Heidicker2021
Ghost: Thirteen Haunting Tales to Tell af Blaise Hemingway2021
The Dark Lord Clementine af Sarah Jean Horwitz2021

Nominee 6

Intet stadie 19


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