Locus Award2017

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Andre Navne: Locus Poll Award (Engelsk)
114 Works / 121 Items 82,370 Books 4,098 Reviews ½ 3.9
The Locus Awards are presented to winners of Locus Magazine's annual readers' poll, which was established in the early '70s specifically to provide recommendations and suggestions to Hugo Awards vis mere voters. Over the decades the Locus Awards have often drawn more voters than the Hugos and Nebulas combined. In recent years Locus Awards are presented at an annual banquet, and unlike any other award, explicitly honor publishers of winning works with certificates. The finalists and nominees are also tracked. vis mindre
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Winner 12

Finalist 121

The Big Book of Science Fiction af Ann VanderMeerAnthology2017
Hidden Youth: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History af Chesya BurkeAnthology2017
Children of Lovecraft af Ellen DatlowAnthology2017
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Third Annual Collection af Gardner DozoisAnthology2017
Tremontaine: Season 1 af Ellen KushnerAnthology2017
Invisible Planets: Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation af Ken LiuAnthology2017
The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales af Dominik ParisienAnthology2017
The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume Ten af Jonathan StrahanAnthology2017
Bridging Infinity af Jonathan StrahanAnthology2017
Drowned Worlds af Jonathan StrahanAnthology2017
Walking Through the Landscape of Faerie af Charles VessArt Book2017
Yoshitaka Amano : Illustrations af Yoshitaka AmanoArt Book2017
Myth & Magic: An Enchanted Fantasy Coloring Book by Kinuko Y. Craft af Kinuko Y. CraftArt Book2017
Beauty and the Beast af Mahlon F. CraftArt Book2017
Spectrum 23: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art af John FleskesArt Book2017
Descants & cadences : the art of Stephanie Law af Stephanie LawArt Book2017
Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie af Ralph McQuarrieArt Book2017
Spaceships: An Illustrated History of the Real and the Imagined af Ron MillerArt Book2017
The Art of the Film: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them af Dermot PowerArt Book2017
The Singing Bones af Shaun TanArt Book2017
The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories af Ken LiuCollection2017
Sharp Ends af Joe AbercrombieCollection2017
Hwarhath Stories: Transgressive Tales by Aliens af Eleanor ArnasonCollection2017
A Natural History of Hell: Stories af Jeffrey FordCollection2017
The Complete Orsinia: Malafrena / Stories and Songs af Ursula K. Le GuinCollection2017
The Found and the Lost: The Collected Novellas of Ursula K. Le Guin af Ursula K. Le GuinCollection2017
The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories af Ken LiuCollection2017
The Best of Ian McDonald af Ian McDonaldCollection2017
Dreams of Distant Shores af Patricia A. McKillipCollection2017
Beyond the Aquila Rift: The Best of Alastair Reynolds af Alastair ReynoldsCollection2017
Not So Much, Said the Cat af Michael SwanwickCollection2017
All the Birds in the Sky af Charlie Jane AndersFantasy Novel2017
Summerlong af Peter S. BeagleFantasy Novel2017
City of Blades af Robert Jackson BennettFantasy Novel2017
The Obelisk Gate af N. K. JemisinFantasy Novel2017
Children of Earth and Sky af Guy Gavriel KayFantasy Novel2017
The Wall of Storms af Ken LiuFantasy Novel2017
The Last Days of New Paris af China MiévilleFantasy Novel2017
The Winged Histories af Sofia SamatarFantasy Novel2017
The Nightmare Stacks af Charles StrossFantasy Novel2017
Necessity af Jo WaltonFantasy Novel2017
Ninefox Gambit af Yoon Ha LeeFirst Novel2017
The Reader af Traci CheeFirst Novel2017
Waypoint Kangaroo: A Novel af Curtis C. ChenFirst Novel2017
The Star-Touched Queen af Roshani ChokshiFirst Novel2017
The Girl from Everywhere af Heidi HeiligFirst Novel2017
Roses and Rot af Kat HowardFirst Novel2017
Ninefox Gambit af Yoon Ha LeeFirst Novel2017
Arabella of Mars af David D. LevineFirst Novel2017
Infomocracy af Malka OlderFirst Novel2017
Everfair af Nisi ShawlFirst Novel2017
Vigil af Angela SlatterFirst Novel2017
The Fireman af Joe HillHorror Novel2017
The Brotherhood of the Wheel af R.S. BelcherHorror Novel2017
Fellside af M. R. CareyHorror Novel2017
The Fireman af Joe HillHorror Novel2017
Mongrels: A Novel af Stephen Graham JonesHorror Novel2017
The Fisherman af John LanganHorror Novel2017
Certain Dark Things af Silvia Moreno-GarciaHorror Novel2017
HEX af Thomas Olde HeuveltHorror Novel2017
The Family Plot af Cherie PriestHorror Novel2017
Lovecraft Country af Matt RuffHorror Novel2017
Disappearance at Devil's Rock af Paul TremblayHorror Novel2017
The Geek Feminist Revolution af Kameron HurleyNon-Fiction2017
Octavia E. Butler af Gerry CanavanNon-Fiction2017
Speculative Blackness: The Future of Race in Science Fiction af André M. CarringtonNon-Fiction2017
Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life af Ruth FranklinNon-Fiction2017
The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction af Neil GaimanNon-Fiction2017
Time Travel: A History af James GleickNon-Fiction2017
Words Are My Matter: Writings on Life and Books af Ursula K. Le GuinNon-Fiction2017
The Geek Feminist Revolution af Kameron HurleyNon-Fiction2017
The History of Science Fiction (Palgrave Histories of Literature) af Adam RobertsNon-Fiction2017
Traveler of Worlds: Conversations with Robert Silverberg af Alvaro Zinos-AmaroNon-Fiction2017
You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay af Alyssa WongNovelette2017
The Art of Space Travel af Nina AllanNovelette2017
Red as Blood and White as Bone af Theodora GossNovelette2017
Foxfire, Foxfire af Yoon Ha LeeNovelette2017
The Visitor from Taured af Ian R. MacLeodNovelette2017
The Future Is Blue {story} af Catherynne M. ValenteNovelette2017
The Jewel and Her Lapidary {novella} af Fran WildeNovelette2017
You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay af Alyssa WongNovelette2017
Every Heart a Doorway af Seanan McGuireNovella2017
The Lost Child of Lychford af Paul CornellNovella2017
The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe af Kij JohnsonNovella2017
Hammers on Bone af Cassandra KhawNovella2017
The Ballad of Black Tom af Victor LaValleNovella2017
Every Heart a Doorway af Seanan McGuireNovella2017
This Census-Taker af China MiévilleNovella2017
The Iron Tactician af Alastair ReynoldsNovella2017
The Dispatcher af John ScalziNovella2017
Pirate Utopia af Bruce SterlingNovella2017
A Taste of Honey af Kai Ashante WilsonNovella2017
Death's End af Cixin LiuScience Fiction Novel2017
Company Town af Madeline AshbyScience Fiction Novel2017
The Medusa Chronicles af Stephen BaxterScience Fiction Novel2017
Take Back the Sky (War Dogs) af Greg BearScience Fiction Novel2017
Visitor af C. J. CherryhScience Fiction Novel2017
Babylon's Ashes af James S. A. CoreyScience Fiction Novel2017
After Atlas af Emma NewmanScience Fiction Novel2017
Central Station af Lavie TidharScience Fiction Novel2017
The Underground Railroad af Colson WhiteheadScience Fiction Novel2017
Last Year af Robert Charles WilsonScience Fiction Novel2017
Seasons of Glass and Iron af Amal El-MohtarShort Story2017
The Story of Kao Yu af Peter S. BeagleShort Story2017
A Salvaging of Ghosts af Aliette de BodardShort Story2017
Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies af Brooke BolanderShort Story2017
The City Born Great {short story} af N. K. JemisinShort Story2017
Seven Birthdays af Ken LiuShort Story2017
That Game We Played During the War af Carrie VaughnShort Story2017
A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers af Alyssa WongShort Story2017
Revenger af Alastair ReynoldsYoung Adult Novel2017
Crooked Kingdom af Leigh BardugoYoung Adult Novel2017
The Girl Who Drank the Moon af Kelly BarnhillYoung Adult Novel2017
Lois Lane: Double Down af Gwenda BondYoung Adult Novel2017
Truthwitch af Susan DennardYoung Adult Novel2017
Poisoned Blade af Kate ElliottYoung Adult Novel2017
Burning Midnight af Will McIntoshYoung Adult Novel2017
Goldenhand af Garth NixYoung Adult Novel2017
Revenger af Alastair ReynoldsYoung Adult Novel2017
This Savage Song af V. E. SchwabYoung Adult Novel2017
The Evil Wizard Smallbone af Delia ShermanYoung Adult Novel2017


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