Three Stars Book Award2024

Given by District of Columbia Library Association: School Library Section

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The Three Stars Book Award, named after the three stars on the DC flag, is a project of the District of Columbia Library Association: School Library Section, local librarians, and reading vis mere advocates. The inaugural award was created in 2017 by Emily Carmichael and Kate Sweeney.

Voting for the Three Stars Book Award takes place in May and June, and is open to students who live or go to school in Washington, DC. We strive to recognize books that incorporate diversity, multiculturalism, and other curricular connections as a means to connect reading to learning while building a culture of reading across DC schools. Nominees are chosen by a committee based on readers' interests and requests. Winners are chosen by students and readers across the district.
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2024-06-11: Winner2024 Kommende

Nominee 41

Warrior Girl Unearthed af Angeline BoulleyHigh School2024
Promise Boys af Nick BrooksHigh School2024
The Weight of Blood af Tiffany D. JacksonHigh School2024
We Are All So Good at Smiling af Amber McBrideHigh School2024
Abuela, Don't Forget Me af Rex OgleHigh School2024
Imposter Syndrome and Other Confessions of Alejandra Kim af Patricia ParkHigh School2024
Manmade Monsters af Janet PerryHigh School2024
Victory. Stand! Raising My Fist for Justice af Tommie SmithHigh School2024
All My Rage af Sabaa TahirHigh School2024
Their Vicious Games af Joelle WellingtonHigh School2024
Inheritance: A Visual Poem af Elizabeth AcevedoMiddle School2024
The Door of No Return af Kwame AlexanderMiddle School2024
Iveliz Explains It All af Andrea Beatriz ArangoMiddle School2024
School Trip af Jerry CraftMiddle School2024
Undercover Latina (The Factory) af Aya De LeonMiddle School2024
Different Kinds of Fruit af Kyle LukoffMiddle School2024
Freewater af Amina Luqman-DawsonMiddle School2024
Miles Morales Suspended: A Spider-Man Novel af Jason ReynoldsMiddle School2024
How to Write a Poem af Kwame AlexanderPicture Books2024
Twenty Questions af Mac BarnettPicture Books2024
Blue: A History of the Color as Deep as the Sea and as Wide as the Sky af Nana Ekua Brew-HammondPicture Books2024
Warrior Princess: The Story of Khutulun af Sally DengPicture Books2024
The Green Piano: How Little Me Found Music af Roberta FlackPicture Books2024
The Coquíes Still Sing: A Story of Home, Hope, and Rebuilding af Karina Nicole GonzálezPicture Books2024
Big af Vashti HarrisonPicture Books2024
Skater Cielo af Rachel KatstallerPicture Books2024
My Powerful Hair af Carole LindstromPicture Books2024
Once Upon a Book af Grace LinPicture Books2024
Bathe the Cat af Alice B. McGintyPicture Books2024
Blue Bison Needs a Haircut af Scott RothmanPicture Books2024
Listen: How Evelyn Glennie, a Deaf Girl, Changed Percussion af Shannon StockerPicture Books2024
Abdul's Story af Jamilah Thompkins-BigelowPicture Books2024
More Than Peach (Bellen Woodard Original Picture Book) af Bellen WoodardPicture Books2024
The Vanquishers af Kalynn BayronUpper Elementary2024
The Girl in the Lake af India BrownUpper Elementary2024
Not an Easy Win af Chrystal D. GilesUpper Elementary2024
Just a Girl: A True Story of World War II af Lia LeviUpper Elementary2024
Frizzy af Claribel A. OrtegaUpper Elementary2024
The Manifestor Prophecy af Angie ThomasUpper Elementary2024
A Rover's Story af Jasmine WargaUpper Elementary2024
Maizy Chen's Last Chance af Lisa YeeUpper Elementary2024


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