Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award2012

Given by Cork City Council

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"In 2000, the Munster Literature Centre organised the first Frank O'Connor International Short Story Festival, an event dedicated to the celebration of the short story and named for one of Cork's vis mere most beloved authors. ... The award is now recognised as the single biggest prize for a short story collection in the world and is presented at the end of the festival." - from web site vis mindre
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God Bless America: Stories af Steve Almond2012
Somewhere Else, or Even Here af A.J. Ashworth2012
Cabin Fever af Diane Awerbuck2012
420 Characters af Lou Beach2012
Crimes in Southern Indiana: Stories af Frank Bill2012
Power Ballads (Iowa Short Fiction Award) af Will Boast2012
Suitable Precautions af Laura Boudreau2012
The Necessity of Certain Behaviors (Pitt Drue Heinz Lit Prize) af Shannon Cain2012
Pictures from Hopper (Salt Modern Fiction) af Neil Campbell2012
The Rest Of Your Life And Everything That Comes With It af O Thiam Chin2012
Mother America af Nuala Ni Chonchuir2012
This Is the Quickest Way Down (Proxima) af Charles Christian2012
The beating and other stories af Dave Chua2012
The China Factory: Stories af Mary Costello2012
Fires of Our Choosing af Eugene Cross2012
Englen Esmeralda : ni fortællinger af Don DeLillo2012
The Shelter of Neighbours af Éilís Ní Dhuibhne2012
Household Worms af Stanley Donwood2012
Listen Close to Me (Salt Modern Fiction) af Catherine Eisner2012
Shag Carpet Action af Matthew Firth2012
Somewhere in Minnesota af Orfhlaith Foyle2012
Singing a Man to Death: & Other Short Stories af Matthew Francis2012
My Date With Neanderthal Woman af David Galef2012
Before the End, After the Beginning: Stories af Dagoberto Gilb2012
The Habit of Love af Namita Gokhale2012
By Love Possessed: Stories af Lorna Goodison2012
Stopping for Strangers af Daniel Griffin2012
Married Love af Tessa Hadley2012
Difficult Pleasures af Anjum Hasan2012
My Mother Was An Upright Piano af Tania Hershman2012
Near Open Water: Stories af Keith Jardim2012
What's Not Said af James Martyn Joyce2012
The Beautiful One Has Come: Stories af Suzanne Kamata2012
Reality, Reality af Jackie Kay2012
The War Tour af Zoe Lambert2012
Drifting House af Krys Lee2012
Hot Pink af Adam Levin2012
Smoked Meat af Rowena MacDonald2012
We Make Mud af Peter Markus2012
This Isn't the Sort of Thing That Happens to Someone Like You af Jon McGregor2012
Yellow is the Colour of Longing af K. R. Meera2012
Adios, Happy Homeland af Ana Menéndez2012
Natten, lysene, volden af Clemens Meyer2012
Further Interpretations of Real-Life Events: Stories af Kevin Moffett2012
And af Jim Mullarkey2012
Tales of the New World: Stories af Sabina Murray2012
The Book of Life af Stuart Nadler2012
The Corn Maiden and Other Nightmares: Novellas and Stories of Unspeakable Dread af Joyce Carol Oates2012
I Am an Executioner: Love Stories af Rajesh Parameswaran2012
New World Fairy Tales af Cassandra Parkin2012
All the Voices Cry af Alice Petersen2012
Furnace af Wayne Price2012
The Kissing List af Stephanie Reents2012
The Big Dream af Rebecca Rosenblum2012
A Tendency to Be Gone af Pamela Ryder2012
Shout Her Lovely Name af Natalie Serber2012
This Will Be Difficult to Explain: And Other Stories af Johanna Skibsrud2012
Monstress: Stories af Lysley Tenorio2012
Floating Like the Dead: Stories af Yasuko Thanh2012
Moon Walking af Barbara Unkovic2012
Living arrangements af Laura Walter2012
We Are Taking Only What We Need: Stories af Stephanie Powell Watts2012
Vicky Swanky Is a Beauty af Diane Williams2012
Once You Break a Knuckle af D.W. Wilson2012
Diving Belles af Lucy Wood2012
King of the sea af Dina Zaman2012


"In 2000, the Munster Literature Centre organised the first Frank O'Connor International Short Story Festival, an event dedicated to the celebration of the short story and named for one of Cork's most beloved authors. ... The award is now recognised as the single biggest prize for a short story collection in the world and is presented at the end of the festival." - from web site (English, Member-written)
The Munster Literature regrets to announce that the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award is to be discontinued in 2016. The award was established in 2005 in an effort to increase the profile of the short story form on the literary scene, and to reward those who were judged to have written the best collection of stories that year. Serving our ethos of innovation and development, (English, Member-written)


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