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Mockingbird Books History Texas Library Journal Spring 1997 Volume 73 Number 1

By Dorothy Davidson and Barbara Vick

Interest and enthusiasm generated by the Texas Bluebonnet Award caused learning vis mere resource specialists and teachers in the Abilene school district to wish for a reading program for our younger students.

So, LRC specialists met in 1986 to compile a list of titles suitable for reading aloud to children in kindergarten, first, and second grades. Our first list consisted of titles currently in the existing elementary school LRC collections, with little or no criteria. Although our lists of twenty books were well received, we soon saw a need for a more structured program. Questions to be answered included: Shall we allow students to vote for a favorite book, or will this be only a read-aloud program? Indeed, are younger elementary school students capable of choosing a favorite book? Are they mature enough to make such a decision? If students vote, when? During which months will teachers and LRC specialists read the books to classes? How will we gather and calculate statistics?

Very informal for the first year or two, the Mockingbird Reading Program, as we named it, became immediately popular with students and teachers. Second semester seemed to be the logical time to read these books; “When will we begin reading Mockingbird Books?” is now a familiar question asked soon after Christmas each year. Therefore, reading begins when we return from the Christmas holiday. Students vote before May 1 each year.

In 1995, as the tenth anniversary of the AISD Mockingbird Program approached, the idea of presenting the winning author/illustrator with a tangible award developed. We visited with Terry Gilbreth, an Abilene artist, to ask him about casting a statuette. He agreed, and we presented Janet Stevens, whose book Coyote Steals the Blanket: A Ute Tale won in 1995, with a beautiful mockingbird statuette. Dog Breath: The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis, by Dav Pilkey, won the 1996 Mockingbird. We hope that each year the winning author/illustrator will come to Abilene for the presentation.

Positive results include an increased awareness and appreciation of excellent picture books. A group of carefully chosen books, all of which are relatively new to both teachers and students, is available during the second semester in Abilene elementary schools. School children are proving that they can choose from a wide variety of genre, including fiction, nonfiction, folk tales, poetry, and biography. Students, at times months after the book was one of the designated titles, request “a Mockingbird Book” and frequently request the exact title. They look for the mockingbird symbol — a spine label and a stamp on the inside front cover of the books. Often one of the Mockingbird Books becomes an integral part of the curriculum or establishes a tradition for a specific teacher or grade level.

Requests from other school districts throughout the state for lists and criteria have increased during the past ten years of our program. These positive results and requests encourage AISD learning resource specialists to maintain the tradition of this quality read-aloud program for young Texans.
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How to Find a Fox af Kate Gardner2023
I LOVE Strawberries af Shannon Anderson2023
Poo-Dunit?: A Forest Floor Mystery af Katelyn Aronson2023
Super Milly and the Super School Day af Stephanie Clarkson2023
Isobel Adds It Up af Kristy Everington2023
Something Stinks! af Jonathan Fenske2023
My Dad Is A Grizzly Bear af Swapna Haddow2023
Harlem Grown: How One Big Idea Transformed a Neighborhood af Tony Hillery2023
Fussy Flamingo af Shelly Vaughan James2023
Is it an alligator or a crocodile? af Susan B. Katz2023
Ear Worm! af Jo Knowles2023
How to Apologize af David LaRochelle2023
The Little Blue Bridge af Brenda Maier2023
Chester van Chime Who Forgot How to Rhyme af Avery Monsen2023
Butterflies Are Pretty ... Gross! (Nature's Top Secrets) af Rosemary Mosco2023
Saving the Day: Garrett Morgan's Life-Changing Invention of the Traffic Signal af Karyn Parsons2023
Don't Eat Bees: Life Lessons from Chip the Dog af Dev Petty2023
The Box Turtle af Vanessa Roeder2023
Brick by Brick af Heidi Woodward Sheffield2023
The Eyebrows of Doom af Steve Smallman2023
Bad Dog af Mike Boldt2022
My Bed: Enchanting Ways to Fall Asleep Around the World af Rebecca Bond2022
The Little Butterfly That Could af Ross Burach2022
Paletero Man af Lucky Diaz2022
A Super Sticky Mistake: The Story of How Harry Coover Accidentally Invented Super Glue! af Alison Donald2022
Friday Night Wrestlefest af J. F. Fox2022
Eyes That Kiss in the Corners af Joanna Ho2022
Small Matters: The Hidden Power of the Unseen af Heather Ferranti Kinser2022
Louis af Tom Lichtenheld2022
Pacho Nacho af Silvia Lopez2022
Who Chomps with These Teeth? (Whose Is This?) af Cari Meister2022
I Am a Tiger af Karl Newson2022
How to Catch a Clover Thief af Elise Parsley2022
Home Is in Between af Mitali Perkins2022
Let's Pop, Pop, Popcorn! af Cynthia Schumerth2022
Summertime Sleepers: Animals That Estivate af Melissa Stewart2022
Help Wanted, Must Love Books af Janet Sumner Johnson2022
Mel Fell af Corey R. Tabor2022
Poem in My Pocket af Chris Tougas2022
Someone Builds the Dream af Lisa Wheeler2022
Can I Be Your Dog? af Troy Cummings2021
Rocket Says Look Up! af Nathan Bryon2021
Dandy af Ame Dyckman2021
Carl and the Meaning of Life af Deborah Freedman2021
Federico and the Wolf af Rebecca J. Gomez2021
The Cool Bean (The Food Group) af Jory John2021
Green Slimers: Opossums (Slime-Inators & Other Slippery Tricksters) af Ellen Lawrence2021
Sparky & Spike: Charles Schulz and the Wildest, Smartest Dog Ever af Barbara Lowell2021
Alma and How She Got Her Name af Juana Martinez-Neal2021
Ella McKeen, Kickball Queen af Beth Mills2021
Saturday af Oge Mora2021
I've got eyes! : exceptional eyes of the animal world af Julie Murphy2021
Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story af Kevin Noble Maillard2021
Ruby Finds a Worry (Big Bright Feelings) af Tom Percival2021
Once Upon a Goat af Dan Richards2021
Boxitects af Kim Smith2021
Skulls! af Blair Thornburgh2021
Vole and Troll af Iza Trapani2021
A Place for Pluto af Stef Wade2021
Eek, You Reek!: Poems about Animals That Stink, Stank, Stunk af Jane Yolen2021
What If... af Samantha Berger2020
The Very Impatient Caterpillar af Ross Burach2020
The Case of the Missing Chalk Drawings af Richard Byrne2020
Mixed: A Colorful Story af Arree Chung2020
Nobody Hugs a Cactus af Carter Goodrich2020
The First Men Who Went to the Moon af Rhonda Gowler Greene2020
Night Job af Karen Hesse2020
Gecko af Raymond Huber2020
Doll-E 1.0 af Shanda McCloskey2020
Lubna and Pebble af Wendy Meddour2020
Bugs Don't Hug: Six-Legged Parents and Their Kids af Heather L. Montgomery2020
The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: The Story of Dr. Temple Grandin af Julia Finley Mosca2020
That's Not Hockey! af Andrée Poulin2020
Bear Moves af Ben Bailey Smith2020
Mommy's Khimar af Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow2020
The Neighbors af Einat Tsarfati2020
The Piñata That the Farm Maiden Hung af Samantha R. Vamos2020
READ! READ! READ! af Amy Ludwig VanDerwater2020
Cactus af Anastasiya Vasilyeva2020
How to Be a Lion af Ed Vere2020
Cookiesaurus Rex af Amy Fellner Dominy2019
Bob, Not Bob! af Liz Garton Scanlon2018
Alan's Big, Scary Teeth af Peter Jarvis2017
Dog vs. Cat af Chris Gall2016
I'm Bored af Michael Ian Black2015
Being Frank af Donna W. Earnhardt2015
I Am So Handsome af Mario Ramos2014
Senorita Gordita af Helen Ketteman2013
Bloody Horned Lizards (Gross-Out Defenses) af Lori Haskins Houran2012
Sylvie af Jennifer Sattler2011
The Three Cabritos af Eric A. Kimmel2010
Frankie Stein af Lola M. Schaefer2009
You Can Do Anything, Daddy af Michael Rex2008
Punk Farm af Jarrett J. Krosoczka2007
Spiders: Biggest! Littlest! af Sandra Markle2006
Falling for Rapunzel af Leah Wilcox2005
I Stink! af Kate McMullan2004
The Water Hole af Graeme Base2003
Chewy Louie af Howie Schneider2002
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? af Jane Yolen2001
Hooway for Wodney Wat af Helen Lester2000
The Ghost of Sifty Sifty Sam af Angela Shelf Medearis1999
Art Dog af Thacher Hurd1998
Piggie Pie! af Margie Palatini1997
Dog Breath af Dav Pilkey1996
Coyote Steals the Blanket af Janet Stevens1995


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