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The International Horror Guild (originally the International Horror Critics Guild) was created in 1995 as a way to recognize the achievements of those who create in the field of Horror and Dark vis mere Fantasy. The last awards (for works from 2007) were announced in 2008.

The IHG Awards were determined by a jury of notable, knowledgeable horror/dark fantasy critics and reviewers. Although a juried award, the IHG judges asked that the public make recommendations through e-mail to help them in their search for the most meritorious works. These recommendations were taken into consideration when determining the nominees for the awards. The judges then determined the winners from each category from the final ballot of nominees.

The International Horror Guild really consisted of those who have a deep and abiding affection for the genre and were willing to assert their opinions. In other words, you could have been a member of the IHG if you wish to be.

The IHG Awards were usually announced annually during a special presentation at a convention or other event. The awards were hosted by the World Fantasy Convention, World Horror Convention, and Dragon*Con. The Guild were in no way officially affiliated with WFC, WHC or with Dragon*Con nor was it considered a sponsor of any event. The IHG Awards were overseen by The Mirabundus Project, Inc., a nonprofit organization
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Alle, 2007 (22), 2006 (18), 2005 (16), 2004 (25), 2003 (28), 2002 (30), 2001 (30), 2000 (28), 1999 (29), 1998 (16), 1996 (1)

Nominee 243

Summer Chills af Stephen JonesAnthology2007
American Supernatural Tales af S. T. JoshiAnthology2007
Strange Tales, Volume II af Rosalie ParkerAnthology2007
At Ease with the Dead af Barbara RodenAnthology2007
The Imago Sequence and Other Stories af Laird BarronBest Collection2007
Plots and Misadventures af Stephen GallagherBest Collection2007
The Shadows, Kith And Kin [short story] af Joe R. LansdaleBest Collection2007
Masques of Satan: Twelve Tales and a Novella af Reggie OliverBest Collection2007
Procession of the Black Sloth af Laird BarronLong Fiction2007
The Man in the Picture af Susan HillLong Fiction2007
The Scalding Rooms af Conrad WilliamsLong Fiction2007
Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed af Steve DuffyMid-Length Fiction2007
The Bone Man af Frederic S. DurbinMid-Length Fiction2007
The Janus Tree af Glen HirshbergMid-Length Fiction2007
The Science of Stephen King: From Carrie to Cell, The Terrifying Truth Behind the Horror Master's Fiction af Lois H. GreshNon-Fiction2007
Frankenstein: A Cultural History af Susan Tyler HitchcockNon-Fiction2007
Warnings to the Curious: A Sheaf of Criticism on M. R. James (Hippocampus Press Library of Criticism) af S. T. JoshiNon-Fiction2007
Sides af Peter StraubNon-Fiction2007
The Grin of the Dark af Ramsey CampbellNovel2007
Generation Loss af Elizabeth HandNovel2007
The Missing af Sarah LanganNovel2007
Season of the Witch af Natasha MostertNovel2007
Night Visions 12 af Kealan Patrick BurkeAnthology2006
Masques V af J. N. WilliamsonAnthology2006
The Lost District af Joel LaneCollection2006
Map of Dreams af M. RickertCollection2006
Hallucigenia (novella) af Laird BarronLong Fiction2006
Isis af Douglas CleggLong Fiction2006
The Muldoon af Glen HirshbergMid-Length Fiction2006
Bainbridge af Caitlín R. KiernanMid-Length Fiction2006
Journey into the Kingdom af M. RickertMid-Length Fiction2006
Obsequy af David J. SchowMid-Length Fiction2006
Darkening Garden: A Short Lexicon of Horror af John CluteNon-Fiction2006
The Freedom of Fantastic Things: Selected Criticism on Clark Ashton Smith af Scott ConnorsNon-Fiction2006
Cinema Macabre af Mark MorrisNon-Fiction2006
Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero's Visions of Hell on Earth af Kim PaffenrothNon-Fiction2006
Skifting af Keith DonohueNovel2006
The Pilo Family Circus af Will ElliottNovel2006
The Open Curtain af Brian EvensonNovel2006
Boo'ya Moon : Liseys historie af Stephen KingNovel2006
Specimen Days af Michael CunninghamCollection2005
To Charles Fort, with Love af Caitlín R. KiernanCollection2005
Magic for Beginners af Kelly LinkCollection2005
The Imago Sequence and Other Stories af Laird BarronLong Fiction2005
Voluntary Committal af Joe HillLong Fiction2005
The Serial Murders af Kim NewmanLong Fiction2005
Proboscis af Laird BarronMid-Length Fiction2005
Boatman's Holiday af Jeffrey FordMid-Length Fiction2005
My Father's Mask af Joe HillMid-Length Fiction2005
Mad, Bad and Dangerous?: The Scientist and the Cinema af Christopher FraylingNon-Fiction2005
Horror: Another 100 Best Books af Stephen JonesNon-Fiction2005
Mr. Fox and Other Feral Tales (Anthology) af Norman PartridgeNon-Fiction2005
Historikeren af Elizabeth KostovaNovel2005
Beyond Black af Hilary MantelNovel2005
The Stone Ship af Peter RaftosNovel2005
Den vidunderlige kaerligheds historie : roman af Carl-Johan VallgrenNovel2005
Quietly Now: An Anthology in Tribute to Charles L. Grant af Kealan Patrick BurkeAnthology2004
A Walk on the Darkside: Visions of Horror af John PelanAnthology2004
Night Visions 11 (Night Visions) af Bill SheehanAnthology2004
Nocturnes af John ConnollyCollection2004
Out of His Mind af Stephen GallagherCollection2004
Dancing On Air af Frances OliverCollection2004
Use Once, Then Destroy af Conrad WilliamsCollection2004
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell af Susanna ClarkeFirst Novel2004
Move Under Ground af Nick MamatasFirst Novel2004
Vindens skygge af Carlos Ruiz ZafónFirst Novel2004
The Quick af Dan ViningFirst Novel2004
The Reflecting Eye: A Charlie Parker Novella af John ConnollyLong Fiction2004
Tainaron: Mail from Another City af Leena KrohnLong Fiction2004
My Death af Lisa TuttleLong Fiction2004
Bulldozer af Laird BarronMid-Length Fiction2004
Restraint af Stephen GallagherMid-Length Fiction2004
Northwest Passage [short story] af Barbara RodenMid-Length Fiction2004
The Growlimb af Michael SheaMid-Length Fiction2004
The Paint in My Blood: Illustration & Fine Art af Alan ClarkNon-Fiction2004
Hanging Out with the Dream King af Joe McCabeNon-Fiction2004
Cave of a Thousand Tales: The Life and Times of Pulp Author Hugh B. Cave af Milt ThomasNon-Fiction2004
Mortal Love af Elizabeth HandNovel2004
Kings of Infinite Space af James HynesNovel2004
A Handbook of American Prayer: A Novel af Lucius ShepardNovel2004
In the Night Room af Peter StraubNovel2004
Southern Blood: New Australian Tales of the Supernatural af Bill CongreveAnthology2003
Gathering the Bones af Jack DannAnthology2003
By Moonlight Only af Stephen JonesAnthology2003
Borderlands 5 af Elizabeth E. MonteleoneAnthology2003
The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases af Mark RobertsAnthology2003
Told by the Dead af Ramsey CampbellCollection2003
Bibliomancy af Elizabeth HandCollection2003
GRRM: A Retrospective af George R. R. MartinCollection2003
The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini and other Strange Stories af Reggie OliverCollection2003
The Etched City af K. J. BishopFirst Novel2003
Tropic of Night af Michael GruberFirst Novel2003
Danteklubben : roman af Matthew PearlFirst Novel2003
Echo and Narcissus af Mark Richard SiegelFirst Novel2003
Veniss Underground af Jeff VanderMeerFirst Novel2003
Hævn : en kærlighedshistorie af Joyce Carol OatesLong Fiction2003
Rock Breaks Scissors Cut af David J. SchowLong Fiction2003
Floater af Lucius ShepardLong Fiction2003
The Census Taker af Dale BaileyMid-Length Fiction2003
Vandoise and the Bone Monster af Alex IrvineMid-Length Fiction2003
La Sentinelle af Lucy SussexMid-Length Fiction2003
Letters to Alfred Galpin af H. P. LovecraftNon-Fiction2003
Hollywood's Stephen King af Tony MagistraleNon-Fiction2003
Heroes & Monsters: The Unofficial Companion to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen af Jess NevinsNon-Fiction2003
The Selected Letters of Clark Ashton Smith af Clark Ashton SmithNon-Fiction2003
The Good House af Tananarive DueNovel2003
Ulvene af Stephen KingNovel2003
The Night Country af Stewart O'NanNovel2003
Crawlers af John ShirleyNovel2003
Keep Out the Night af Stephen JonesAnthology2002
The Book of More Flesh af James LowderAnthology2002
The Darker Side: Generations of Horror af John PelanAnthology2002
Queer Fear 2: Gay Horror Fiction af Michael RoweAnthology2002
Manden i det sorte jakkesæt af Stephen KingBest Collection2002
Om en Buick 8 af Stephen KingBest Novel2002
Knuckles and Tales af Nancy A. CollinsCollection2002
Lies & Ugliness af Brian HodgeCollection2002
My Work is Not Yet Done af Thomas LigottiCollection2002
The Fallen af Dale BaileyFirst Novel2002
The Snowman's Children af Glen HirshbergFirst Novel2002
The Blues Ain't Nothin': Tales of the Lonesome Blues Pub af Tina L. JensFirst Novel2002
The Horned Man af James LasdunFirst Novel2002
B.P.R.D., Vol. 01: Hollow Earth & Other Stories af Mike MignolaGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative2002
Strangehaven #14 af Gary Spencer MillidgeGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative2002
Nat i 30 dage af Steve NilesGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative2002
The Goon: Nothin' But Misery af Eric PowellGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative2002
Fables, Vol. 01: Legends in Exile af Bill WillinghamGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative2002
Nesting Instincts af Brian HodgeIntermediate Form2002
The Essayist in the Wilderness af William Browning SpencerIntermediate Form2002
Coraline af Neil GaimanLong Fiction2002
Mr. Gaunt af John LanganLong Fiction2002
Algernon Blackwood: An Extraordinary Life af Mike AshleyNon-Fiction2002
Supernatural Fiction Writers: Contemporary Fantasy and Horror af Richard BleilerNon-Fiction2002
The Biology of Horror: Gothic Literature and Film af Jack MorganNon-Fiction2002
Clive Barker: The Dark Fantastic af Douglas E. WinterNon-Fiction2002
The Darkest Part of the Woods af Ramsey CampbellNovel2002
The Hour Before Dark af Douglas CleggNovel2002
The Killing Kind af John ConnollyNovel2002
Fitcher's Brides af Gregory FrostNovel2002
Meddling with Ghosts: Stories in the Tradition of M. R. James af Ramsey CampbellAnthology2001
The Museum of Horrors af Dennis EtchisonAnthology2001
Bending the Landscape: Horror - Original Gay and Lesbian Writing af Nicola GriffithAnthology2001
The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women af Stephen JonesAnthology2001
Coldheart Canyon af Clive BarkerBest Novel2001
The Living Blood af Tananarive DueBest Novel2001
Amerikanske guder af Neil GaimanBest Novel2001
Det sorte hus af Stephen KingBest Novel2001
Talking in the Dark: Selected Stories af Dennis EtchisonCollection2001
William F. Nolan's Dark Universe: Stories 1951-2001--The Very Best from a Master of Suspense af William F. NolanCollection2001
The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists af Norman PartridgeCollection2001
Eye af David J. SchowCollection2001
Moontide af Erin PatrickFirst Book2001
Bitten af Kelley ArmstrongFirst Novel2001
The Astonished Eye af Tracy KnightFirst Novel2001
Riverwatch af Joseph NassiseFirst Novel2001
Warren Ellis' Dark Blue af Warren EllisGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative2001
Oz af Christopher GoldenGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative2001
Desperadoes: Quiet of the Grave af Jeff MariotteGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative2001
On Skua Island af John LanganLong Fiction2001
Eternity And Afterward af Lucius ShepardLong Fiction2001
Her Hunger af John ShirleyLong Fiction2001
Father Panic's Opera Macabre af Thomas TessierLong Fiction2001
Nearly People af Conrad WilliamsLong Fiction2001
If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor af Bruce CampbellNon-Fiction2001
Dark Dreamers: Facing the Masters of Fear af Beth GwinnNon-Fiction2001
Book of the Dead: Friends of Yesteryear : Fictioneers & Others (Memories of the Pulp Fiction Era) af E. Hoffmann PriceNon-Fiction2001
Angel of Mercy af Joyce Carol OatesShort Story2001
En'tracte af David J. SchowShort Story2001
Lunch at Charon's af Melanie TemShort Story2001
Embraces: Dark Erotica af Paula GuranAnthology2000
Dark Terrors 5: The Gollancz Book of Horror af Stephen JonesAnthology2000
Shadows and Silence af Barbara RodenAnthology2000
Én på katapulten af Stephen KingBest Long Form2000
The Death Artist af Dennis EtchisonCollection2000
Tales of Pain and Wonder af Caitlín R. KiernanCollection2000
Strange Attraction af Edward E. KramerCollection2000
Toybox af Al SarrantonioCollection2000
Magic Terror af Peter StraubCollection2000
House of Leaves af Mark Z. DanielewskiFirst Novel2000
Damned If You Do: A Novel af Gordon HoughtonFirst Novel2000
Raveling af Peter Moore SmithFirst Novel2000
Run af Douglas E. WinterFirst Novel2000
William Hope Hodgson's The House On the Borderland [adaptation - Graphic Novel] af Richard CorbenGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative2000
Det hemmelighedsfulde selskab af Alan MooreGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative2000
Channel Zero af Brian WoodGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative2000
Mr. Dark's Carnival af Glen HirshbergLong Fiction2000
Én på katapulten af Stephen KingLong Fiction2000
Naming of Parts [novella] af Tim LebbonLong Fiction2000
Demons af John ShirleyLong Fiction2000
The Horror Reader af Ken GelderNon-Fiction2000
Om at skrive : en forfatters erindringsbog om håndværket af Stephen KingNon-Fiction2000
Lord of a Visible World af H. P. LovecraftNon-Fiction2000
Horror of the 20th Century af Robert E. WeinbergNon-Fiction2000
A Shadow on the Wall: A Novel af Jonathan AycliffeNovel2000
Silent Children af Ramsey CampbellNovel2000
You Come When I Call You af Douglas CleggNovel2000
The Bottoms af Joe R. LansdaleNovel2000
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Twelfth Annual Collection af Ellen DatlowAnthology1999
Northern Frights 5 af Don HutchisonAnthology1999
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 10 af Stephen JonesAnthology1999
White of the Moon af Stephen JonesAnthology1999
Brotherly Love & Other Tales of Faith and Knowledge af David CaseCollection1999
My Own Private Spectres af Jean RayCollection1999
Waltzes and Whispers af Jay RussellCollection1999
What You Make It: Selected Short Stories af Michael Marshall SmithCollection1999
Dragonfly af Frederic S. DurbinFirst Novel1999
Collectors: A Novel af Paul GrinerFirst Novel1999
King Rat af China MiévilleFirst Novel1999
Torso af Brian Michael BendisGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative1999
Lenore #5 af Roman DirgeGraphic Novel / Illustrated Narrative1999
The Executioners' Guild af Andy DuncanLong Fiction1999
Leningrad Nights af Graham JoyceLong Fiction1999
White af Tim LebbonLong Fiction1999
Andy Warhol's Dracula af Kim NewmanLong Fiction1999
Gothic: Four Hundred Years of Excess, Horror, Evil and Ruin af Richard Davenport-HinesNon-Fiction1999
A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography & Concordance af Chris Jarocha-ErnstNon-Fiction1999
Sixty Years of Arkham House: A History and Bibliography af S. T. JoshiNon-Fiction1999
Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography af Victoria PriceNon-Fiction1999
The Talisman af Jonathan AycliffeNovel1999
Minions of the Moon af Richard BowesNovel1999
Seven Stars af Kim NewmanNovel1999
Mr. X af Peter StraubNovel1999
Impakto af Richard CalderShort Story1999
Amerikanski Dead at the Moscow Morgue, or: Children of Marx and Coca-Cola af Kim NewmanShort Story1999
What You Make It [short story] af Michael Marshall SmithShort Story1999
Halloween Street af Steve Rasnic TemShort Story1999
The Best of Cemetery Dance, Volume 1 af Richard ChizmarAnthology1998
Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers: Magical Tales of Love and Seduction af Ellen DatlowAnthology1998
Imagination Fully Dilated (Anthology) af Elizabeth EngstromAnthology1998
The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams af Ed KramerAnthology1998
Falling Idols af Brian HodgeCollection1998
Extremities af Kathe KojaCollection1998
The Collector of Hearts: New Tales of the Grotesque af Joyce Carol OatesCollection1998
Crypt Orchids af David J. SchowCollection1998
The Halloween Man af Douglas CleggFirst Novel1998
The Queen of Darkness af Miguel ConnerFirst Novel1998
This Symbiotic Fascination af Charlee JacobFirst Novel1998
Carmilla : The Return af Kyle MarffinFirst Novel1998
The Tooth Fairy af Graham Joycenovel1998
Wildest Dreams af Norman PartridgeNovel1998
Darker Angels af S. P. SomtowNovel1998
Irrational Fears af William Browning SpencerNovel1998
Desperation af Stephen KingBest Novel1996


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