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Andre Navne: HFC Book of the Year Contest (Engelsk)
179 Værker 671 Bøger 160 Anmeldelser 4.2
Alle, Book of the Year (2), Runner-Up (1), Gold Medal (26), Silver Medal (28), Bronze Medal (21), Honorable Mention (23), Finalist (3), Longlist (179)
Alle, 2023 (71), 2022 (77), 2021 (31)

Longlist 179

The River Remembers af Linda UlleseitAmerican/Western2023
Canaad af D. A WoodAncient World2023
Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again: Friddie’s story af Roni RosenthalBiography2023
The Boy King's Tale: As Told By Geoffrey Chaucer af Michael JanuaryBiography2023
The Middle Generation: A Novel of John Quincy Adams and the Monroe Doctrine af M B ZuckerBiography2023
The Rose of Washington Square: A Novel of Rose O'Neill, Creator of the Kewpie Doll af Pat WahlerBiography2023
The Road to Canossa (Comitissa of Tuscany Book 2) af Lara ByrneEurope, etc.2023
Who She Left Behind af Victoria Atamian WatermanEurope, etc.2023
Barnum's Angel af Len BoswellFantasy2023
Shadow Runner af K. J. FielerFantasy2023
Witness to the Revolution af Kiersten MarcilFantasy2023
The Last of What I Am af Abigail CutterGeneral2023
The Last Laird of Sapelo af TM BrownGeneral2023
A Song of Sixpence: The Story of Elizabeth of York and Perkin Warbeck af Judith ArnoppGreat Britain2023
The Light in the Labyrinth af Wendy J. DunnGreat Britain2023
The Alewives: A plague-era tale of murder, friendship, and fine ale (The Alewives of Colmar) af Elizabeth R. AndersenGreat Britain2023
King of Nod af Scott FadLiterary2023
The devil's glove (Salem) af Lucretia GrindleLiterary2023
Madame Pommery: Creator of Brut Champagne af Rebecca RosenbergLiterary2023
Raven Rock af Nichole LouiseLiterary2023
The Orchid Hour af Nancy BilyeauMystery2023
Saint Bloodbath af Frederick Douglass ReynoldsMystery2023
America's Forgotten Suffragists: Virginia and Francis Minor af Nicole EvelinaNon-Fiction2023
A Cat at Dachau: A Heart-Breaking and Thought-Provoking WW2 Story af Elyse HoffmanNovella2023
Christmas Parties, Snow, and Other Follies: A sweet historical holiday romance (Heartwarming Christmas) af Heidi EljarboNovella2023
Harriet: A Jane Austen Variation af Alice McVeighRomance2023
The Truth About Myths (The Winemakers Book 3) af Giovanna SiniscalchiRomance2023
Noble Satyr af Lucinda BrantRomance2023
Life and Death in Ephesus: A Short Story Collection (English Edition) af Finlay McQuadeShort Story/Short Stories Anthology2023
The London Forgery: A Historical Art Mystery (A Fabiola Bennett Mystery Book 1) af Heidi EljarboTime Travel/Dual Timeline2023
Through the Veneer of Time af Vera BellTime Travel/Dual Timeline2023
Moral Fibre: A Bomber Pilot's Story af Helena P SchraderWartime Fiction2023
Under the Pawpaw Trees (Sitting on Top of the World) af Cheryl KingYoung Adult2023
She Who Rides Horses: A Saga of the Ancient Steppe, Book One af Sarah V. Barnes2023
The Bastard Prince Of Versailles: A Novel Inspired by True Events (The King's Secret Children) af Will Bashor2023
Her Own Revolution: Château de Verzat Series, Book 2 af Debra Borchert2023
In the Lair of Legends af David Buzan2023
Sailor's Heart af Martin Campbell2023
Muddied Waters af Theo Clarkson2023
Muddied Waters: Coda af Theo Clarkson2023
Annwyn's Blood (The Paladin of Shadows Chronicles) (Volume 1) af Michael Eging2023
Ash and Ruin af Michael Eging2023
The Things We'll Never Have af Hilary Hauck2023
And Union No More: A Novel af Stan Haynes2023
Flowers of Evil (Hani's Daughter Mysteries Book 1) af N.L. Holmes2023
Hall of Deception: A Post-WWII Romantic Suspense af P.L. Jonas2023
Token of Betrayal af C.V. Lee2023
The Red Citadel af Michael Lynes2023
The Queen's Scribe (Sea and Stone Chronicles) af Amy Maroney2023
The Bucharest Legacy: The Rise of the Oligarchs af William Maz2023
Alice's War af William McClain2023
Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation af Alice McVeigh2023
Cold Blows the Wind af Catherine Meyrick2023
The Maenad's God af Karen Michalson2023
The Belle of Oyster Bay af Angela Moody2023
The Importance of Sons (Chronicles of the House of Valois, #2) af Keira Morgan2023
All I See is Violence af Angie Elita Newell2023
The Execution, Life and Times of Patrick O'Donnell af Gavin O'Donnell2023
Jerome and His Women af Joan O'Hagan2023
Water Music: A Cape Cod Story af peckmarcia2023
No More, My Love: A Clean Australian Historical Convict Romance (The Lockleys of Parramatta) af Sara Powter2023
The Vine Weaver af Sara Powter2023
The Emerald Necklace af Linda Rosen2023
Wild World af Peter S Rush2023
Straddling Black and White af Kim Salzman2023
The Tacksman's Daughter af Donna Scott2023
A Long Way from Clare af Robert W. Smith2023
The Strange Courtship of Kathleen O'Dwyer af Robert Temple2023
The Courtesan's Secret: A Venice Beauties Mystery af Nina Wachsman2023
The Hearts of All on Fire af Alana White2023
Maid of Morgan's Point: A Legend of the Texas Republic af Robert L. Wuench2023
My Mother's Secret: A Novel of the Jewish Autonomous Region af Alina Adams2022
Lies that Blind: A Novel of Late 18th Century Penang af E. S. Alexander2022
Silk: Caroline's Story (The Silk Trilogy) af Sophia Alexander2022
Tapestry: A Lowcountry Rapunzel af Sophia Alexander2022
Masada: Thou Shalt Not Kill (Significant Events in Ancient Jewish History) af Shimon Avish2022
Escape Route af Elan Barnehama2022
McRae: Murder at the Opera af Steve Bartholomew2022
Blood and Silver af Vali Benson2022
Forgiving Nero af Mary Ann Bernal2022
Sisters of Castle Leod af Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard2022
Eden Waits af Maryka Biaggio2022
Sunflowers Beneath the Snow af Teri M. Brown2022
The King's Inquisitor: Book Two of the Stuart Monarch Series af Tonya Ulynn Brown2022
The Investigation Officer's File: A Woody White Legal Thriller af Dallas Clark2022
Tomb for an Eagle af Lexie Conyngham2022
A Cord of Three Strands af Christy Distler2022
The d'Urberville Inheritance af Patricia Dolling-Mann2022
A Lady Newspaperman's Dilemma af Eileen Donovan2022
Codename Mermaid af Michael James Emberger2022
Rook af Stephen G. Eoannou2022
Baker Street Irregular af Craig W Fisher2022
The Third Daughter af Fiona Forsyth2022
Song for the Widowmaker af Gail S Fraser2022
The Light Among Us: The Story of Elizabeth Carne, Cornwall af Jill George2022
Northern Shadows (Northern Wolf Series) af Daniel Greene2022
Walks The Sky af Ron Habeck2022
The Spirited Mrs. Pringle af Jillianne Hamilton2022
Sincerity is a Goddess: A Dramatic and Romantic Comedy of Ancient Rome (The Etrurian Players Book 1) af Adam Alexander Haviaras2022
Naked Truth: Or Equality, The Forbidden Fruit: A Novel af Carrie Hayes2022
Leningrad: The People's Hero af Rachel R. Heil2022
The Cimbri Appear (The Cimbrian War) af Jeff Hein2022
Where David Threw Stones af Elyse Hoffman2022
Angel of Alta Langa: A Novel of Love & War af Suzanne Hoffman2022
Winter's Reckoning af Adele Holmes2022
Lake of Flowers (The Lord Hani Mysteries Book 5) af N.L. Holmes2022
Conecuh af Herb Hughes2022
Tennessee Yankee af Herb Hughes2022
Dancing To Her Own Tune (Unlikely Convict Ladies Book 1) af Sheila Hunter2022
Arabella's Assistant (Raised All Wrong) af Judy Lynn Ichkhanian2022
The Puppet Maker's Daughter af Karla M. Jay2022
Secret Lives: Two women. Two generations. One War (Ripples Through Time) af Anna Jensen2022
Sitting on Top of the World af Cheryl King2022
The Sicilian Sorceress: A Historical Fiction Time Travel Novel af Mary Knight2022
Falling for Elizabeth Bennet, A Pride and Prejudice Variation af Debra-Ann Kummoung2022
The Muse of Freedom af Jules Larimore2022
The Whispering Women (A Delafield & Malloy Investigation Book 1) af Trish MacEnulty2022
Maggie's Dream af Leslie Tall Manning2022
Violet Yorke, Gilded Girl: Ghosts in the Closet: A gripping historical mystery with hints of the paranormal af PJ McIlvaine2022
The Curse of Beauty (Ancient Legends #1) af Lauren Lee Merewether2022
The Whaler's Daughter af Jerry Mikorenda2022
No Safe Haven af Angela Moody2022
Notebook Mysteries ~ Emma af Kimberly Mullins2022
The Story of Humanity: Ecology & Consequence af Ishi Nobu2022
A Roman death af Joan O'Hagan2022
Yellow Sky Revolt (The Three Kingdoms Chronicles) af Baptiste Pinson Wu2022
Magnus Maximus 1: First King of Britain af Brent Reilly2022
Driftless af Ardys Brevig Richards2022
The Secret of Four Notch af Tracy Sabin2022
The Road Remembered af Kaye D. Schmitz2022
Gift of Diamonds (Transylvanian Trilogy Book 1) af Roberta Seret2022
Tangled Spirits: A Novel af Kate Shanahan2022
The True Purpose of Vines: Dive into Portugal's rich culture in this intoxicating historical romance about wine and love. (The Winemakers Book 1) af Giovanna Siniscalchi2022
A Hittite and a Shaman: At Queen Nefertari's Secret Service af Naveen Sridhar2022
LILACS in the DUST BOWL (Lukia's Family Saga Series) af Diana Stevan2022
Wild Field: An 11th Century Love Story af Johnny Stonborough2022
The Bookmark af Anne Supsic2022
Skull's Vengeance (Curse of Clansmen and Kings Book 4) af Linnea Tanner2022
When We Return af Eliana Tobias2022
The Douglas Bastard af J. R. Tomlin2022
Siciliana af Carlo Treviso2022
Lost Souls Recovered af Eric Walker2022
Infants of the Brush: A Chimney Sweep's Story af A. M. Watson2022
My Dearest Miss Fairfax: What Jane Austen's Emma didn't know af Jeanette Watts2022
Wealth and Privilege af Jeanette A Watts2022
The Value of an Anne Elliot: The Delightful Sequel to Jane Austen's 'Persuasion' af Kate Westwood2022
Angelina's Secret (Jeweled Dagger Series Book 1) af Diane Merrill Wigginton2022
The Conjuror's Apprentice af G. J. Williams2022
Fabyan Place af Peter Angus2021
The Nightmare Kingdom af Rob Bauer2021
The Whirlpools of Time af Anna Belfrage2021
Dragons in the Clouds af David Blair2021
The Year We Lived (English Edition) af Virginia Crow2021
The Girl from Venice: A heart-breaking page-turner, based on actual events in Italy during Word War II (Girls from the Italian Resistance: ... on actual events in Italy during World War 2) af Siobhan Daiko2021
Bad Blood (Exiles Book 1) af C R Dempsey2021
Uprising: Two kingdoms, one wedding and the hangman's noose (Exiles Book 2) af C R Dempsey2021
Of Darkness and Light af Heidi Eljarbo2021
The Beggar Queen af Kelly Evans2021
Muskets and Minuets af Lindsey Fera2021
Sisters at War: Love, Loss and a wartime voyage across the seas af Clare Flynn2021
Anne and Louis: Forever Bound af Rozsa Gaston2021
The Secret of the Grand Hôtel du Lac af Kathryn Gauci2021
The Wisdom of the Flock: Franklin and Mesmer in Paris af Steve Gnatz2021
Darjeeling Inheritance af Liz Harris2021
Songbird (The Tudor Court) af Karen Heenan2021
A Wider World (The Tudor Court) af Karen Heenan2021
The Crossing af Ashby Jones2021
on the edge of twilight af Aaron T Knight2021
In a Grove of Maples af Jenny Knipfer2021
The Castilians: A story of the siege of St Andrews Castle af Veh Masters2021
The Conversos: Vivid and Compelling Historical Fiction (The Seton Chronicles Book 2) af Veh Masters2021
Agustina de Aragón af Gail Meath2021
The Only Way Home af Jeanette Minniti2021
The Girl in the Triangle af Joyana Peters2021
The Usurper King (The Plantagenet Legacy) af Mercedes Rochelle2021
Starlight in the Dawn: The Poetic Priestess who chose to fight af Naveen Sridhar2021
The Poison Keeper af Deborah Swift2021
Empire's Heir (Empire's Legacy #6) af Marian L. Thorpe2021
Loveda Brown Comes Home: The Idyllwild Mystery Series, Book Two af Jolie Tunnell2021


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