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(eng) This is not the same person as Danish author Inger Wolf.


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Kaldet (2008) 478 eksemplarer
Consolation (2006) 287 eksemplarer
Bellevue Square (2017) 256 eksemplarer
Martin Sloane (2001) 228 eksemplarer
The Taken (2009) 210 eksemplarer
A Door in the River (2012) 109 eksemplarer
The Night Bell (2016) 82 eksemplarer
Fidelity: Stories (2003) 59 eksemplarer
Saving Houdini (2014) 22 eksemplarer
Goodness (2001) 17 eksemplarer
Light-crossing: Poems (2001) 7 eksemplarer
Lake Nora Arms (1994) 7 eksemplarer
Asphodel (1997) 5 eksemplarer
Twitch Force (2019) 4 eksemplarer
Brick 78 - A Literary Journal (2006) — Redaktør — 3 eksemplarer
Building Jerusalem (2001) 2 eksemplarer
Captifs (2010) 1 eksemplar

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Toronto Noir (2008) — Bidragyder — 52 eksemplarer

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Juridisk navn
Redhill, Michael
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
editorial board of Coach House Press (1993 to 1996)
Oplysning om flertydighed
This is not the same person as Danish author Inger Wolf.



This book was published in 2008 so it's taken me a while to read it. I didn't really feel like it was dated. There's cell phones (although the main investigator, Hazel Micallef, has to have one foisted on her) and DNA analysis and some fairly sophisticated computer technology. I would hope that by now a serial killer leaving behind bodies all across the country would generate some alerts but maybe not. Anyway, it kept me awake far too late one night in order to finish it. As they say on the front cover, "A Novel of Suspense".

D. I. Hazel Micallef is the acting chief of the Port Dundas police station. Perennially underfunded and lacking personnel the Port Dundas police manage to perform whatever they are called upon to do in this quiet rural corner of Ontario. That is, until Delia Chandler is found dead in her living room with her throat cut. DI Micallef knows Delia (not really a surprise) because she had an affair with Micallef's father. Micallef's mother, who was mayor of the town at the time, never forgave Delia but she's certainly not a suspect. When forensic tests show that Delia was poisoned before she died and that she invited her killer into her home, the mystery grows. The local paper publishes details about the killing and thus the sensational news spreads throughout the province. A few days later another body is discovered in a small town east of Port Dundas and there are enough similarities that the police there call DI Micallef. She realizes there is a good possibility that someone is killing people who have terminal illnesses and disguising the mercy killings with gory circumstances. A new detective in the force notices that the blood on this latest victims hands looks different from the rest of the blood and the forensics lab is asked to analyze it. They discover that it is a mixture of blood from 16 other people, including Delia Chandler. Using all her staff and some others she manages to second, they start to track down other victims. Throughout all this we get insight into the killer as he goes about his work. He is twisted and obsessed but thinks he is doing a service that will ultimately reward him and his victims. He will not be dissuaded until he finishes his work and if that means confronting Hazel Micallef, he is more than ready.

When this book was first published the author was described as a pseudonym for a well-know North American writer. It wasn't until 2012 that his identity was revealed to be Michael Redhill who has written many works of poetry, novels (including the Giller Prize winning Bellevue Square) and drama. He doesn't seem to have published anything since 2017 but I'm happy to read the rest of the Hazel Micallef books until he comes up with something else.
… (mere)
gypsysmom | 27 andre anmeldelser | Mar 20, 2024 |
A well written mystery featuring a very mature female investigator and a somewhat sympathetic serial killer. I was congratulating the author on avoiding the trite serial killer obsessed with the investigator plot line when it all fell apart in the last 60 to 100 pages. Still for a first novel, very self assured and entertaining enough, I'll give the next a try
cspiwak | 27 andre anmeldelser | Mar 6, 2024 |
BooksInMirror | 16 andre anmeldelser | Feb 19, 2024 |
This was creepier than I like, with a wacko killer traveling across Canada to complete a religious mission. However, I liked the independent 60-year-old female detective who led the investigation.
terran | 27 andre anmeldelser | Aug 24, 2023 |



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