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After graduating from Harvard University, Susan Wiggs became a math teacher. While working, she started writing her first novel which was published in 1987. She has written numerous romance novels since then including Home Before Dark, A Summer Affair, The Charm School and Candlelight Christmas. vis mere She has won three RITA awards for Lakeside Cottage, Lord of the Night and The Mistress. She has written a number of notable series, including; Lakeshore Chronicles and Bella Vista Chronicles. Susan's title, Family Tree, is a New York Times, USA Today, Toronto Globe and Mail, and Publisher Weekly bestseller. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

Omfatter også følgende navne: S. Wiggs, Susan Wigs, Susan Wiggs, Susan Wiggs, Susan Z-Wiggs


Værker af Susan Wiggs

The Lost and Found Bookshop (2020) 1,041 eksemplarer
Summer at Willow Lake (2006) 916 eksemplarer
Just Breathe (2008) 730 eksemplarer
The Winter Lodge (2007) 702 eksemplarer
Table for Five (2005) 648 eksemplarer
The Apple Orchard (2013) 632 eksemplarer
Snowfall at Willow Lake (2008) 599 eksemplarer
Summer by the Sea (2004) 598 eksemplarer
The Charm School (1999) 597 eksemplarer
Dockside (2007) 577 eksemplarer
Lakeside Cottage (2005) 562 eksemplarer
Fireside (2009) 548 eksemplarer
The Oysterville Sewing Circle (2019) 530 eksemplarer
The Summer Hideaway (2010) 470 eksemplarer
Lakeshore Christmas (2009) 467 eksemplarer
Family Tree (2016) 443 eksemplarer
The Ocean Between Us (2004) 437 eksemplarer
The Beekeeper's Ball (2014) 433 eksemplarer
Marrying Daisy Bellamy (2011) 382 eksemplarer
The Horsemaster's Daughter (1999) 378 eksemplarer
Home Before Dark (2003) 371 eksemplarer
The Firebrand (2001) 346 eksemplarer
Return to Willow Lake (2012) 345 eksemplarer
The Hostage (2004) 340 eksemplarer
Map of the Heart (2017) 340 eksemplarer
The Mistress (2010) 312 eksemplarer
The You I Never Knew (2001) 310 eksemplarer
Passing Through Paradise (2002) 304 eksemplarer
The Goodbye Quilt (2011) 287 eksemplarer
At the King's Command (1994) 280 eksemplarer
Between You and Me (2018) 276 eksemplarer
Halfway to Heaven (2001) 275 eksemplarer
The Lightkeeper (2003) 251 eksemplarer
Candlelight Christmas (2013) 248 eksemplarer
Starlight on Willow Lake (2015) 245 eksemplarer
The Maiden's Hand (1995) 232 eksemplarer
Enchanted Afternoon (2002) 232 eksemplarer
A Summer Affair (2003) 221 eksemplarer
At the Queen's Summons (1996) 212 eksemplarer
The Drifter (1998) 200 eksemplarer
Sugar and Salt (2022) 193 eksemplarer
Texas Wildflower (1987) 177 eksemplarer
Irish Magic (1995) — Bidragyder — 146 eksemplarer
Lord of the Night (2002) 127 eksemplarer
Irish Magic II (1997) — Bidragyder — 125 eksemplarer
Hotel Angeline: A Novel in 36 Voices (2011) — Bidragyder — 124 eksemplarer
The Mistress of Normandy (1991) 120 eksemplarer
Welcome to Beach Town: A Novel (2023) 98 eksemplarer
Miranda (1996) 79 eksemplarer
The Maiden of Ireland (2014) 76 eksemplarer
The Raven and the Rose (1994) 61 eksemplarer
The Story of Us (2010) 57 eksemplarer
More Than Words: Stories of Courage (2008 Publication, 3-in-1) (2008) — Bidragyder — 57 eksemplarer
The Mist and the Magic (1993) 52 eksemplarer
Merry Christmas, Baby! (Anthology 3-in-1) (1716) — Bidragyder — 43 eksemplarer
Briar Rose (1994) 34 eksemplarer
Kingdom of Gold (1994) 30 eksemplarer
October Wind (1991) 29 eksemplarer
Snowfall in the City (2019) 24 eksemplarer
Winds of Glory (1988) 24 eksemplarer
The Calhoun Chronicles Bundle (2007) 19 eksemplarer
The St. James Affair (2014) 18 eksemplarer
More Than Words, Volume 3 (2006) — Bidragyder — 17 eksemplarer
Embrace the Day (1988) 17 eksemplarer
Jewel of the Sea (1993) 17 eksemplarer
This Time ... Marriage (1996) 16 eksemplarer
The Borrowed Bride (2010) 16 eksemplarer
Moonshadow (1989) 15 eksemplarer
Cinderfella [and] Lady of the Night (2002) — Bidragyder — 13 eksemplarer
The Key Ingredient (2016) 12 eksemplarer
Island Time (1998) 12 eksemplarer
Home for Christmas [2007, Anthology] (2007) — Bidragyder — 6 eksemplarer
A Fairytale Christmas (2014) 6 eksemplarer
The Tudor Rose Trilogy Collection (2010) 4 eksemplarer
Romancing the Holidays Bundle 2009 (Anthology 5-in-1) (2009) — Bidragyder — 4 eksemplarer
Snowstorm Heat Bundle (3-in-1) (2008) 3 eksemplarer
Kerst aan Willow Lake (2023) 3 eksemplarer
Home for Christmas [2009, Anthology] (2009) — Bidragyder — 2 eksemplarer
Land van honing 1 eksemplar
Zomer op het eiland 1 eksemplar
Le chemin du coeur (2019) 1 eksemplar
Het mooiste verhaal 1 eksemplar
Sommer der Herzen (2013) 1 eksemplar
A Summer Place 1 eksemplar
Ster voor een nacht 1 eksemplar
Fallen Angel 1 eksemplar
Sugar Salt (2023) 1 eksemplar

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That Summer Place (Old Things / Private Paradise / Island Time) (1998) — Bidragyder — 399 eksemplarer
Two of the Deadliest (2009) — Bidragyder — 157 eksemplarer
In Our Dreams (1998) 65 eksemplarer
Writing Romances: A Handbook by the Romance Writers of America (1997) — Bidragyder — 63 eksemplarer
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2009 (36) adult fiction (40) antologi (80) bibliotek (44) Calhoun Chronicles (34) Californien (44) chicklit (98) ebog (150) ejer (88) familie (85) historisk (126) historisk fiktion (53) historisk romantik (449) in print (36) jul (57) Kindle (115) Lakeshore Chronicles (93) Large Print (60) lyd (36) læst (142) mmpb (38) moderne romantik (294) mysterium (39) New York (38) noveller (33) nutidig (141) paperback (120) PB (51) R (36) roman (55) romantik (1,433) San Francisco (35) serie (101) Skal læses (1,257) skønlitteratur (962) Susan Wiggs (40) ulæst (95) Voksen (50) Wiggs (51) women's fiction (70)

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Kanonisk navn
Wiggs, Susan
Andre navne
Childress, Susan Marie
Olean, New York, USA
Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA
Harvard University (M.Ed)
Wiggs, Jay (husband)
Wiggs, Elizabeth (daughter)
Romance Writers of America
Authors Guild
Field's End
Novelists Inc.
Bainbridge Island Land Trust
West Sound Wildlife Shelter (vis alle 8)
Purple Amoeba
Priser og hædersbevisninger
RITA Award (1993, 2000, 2001,2006)
Holt Medallion
Blue Boa Award
Colorado Award of Excellence
Meg Ruley
Peggy Gordijn
Reka Rubin
Kort biografi
Using blunt scissors, pages from a Big Chief tablet, a borrowed stapler and a Number Two pencil, Susan Wiggs self-published her first novel at the age of eight. A Book About Some Bad Kids [I still have this-CL] was based on the true-life adventures of Susan and her siblings, and the first printing of one copy was a complete sell-out.

Due to her brother's extreme reaction to that first prodigious effort, Susan went underground with her craft, entertaining her friends and offending her siblings with anonymously-written stories of virtuous sisters and the brothers who torment them. The first romance she ever read was Shanna by the incomparable Kathleen Woodiwiss, which she devoured while slumped behind a college vector analysis textbook. Armed with degrees from SFA and Harvard, and toting a crate of "keeper" books by Woodiwiss, Roberta Gellis, Laurie McBain, Rosemary Rodgers, Jennifer Blake, Bertrice Small and anything with the words "flaming" and "ecstasy" in the title, she became a math teacher, just to prove to the world that she did have a left brain.

Late one night, she finished the book she was reading and was confronted with a reader's worst nightmare—She was wide awake, and there wasn't a thing in the house she wanted to read. Figuring this was the universe's way of taking away her excuses, she picked up a Big Chief tablet and a Number Two pencil, and began writing her novel with the working title, A Book About Some Bad Adults. Actually, that was a bad book about some adults, but Susan persevered, learning her craft the way skydiving is learned—by taking a blind leap and hoping the chute will open.

Her first book was published (without the use of blunt scissors and a stapler) by Zebra in 1987, and since then she has been published by Avon, Tor, HarperCollins, Harlequin, Warner and Mira Books. Unable to completely abandon her beloved teaching profession, Susan is a frequent workshop leader and speaker at writers' conferences, including the literary institution Fields End and the legendary Maui Writers Conference. Her novel The Charm School was voted one of RWA's Favorite Books of the Year. She is the proud recipient of three RITA awards for Lakeside Cottage, Lord of the Night and The Mistress, and is often a finalist for the prestigious award. Her books appear regularly on numerous "Best Of" lists.

Susan enjoys many hobbies, including sitting in the hot tub while talking to her mother on the phone, kickboxing, cleaning the can opener, sculpting with butter and growing her hair. She lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest with her family.



Contemporary Romance, husband "dies" in car accident i Name that Book (september 2016)


Enjoyable book.
phyllis2779 | 14 andre anmeldelser | Jun 3, 2024 |
I didn't care for this book as much as the others that the author wrote. I really thought it would be more about running a restaurant while being romanced. I'm not sure if I particularly cared for any of the characters in the book, except maybe Kevin, the cat.
eliorajoy | 24 andre anmeldelser | Apr 19, 2024 |
This book centers around Caroline Shelby, who desires to be a fashion designer in New York. When she gets her "chance", something happens and she is blacklisted. When one of her best friends (whom Caroline suspected of being a victim of domestic violence) dies, Caroline takes her friend's two kids and returns home to Oysterville Washington. She moves back in with her parents and tries to start her life over while being a "mom" to 2 kids. She runs into Will, whom she fell in love with when they were kids and is now married to her best friend.

When she realizes that domestic violence is more prevalent than she thought in Oysterville, she creates the Oysterville Sewing Circle - a place where woman can go to talk and just get support. She starts designing and making clothes for the kids and that business starts to take off.

The story is told in alternating time-frames. Current time and when Caroline, Will and Sierra were kids. This is a well-written book and the stories (and characters) are believable. When a group of women come together to right a wrong, it shows there is strength in numbers.
… (mere)
Cathie_Dyer | 25 andre anmeldelser | Feb 29, 2024 |



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