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We Begin at the End (2021) 1,130 eksemplarer, 64 anmeldelser
All the Colors of the Dark (2024) 191 eksemplarer, 13 anmeldelser
Tall Oaks (2016) 102 eksemplarer, 10 anmeldelser
All The Wicked Girls (2017) 68 eksemplarer, 9 anmeldelser
The Forevers (2021) 25 eksemplarer

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All the Colors of the Dark by Chris Whittaker is a 2024 Crown publication.

DNF – 32%. When I read Whittaker’s “We Begin at the End”, I struggled with the language of young people dropping filthy language in front of adults with a shocking regularity. I mimicked my peers, giving the book a very positive review, focusing on the storytelling, as everyone else seemed to, but now I do remember being very conflicted about it.

Going back and re-reading my glowing review of that novel, I did mention my issues and the language, but I still gave it four stars. I wish now I’d been firmer as this novel also features very young people, in a time that is my era, one I remember well, and I certainly never heard of such behavior- dropping hardcore language, for its time, in front of adults in a rude, disrespectful way, no matter what their circumstances,( I'shudder to think what would have happened if I'd said F-you to an adult- or anyone else for that matter, if overheard by an adult), and adults matching it by also using strong language in front a young, impressionable, vulnerable teens... and treating them almost as peers at times.

But, this time, I’m not going to condone it, go along with it, etc., to keep from being the preachy outlier. It’s a shame I’m the only one who struggles with this aspect of the author’s writing style- which is not all THAT impressive. In fact, I don’t have a single regret about pulling the cord on this one….
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gpangel | 12 andre anmeldelser | Jul 16, 2024 |
This is a remarkable story of two best friends since childhood, Patch and Saint. Set in a small town in Monta Clare, Missouri, their friendship begins when Patch, the son of a neglectful single mother, and Saint, who lives with her grandmother, approaches Saint who lives with her grandmother, as she tends her bee hives. Both are outliers in their school, and soon form a bond that lasts for all of their lives.

When one-eyed Patch rescues the loveliest girl in school from an attack by a monstrous man, she escapes, and Patch is taken hostage and held for almost a year. Thus begins their journey to support and save each other. As a captive in a totally dark basement, Patch finds a girl beside him simply named Grace, and it is his lifelong mission to find her when he is free. Both Patch and Saint, on different sides of the law, are dedicated to finding the girls held captive and murdered. Their lives take many turns from 1975 to 2001, and there is a cast of memorable characters that contribute to the pervasive goodness. This is a literary masterpiece with characters so well defined that readers will feel their many moments of heartbreak and joy. Whitaker has established himself as a noteworthy writer.… (mere)
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pdebolt | 12 andre anmeldelser | Jul 10, 2024 |
“None would yet know of the evolving tragedy that would be their lives.”

1975, Monta Clare, Missouri: An act of bravery becomes a defining point in the lives of thirteen-year-old Joseph “Patch” Macauley and those close to him. As the narrative progresses, we follow Patch, his best friend Saint and Misty, the girl he saved, and the important people in their lives and their community for over two decades. While the dynamics within the once close-knit community will never be the same again, the trauma they experience as children follows Patch, Saint and Misty through the years, manifesting in the choices they make and leaving them to grapple with the consequences that follow.

All the Colors of the Dark is my third Chris Whitaker novel after We Begin at the End, which remains my favorite to date, and Tall Oaks. In his latest offering, the author has woven elements of literary fiction, coming-of-age, a love story and a crime procedural element with a solid mystery at its core into an immersive character-driven narrative.

“Memories lie in people, not places and things.”

This is a lengthy novel featuring a large cast of characters and several subplots. The pacing is a tad uneven, but the tonal shifts justify the need to alter the pace as and when required. The author’s strength lies in the way he presents his characters - complex and flawed yet vulnerable, and Patch and Saint are no exception. We follow the characters as their trajectories diverge and then converge again in a continuous cycle of events each more surprising than the next – even when pitted against one another on opposing sides, the deep connection they forged as children is never eroded. The traumatic aftermath of the events described in the 1970s timeline casts a long shadow on the lives of our characters, setting the overarching bleak and melancholic tone for the novel. We might not always agree with the choices our characters make, but we remain invested in their respective journeys - their sorrows become our sorrows, and we rejoice at their smallest of triumphs; their rage, their pain and disillusionment will break our hearts but as they endure the challenges life throws their way, our hearts will be filled with hope. Each of the secondary characters is well defined, with a distinct role to play, which is why, at no point do we find it difficult to follow their character arcs/ respective subplots as the narrative progresses.

Though this is a predominantly character-driven novel, the plot-driven mystery/ procedural aspects do not disappoint. With plenty of twists and revelations with an ending that you do not see coming, the author succeeds in maintaining an atmospheric and suspenseful vibe throughout the narrative.

The story is presented in short chapters, from multiple perspectives spanning over two decades (1975-2001). The author’s masterful storytelling, evocative prose and the emotional depth and insight with which he touches upon themes of love and friendship, sacrifice, resilience, trauma and healing, guilt and redemption render this an incredibly moving story that will stay with you long after you have turned the final page.

“To love and be loved was more than could ever be expected, more than enough for a thousand ordinary lifetimes.”

Many thanks to Crown Publishing for the digital review copy via NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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srms.reads | 12 andre anmeldelser | Jul 8, 2024 |
Patch und Saint sind Außenseiter in dem kleinen Ort Monta Clare im Mittleren Westen der USA. Sie freunden sich an und für beide ist diese Freundschaft ungeheuer wichtig. Patch ist dreizehn, als er entführt wird. Er verbringt 307 Tage gemeinsam mit Grace in einem dunklen Raum. Sie hilft ihm dabei, den Mut nicht zu verlieren. Doch natürlich hinterlässt das, was er erleben muss, Spuren bei Patch. Dann wird er befreit, doch er ist alleine in dem Raum. Als er von Grace erzählt, glaubt ihm niemand. Daher will er sie finden und retten. Saint kämpft unerbittlich für ihren Freund.
Wie schon bei den vorigen Büchern, konnte mich der Autor Chris Whitaker auch mit diesem Roman wieder packen. In diesem Buch können wir Patch und Saint über einen Zeitraum von fast dreißig Jahren begleiten.
Wenn zwei Außenseiter sich finden, dann schweißt das zusammen und so entsteht zwischen Patch und Saint eine innige Freundschaft. Als Patch entführt wird, versucht Saint alles, um ihrem Freund zu helfen. Aber auch später ist sie für ihn da. Sie versucht herauszufinden, was es mit Grace auf sich hat. Gab es Grace wirklich oder hat sich Patch das nur eingebildet? Ob wohl beide später jeweils ein eigenes Leben führen, steht Saint unerschütterlich zu Patch, selbst wenn sie sein Verhalten nicht billigen kann.
Ich konnte die Gefühle der beiden Protagonisten gut nachvollziehen. Ihre Suche nach der Wahrheit hat Einfluss auf beider Leben und sorgt häufig für weitere Schwierigkeiten. Die Geschichte ist intensiv, tragisch und sehr berührend.
Ich kann diesen Roman nur empfehlen.
… (mere)
buecherwurm1310 | 12 andre anmeldelser | Jul 4, 2024 |



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