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Kasie West is an American author, based in California. She is a graduate of Fresno State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She writes contemporary young adult novels. Her work includes The Distance Between Us; On the Fence; The Fill-In Boyfriend; The Sun, The Moon, and the Truth; P.S. I vis mere Like You; By Your Side; Lucky in Love; Love, Life, and the List; and Listen to Your Heart (May 2018). She also wrote the Pivot Point Series, which includes Pivot Point and Split Second. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

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The Distance Between Us (2013) 808 eksemplarer
P.S. I Like You (2016) — Forfatter — 767 eksemplarer
Pivot Point (2013) 650 eksemplarer
The Fill-In Boyfriend (2015) 648 eksemplarer
By Your Side (2017) 600 eksemplarer
On the Fence (2014) 576 eksemplarer
Love, Life, and the List (2017) 343 eksemplarer
Lucky in Love (2017) 329 eksemplarer
Listen to Your Heart (2018) 304 eksemplarer
Split Second (2014) 261 eksemplarer
Maybe This Time (2019) 186 eksemplarer
Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss (2019) — Forfatter — 178 eksemplarer
Sunkissed (2021) 126 eksemplarer
Moment of Truth (2020) — Forfatter — 108 eksemplarer
Places We've Never Been (2022) 102 eksemplarer

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Snow in Love: Four Stories (2018) — Bidragyder — 97 eksemplarer

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Pretty white girls. Pretty white problems. Very enjoyable.
darkwave1062 | 13 andre anmeldelser | Apr 13, 2024 |
This could easily have been a 4 star read, maybe even 4,5 since I enjoy Kasie West’s writing style, the slow pace and her characters.
But Cooper ruined everything.

Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic, but I surely didn’t like him as Abby’s love interest. He wasn’t a good friend, not at all and he only apologizes for the really big mess up he did near the end.

Everybody makes mistakes, so the one time he totally let Abby down and the big night turned out to be a big disappointment not at least because of him, he is very sorry and I think it’s absolutely fine that Abby forgives him at one point - BUT - his behavior towards Abby for the last year is just awful and not even mentioned once.

--- Minor spoilers... ---

I was so angry when the book ended. Seriously - Cooper KNEW for at least a year that Abby was in love with him. He not only didn’t talk to her about it, he constantly flirted with her, touched and tickled her, spent a lot of alone time with her and begged her to come to each and every one of his races.

He even invited the girl he dated to the same events without talking to Abby (btw, “Ris” is not cute, please don’t shorten names which are not supposed to be …).
Even if Abby wasn’t into Cooper I think it’s not nice, but she was and I repeat - Cooper knew…

Okay - rant over. I think I made my point. Cooper wasn’t that interesting to begin with, but the ending, no excuse for the last year and especially how Abby reacted - I really didn’t like it.
She did the exact same thing to Elijah what Cooper did to her - ditched her friend on a planned appointment for her love interest. Urgh…

---end spoilers---

And then they claim that friendship is so important … Yeah, no. The book left me feeling quite icky and agitated.

But I loved Abby’s grandfather and even the relationship between her parents. At least one star for gramps…
… (mere)
funkelbunt.liest | 20 andre anmeldelser | Apr 8, 2024 |
Autumn and her friends were studying in the public library late one night before heading to a cabin out in the woods for a fun, snowy weekend, when the craziest/worst thing happens: as they’re packing up their vehicles, Autumn runs back into the getting-ready-to-close-for-the-night library to use the bathroom, and by the time she’s finished, somehow her friends have left without her and she’s locked inside the library for the entire weekend. She does her best not to panic (it doesn’t help that her anxiety meds are in her friend’s car), but then she soon discovers that she’s not alone; another student from her high school has been locked in with her, although he chose to be there…

A fair-to-middling YA romance. I found the MC to be juuuust this side of too annoying, but the main love interest (yes, there’s a triangle, which is slightly ugh, but fine) is an interesting character. There’s also a very predictable and solidly frustrating third act split, but it doesn’t last too long, and the ending is sweet. Honestly, the worst part is that you really have to stretch your tolerance for the unbelievable to swallow all the circumstances needed for them to be trapped in a public library all weekend, and I was irritated that it was merely a setting to get the Unlikely Couple in the same space for long enough instead of being a featured part of the atmosphere. I mean, hello, you’re IN A LIBRARY. And you have it ALL TO YOURSELF. That’s the romance, right there.
… (mere)
electrascaife | 36 andre anmeldelser | Jan 5, 2024 |
I got this book for review
I thought this was a fun read. I really liked the main character alot and realted to her a ton. I thought that this was a fun take on fake dating and i also loved the puppy content. I like that this book had a unqiue third act conflcit and also really liked all the side characters and hope to see them in future books! It was a quick read and one that i enjoyed by this book and loved the unque premise!
lmauro123 | 6 andre anmeldelser | Dec 28, 2023 |



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