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Butcher & Blackbird (2023) 1,072 eksemplarer, 24 anmeldelser
Leather & Lark (2024) 415 eksemplarer, 3 anmeldelser
Black Sheep (2022) 46 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
A Shadow In The Reaping (2021) 7 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
A Heart of Bitter Poison (2022) 3 eksemplarer
The Diviner (2021) 2 eksemplarer

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Tldr It has its flaws but really won me over halfway through, but also leaves a lot to be desired. The book had a lot of potential to be more dark and psychological. Rowan and sloane make a cute couple. hopefully the next book has more kinky serial killer sex

It got better the more i read it. Especially in the beginning i thought it was a bit cringe and poorly written. Something about it felt very ‘tiktok’, which makes sense, because i understood its very popular there. (“I am boobing boobily” =.=) overall this book is pretty cheesy and campy.

I also thought their relationship felt a bit rushed. The MCs become obsessed with each other very quickly, and i would have liked a slower buildup.

As their relationship deepens the writing becomes significantly more poetic and the cadence of the writing improves. Even though it felt rushed, their relationship feels very real, passionate, and cozy.

I’ve never read spicy books before, but i can confidently say that i am now obsessed with this genre. This is better than porn? Where has this been all my life? Rowan is insanely hot and had me kicking my feet the whole time. during non-spicy scenes he randomly starts thinking spicy thoughts and um.
I just pass out ig.

There are some things i would have wanted more of:
- more fucked up sex scenes. They are pretty vanilla for a couple of serial killers. The sex scenes and the horror scenes are kept strictly separate.
- rowan ‘threatens’ her with some kinky stuff but they dont always end up doing them :(
- the horror scenes are short and not that scary tbh. Gimme more.
- it needs more depth. It feels very light-hearted and its a super easy and light read. I wouldnt mind if they got a bit more psychological and weird. I mean come on, theyre serial killers and they handle it like its super normal.

Mild spoilers

“I close my eyes. We shift in our embrace, moving together like two dark creatures intertwined, flowing with the current of the world around us.
“I’m not going anywhere,” I whisper. “Just home with you.”

I wish we got to see them actually murdering someone *together*. Which again they hint at but never end up actually doing.
… (mere)
BeanieBeanie | 23 andre anmeldelser | Jul 19, 2024 |
I'm always in the mood for a good horror/romance mashup (or in this case, serial killer romance), but maybe "dark romance" is just not for me. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't clutching my pearls about the sex and violence, but some of sex scenes felt cringe to me in the way they were written. I also wasn't feeling the romance, not that it was bad, but I wasn't excited about it. I did love the scenes with them hunting other killers, especially the dinner (ifykyk). That was super fun!
yeffin | 23 andre anmeldelser | Jul 15, 2024 |
AMAZING Book! First time Brynne Weaver reader and not that last. I found myself laughing and gasping with the Characters and story line. I never dreamed you could pull me into a pager turner book that was about two killers that track and kill serial killers and make a game of it. During which they fall in love. It was fun to read and an exceptional story to tell. Well done Brynne Weaver. FYI I just bought Lather and Lark and cannot wait to start reading it. You will certainly enjoy this book.
jbertot | 23 andre anmeldelser | Jul 14, 2024 |





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