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Playful illustrations (a dalmatian dog at the sea's edge mirrors a fish of the same pattern) echo facts about the ocean. The simple story comes full circle, illustrating the water cycle and how we are all connected by water.
bookwren | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jan 8, 2023 |
With soothing illustrations, the wonders of the ocean and importance of water to our world comes across loud and clear.

The illustrations make this book. They are beautifully created and draw in with every scene. The lighter coloring and natural images calm, and still invite to dreaming. There's a touch of whimsical and imagination in every single one, while they bring across the wonders of nature and life. It's enjoyable to simply flip through these and gaze at them time and again.

The text is kept short and sweet, giving just enough direction to let the illustrations take over. The vocabulary is age appropriate. There is a concept or two, which might need to be explained to younger listeners (such as cells and humans being made of water), but nothing expands past the intended audience level. The entire book is a homage to water and brings across the importance it carries to the world and life on it. The messages are there, but never overpower the simpler wonder.

It's a wonderfully constructed book, which is sure to become a gazing favorite. I received a complimentary DRC and found myself caught up in the pages.
… (mere)
tdrecker | 1 anden anmeldelse | Sep 10, 2022 |
> « Ocean Warrior » La genèse de Sea Shepherd
« Ocean Warrior : La genèse de Sea Shepherd », de Paul WATSON. Dans cette réédition bienvenue d'un ouvrage paru en 1996, le capitaine Paul Watson raconte son action et celle de l'association Sea Shepherd qu'il a fondée. Le récit couvre la période 1978 – 1994. Bien sûr toujours active de nos jours, mais encore méconnue du grand public, Sea Shepherd est pourtant l'une des associations écologistes les plus intéressantes, intègres et efficaces dans le monde. Sa vocation : empêcher de nuire les baleiniers, les pêcheurs industriels utilisant des filets dérivants, les massacreurs de dauphins, de requins, et autres assassins des mers, agissant dans une relative impunité malgré des traités internationaux interdisant toutes ces pratiques. En 35 ans d'actions, Sea Shepherd n'a jamais ni blessé ni tué personne, mais ses tactiques spectaculaires lui ont régulièrement valu d'être traitée de « terroriste », à commencer par Greenpeace (!), dont Paul Watson fut pourtant un co-fondateur. Éperonnage en pleine mer, sabordage de navires à quai, campagnes médiatiques d'une grande efficacité, le tout pour des résultats on ne peut plus tangibles en faveur des cétacés et poissons en danger… le bilan de Sea Shepherd force le respect. Black-Star (S)Éditions / Sea Shepherd, 2013, 13 €. XR. --Revue S!lence, avr. 2014. … ; (en ligne),
URL : https://www.revuesilence.net/numeros/422-Decolonisons-nos-luttes/
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Joop-le-philosophe | 1 anden anmeldelse | May 24, 2020 |
This was a great read. Sometimes it got a little boring hearing about all the ladies Paul gets busy with, but that's ok. Totally recommend this to anyone who cares at all about animals, the ecosystem, and environmental activism.
andrearules | May 13, 2013 |

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