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Bruce A. Ware is Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Christian Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky

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Perspectives on the Doctrine of God: Four Views (2008) — Redaktør — 187 eksemplarer

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For the Fame of God's Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper (2010) — Bidragyder — 540 eksemplarer
Perspectives on Election (2006) — Bidragyder — 278 eksemplarer
Vital Prophetic Issues (Vital Issues Series, Vol 5) (1995) — Bidragyder — 39 eksemplarer

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O teísmo aberto é uma nova teologia que vem fluindo de alguns imponentes corredores acadêmicos e chegando aos bancos das igrejas evangélicas. Essa recente visão sobre Deus nega que ele conheça plenamente o futuro e insiste que ele assume riscos ao conceder ampla liberdade aos seres humanos. As repercussões dessa nova perspectiva sobre a fé cotidiana do cristão comum são muito graves, e não podemos nos dar ao luxo de ignorá-las. Fazendo uso de verdades bíblicas e relatos pessoais, Bruce Ware demonstra como o teísmo aberto solapa nossa confiança em Deus na vida cotidiana, especialmente quando passamos por momentos de sofrimento.… (mere)
livros.icnvcopa | Mar 2, 2020 |
Dr. Bruce Ware is extremely gifted at explaining theology in ways that drive regular Christians to worship. This discussion of the human nature of Christ and its implications to us is absolutely awe-inspiring. Read it and stand in wonder at our Risen Lord!
HGButchWalker | 3 andre anmeldelser | Sep 21, 2016 |
Have you ever been confused by the description of Jesus as the "God/man"? Most answers to this dilemma emphasize the deity of Christ. And rightly so! Jesus is the second person in the Trinity! Also, many heretical and cultic teachings have over-emphasized the humanity of Christ, creating a revered prophet or a moral example but a man all the same. The denial of Jesus' divinity is heretical! These thoughts must be rejected outright.

Still, the apologetics used to explain Jesus as the God/man often strongly emphasize his deity and minimize his humanity. In The Man Christ Jesus, Bruce Ware takes a biblical look at the implications of Jesus' humanity. The result is a book that is nothing short of earth-shaking! Repeatedly Ware argues points that I had never fully considered before. He backs them up with Scripture and he applies them to the life of the believer. I found this theological book to be quite devotional, stirring my affections for Christ. In fact, I led a men's bible study group through this book. At points, the theological verbiage challenged them, but not to the point of discouragement.

Reading this book has better help me understand what it meant for Jesus to walk in the Spirit, have a truly human experience, grow in wisdom, and learn from suffering.

I think this short read would be beneficial to pastors, lay leaders, and Bible study leaders. They man find that, like myself, they had been ignoring the glorious truth of the humanity of Christ and, in doing so, missing an excellent reason to glorify God!
… (mere)
RobSumrall | 3 andre anmeldelser | May 13, 2016 |
A very passionate defence of the humanity of Christ. Or to be more precise, how Jesus was both human and deity and how the current evangelical focus on the divinity is both limiting and alienating. Bruce A Ware is clearly very impassioned about this subject and that comes across completely in this book.

Full review here
ElaineRuss | 3 andre anmeldelser | Sep 23, 2013 |


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