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Your Computer Is on Fire (2021) — Bidragyder — 58 eksemplarer
A Companion to Digital Literary Studies (2007) — Bidragyder — 29 eksemplarer

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morbusiff | 1 anden anmeldelse | May 9, 2013 |
The New Media Reader is a massive collection of papers, articles and book excerts anticipating or contributing to the emerging digital medium. It includes most of the significant work from the 1940s onwards, thus in a way sketching a cultural history of "new media."
The first section addresses the complexity and combinatorial possibilities of digital media, including the earliest precursor of what eventually became hypertext and the www: Bush, Engelbart, Nelson and other computing pioneers along with prescient artists such as Ascott and Oulipo. In the second section, the social nature of the new media is explored in an equally appropriate selection ranging from McLuhan to Baudrillard and Deleuze/Guattari. The third section is slightly more loosely connected around activity and action, including work by Papert, Turkle, Stallman, Winograd/Flores and others. In the fourth and final section, countercultural and revolutionary themes are explored in writings of Suchman, Ehn/Kyng, Bolter, Moulthrop, Agre, CAE, Berners-Lee and others. The supplementary CD contains several hard-to-find examples, including a few seminal games and artworks and a generous video excerpt of Engelbart's 1968 demo of the NLS system.
As the selection of names above illustrates, the New Media Reader is an impressive attempt to map the cultural history of the digital medium. It should be required reading for any interaction design student. Even though the history of our field is short, it is substantial and the perspective on digital artifacts as media is growing steadily in importance in the foreseeable future.
… (mere)
jonas.lowgren | May 17, 2011 |
A broad collection of essays, ranging from the anecdotal to the rigorous. The common focus of all the contributions is on the relation between role-playing and story. This is examined throughout many forms of play, including board games, interactive fiction, political simulations, augmented reality games, table-top and live-action role-playing games, and more. The book carries on the theme from First Person but usefully narrows it to forms where the played and the told are necessarily combined. My feeling is that what I learn from the book extends outside the realms of game design and art-aspiring fiction, and into any interaction design situation where ludic and narrative elements are involved. Such situations seem to be growing increasingly common.… (mere)
jonas.lowgren | Mar 14, 2011 |
A collection of selected essays, carefully structured and augmented with expert commentary. The focus is squarely on new media artifacts (rather than on the communication being mediated or the actors communicating) and the key topic is the ongoing debate on story vs. game: Are new media artifacts best understood narratologically or ludologically? The collection serves as a very useful introduction to new media topics in game studies and digital arts.
jonas.lowgren | 1 anden anmeldelse | Mar 14, 2011 |

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Associated Authors

Nick Montfort Contributor, Editor
Stuart Moulthrop Contributor
Janet H. Murray Introduction, Contributor
John Cayley Contributor to CD, Contributor
Brenda Laurel Contributor
Jordan Mechner Contributor to CD, Contributor
Lev Manovich Introduction, Contributor
Gonzalo Frasca Contributor
Andrew Stern Contributor
Michael Mateas Contributor
Eric Zimmerman Contributor
Chris Crawford Contributor
Celia Pearce Contributor
Jill Walker Contributor
Adrianne Wortzel Contributor
William Dickey Contributor to CD
Judy Malloy Contributor to CD
Pelle Ehn Contributor
Adele E. Goldberg Contributor
Félix Guattari Contributor
Donna Haraway Contributor
Nam June Paik Contributor
Ivan Sutherland Contributor
Robert Kendall Contributor to CD
Alan Kay Contributor
Jim Rosenberg Contributor to CD
Ben van Kaam Contributor
Alan Turing Contributor
Italo Calvino Contributor
Jean Lescure Contributor
Allan Kaprow Contributor
J. C. R. Licklider Contributor
Myron W. Krueger Contributor
Rob Fulop Contributor to CD
Billy Klüver Contributor
Douglas Engelbart Contributor
Douglas Neubauer Contributor to CD
Warren Robinett Contributor to CD
Will Crowther Contributor to CD
Graeme Weinbren Contributor
Gregory Yob Contributor to CD
Arthur Secret Contributor
Art Loutonen Contributor
Jan L. Bordewijk Contributor
F. Randall Farmer Contributor
Fernando Flores Contributor
Chip Morningstar Contributor
Les Levine Contributor
William English Contributor
Lynn Hershman Contributor
Steve Russell Contributor to CD
Howard Scott Warshaw Contributor to CD
Don Woods Contributor to CD
Robert Cailliau Contributor
Morten Kyng Contributor
Richard Stallman Contributor
Augusto Boal Contributor
Ted Nelson Contributor
Norbert Wiener Contributor
Vannevar Bush Contributor
Seymour Papert Contributor
Graham Nelson Contributor to CD
Tim Berners-Lee Contributor
Marshall McLuhan Contributor
Langdon Winner Contributor
Bill Viola Contributor
Bill Nichols Contributor
Ben Shneiderman Contributor
Espen J. Aarseth Contributor
Richard A. Bolt Contributor
Joseph Weizenbaum Contributor
J. David Bolter Contributor
Terry Winograd Contributor
Sherry Turkle Contributor
Jean Baudrillard Contributor
Jorge Luis Borges Contributor
Ben Bagdikian Contributor
Raymond Queneau Contributor
Roy Ascott Contributor
Robert Coover Contributor
Gilles Deleuze Contributor
Philip E. Agre Contributor
Raymond Williams Contributor
Michael Joyce Contributor
Claude Berge Contributor
Scott McCloud Contributor
Lucy A. Suchman Contributor
Paul Fournel Contributor
Andrew Hardagon Contributor
Johanna Drucker Contributor
Diane Gromala Contributor
Warren Sack Contributor
Matt Gorbet Contributor
Henry Jenkins Contributor
Rita Raley Contributor
Bill Seaman Contributor
Camille Utterback Contributor
Rebecca Ross Contributor
Bryan Loyall Contributor
Mizuko Ito Contributor
Mark Bernstein Contributor
Ken Perlin Contributor
Victoria Vesna Contributor
Jesper Juul Contributor
Phoebe Sengers Contributor
Eugene Thacker Contributor
Jon McKenzie Contributor
Will Wright Contributor
Diane Josefowicz Contributor
Markku Eskelinen Contributor
Richard Schechner Contributor
Mary Flanagan Contributor
Espen Aarseth Contributor
Lucy Suchman Contributor
Simon Penny Contributor
Adriene Jenik Contributor
Robert Zubek Contributor
Nick Fortugno Contributor
Joe Scrimshaw Contributor
Tim Uren Contributor
Teri Rueb Contributor
Eric Lang Contributor
Jeremy Douglass Contributor
Talan Memmott Contributor
Mark C. Marino Contributor
D. Fox Harrell Contributor
Sean Thorne Contributor
Rebecca Borgstrom Contributor
Greg Costikyan Contributor
Emily Short Contributor
Mark Keavney Contributor
Ian Bogost Contributor
Paul Czege Contributor
Bruno Faidutti Contributor
Kevin Wilson Contributor
Will Hindmarch Contributor
Erik Mona Contributor
Lee Sheldon Contributor
Kevin Whelan Contributor
Marie-Laure Ryan Contributor
James Wallis Contributor
Kim Newman Contributor
John Tynes Contributor
S. Eric Meretzky Contributor
Kenneth Hite Contributor
Keith Herber Contributor
Artemesia Contributor
Robert Nideffer Contributor
Jane McGonigal Contributor
Jonathan Tweet Contributor
Helen Thorington Contributor


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