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Swami Vivekananda (1863–1902)

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Raja-Yoga (1953) 322 eksemplarer
Jnana Yoga (1948) 144 eksemplarer
Karma Yoga: the Yoga of Action (1970) 97 eksemplarer
Karma-Yoga and Bhakti-Yoga (1939) 82 eksemplarer
Vedanta: Voice of Freedom (1986) 71 eksemplarer
Teachings of Swami Vivekananda (1948) 38 eksemplarer
Lectures from Colombo to Almora (1962) 28 eksemplarer
Chicago Addresses (1963) 27 eksemplarer
Swami Vivekananda on Himself (2006) 18 eksemplarer
The Complete Book Of Yoga (2015) 15 eksemplarer
To the youth of India (1954) 13 eksemplarer
Letters of Swami Vivekananda (1940) 12 eksemplarer
Les Yogas pratiques (1988) 12 eksemplarer
Practical Vedanta (2002) 12 eksemplarer
Thoughts on the Gita (1978) 12 eksemplarer
Religion of Love (1922) 10 eksemplarer
Hinduism (1968) 10 eksemplarer
Patanjalis Yoga Sutras (2016) 9 eksemplarer
My Master (1912) 8 eksemplarer
The East and the West (1971) 8 eksemplarer
A Study of Religion (2010) 8 eksemplarer
Selections from Swami Vivekananda (1963) 7 eksemplarer
Six Lessons in Raja Yoga (1957) 7 eksemplarer
Words of Inspiration (1995) 7 eksemplarer
Thoughts of Power (1946) 6 eksemplarer
Personality Development (2009) 6 eksemplarer
My India : The India Eternal (1993) 6 eksemplarer
Life After Death (1978) 6 eksemplarer
Work and Its Secret (1980) 6 eksemplarer
Pearls of Wisdom (1998) 5 eksemplarer
My Idea of Education (2008) 5 eksemplarer
Realisation and its Methods (1952) 5 eksemplarer
Yoga pratici (1963) 4 eksemplarer
Reflections Swami Vivekananda (2017) 4 eksemplarer
Maya ve Yanlsama (2005) 4 eksemplarer
Bhakti or Devotion (Thin book) (1993) 4 eksemplarer
Stories for Children (1989) 4 eksemplarer
Swami Vivekananda (2015) 4 eksemplarer
Essentials of Hinduism (1937) 3 eksemplarer
Swami Vivekananda Tells Stories (2013) 3 eksemplarer
Thus Spake Vivekananda (1982) 3 eksemplarer
Rāja-yoga 2 eksemplarer
Aforismo de la yoga de Patanjali (1994) 2 eksemplarer
Caste, Culture and Socialism (2001) 2 eksemplarer
Pavhari Baba 2 eksemplarer
The Definitive Vivekananda (2019) 2 eksemplarer
Rajyog: Rajyoga (Hindi Edition) (2016) 2 eksemplarer
Swami, Bhakti-Yoga 2 eksemplarer
Buddha and His Message (2003) 2 eksemplarer
State, Society, and Socialism (2010) 2 eksemplarer
Christ: the Messenger (1973) 2 eksemplarer
Rebuild India (1980) 2 eksemplarer
In Search of God and Other Poems (2010) 2 eksemplarer
Memoirs of European Travel (1963) 1 eksemplar
Premyog (Hindi Edition) (2020) 1 eksemplar
Karmyog (2015) 1 eksemplar
Rajyog (Gujarati) 1 eksemplar
In Defence of Hinduism (2013) 1 eksemplar
Thoughts on Vedanta (2000) 1 eksemplar
Pratyahara And Dharana (2006) 1 eksemplar
Meditations And Its Methods (2020) 1 eksemplar
My Life And Mission 1 eksemplar
Rajyoga (Hindi Edition) (2019) 1 eksemplar
SHIKSHA 1 eksemplar
BHARTIYA NARI 1 eksemplar
Vartaman Bharat 1 eksemplar
Bhaktiyog 1 eksemplar
Parivrajaka 1 eksemplar
Talks with Swami Vivekananda (1979) 1 eksemplar
Prabuddha Bharata 1 eksemplar
O que é Religião 1 eksemplar
Karma Yogam 1 eksemplar
Bhakthi Yogam 1 eksemplar
Thus spake Vivekananda (1987) 1 eksemplar
Raja-yoga 1 eksemplar
Raja Yoga (2020) 1 eksemplar
Vedanta la vía del yoga (1993) 1 eksemplar
Vedanta and Sankhya 1 eksemplar
Starfsraekt 1 eksemplar
RAJJOG 1 eksemplar
Thoughts to Inspire (2018) 1 eksemplar
Chintaneeya Baatein 1 eksemplar
Quiet Hour 1 eksemplar
Vendata Práctica 1 eksemplar
Filosofía Vendata 1 eksemplar
Gjana joga 1 eksemplar
Sadhanas 1 eksemplar
Les Quatre Voies du Yoga (2015) 1 eksemplar
Ramakrishna and His Message (1971) 1 eksemplar
Way of the Mystic: Part I (2005) 1 eksemplar
The Sleeping Giant (2006) 1 eksemplar
The Grand Illusion (2005) 1 eksemplar
Selected Speeches and Writings (1994) 1 eksemplar
Vedanta Philosophy : Raja Yoga (1920) 1 eksemplar
Mein Meister Ramakrishna (2005) 1 eksemplar
Vedânta philosophy: lectures (1899) 1 eksemplar
SWAMIJIS RETURN TO INDIA (S15) (2021) 1 eksemplar
Gyanyog (Hindi) 1 eksemplar
Rajyog (Hindi) 1 eksemplar
Four Yogas 1 eksemplar
Vedanta Philosphy (2013) 1 eksemplar
Vedanta practica 1 eksemplar
Aspects of Vedanta 1 eksemplar
Journey to Absolute 1 eksemplar
Filosofía y yoga 1 eksemplar
Our Motherland 1 eksemplar
Bhagti Yoga 1 eksemplar

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Empire Writing: An Anthology of Colonial Literature 1870-1918 (1998) — Bidragyder — 82 eksemplarer
Christianity Through Non-Christian Eyes (1990) — Bidragyder — 71 eksemplarer
Vivekananda as we saw him [video recording] (2008) — Named Person — 2 eksemplarer

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Kanonisk navn
Vivekananda, Swami
Andre navne
Dutta, Narendranath
Belur Math, Kolkata, India
spiritual teacher
Ramakrishna, Sri (guru)
Ramakrishna Mission
Ramakrishna Math
Advaita Ashrama
Vedanta Society
Kort biografi
Swami Vivekananda (January 12, 1863–July 4, 1902), born Narendranath Dutta is the chief disciple of the 19th century mystic Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and the founder of Ramakrishna Mission. He is considered a key figure in the introduction of Vedanta and Yoga in Europe and America and is also credited with raising interfaith awareness, bringing Hinduism to the status of a world religion during the end of the 19th century. Vivekananda is considered to be a major force in the revival of Hinduism in modern India. He is best known for his inspiring speech beginning with "sisters and brothers of America", through which he introduced Hinduism at the Parliament of the World's Religions at Chicago in 1893.



Karma Yoga is a series of lectures given by Swami Vivekananda in between 1895 - 1896. This book discusses what Swami Vivekananda considers one of the ways of getting "freedom". Though spoken more than 120 years ago, this work still carries the power of putting you in a blissful, clear mindset. However, it also has some unique problems pertaining to its time.

In my review, I am attempting to highlight what I liked and what I disliked in this book. As always before starting this review, I would like to add a disclaimer that I am not an objective reviewer - I usually let my emotions guide my reviews.

The fact that this book was narrated 120 years ago does show its mark. One of the biggest victims of it is that this book has been narrated for a very specific set of audience i.e cis male. Being a female reader, I was pretty disappointed when I could not contact with the examples given by the speaker at all (as it was completely directed to a cis male). However, the speaker does try to be inclusive or at least make certain concepts applicable to a diverse audience.

Another problem I had with this book is it starts from the very basics. This book atleast the initial 40% can be a drag for someone who is already aware of the concepts of Karma. Which means it can be a good book for a complete noob. However, if you stick through these chapters I believe you may find some gems in the ultimate and penultimate chapters which will make waiting for it worth it.

I also faced a lot of problem initially in understanding some of the concepts mentioned in the book notably the writer does not try to explain what is good, what is evil, why work when you want to seek freedom. These questions almost made me stop reading this book but I am thankful I didn't because the writer does explains most of them in the later chapters. So impatient readers like me should keep a little patience in the intitial chapters.

Now, moving to the good parts. This book is short and crisp with very simple language which makes it easily understandable. But the best part about this book is its pan-religion nature. Though the foundation of this concept is deeply ingrained in Hinduism, Swami Vivekananda really tries to include other religious thoughts as well as non religious inclinations. This makes this book really secular and easy to comprehend and connect.
Also, this book gives you a very warm , good feeling and can be a good moral compass for someone looking for directions.

All in all, despite some minor problem areas - I believe this book is worth the read if you are interested in understanding "What exactly is Karma"?

Happy reading.

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__echo__ | 3 andre anmeldelser | May 11, 2021 |
> JNÂNA-YOGA, de Swâmi Vivekânanda (Albin Michel, 1972). — Un recueil de conférences données surtout devant des auditoires occidentaux, où le grand réformateur de l’Inde religieuse traite de ce que l’on pourrait nommer la gnose hindoue : le Yoga de la connaissance. (Albin Michel « Spiritualités »)

> Swâmî-Vivêkânanda. JNÂNA-YOGA. Traduit de l’anglais par Jean Herbert (Union des Imprimeries, Frameries, Belgique).
In: Études sur l’Hindouisme, de René Guénon, éd. Éditions Traditionnelles, 1968, pp. 154-157. … ; (en ligne),
URL : https://www.index-rene-guenon.org/Access_book.php?sigle=EH&page=154

> Babelio : https://www.babelio.com/livres/Vivekananda-Jnana-Yoga/362904
… (mere)
Joop-le-philosophe | 5 andre anmeldelser | Mar 24, 2021 |


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