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Ten Tiny Breaths (2012) 628 eksemplarer
The Simple Wild (2018) 547 eksemplarer
A Fate of Wrath & Flame (2021) 309 eksemplarer
One Tiny Lie (2013) 287 eksemplarer
Anathema (2011) 248 eksemplarer
Say You Still Love Me: A Novel (2019) 194 eksemplarer
Four Seconds to Lose (2013) 188 eksemplarer
He Will Be My Ruin (2016) 188 eksemplarer
Burying Water (2014) 184 eksemplarer
Wild at Heart (2020) 175 eksemplarer
Five Ways to Fall (2014) 162 eksemplarer
Until It Fades (2017) 147 eksemplarer
Forever Wild (2020) 125 eksemplarer
Keep Her Safe: A Novel (2018) 124 eksemplarer
A Curse of Blood & Stone (2022) 101 eksemplarer
Running Wild (2022) 99 eksemplarer
Becoming Rain (1602) 88 eksemplarer
Tempt Me (2020) 83 eksemplarer
In Her Wake (2014) 71 eksemplarer
Chasing River (2015) 69 eksemplarer
Surviving Ice (2015) 67 eksemplarer
The Player Next Door (2020) 62 eksemplarer
Break Me (2016) 57 eksemplarer
Asylum (2011) 54 eksemplarer
Teach Me (2016) 54 eksemplarer
Surrender To Me (2017) 53 eksemplarer
Be the Girl (2019) 46 eksemplarer
A Queen of Thieves and Chaos (2023) 46 eksemplarer
Allegiance (2012) 35 eksemplarer
Sweet Mercy (2019) 25 eksemplarer
Anomaly (2014) 23 eksemplarer
Gabriel Fallen (2019) 13 eksemplarer
The Player Next Door (2020) 12 eksemplarer
Dirty Empire (2020) 12 eksemplarer
Fallen Empire (2021) 12 eksemplarer
Own Me (2023) 9 eksemplarer
The Causal Enchantment Series (2014) 7 eksemplarer
Ronan 4 eksemplarer
Dirty Empire #1-4 3 eksemplarer
The Wolf Hotel 3 eksemplarer
Respire - Episode 1 2 eksemplarer
Alaska Wild (2019) 1 eksemplar

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Atria Books: A Booklovers Sampler (2013) — Bidragyder — 22 eksemplarer

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The Last Song, but make it Alaska and instead of a singer, she’s an influencer. I will be reading the entire series.
womanhollering | 19 andre anmeldelser | May 21, 2024 |
I normally love a good romance with a twist. But without the secondary characters this book would have been put on a back shelf and not picked up again for a bit.

Kacey and Trent, the two main characters were just not realistic enough for me. Kacey suffered a traumatic experience and while I get that it is hard to let go of something like that, she seemed to easily let it all slip away with Trent. From the moment he said that he would fix her I just KNEW something was up, that he had a connection to her past somehow.

Livie, Storm, and Mia are what made this book for me. I would have loved to seen more development with those characters and not just the cute little wrap up at the end.

This book provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
… (mere)
chaoticmel | 62 andre anmeldelser | May 18, 2024 |
Shane and Scarlett dated for a summer before their high school senior year, but Shane decides that he is falling for Scarlett and doesn’t want anything serious his senior year so he dumps her just to be making out with her mortal enemy the next day. To say that Scarlett was incredibly sad is an understatement, she has dealt with the jocks of school bullying her constantly thanks to a mother that is the town bicycle and she thought what her and Shane had was real. Years later Scarlett has moved back to town only to find out that her next-door neighbor is the guy she wants to hate but can’t seem to. There is a lot of bitterness that was left behind in Scarlett and it takes her a while to realize people can change. I loved these two together and all the circumstances that kept getting in their way was intense to watch and all things unfold. This was a cute and fun read but at times I felt Shane was a little too harsh on Scarlett and Scarlett was a little too bitter for Shane since she was quick to forgive others and not him. Can they survive all the obstacles that stand in their way? Will Scarlett continue to stay bitter? Will Shane think Scarlett is too complicated and move on? All questions are answered and at times were a little heartbreaking but I loved Shane a lot. It’s a great read and I hated seeing poor Justine’s heartbreaking moment but I’m hoping to see more books from this small town.… (mere)
readonreader | 2 andre anmeldelser | Jan 5, 2024 |


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