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Charles Todd is a pen name for Charles and Caroline Todd, a mother and son writing team. Caroline received a BA in English literature and history and a Masters in international relations. Charles received a BA in communication studies with an emphasis on business management, and a culinary arts vis mere degree. They have written numerous novels including Bess Crawford Mystery series and the Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery series. (Bowker Author Biography) Charles Todd is the author of three previous mysteries: "A Test of Wills," "Wings of Fire," & "Search the Dark"; with the publication of "Legacy of the Dead," Todd will be published hard/soft by Bantam Books. (Publisher Provided) vis mindre
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(eng) Charles Todd is the pen name of mother-and-son writing duo Caroline and Charles Todd.

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Værker af Charles Todd

A Test of Wills (1996) — Forfatter — 1,622 eksemplarer
A Duty to the Dead (2009) — Forfatter — 1,289 eksemplarer
Wings of Fire (1998) 863 eksemplarer
An Impartial Witness (2010) 751 eksemplarer
Legacy of the Dead (2000) 748 eksemplarer
Search the Dark (1999) 725 eksemplarer
The Red Door (2009) 703 eksemplarer
Watchers of Time (2001) 687 eksemplarer
A Pale Horse (2007) 639 eksemplarer
A Bitter Truth (2011) 604 eksemplarer
A Cold Treachery (2005) 596 eksemplarer
A Fearsome Doubt (2002) 593 eksemplarer
A False Mirror (2007) 579 eksemplarer
A Lonely Death (2011) 575 eksemplarer
A Long Shadow (2006) 542 eksemplarer
A Matter of Justice (2008) 535 eksemplarer
The Confession (2011) 515 eksemplarer
An Unmarked Grave (2012) 510 eksemplarer
Hunting Shadows (2014) 424 eksemplarer
A Question of Honor (2013) 419 eksemplarer
Proof of Guilt (2013) 407 eksemplarer
A Fine Summer's Day (2015) 389 eksemplarer
The Murder Stone (2003) 384 eksemplarer
An Unwilling Accomplice (2014) 372 eksemplarer
No Shred of Evidence (2016) 357 eksemplarer
The Gate Keeper (2018) 342 eksemplarer
The Shattered Tree (2016) 338 eksemplarer
A Divided Loyalty (2020) 328 eksemplarer
Racing the Devil (2017) 320 eksemplarer
A Pattern of Lies (2015) 316 eksemplarer
The Black Ascot (2019) 276 eksemplarer
A Casualty of War (2017) 250 eksemplarer
A Forgotten Place (2018) 244 eksemplarer
The Walnut Tree (2012) 240 eksemplarer
A Cruel Deception (2019) 222 eksemplarer
A Fatal Lie (2021) 222 eksemplarer
A Game of Fear (2022) 194 eksemplarer
An Irish Hostage (2021) 173 eksemplarer
The Cliff's Edge (2023) 111 eksemplarer
Cold Comfort (2013) 97 eksemplarer
A Hanging at Dawn (2020) 88 eksemplarer
The Maharani's Pearls (2014) 82 eksemplarer
The Kidnapping {story} (2010) 80 eksemplarer
The Piper {story} (2017) 63 eksemplarer
The Girl on the Beach (2010) 47 eksemplarer
The Pretty Little Box (2017) 30 eksemplarer
A Guid Soldier (2016) 28 eksemplarer
Ian Rutledge: A Mysterious Profile (2010) 19 eksemplarer
Blood Money 4 eksemplarer
Jeopardy {story} (2017) 3 eksemplarer
Mission Accomplished (2012) 3 eksemplarer
Trafalgar 2 eksemplarer
The Wronged Man 1 eksemplar
The Honor of Dundee 1 eksemplar
Maid in the Rune 1 eksemplar
Long Shadow 1 eksemplar

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Hercule Poirot's Casebook: The Complete Short Stories (1984) — Introduktion, nogle udgaver1,740 eksemplarer
A Study in Sherlock: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon (2011) — Bidragyder — 535 eksemplarer
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Juridisk navn
Watjen, Carolyn
Watjen, David
Andre navne
Todd, Charles
Todd, Caroline
Teachey, Carolyn Linene (birth)
Jane Chelius Literary Agency, Inc.
Oplysning om flertydighed
Charles Todd is the pen name of mother-and-son writing duo Caroline and Charles Todd.




First is series about Inspector Ian Rutledge. A surprise ending in learning that a young woman who was known to be timid and shy had a dual personality. Her other personality was Helena, a step sister killed long ago as a child. Google Books: Ian Rutledge returns to his career at Scotland Yard after years of fighting in the First World War. Unknown to his colleagues he is still suffering from shell shock, and is burdened with the guilt of having had executed a young soldier on the battlefield for refusing to fight. A jealous colleague has learned of his secret and has managed to have Rutledge assigned to a difficult case which could spell disaster for Rutledge whatever the outcome. A retired officer has been murdered. Rutledge, fighting the torment of his illness goes to investigte. As he digs into the lives of the villagers, the witness who disturbs him most is a war-ravaged ex-soldier, who chills Rutledge with the realisation that he could become like this man.… (mere)
bentstoker | 69 andre anmeldelser | Jan 26, 2024 |
(2010) Plodding through 2nd in series. Last 1/3 did pick up as Bess tries to solve who killed the wife of one of the soldiers she has treated at the front. One of that soldier's friends is implicated and later charged with the murder. Since she has no real authority and is not really a private detective, Bess is always one or two steps behind actually doing anyone any good. Kirkus: Achance encounter engenders more danger than a World War I battlefield.

Kirkus: As Waterloo Station teems with soldiers en route to their regiments in France and loved ones bidding tearful farewells, Bess Crawford, a nurse returning to the fray after escorting a badly burned Meriwether Evanson to hospital, recognizes his wife from a photograph the pilot clung to. A distraught Marjorie Evanson is being rebuffed by a member of the Wiltshire Fusiliers. Later, back in France, Bess learns from a newspaper clipping that Marjorie died that very day?she was stabbed, then thrown into the Thames. Did that Fusilier murder her? Bess thinks her information will help Scotland Yard, but it doesn?t, and when she hears that Evanson committed suicide when advised of Marjorie?s infidelity, she begins her own inquiries. At length she turns up two sisters?one who loathed Marjorie, the other determined to find out who her lover had been?and a handsome platonic friend of Marjorie who craved more intimacy than she could offer. He falls under suspicion, confesses and is set to hang, but Bess, abetted by Simon, her father?s former batman, persists in her sleuthing. There?ll be another possible suicide, a near-fatal knifing and many trips between French battlefields, London and Great Sefton before Bess herself comes under attack and Scotland Yard must reconsider its conclusion.

Bess (A Duty to the Dead, 2009) is dogged, implacable and headstrong in the way of Victorian heroines, and mired in a plot the author?s more capable detective, Ian Rutledge, would dispatch in half the time with twice the brio.
Pub Date: Aug. 31, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-06-079178-9

Page Count: 352

Publisher: Morrow/HarperCollins
… (mere)
derailer | 39 andre anmeldelser | Jan 25, 2024 |
(2002) Ian Rutledge & his pesky sidekick Hamish are called on to solve the murders of 3 WWI veterans with no apparent connection except for PTSD or shell shock as it was known then. Before he even gets to investigate the widow of a convicted murderer, Ben Shaw, wants Ian to look at his case again after Ben was hanged for the offense 7 years ago. This proves to be a red herring as Ian later learns that that case was righteous. The new case proves more sticky, until late in the book, Ian finds that the wife of a currently suffering vet, was using the 3 to practice killing her spouse to put him out of his misery. KIRKUS: As if being bedeviled by Hamish, the ghost of the Scotsman he found it necessary to execute during the Great War, weren't guilt-inducing enough, the Yard's Inspector Ian Rutledge now has to deal with the widow of Ben Shaw, the man he sent to the gallows seven years ago, in 1912. Shaw never killed those old ladies, she says, and she has proof: a brooch from one of them she found tucked in a neighbor's drawer. Nudged on by his conscience, Rutledge attempts to reopen the case, but his superior, Supt. Bowles, who rose to power on the strength of the conviction, first packs him off to Kent to solve a rash of new murders in Marling: three ex-soldiers, who returned from the war disabled and died on desolate country paths after ingesting laudanum-laced wine. While he's in Marling, Rutledge calls on Elizabeth, the widow of another war casualty, his best friend, who is chary about admitting to a new romance, and dines with Raleigh Masters, a raging, moody amputee, and his despairing wife. Then who should reappear but the widow Shaw, in full whine, and worse yet, a German officer Rutledge thought he had left for dead on the battlefield. Beset on all sides�and even from the backseat of his car, where Hamish has taken up residence�Rutledge must exorcise not only a village's demons but his own as well.If everyone would read just one book, any book, by Todd (Watchers in Time, 2001, etc.), and pay close attention to what he's saying, there would never be another war.Pub Date: Oct. 8, 2002ISBN: 0-553-80180-5Page Count: 304Publisher: Bantam… (mere)
derailer | 12 andre anmeldelser | Jan 25, 2024 |



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