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Jeanne Titherington

Forfatter af Pumpkin Pumpkin

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Includes the name: Jeanne Titherington

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Jamie plants a pumpkin seed in the spring in this seasonal picture book for younger children, watching it grow into a pumpkin plant, then flower, and then produce an actual pumpkin, as summer and then autumn come. When it is Halloween time, he carves the now massive pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, saving some of the seeds he scooped out of it to plant next year...

Originally published in 1986, Pumpkin, Pumpkin is the first picture book I have read from author/illustrator Jeanne Titherington, whose beautiful colored pencil artwork really enhanced the experience. The text is very simple—no more than a sentence or phrase per two-page spread—describing the seasonal rhythms of a growing pumpkin, while the artwork captures the beauty of the natural world (it looks like a farm) in which Jamie lives. I particularly liked the various animals with which Jamie interacts, as he watches his pumpkin grow. Recommended to younger picture book readers and audiences—kindergarten and below, I would say—looking for pumpkin-centered tales for autumn.… (mere)
AbigailAdams26 | 37 andre anmeldelser | Oct 29, 2023 |
kmgerbig | 37 andre anmeldelser | Jan 13, 2023 |
This is a beautiful bedtime story for a very young child. It is imaginative, poetic and loving. It's about a baby sailing in a boat through the sky. The baby fishes from the boat, using a moonbeam for a line and a star for bait. The illustrations are large and rendered in soft colors, perfect for viewing at bedtime. The last line says, ..."Only don't forget to sail...Back again to me" which, of course made me cry because our little ones are so cherished.
SqueakyChu | 2 andre anmeldelser | Jun 1, 2021 |
In the spring, Jamie plants a pumpkin seed. He watches all summer as the pumpkin grows and grows. In the fall, it is big enough to make a perfect Halloween jack-o’-lantern. But what will Jamie find inside the pumpkin?

The target audience for this charming picture book is preschool through primary grades, ages four through eight. The exquisite colored pencil illustrations are a highlight of this book. With their childlike innocence, they are sure to delight the young reader. The engaging illustrations are a perfect counterpart to the narrative as they clearly represent the simple science of planting seeds, watching them grow, and deciding when to harvest.

With its simple, repetitive narrative, this picture book is perfect for emerging readers. Picture clues help in decoding words while the narrative’s repetition builds confidence as the child reads.

Highly recommended for all young readers, especially emerging readers. Also recommended for autumn storytelling, for an introduction to the science of sowing seeds and growing plants [for which it won a New York Academy of Science Children’s Book Award], or for the beautiful artwork. This is a book that belongs in every primary grade classroom library.
… (mere)
jfe16 | 37 andre anmeldelser | May 20, 2021 |



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