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Dial A for Aunties (2021) 941 eksemplarer
The Obsession (2021) 297 eksemplarer
Four Aunties and a Wedding (2022) 269 eksemplarer
The New Girl (2022) 157 eksemplarer
Well, That Was Unexpected (2022) 100 eksemplarer
I'm Not Done with You Yet (2023) 55 eksemplarer
Didn't See That Coming (2023) 29 eksemplarer
Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit (2022) 28 eksemplarer
The Good, the Bad, and the Aunties (2024) 17 eksemplarer
Theo Tan and the Iron Fan (2023) 6 eksemplarer
WELL, THAT WAS UNEXPECTED (2022) 3 eksemplarer

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Sutanto, Jesse Q.



Vera Wang finds a dead man in her tea shop and decides that the police aren't taking it seriously enough. So, she decides to investigate herself. This was the perfect book to listen to between the murders I have been reading about in the Helen Grace books. Definitely, a cosy mystery which I enjoyed.
Dianekeenoy | 38 andre anmeldelser | Feb 27, 2024 |
What I initially thought might be a series ended up as a trilogy---and thank goodness for that. This is the last book---unless she feels the compulsion to do a baby and the Aunties book, that IS the natural next step, is it not?

This is a quick read made even quicker since I skimmed a bit of it.

It all boils down to this: newlyweds Meddy and Nathan are visiting her relative for a late Chinese New Year. A mistake with the red envelopes happens, and hilarity does NOT ensue. Everyone (adults especially) acts like spoiled 14-year-olds. But what do I know, maybe it's a cultural thing or a huge amount of money thing!

At any rate, it did have a bit of a twist at the end, so that was worth the second star I gave this.

*ARC supplied by the publisher, Penguin/ Random House. the author, and NetGalley My Thanks.
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Cats57 | Feb 24, 2024 |
Vera Wong finds a dead body in her tea shop. Since the police don't seem to be taking it seriously, she decides to investigate, starting with some unexpected visitors to the tea shop as her suspects.

It was funny, but mostly variations on a single joke - Vera's ability to cow or coax people round her into doing what she wanted. Not as good as the Aunties books.
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Robertgreaves | 38 andre anmeldelser | Feb 22, 2024 |
Delightful book where I laughed out loud A LOT!

Sharlot Citra decides to "become a woman" with her boyfriend--only to change her mind, be caught by her mother, and be whisked away to her mom's home country of Indonesia for the summer. Her super sweet boyfriend only cares about her feelings and completely supports her two decisions. Sharlot's mother, on the other hand, feels appalled by her daughter's decision and feels Sharlot needs to connect with their heritage. Sharlot has no knowledge of her American father and little knowledge of her mother's heritage because her mother never tells Sharlot about her life. Needless to say, Sharlot's anger, directed at her mother, rules her for the beginning of the novel.

Meanwhile, George Clooney Tanuwijaya (you'll learn about Indo-Chinese names when you read the book) finds himself "satisfying her needs" when his father and 13-year old sister walk in on him. Be prepared to laugh--the scene is hilarious. George cares deeply for his family and offers kindness and respect to each of them. His interests are currently occupied by the company's new app (released to promote good will) called One Liner. It's to combat toxic masculinity and encourage people to see women are more than objects. George truly supports a more modern look at the world despite living in a very conservative and traditional society. He doesn't date because his family is filthy rich; the last girl he dated wanted to be seen, photographed, and to bask in the family name. George sees the money as belonging to the family; he didn't earn it and knows he is privileged.

With Sharlot and George "in trouble" with their families, the families decide to fix the problems. Sharlot's mom and George's dad and sister put their kids on the Share app to find a date. The text messages are so funny--two older, traditional Indo-Chinese people talking is nothing like teenagers would actually talk. Both George and Sharlot are appalled by the exchanges and have no desire to meet this person their families have selected. The meetup is disastrous. It's only because a tv crew shows up that George and Sharlot are considered a couple and must pretend to date.

It took longer to discover the truth than I expected in the novel, but I laughed aloud so many times, that I ultimately didn't care. It's a fun high school book about growing up, being respectful, recognizing that sexuality isn't a sin but that it does require respect and thought. The novel shows that there are different attitudes and expectations for males and females, making it harder to navigate freedom and growth. You'll also enjoy the secondary characters of Sharlo's cousin and George's sister. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel.
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acargile | Feb 20, 2024 |



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