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Barbra Streisand born Barbara Joan Streisand, April 24, 1942, in Brooklyn N.Y. She attended Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn and joined the Freshman Chorus and Choral Club. Streisand became a nightclub singer while in her teens. She wanted to be an actress and appeared in summer stock and in a vis mere number of Off-Off-Broadway productions, including Driftwood (1959), with the then-unknown Joan Rivers. Streisand's first television appearance was on The Tonight Show, then hosted by Jack Paar, in 1961, singing Harold Arlen's A Sleepin' Bee. Streisand became a semi-regular on PM East/PM West, a talk/variety series hosted by Mike Wallace. In 1962, after several appearances on PM East/PM West, Streisand first appeared on Broadway, in the small but star-making role of Miss Marmelstein in the musical I Can Get It for You Wholesale. Her first album, The Barbra Streisand Album, won two Grammy Awards in 1963. Following her success in I Can Get It for You Wholesale, Streisand made several appearances on The Tonight Show in 1962. Streisand returned to Broadway in 1964 with an acclaimed performance as entertainer Fanny Brice in Funny Girl at the Winter Garden Theatre. The show introduced two of her signature songs, "People" and "Don't Rain on My Parade". Streisand has recorded 35 studio albums, almost all with the Columbia Records label. Her early works in the 1960s (her debut The Barbra Streisand Album, The Second Barbra Streisand Album, The Third Album, My Name Is Barbra, etc.) are considered classic renditions of theater and cabaret standards, including her slow version of the normally uptempo Happy Days Are Here Again. Barbra Streisand has also become an author of books with her title My Passion which was released in 2010. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre


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Walls (2018) 14 eksemplarer
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My Name Is Barbra [Album] (1965) 11 eksemplarer
Till I Loved You (1988) 10 eksemplarer
The Third Album (1964) 10 eksemplarer
Back to Brooklyn (2013) 9 eksemplarer
A Happening in Central Park (1987) 9 eksemplarer
Guilty Pleasures ♫ (2005) 9 eksemplarer
Color Me Barbra (1966) 9 eksemplarer
The Barbra Streisand Album (1963) 9 eksemplarer
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Christmas Album 1 eksemplar
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Ordinary Miracles Tour CD 1994 (1994) 1 eksemplar
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Stoney End - Sunburst label (1971) 1 eksemplar
Je M'appelle Barbra (2008) 1 eksemplar

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Not to disparage paper and print, I highly recommend finding yourself the recorded version of My Name is Barbra, read by Her Majesty Barbra herself in her lovely Brooklyn lilt and illustrated (so to speak) with amazing clips of the songs which we all know and love. I laughed, I cried (especially after her account of The Way We Were) and marvelled. The book in print will break your foot if you drop it on it; in the recorded version it will come damn near breaking your heart.
mblxv | 8 andre anmeldelser | Mar 26, 2024 |
Audio, which has some lovely song excerpts, but since it was so long I had to listen to the book sped up, so the singing came out a little tinny. Streisand tells of her life in a conversational, but extremely detailed way. Lots of names are dropped. I was never a huge fan, but I think she is interesting and admirable.
mojomomma | 8 andre anmeldelser | Mar 12, 2024 |
Streisand, Barbra. 2023. _My Name Is Barbra_. Viking.

Review: This has become my year of reading memoirs. I didn't plan that, but that is how it is shaking out. I started Barbra Streisand's memoir, My Name is Barbra, a couple of months ago borrowing it from the library, but then I had to return it. Actually, I think I had to put it back on hold a couple of times before I decided to plow through it. Now I probably shouldn't have read it on my phone--my iphone had the page count at over 1600 pages, but looking at the print edition, it is only about 800 pages. It is still a lot for a memoir! But are you going to be the editor that tells Barbra Streisand to scale back? And should you?

The book started a bit slow for me--Streisand goes into a lot of detail about her life. And if I had edited it, I probably would have cut out reviews and letters from other folks telling her what a great job she did on this or that project. But I have to say, when I received that final loan and decided to put some focus on it, it turned into a delightful reading of a strong, inventive, creative woman who broke many barriers. Towards the end, I thought, well, she deserves every page here. I also, in the latter half of the book, started taking a moment to watch video clips of whatever the chapter was on (like Yentl or The Way We Were), and also started a playlist of her albums and other albums she mentioned. I gave myself the full "multimedia" experience and that was also a delight.

Contrast this to another memoir, The Woman in Me, by Britney Spears. Maybe I shouldn't compare two women like this, but I will do it. I enjoyed Spear's memoir, but I also tamped my expectations way down. When Britney arrived, I thought, "Oh, this girl has no power and is a victim." And then I am reading her memoir decades later and thinking, "Yes, just as I suspected. Poor thing. She's amazing and talented, but her story is sad." No one can say that about Streisand.

One of the things I loved about this memoir is how many hats Streisand has worn over her career. Singer, actress, director, fundraiser, designer, friend to world leaders.. She doesn't quit, and she never stops being creative, and she doesn't give up her control, which is refreshing. She embodies The Artist's Way, which I've facilitated. I was righteously angry to read about her slights with the Academy for Directing, thinking that we are in 2024 and that Greta Gerwig didn't get a Director's nod for Barbie. Grrrrr... We still have work to do.

One of my favorite things I can relate to is her love story with James Brolin, which doesn't come until later in the book and her life. I have my own James Brolin and I think finding that love later in life is so much sweeter. I stopped and watched a video of him talking about her, and it made me happy to see a man who loves and supports his strong woman. If anyone could fix that, it would be Streisand!

One irritation with the Libby app is that on my iPhone, a lot of the black-and-white photos in the book appear as negatives, and I have to click on them to see what they look like. And there are a lot of photos in this book. I didn't see most of them until the end, and by then, I had googled most of the people who appeared in the book.

If you love Streisand (and who doesn't?), you'll enjoy this book. Enjoy the ride!

Next up on my memoir list is Viola Davis's new memoir, which I also had to return and is now in my queue.
… (mere)
auldhouse | 8 andre anmeldelser | Mar 9, 2024 |
Very very long but fascinating.
chasidar | 8 andre anmeldelser | Mar 2, 2024 |



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