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Sam Storms (PhD, University of Texas at Dallas) has spent more than four decades in ministry as a pastor, professor, and author. He is currently the sensor pastor at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and was previously a visiting associate professor of theology at Wheaton College from vis mere 2000 to 2004. He is the founder of Enjoying God Ministries and blogs regularly at SamStorms.org. vis mindre

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For the Fame of God's Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper (2010) — Redaktør — 540 eksemplarer
Reaching God's ear (1988) 29 eksemplarer
God's Passion for You (1998) 11 eksemplarer
Eternal Security 3 eksemplarer
Note To Self 3 eksemplarer
Divine Healing 2 eksemplarer
Christian Ethics 2 eksemplarer
Attributes of God 2 eksemplarer
Biblical Studies 2 eksemplarer
Christology 2 eksemplarer
Complementarianism 2 eksemplarer
Spiritual Warfare 2 eksemplarer
John Piper: Uma Homenagem (2013) 1 eksemplar
Healing & Holiness 1 eksemplar
Second & Third John 1 eksemplar
Dons Espirituais 1 eksemplar
Romans 1 eksemplar
My Journey 1 eksemplar
Kept for Jesus (Pack of 25) (2017) 1 eksemplar
Psalms 1 eksemplar
2 Corinthians 1 eksemplar
Colossians 1 eksemplar
Daniel 1 eksemplar
Ecclesiastes 1 eksemplar
Ephesians 1 eksemplar
First John 1 eksemplar
Job 1 eksemplar

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Are Miraculous Gifts for Today? (1996) — Bidragyder — 840 eksemplarer

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Storms, C. Samuel



A doutrina dos dons espirituais sempre foi cercada de muita polêmica e, infelizmente, ainda é motivo de muita discórdia na Igreja. Por isso, Sam Storms busca trazer cura a esta ferida e clareza ao debate sobre este assunto envolto em mistério.
livros.icnvcopa | Feb 19, 2020 |
This is a comprehensive treatment of end times issues from an amillennial perspective written with a pastoral tone. It's taken me nearly a year to read it. Storms treats all views very respectfully. I was introduced to new perspectives I had not considered throughout. I'm not completely persuaded of his overall position, but I'm close.
gcornett | Sep 22, 2017 |
Where is the majesty of God seen? David says it is in the heavens
kijabi1 | Jan 9, 2013 |
After realizing that (despite his oft and repeated recommendations that people read Edwards for themselves) most people simply would not persevere through Edwards' cumbersome and hefty treatise on the Religious Affections, Sam Storms decided to give a distilled version (my words, not his) of Edwards for modern readers. He has retained Edwards' basic outline and much of Edwards' actual wording. But he has trimmed away what seemed to him superfluous to Edwards' main argument.

I am currently reading Religious Affections for the third time and actually purchased Storms' book because I was hoping for a more sermonic distillation of Edwards. That is not what Storms has written. But I still finished his book with profit and expect to use it in the future. The great strength of Storms' "interpretation" of Edwards is its brevity - 152 pages vs. over 350 in the Yale edition! The first time I read Religious Affections it took me four or five months to get all the way through. Storms' book can easily be read in several sittings.

The downside is that the cumulative weight of Edwards' argument is somewhat lost with the editing. For example, Storms summarizes much of Edwards' actual exposition of biblical passages and just includes the verses in brackets, whereas Edwards actually quotes the verses. I find these parts some of the richest portions of Edwards' original. I like reading Edwards himself because I value the effect his more lengthy explanation and argumentation has on my heart.

But there is a second benefit to Storms' book - and this is really the reason I want to commend it. The last third of Storms' book (p. 153-213) contains Edwards' Personal Narrative, with Storms' commentary interspersed throughout. The Personal Narrative is Edwards' own recounting of his conversion experience and early spiritual growth. It is simply breathtaking! And Storms' commentary on it is exceptionally edifying. I read all of this on a Saturday evening and it really helped sensitize my soul to the Lord and prepare my heart for worship the next day.

So, if are stirred up by those occasional quotes from Edwards that you hear from your pastor, and you want to read him for yourself but don't think you can tackle 350+ pages of unedited Puritan prose, get Storms! Even if you don't read all of the Religious Affections section (though I hope you will!), you will benefit so much from reading the Personal Narrative section.
… (mere)
brianghedges | Oct 23, 2009 |


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