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Forfatter af Unknown Armies (2nd Edition)

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Days of Fire (Demon) (2003) 43 eksemplarer
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Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity (2010) — Forfatter — 31 eksemplarer
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Unknown Armies 3 - Book one: Play (2017) 28 eksemplarer
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Godwalker (2011) 27 eksemplarer
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Reign: A Game of Lords and Leaders (2007) 23 eksemplarer
A Dirty World (2008) 22 eksemplarer
Wild Talents Essential Edition (2008) 22 eksemplarer
Spherewalker (1996) 21 eksemplarer
Wild Talents: Grim War (2010) 11 eksemplarer
YOU: A Fiction (2017) 9 eksemplarer
Progenitor (2010) 9 eksemplarer
Delta Green: The Star Chamber (2017) 9 eksemplarer
Elder Godlike (2015) 8 eksemplarer
Dinosaurs ...in Spaaace! (2011) 8 eksemplarer
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Mask of the Other (2011) 7 eksemplarer
Unknown Armies 3 - Deluxe Edition (2017) 6 eksemplarer
The Forgotten Monk (2016) 5 eksemplarer
Scary Face 5 eksemplarer
eCollapse (2010) 5 eksemplarer
God Cancer (2020) 4 eksemplarer
Unknown Armies 3 - Expose (2018) 4 eksemplarer
Sinner (2013) 4 eksemplarer
Termination Shock 3 eksemplarer
SwitchFlipped (2011) 3 eksemplarer
The Star Chamber 2 eksemplarer
The Sky Is Full of Ghosts (2019) 2 eksemplarer
Spherewalker Deck 1 eksemplar
Different Trouble 1 eksemplar
I Dream of Insomnia 1 eksemplar

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Manages to make some of the Lovecraftian mythos most difficult and worn out concepts frightening and genuinely unsettling again.
Jannes | Aug 30, 2021 |
A gripping asymmetrical setup makes your players think and describes an interesting and unique gaming experience. Hard on new players but good for the cynic. Recommended
aadyer | Aug 21, 2019 |
So, I got this from Kickstarter as a backer reward, and while it was good, it was not what I was expecting. Not sure what I was expecting, but since I forgot I had backed it (I was supposed to get the reward last year, but there was an issue with the coloring) until it arrived two days ago...

So, story.

The story is short, but as it is the first in a new, hopeful comic book series, that is to be expected. There is alot packed in here, and yet I am left feeling a bit confused. Girl waits at the edge of Ranger Road for a doc who does illegal bio-'upgrades'. Girl has her own reasons for wanting them, and even though she can't 'pay', she's willing to work her upgrades off.

But she's not the only one wanting an upgrade.

Guy was implemented in some dirty dealing, and is trying to wipe the slate clean. But he's not so willing to pay what the mad doctor wants...

Things get deeper as they are attacked by militarized police in an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier - probably a Stryker). You know things have gotten bad when cops are wearing body armor and driving up-armored vehicles. Both get away, but not before getting the shit beat out of them...

Read the full review here:

Read the Kickstarter page here:

… (mere)
Ermina | Feb 25, 2016 |
Peut être qu'après avoir lu le très chouette [Godwalker] j'attendais trop de ce livre. On y suit un personnage qui va découvrir l'existence de gens dotés de pouvoir vivant dans les couches interlopes de la société. Très post-moderne, on y retrouve, justement, cet univers personnel à la saveur particulière que j'apprécie chez Stolze. Les personnages sont intéressants et il fait bien vivre son petit monde.
Là où le bât blesse, c'est sur la qualité de l'histoire en elle même. L'exposition est extrêmement longue. L'aspect choral du roman, je suis d'accord que c'est à la mode ces temps-ci, mais au final il y a parfois un peu trop de points de vue proposés et ça nuit parfois à l'efficacité du récit. Enfin, après une exposition immensément longue, le roman se résout hyper rapidement, et pas très clairement. Je dois avouer qu'à force de jongler avec plein de balles, l'auteur m'en a fait perdre quelques unes de vue, que je n'ai pas vu retomber.
Un univers assez chouette, des personnages intéressants mais, amha, une histoire qui mériterait d'être rééquilibrée. Ça se finit trop en queue de poisson.
… (mere)
greuh | Oct 18, 2013 |


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