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Elinore Pruitt Stewart (1876–1933)

Forfatter af Letters of a Woman Homesteader

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Was very interesting to read. Things were very different in 1909, and yet not so different at all. I would have enjoyed an annotated version more, as there was much I didn’t understand due to shifting vocabularies and changes in society. I also would have liked the whole collection of letters to have been placed in context by an editor. It would have been nice to know what became of Elinore, and who she was before going off to homestead.
73pctGeek | 38 andre anmeldelser | Mar 5, 2024 |
I enjoyed reading this---mainly because it was fun to imagine "old Wyoming". Also, some of the characters came from Arkansas, namely Yell County, so that was fun. I would recommend not reading the forward if one doesn't want the entire thing summed up in a few short paragraphs.
classyhomemaker | 38 andre anmeldelser | Dec 11, 2023 |
This book is delightful. It consists of 26 letters written between 1909 and 1913 by Elinore Stewart to a former employer, Mrs. Coney, and details her everyday (and sometimes out of the ordinary) happenings in Wyoming as a new homesteader.

A couple of my favorite quotes:

"We forgot all about feuds and partings, death and hard times. All we remembered was that God is good and the world is wide and beautiful." (pg. 107)

"One morning [Jerrine] saw [the puppies] following their mother, so she danced for joy. When her little brother came she was plainly disappointed. "Mamma," she said, "did God really make the baby?" "Yes, dear." "Then He hasn't treated us fairly, and I should like to know why. The puppies could walk when He finished them; the calves can, too. The pigs can, and the colt, and even the chickens. What is the use of giving us a half-finished baby?" (pg. 135)

… (mere)
RachelRachelRachel | 38 andre anmeldelser | Nov 21, 2023 |
Oh to have such a pen pal as Elinore Stewart! Her collected letters describe the wilds and hard work of pioneer life in Wyoming, seen through her optimistic and generous gaze, with such fresh and vibrant delight. I wish she were my friend.

These letters written for an audience of one exhibit a love of beauty and unconsciously winsome style that moved me to underline often. Elinore claims she is not educated, but her wisdom and love of writing fully compensate for any lack of formal schooling. Elinore has a gift for turn of phrase, robust love of life and self-sufficiency, as well as positive self-image and a friendly heart that made me smile with every page.

I want to live with the same openness, gratitude, and curiosity.

"...when you get among such grandeur you get to feel how little you are and how foolish is human endeavor, except that which unites us with the mighty force called God. I was plumb uncomfortable, because all my own efforts have always been just to make the best of everything and to take things as they come."

"... I am the luckiest woman in finding really lovely people and having really lovely experiences."

"I get myself all ready to enjoy a success and find that I have to fit a failure. But one consolation is that I generally have plenty of material to cut generously, and many of my failings have proved to be real blessings."

"When you think of me, you must think of me as one who is truly happy. It is true I want a great things I haven't got, but I don't want them enough to be discontented and not enjoy the many blessings that are mine."

"Do you wonder I am so happy? When I think of it all, I wonder how I can crowd all my joy into one short life."
… (mere)
rebwaring | 38 andre anmeldelser | Aug 14, 2023 |



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