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D. E. Stevenson (1) (1892–1973)

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D. E. (Dorothy Emily) Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on November 18, 1892. She married Captain James Reid Peploe in 1916. She wrote over 40 books in her lifetime. Her first novel Peter West was published in 1923. Her other books include Mrs. Tim of the Regiment, Miss Buncle's Book, Miss vis mere Buncle Married, and Listening Valley. Her Mrs. Tim books were inspired by the diaries she kept while an army wife. She died on December 30, 1973. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre


Værker af D. E. Stevenson

Røre i andedammen (1934) 1,270 eksemplarer
Miss Buncle Married (1936) 506 eksemplarer
The Two Mrs. Abbotts (1943) 310 eksemplarer
Mrs Tim of the Regiment - omnibus (1940) 273 eksemplarer
Celia's House (1943) 268 eksemplarer
The Four Graces (1946) 247 eksemplarer
The Young Clementina (1935) 222 eksemplarer
Listening Valley (1944) 206 eksemplarer
Vittoria Cottage (1949) 202 eksemplarer
Amberwell (1955) 194 eksemplarer
Music in the Hills (1950) 183 eksemplarer
Shoulder the Sky (1951) 182 eksemplarer
The Baker's Daughter (1939) 165 eksemplarer
The House on the Cliff (1966) 153 eksemplarer
Katherine Wentworth (1964) 152 eksemplarer
Mrs Tim Carries On (1941) 151 eksemplarer
Anna and Her Daughters (1958) 147 eksemplarer
Still Glides the Stream (1959) 145 eksemplarer
Charlotte Fairlie (1954) 132 eksemplarer
Spring Magic (1941) 130 eksemplarer
Mrs. Tim Flies Home (1952) 129 eksemplarer
Mrs. Tim Gets a Job (1947) 128 eksemplarer
The Blue Sapphire (1963) 126 eksemplarer
Gerald and Elizabeth (1969) 126 eksemplarer
The Marriage of Katherine (1965) 117 eksemplarer
Summerhills (1955) 116 eksemplarer
Bel Lamington (1961) 109 eksemplarer
Smouldering Fire (1935) 105 eksemplarer
The Tall Stranger (1957) 103 eksemplarer
Young Mrs Savage (1948) 102 eksemplarer
Green Money (1939) 102 eksemplarer
The English Air (1940) 102 eksemplarer
The Musgraves (1960) 96 eksemplarer
Sarah's Cottage (1968) 95 eksemplarer
Kate Hardy (1947) 95 eksemplarer
Sarah Morris Remembers (1967) 94 eksemplarer
Fletchers End (1962) 91 eksemplarer
The House of the Deer (1970) 86 eksemplarer
Rochester's Wife (1940) 74 eksemplarer
Five Windows (1953) 73 eksemplarer
The Fair Miss Fortune (2011) 62 eksemplarer
Crooked Adam (1942) 61 eksemplarer
Mrs Tim of the Regiment (1932) 57 eksemplarer
Rosabelle Shaw (1937) 50 eksemplarer
The Empty World (1936) 34 eksemplarer
Peter West (1923) 33 eksemplarer
Emily Dennistoun (2011) 29 eksemplarer
Miss Buncle (1964) 24 eksemplarer
Portrait of Saskia (2011) 21 eksemplarer
Golden Days (1934) 16 eksemplarer
Found in the Attic (2013) 16 eksemplarer
Jean Erskine's Secret (2013) 14 eksemplarer
The Bel Lamington Novels (2019) 4 eksemplarer
Sarah Morris (2019) 3 eksemplarer
It's Nice to Be Me (1943) 1 eksemplar
The Katherine Wentworth Novels (2019) 1 eksemplar
Mrs. Tim 1 eksemplar

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Juridisk navn
Peploe, Dorothy Emily
Andre navne
Stevenson, Dorothy Emily
Moffat Cemetery, Scotland, UK
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Moffat, Scotland, UK
Dumfries, Scotland, UK
Galloway, Scotland, UK
Stevenson, David Alan (father)
Stevenson, Robert Louis (uncle)
Kort biografi
D. E. (Dorothy Emily) Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, into a well-known family, and was educated at home by governesses. Robert Louis Stevenson was her father's cousin. D. E. began writing as a child but had to hide her efforts because her parents disapproved.

Her father also refused to send her to university. In 1913, D.E. came out as a debutante, and two years later published her first book of poetry. In 1914, she married James Reid Peploe, a young captain on leave to recuperate from wounds he received in World War I, with whom she had four children. In 1923 her first novel, Peter West, was published. It was not a success, and she did not publish fiction for the next few years. She was keeping a diary, and one day in the early 1930s, allowed a friend to read it. This woman urged D.E. to publish, and so began the semi-autobiographical series of "Mrs. Tim" novels published between 1934 and 1952, the first being Mrs. Tim of the Regiment.

For the rest of her long career, D.E. Stevenson steadily wrote bestsellers that still delight readers today. She wrote humorous and serious books and even ventured into science fiction. During World War II, she wrote novels such as The Two Mrs. Abbotts (1943) that featured wartime food shortages, German spies, romantic entanglements, and childrearing. After the war, she published several novels that dealt prominently with postwar changes in society, including Mrs. Tim Gets a Job (1947), Kate Hardy (1947), Young Mrs. Savage (1948), Vittoria Cottage (1949), and Summerhills (1956). Five works were published posthumous after the manuscripts were discovered in the Stevenson family attic, including

Jean Erskine's Secret, written 1913-1917;
Emily Dennistoun and Portrait of Saskia, written in the 1920s; and The Fair Miss Fortune, written in the 1930s.



Hi, I'm new - and an offer i Tattered but still lovely (juni 2016)
D E Stevenson quotes i Book Quotations (november 2014)


Reading "Celia's House" is as comforting as sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea while looking looking out into a wildflower garden.

Re-issued from its original printing in the 1940's, the book covers several generations of the Dunne family residing at at the Dunnian estate in the U.K. When the book opens, we meet Celia, the elderly, unmarried auntie who will choose Dunnian's fate when she passes on. Bucking convention, she makes a very unusual choice, setting the book's plot in motion.

Stevenson includes many strong female characters for the day, and the book will resonate with Jane Austen fans. While the book may seem a bit slow moving and lacking in drama for some modern readers, others will appreciate the dry wit and genteel writing.

Thank you to NetGalley and SOURCESOOKS Landmark for a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review.
… (mere)
jj24 | 16 andre anmeldelser | May 27, 2024 |
Like comfort food. Very enjoyable light reading by D. E. Stevenson (writer of the 'Miss Buncle' series). It's a story about a woman raising her step-son and twins. Katherine and her step-son face several choices and both consider the potential impact those choices may or may not make on their own personal freedom. It also gives them perspective on their own blessings. The story is romantic and set in Scotland. The characters well described and memorable. So fix yourself a nice pot of tea and sit back and relax. If you are a fan of Maeve Binchy or Rosamund Pilcher you will probably enjoy this one.… (mere)
DocHobbs | 3 andre anmeldelser | May 27, 2024 |
A pleasant book; clearly would have been better had I read the previous ones with the same characters. It's funny how much more dated a book from the mid-1900's can seem than one from much longer ago.
Abcdarian | 8 andre anmeldelser | May 18, 2024 |
I liked how D.E. Stevenson wrapped this book up! I will be honest, about halfway through, I was certain that I wouldn't enjoy the book upon completion, but it turned out to be false. I enjoyed this book thoroughly. I do wish that we spent more time with Barbara Buncle, she only really shows up in the exposition and climax of the story.

My biggest critique is that this book had so many characters; obviously, it should since it is about the entire town of Silverstream; too many for the brevity of the novel. This is like a Russian doll, a story within a story, within a story--and so on! A charming and quick read.… (mere)
tayswift1477 | 98 andre anmeldelser | May 15, 2024 |



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