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Jerry Spinelli was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1941. He received a bachelor's degree from Gettysburg College and a master's degree from Johns Hopkins University. He worked as an editor with Chilton from 1966 to 1989. He launched his career in children's literature with Space vis mere Station 7th Grade in 1982. He has written over 30 books including The Bathwater Gang, Picklemania, Stargirl, Milkweed, and Mama Seeton's Whistle. In 1991, he won the Newbery Award for Maniac Magee. In 1998, Wringer was named a Newbery Honor book. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre


Værker af Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl (2000) 10,439 eksemplarer
Maniac Magee (1990) 9,233 eksemplarer
Loser (2003) 3,883 eksemplarer
Wringer (1997) 3,527 eksemplarer
Milkweed (1994) 2,992 eksemplarer
Crash (1996) 2,479 eksemplarer
Love, Stargirl (2007) 2,385 eksemplarer
Fourth Grade Rats (1991) 2,237 eksemplarer
The Library Card (1997) 2,176 eksemplarer
Eggs (2007) 1,555 eksemplarer
Smiles to Go (2008) 1,372 eksemplarer
Knots in My Yo-Yo String (1998) 1,144 eksemplarer
Third Grade Angels (2012) 968 eksemplarer
Report to the Principal's Office (1991) 953 eksemplarer
Do the Funky Pickle (1992) 604 eksemplarer
Jake and Lily (2012) 519 eksemplarer
There's a Girl in My Hammerlock (1991) 507 eksemplarer
Who Put That Hair in My Toothbrush? (1984) 479 eksemplarer
Picklemania! (1993) 359 eksemplarer
Hokey Pokey (2013) 351 eksemplarer
Space Station Seventh Grade (1982) 324 eksemplarer
The Warden's Daughter (2017) 302 eksemplarer
I Can Be Anything! (2010) 282 eksemplarer
The Stargirl Collection (2-in-1) (2007) 261 eksemplarer
Tooter Pepperday (1995) 150 eksemplarer
Jason and Marceline (1986) 138 eksemplarer
Dump Days (1988) 98 eksemplarer
The Bathwater Gang (1990) 91 eksemplarer
Stargirl Journal (2007) 88 eksemplarer
Blue Ribbon Blues (1998) 82 eksemplarer
Dead Wednesday (2021) 68 eksemplarer
My Daddy and Me (2003) 60 eksemplarer
Mama Seeton's Whistle (2015) 46 eksemplarer
School Daze Collection (1993) 21 eksemplarer
The Mighty Crashman (2002) 18 eksemplarer
My Fourth of July (2019) 15 eksemplarer
Jerry Spinelli Collection (2004) 10 eksemplarer
Night of the Whale (1985) 7 eksemplarer
Particelle atomiche (2022) 2 eksemplarer
Magee, zis Maniacul 1 eksemplar
O MANÍACO MAGEE 1 eksemplar
His Promised Land 1 eksemplar
Mongoose [novelette] — Forfatter — 1 eksemplar
Quarta elementare 1 eksemplar
Zinkoff, el inútil 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

Guys Write for Guys Read (2005) — Bidragyder — 768 eksemplarer
Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out (2008) — Bidragyder — 346 eksemplarer
Half-Minute Horrors (2009) — Bidragyder — 279 eksemplarer
It's Fine To Be Nine (2000) — Bidragyder — 123 eksemplarer
Baseball Crazy: Ten Short Stories that Cover All the Bases (2008) — Bidragyder — 118 eksemplarer
Connections (1989) — Bidragyder — 44 eksemplarer

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YA boy coming of age from 80's or 90's i Name that Book (november 2011)


A girl holding pebbles
To measure happiness instead of hate.
A galaxy of love between two covers.
pianistpalm91 | 101 andre anmeldelser | Apr 7, 2024 |
I remember reading this book when i was in elementary school. I remember enjoying it alot. While I didn’t really resonate with the character, I really felt sympathy for him.
cmmeza0709 | 73 andre anmeldelser | Apr 4, 2024 |
Rebecca Vogelezang Goodreads.com Review:
For starters, this is one of Spinelli's books that's maybe meant for a little bit more mature of an audience - we've got gross tongue kissing and ear licking (ew!) and a few other details that definitely pushes this into a Middle Grades book.

That being said, there are lots of things that make this a great read for middle schoolers. First, it's pretty clear straight from the start this is a book about challenging gender norms. At the same time, there are some dynamics in here that didn't follow the usual trope. Maisie's best friend is disgusted when Maisie tries out for the wrestling team. The entire book I waited for Maisie and Holly to make up, but they never did! Paint me surprised - best friends in middle grades books nearly ALWAYS get "back together" after the best friend realizes how brave the other was being by going against gender norms. We don't get that here and I LIKE IT. It feels much more realistic. I also like Maisie as a narrator. She's funny and a tad dramatic but not in an over the top way.

Some things I didn't like and that need to be called out. There's some non-sexual fetishization of darker skin in here. Maisie's friend Tina visits her home and Maisie's little sister is shocked by Tina's skin color. She immediately touches her face and asks if she too can grow up to be brown. Whether you read this with your class or if your child reads this independently, a conversation needs to be had around this scene and the inappropriateness of TK's actions. Black and brown folks aren't part of the world for white folks to touch and gawk over.

Overall, this book had me laughing quite a few times and I think it's worth the read!
… (mere)
MamaBearLendingDen | 4 andre anmeldelser | Mar 29, 2024 |
BooksInMirror | 16 andre anmeldelser | Feb 19, 2024 |



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