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Includes the name: Wen Spencer

Image credit: Wen Spencer, accepting the Campbell Award at Torcon 3, the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon). Photo taken at the Hugo Award ceremony. Photo by David Brukman Date 30 August 2003


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Beginning where Harbingers ended, with the oni invading Pittsburg and a massive spell just unleashed, this is an exciting and satisfying follow up. Threads are tied together and mysteries made clear, leaving our major characters in a good place. This may or may not be the final book, but if it is, it works as a finale.
readinggeek451 | Jun 13, 2024 |
I enjoyed this. Some of it is a bit over the top. The book is a bit overcrowded, I think. Too many relations and backstories. For me, a bit too many chaotic action scenes. I loved the cozy bits. I wanted more of that.
zjakkelien | 13 andre anmeldelser | Jan 2, 2024 |
A very poor showing in an otherwise fantastic series, this is less a novel, and more a collection of drabbles, short-stories and novellas.
Lacking any discernable plot and without a coherent storyline, it would have been much better of as another Project Elfhome book, filling in the cracks and humanizing the city.
Based on this, I am not sure the author even knows how to progress or end the series, so instead she is fiddling her thumbs, trying to shoehorn every character and story arch into the main plotline.
I adore most of the characters, and welcome a chance to learn more of them, but this haphazard drive-by inclusion does not serve them or the story.
… (mere)
amberwitch | 5 andre anmeldelser | Oct 24, 2023 |
A Brother’s Price
by Wen Spencer
316 pages
In this book the roles between male and female are reversed. Women rule the world and men are chattel, without rights, used as breeders, care giver for the children he sires, and homemaker. The cover shows the moment that changes the course of a family's life. A very young girl defends a strange woman in uniform, the girl runs back to the farmhouse to let her younger sisters know what has occurred. Her big brother helps bring the unconscious back to the house, they don't know that she is a princess.… (mere)
Pebblesgmc | 36 andre anmeldelser | Jun 27, 2023 |



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