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Colin Spencer (1) (1933–2023)

Forfatter af The Heretic's Feast: A History of Vegetarianism

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Colin Spencer is one of the country's leading food historians and author of British Food. But his prolific output has not been limited to this field alone. With nine novels and a dozen cookery books, he has had six plays produced, and writen for television and film. For thirteen years he was food vis mere columnist for The Guardian. vis mindre
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I think the most surprising revelation in this book was the fact that vegetarians were considered politically subversive for so long in the West. The vested interests in killing animals for food were so huge they were considered to be part of what a human being is.


Daniel_Nanavati | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jul 19, 2015 |
Vegetarianism follows a radical path through Western culture: borne in the Orphic traditions inherited by Pythagoras from Ancient Egyptian religion. It flourished within Greek philosophy becoming an essential component by the time of Plutarch and Plotinus. It was usurped by the dominant Hebraic basis of Christianity, but it continued to challenge the orthodoxy through the various heresies such as Bogomilism, Gnosticism, and Manicheanism.

Colin Spencer identifies three major factors that drive vegetarian thinking: 1) Compassion for the suffering of animals, 2) An abhorrence of flesh and things of the world, and 3) The use of diet as a support for good health. Interesting this last factor, which is the most often cited reason for people adopting a vegetarian diet, is also the most recent.

This is a great book that covers a lot of ground but does so with eloquence and intelligence. Each chapter could be expanded into its own volume without exhausting the material.
… (mere)
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le.vert.galant | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jan 26, 2015 |
Goede achtergrondinformatie over gezond eten zonder vlees. De recepten zijn wel bewerkelijk.
grietjemus | Dec 20, 2009 |
Brings back the 80s in full relief when you open it. Over the top and teetering towards pompousness. Contains wine recommendations for each of the menus from a time before New World wines took over.

Photos of the book and the author enscription at http://flickr.com/photos/vegefoodie/sets/72157614570049812/
vegefoodie | Feb 4, 2009 |



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