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Steve Solomon is the author of several landmark gardening books including Gardening When it Counts and Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades. The founder of the Territorial Seed Company, he has been growing most of his familys food for over 35 years.

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Useful, if not indispensable, for an organic fertilizer recipe consisting of seedmeal, tankage, dolomite, gypsum, and agricultural lime and for tips regarding the growth of certain essential vegetables and the management of pests and maintenance of tools and vegetable beds, though perhaps we are more reticent regarding the 2000's-era insistence on suburban/rural living and the eye-raising notion that we will soon be manufacturing our plastic products out of wrought iron.
Joe.Olipo | 13 andre anmeldelser | Sep 19, 2023 |
Purchased years ago, around 2006 or so. I found this gardening book very informative, although maybe not so self-sufficient if you are trying to grow a garden with no know..."Growing Food in Hard Times" like the title suggests. My attempt at gardening always costs me an arm and a leg every single year; and I'm never really that successful. How exhausting! But, here is where I learned about plow pan. If you continue to plow your garden with a rototiller, you will get hardpan dirt just underneath where the tiller tines turn. I "tried" not to till, but because I get no help in the garden, shoveling really is just too damn hard. Period. So, tilling it is. I have all the pertinent, important stuff I want to remember from this book underlined. So, it's definitely a keeper.… (mere)
MissysBookshelf | 13 andre anmeldelser | Aug 27, 2023 |
Grow all your family’s food with just hand labor, four basic hand tools, and with little or no electricity or irrigation

In hard times, the family can be greatly helped by growing a highly productive food garden, requiring little cash outlay or watering. This book shows that any family with access to 3-5,000 sq. ft. of garden land can halve their food costs using a growing system requiring just the odd bucketful of household waste water, perhaps two hundred dollars’ worth of hand tools.

Gardening When It Counts helps readers rediscover traditional low-input gardening methods to produce healthy food. Currently popular intensive vegetable gardening methods are largely inappropriate to the new circumstances we find ourselves in. Crowded raised beds require high inputs of water, fertility and organic matter, and demand large amounts of human time and effort. Prior to the 1970s, North American home food growing used more land with less labor, with wider plant spacing, with less or no irrigation, and all done with sharp hand tools. But these sustainable systems have been largely forgotten.

Designed for readers with no experience and applicable to most areas in the English-speaking world except the tropics and hot deserts, Gardening When It Counts is inspiring increasing numbers of North Americans to achieve some measure of backyard food self-sufficiency.
… (mere)
ciyates | 13 andre anmeldelser | Dec 21, 2022 |
Reading this book, you can tell that Solomon is something of a personality, but the book is packed full of detailed information about growing vegetables in the Pacific Northwest.

I appreciate how this book takes a scientific approach to gardening. In addition to telling readers what to do, Solomon tells readers why they should do them. He clearly believes that readers should have the background information to adapt their gardening practices to their particular location and problems.

There are many reasons why it is useful to have a book that focuses specifically on growing vegetables west of the Cascades. Because of our climate, we face a combination of gardening challenges that differ from the rest of the country (although any given problem is likely to be experienced elsewhere).

Our frequent rain fall washes nutrients out of our soil, so we need to use different soil amendments and fertilizers than in other parts of the country. Our summers are not as long or as hot as elsewhere, so growing heat loving plants such as egg plants, melons, and tomatoes takes greater care. We do not have long freezes in the winter so pests that are killed by winter in the east survive over winter here. Solomon addresses all of these difficulties.

One way that Solomon's book differs from other gardening books is that he does not advocate intensive gardening practices. He believes that these gardening methods, if used too long, will deplete the nutrients in the soil and effect the growth of vegetables. Solomon instead encourages giving vegetables lots of space to grow so that you harvest fewer vegetables that are larger and healthier. He also strongly recommends rotating between garden plots periodically to allow the land to rest and recover from vegetable gardening.

If you are serious about vegetable gardening in the Pacific Northwest, this book is a must read. It is full of practical advice, educational background material, and some good ol' gardening philosophy. Now I cannot wait until I have enough room to start a real vegetable garden. =)
… (mere)
eri_kars | Jul 10, 2022 |

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