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For my own personal benefit I’d like to note that the deities of the hours (or whatever) go in the following order: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon. The deity of the day of the week starts off, with the first hour beginning at sunrise; ie probably not 7:00 exactly or whatever.

Since a lot of these rituals are meant to be done at very specific times, I think I’ll just comment on that. Ie, many of them apparently are meant to be done at a specific time of the YEAR, like, oh, it’s not August? It’s December? Well then, don’t need to do it just yet, buddy…. 😹 And I’m not sure that I’d wait months and months to do a spell or ritual, you know. But then, in one of the pagan-perspective YouTube videos from 2009, (yes, I’m in the archive, lol) Cara/cutewitch772 (very much as the portrait of the Millennial as a young person) said although she understood spells worked best at certain times, she wouldn’t even wait for the ‘right’ phase of the MOON to come if she felt she needed magic-right-now, you know. And I don’t know; I’m a modern too, so I get that, but in a normative way, I’m like 😩

You know, it’s like, recentism defeats longer life-spans in terms of what we feel like we ‘have time for’, and whether we can play the long game, you know, as moderns. In the past, I mean, some people were turd-like, but a lot of people played the long game even if that meant looking at their ~next life~, you know, whereas with our medical science, we’ll still be here for much of the future…. But with recentism/youth culture/click bait habits, it’s like, we either think we’ll be as good as dead, or just the thought of the long game just never crosses our addled little minds, you know.

Sometimes life is an emergency, and you have to Move, and not wait, but, realistically, usually it isn’t.

The other point is that also many of the rituals are kinda Christianized/biblical, as the identity of the ‘speaker’, I guess you could call him, (to use the literary term), ‘Solomon’, implies, and my magic will probably be less biblical as I feel like people have more choices now and polytheism provides a lot of choices; however, the exact forms of pre-Christian religion are gone forever for many reasons, and I’m trying to form a type of modern/future religion, not to bow down in loyalty to the departed past, so I think angels and Hebrew words and Bible paraphernalia, although not known to “our pagan ancestors” or whatever, are, at least in part, useful things that the human journey has acquired along the way in its magical journey, and it would be a weird sort of historical re-enactment to pretend that it had never happened. Or that it could never be useful.

Of course, with modern technology versus medieval technology, sometimes a medieval magical intervention doesn’t map obviously onto something that would be helpful now; however, maybe I’m not thinking creatively enough about it all yet.
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goosecap | 1 anden anmeldelse | Dec 31, 2023 |
A very helpful translation. No-nonsense; gets the job done; advises on possible translation pitfalls about which one should be aware.
openset | Jun 19, 2009 |
VenusSatanas | 1 anden anmeldelse | Sep 17, 2008 |
This is the companion Grimoire to the Greater Key of Solomon, (for which, see above). It focuses on the characteristics of the various demons, and the summoning rituals.
oldmanriver1951 | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jun 8, 2007 |


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