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Louis L. Snyder (1907–1993)

Forfatter af Encyclopedia of the Third Reich

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Encyclopedia of the Third Reich (1976) 156 eksemplarer
The First Book of World War II (1958) 67 eksemplarer
The First Book of World War I (1897) 65 eksemplarer
Hitler and Nazism (1961) 52 eksemplarer
Hitler's Elite (1989) 40 eksemplarer
Great Turning Points In History (1971) 36 eksemplarer
The age of reason (1707) 33 eksemplarer
Frederick the Great. (1968) 20 eksemplarer
The First Book of the Soviet Union (1959) 19 eksemplarer
Historic documents of World War I (1958) 17 eksemplarer
Roots of German Nationalism (1978) 16 eksemplarer
The Idea of Racialism (1962) 13 eksemplarer
Basic history of modern Germany (1957) 12 eksemplarer
The Weimar Republic (1966) 8 eksemplarer
The Making of Modern Man (1967) 6 eksemplarer
The new nationalism (2003) 5 eksemplarer
Basic History of the Confederacy (1962) 5 eksemplarer
Hitlers Henchmen (2005) 4 eksemplarer
Encyclopedia of Nationalism (1990) 4 eksemplarer
Meaning of Nationalism (1968) 3 eksemplarer
Varieties of Nationalism (1976) 3 eksemplarer
Documents of German History (1975) — Redaktør — 2 eksemplarer
Hier hielt die Welt den Atem an. (1965) — Author and Editor — 2 eksemplarer
So sahen sie den Krieg (1966) 2 eksemplarer
The Lusitania (1965) 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

The age of the Reformation (1956) — Redaktør — 217 eksemplarer
The Medieval Church (1656) — Series Editor, nogle udgaver104 eksemplarer
Nationalism, its meaning and history (1955) — Redaktør, nogle udgaver79 eksemplarer

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A handy Anthology, from Herodotus to the French War in Indo-China. It is well assembled, and could still be accorded a place in a professional reading program.
DinadansFriend | Jun 21, 2023 |
It took me several years to gradually go through the stupendous anthology of great journalism. Included here are 130 examples of great journalism covering important moments and memorable events in (for the most part) Western history, beginning with a 16th century account of the "confessions" of a witch, from a newsletter published in Vienna and ending with the trial in Israel of Adolph Eichmann. The Battle of Lexington, the storming of the Bastille, the horrors of slavery, the corruption of Boss Tweed, the massacre at Port Arthur, and scenes from wars all over the world, writing by Hugo, Twain and Dickens, the Dreyfus trial, the Turkish massacres in Armenia, bloodshed in Little Rock and the first American manned space flight are all represented. Given that the volume was originally published in 1949 (my copy is from a "revised and enlarged" 2nd edition published in 1962), it's no surprise that World War Two is heavily represented. This is simply a fascinating compendium of first-hand accounts of historical events and conditions over several centuries of American and European history.… (mere)
rocketjk | 3 andre anmeldelser | Jul 21, 2020 |
Louis Snyder's recapitulation of the six years of World War II is admirably clear and exceptionally concise. The aftermath of World War I and formation of the Axis form a prelude to Hitler's conquest of Europe and the Battle of Britain. The salient points of war in the Pacific are reported journalistically. A pithy precis which extracts the military significance and strategy of the fall of France, the bombing of London, the Russian and African campaigns, the U-boat war and Allied victory. Contemporary history set in the frame of reference is a vital need today.… (mere)
MasseyLibrary | Mar 5, 2019 |
Excellent concise outline history of the conflict.
Google Books: A brief introduction in text and pictures to the causes and main events of the war.
MasseyLibrary | 1 anden anmeldelse | Feb 26, 2019 |



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