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20th Century



Gr 9 Up—Held hostage with her ex-boyfriend and current girlfriend during a bank robbery, Nora must use skills
learned from years spent with her con artist mother to plan an escape. The book alternates between the current
robbery and past scams her mother orchestrated, with the two suspenseful plotlines building to a thrilling conclusion.
BackstoryBooks | 16 andre anmeldelser | Apr 1, 2024 |
All good and every author took a different twist on the story of witches, most of them are of young women some are of perception of a person as a witch without any real witchcraft and some are of out-and-out witchcraft and magic. My favourite was probably Lindsay Smiths' Death in the Sawtooths but I didn't not like any of them, there were a few in which the point was a little over-pointy but overall I gobbled these down.
First up was Starsong by Tehlor Kay Mejia about an astrologer meeting an astronomer. Interesting read
Afterbirth by Andrea Robertson really did evoke some of the stress of the witch hunts and how women struggled to keep knowledge alive.
The Heart in her Hands by Tess Sharpe is the story of choice versus fate and wanting your own path.
Death in the Sawtooths by Lindsay Smith sees a necromancer investigate some deaths and I would read more set in this world
The Truth about Queenie by Brandy Colbert about healing and magic and love and learning to let go sometimes and to accept that sometimes things go wrong.
The Moonapple Menagerie by Shveta Thakrar is about a magical play and inclusion
The Legend of Stone Mary by Robin Talley is an urban legend meeting a wronged woman story. Quite strong.
The One who Stayed by Nova Ren Suma is a story of generational assault and anger and while short is very strong.
Divine are the stars by Zoraida Córdova is a story about inheritance and assumptions of what people are due, it's also about learning to accept yourself.
Daughters of Baba Yaga by Brenna Yavanoff is a story set in high school about two girls claiming their power.
The Well Witch by Kate Hart is about a woman surviving against some men who want to sieze her space and how they underestimate her.
Beware of girls with crooked mouths by Jessica Spotswood is about sisterhood and decisions made when magic and visions are involved.
Love Spell by Anna-Marie McLemore is about love and choice
The Gherin Girls by Emery Lord is a story that echoes some of the more magical realism stories and the witchcraft is on the surface but the sisterly love is the backbone of this one.
Why they watch us Burn by Elizabeth May was another strong story about a near future where girls suspected of witchcraft are used and abused in work camps and what happens when they band together.
Overall I thought this was a strong collection with some very good reads in it.
… (mere)
wyvernfriend | 12 andre anmeldelser | Mar 15, 2024 |
Strong voice for the main protagonist 17 year old Nora O'Malley- matches her grit & steely resolve to power through whatever situation she finds herself in, and in spite of an incredibly inappropriate upbringing by a grifter mom and menacing stepfather/criminal. The novel is at its best in the step by step moments when Nora, her friends Wes & Iris, & a few others are trapped in a local bank by two robbers. Author shifts back and forth from the present moment of danger & imminent death to Nora's past - not as well done? But tense and jaw dropping. Some scenes of violence may be difficult; abuse alluded to without any graphic details.… (mere)
BDartnall | 16 andre anmeldelser | Feb 14, 2024 |
 Recommended: sure
For a low-key sad love story, for teen caretaker stories, for grief and trauma and pain

This is one of those books where even though characters are in and around love of all kinds, it sort of breaks your heart the whole way through. It's not often a buoyant, easy love of light. It's a quieter, maybe more desperate love tinged with their shared histories and pain. A perfect quote to sum up the vibe:
Scratches give it character. Nothing in life comes out unscathed.

As you can probably guess from the title, there's a good amount of tension in their interactions given the six times they almost kiss. It's told in two timelines, with the current-day taking up some of it, and the reflections on past near-kisses and other dominating events alternating in. This worked for me in this story because it broke up some of the fear and worry of the current-day narrative with their moms getting surgery.

If you think there's going to be some lightness from the "forced proximity" trope, you're wrong. It was still a bit dark and hurtful in ways. Neither character embodied or created that themselves, but their situations just sucked for each of them. It felt like one was wrapped in thorns, and the other in barbed wire, and any attempt they made to free themselves or help the other just ended up making things worse for both of them. Yo, it was really hard to read. Was this book meant to be this sad?

The cover is misleading too, as cute as it is. This book deals with heavy, difficult topics. Like death, and depression, and chronic illness, and caretaking fatigue, and poverty, and homophobia, and class poverty, and blame, and like a million other things. They're all tied up in each other so much that it doesn't feel like it's trying to take on too much at once, but damn it was not an easy read for me.

All this is not to say the book is bad, or I didn't like it, or it shouldn't be read. It's just... know what you're going into. It's more bittersweet than just sweet, and the road there is not easy. For all that it covers, it's remarkably well done.

Thank you to NetGalley and Little, Brown Books for a free advanced copy. This is my honest review. 
… (mere)
Jenniferforjoy | 4 andre anmeldelser | Jan 29, 2024 |



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