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Ben Shapiro is editor in chief of the Daily Wire and host of The Ben Shapiro Show, the top conservative podcast in the nation. A New York Times best-selling author, Shapiro is a graduate of Harvard Law School and an Orthodox Jew. He lives in Nashville.

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The Right Side of History (2019) 387 eksemplarer
True Allegiance (2016) 34 eksemplarer
And We All Fall Down (2017) 9 eksemplarer
A Moral Universe Torn Apart (2016) 6 eksemplarer

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Proud to Be Right: Voices of the Next Conservative Generation (2010) — Bidragyder — 22 eksemplarer

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His points are very clear and concise. However, it would be refreshing if the underrepresented views of others were brought to light and not just his own underrepresented views.
puck137 | 2 andre anmeldelser | Nov 4, 2023 |
Writing: 4.5; Theme: 5.0; Content: 5.0; Language: 5.0; Overall: 4.5

What a time for a book called, The Authoritarian Moment. Americans in general, and conservatives most specifically, are being targeted with the Leftist agenda of wokeness and Shapiro destroys it at its core. He shares how the Left has silenced many Americans. They are attempting, and have succeeded in many ways, to "renormalize" the way we see the world and judge societal norms and behavior. They have done this by creating a Ruling Class of elite, who have gained great control in every aspect of our lives. They have used true science to create The Science and if you disagree with them, you are deemed as being anti-science. They have encumbered corporations with Leftist idealist who desire complete control over corporate and economic institutions. They have radicalized the entertainment and sports fields. These radicals no longer desire to give the American people a reprieve from politics. These Leftists will also go to any limit to push their woke agenda, even creating fake narratives and news stories, with no shame. They also dutifully try and divide Americans in every way, straight out of their Marxist playbook. We as Americans no longer have the option of silence. We must stand against Leftist wokeness in every spectrum of life. It is up to us to upend this agenda. There are many more of us than those who are pushing this agenda and we must win this war on western culture by defeating those who desire to destroy it. Great book. Highly recommend.

***August 23, 2022***
… (mere)
jntjesussaves | 1 anden anmeldelse | Aug 23, 2022 |
Holy shit is this book a buttload of fucking swears and slurs.

Summary: Ben Shapiro took his tiny little hands and wrote a shit ton of racist slurs, writes in full ebonics, spews racism, and this book is already dated severely.

The longer takeaway is below.

I'm not one for political books, though this is probably targeting people like me a bit, it really misses the mark at being educational and much more than Ben Shapiro word salading while using voice to text in the bathroom during a long shit. Also, there are enough song lines and quotes to be a fanfiction from the 2006 area, so that's got my eyes wanting to bleed.
I really don't know why he hates African Americans so much, besides clear racism showing its ugly face, but see the next paragraph for more on that.

This book fixates on African Americans a lot, in an excessive fear-mongering manner. Regularly and habitually Ben refers to people with melanin as terms that are equivalent to "savages". He regularly drops such racial ebonics like the n-word, talks about rappers being at fault for horny kids(???), and seems to miss that we've had pornographic music made by white people even pre-dating obvious ones like Cyndi Lauper and Divinyls, clearly, Shapiro forgot Madonna's Like a Virgin performance where she was told she can't stroke her hands along her body due to how sexual it was. This book's aim is to say the 2000s+ invented horniness and porn.

Included in the ebonics is the n-word started with a w, which is such a 2000s staple and nobody really uses it anymore, that it's surreal to see it in this book. Then Shapiro uses "bitches and hoes" unironically while removing the e from "hoes" for some reason. I don't get Ben one bit.

I just cited multiple artists flooding the system with horny songs in the very dawn of the 80s, clearly Ben is late. Eminem was a mid-2000s singer. Porn magazines began in the 1950s and were massive in the 60s-90s(dying off in the latter). Pornography like the Playboy Bunny/Mansion was made massive in the 60s. Again, Shapiro has everything dated, which doesn't work in the present day, where it's forty years plus ago on a good day!

This is a book that blames porn existing while being extremely racist for no reason, if I had to guess, Shapiro's real message would be in line with Uncle Ruckus', and we don't need that. African Americans did not invent pornography or porn addictions, and I think this book is very racist propaganda.

I do not recommend this book.

It was already outdated on the day it was published.
… (mere)
Yolken | Jul 1, 2022 |
I’ve read multiple books written by Ben Shapiro and I’ve enjoyed reading the common sense and intelligent renderings of his thoughts so far and I also enjoyed this one. I highly recommend reading his books.
DrT | Apr 24, 2022 |



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