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In Five Years (2020) 2,215 eksemplarer, 88 anmeldelser
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The Dinner List (2018) 659 eksemplarer, 53 anmeldelser
When You Were Mine (2012) 268 eksemplarer, 21 anmeldelser
Expiration Dates (2024) 225 eksemplarer, 15 anmeldelser
Famous in Love (2014) 159 eksemplarer, 14 anmeldelser
The Edge of Falling (2013) 81 eksemplarer, 5 anmeldelser
Truly Madly Famously (2015) 65 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Locked (2014) 2 eksemplarer
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Thank you to #NetGalley, the publisher and the author.

There's something in her books that have a magical quality in them which makes them unique but chick lit too since she's in her early 30s. Why does this author have to describe what she's wearing a lot? It doesn't take away from the book but it gets annoying after a while.
I know I really didn't care what she was wearing.

I knew this was an ARC when I saw the word “navel” spelled NAVAL. Really?

I usually love epilogues but this one I had to read between the lines on this one which was 16 months later. I think I'm certain in what happened. I'm not sure how I felt about this book. Did I want more or less? It was well written though.… (mere)
sweetbabyjane58 | 14 andre anmeldelser | Jul 13, 2024 |
I LOVED this book and now sure how I missed it when it came out. I love time travel books and this was a different take on the idea. The ending.....I want just a LITTLE more.....an epilogue....or is my imagination able to come up with what I'm looking for as THE end.
nyiper | 87 andre anmeldelser | Jun 19, 2024 |
I love to read about what people eat when in Italy. Every author can just make simple food sound like a feast. The story line was sad to start then when Katy took her trip to Italy I really fell into he book. Appetizers of bright green olives and salty cashews, tomato salad and ravioli! I was a little weirded out with the time travel parts but as the book progressed it worked in the end. Great read.
mchwest | 34 andre anmeldelser | Jun 9, 2024 |
Dannie and her fiancé David are NYC professionals who have their future together all planned out...until the evening she wakes up in a stranger's apartment five years in the future. Dannie struggles to shake the memory of that dreamlike experience as she and David finally set a date for their wedding, but when her best friend Bella introduces them to her new boyfriend, Dannie panics: it is the stranger from the apartment.

Really enjoyed this story, and the layering of conversation at the long-awaited climax was genius. The mood and story arc of this touching novel reminded me a great deal of You Were There Too, which I read just a few short months ago. Both make great lighthearted, if emotional, vacation reads. Recommended!… (mere)
ryner | 87 andre anmeldelser | Jun 6, 2024 |



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½ 3.5

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